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Sabaton lyricsSabaton - Man of war (bonus track) lyrics

of the wind Metal warriors number one Sleipnir met ... the king of kings Where all men play on ... ten It’s a wrath of Thor They are men at war The sign of the hammer’s our guide It’s a

More Than A Thousand - The portuguese man of war lyrics

note we’ve done. We’re still the ones. No damage done. My ... means so much to me. But the road ends here. Hold your ... I sing. I would crawl to the end of the tunnel. But I’m

Prince - Man'o'war lyrics

screaming' U know I'm not a man of war Break the gold chain ... I gave U Throw it down on the floor Instead of this 7 page ... letter I wish I had piece of mind My friends tell me: 'U

Logic lyricsLogic - Man of the year lyrics

now I know I got it That's the reason No I.D. has signed me ... on the dotted But it's still ... Visionary till the death of me Yeah, I'm trynna make it ... but I gotta find the recipe Greatest of all time,

Ian Hunter - Man o'war lyrics

never wash I guess I never bother with no brush I don't care ... And don't you argue with the way that I talk And all you ... photographs....yeah I hit the city when the sun goes down

Trip Lee - War lyrics

is war Like you ain't seen This ... tellin' what'll happen It's war tonight, it's death and life ... This the kind of war you ain't never seen ever ... record Civilians ain't safe, man, the troops might get ya Can

Absu - The coming of war (morbid scream cover) lyrics

Summoned to war Eternal conquest for power ... Gathering armies of deathEvil Summoned to war Eternal ... conquest for power Gathering armies of death To fight

Comecon - The house that man built lyrics

palace of crystal on a postament of ... slime Rule of refinement, rats in the ... greed By a despicable debris of delinquence and Debauchery The palace is of crystal, but the

Dungeon - The art of war lyrics

man he walks alone The power unto his own The ... ancient arts under command Stand fast, don't run ... my power Immortal forever The boy is now a man His family

Kristallnacht - The praise of war lyrics

that defines a responsible man From war depends hegemony ... or slavery thus our fate War follows a code of honour As ... waging it (in the name of an ideal) is not inhuman War creates history and makes its

Deströyer 666 - The eternal glory of war lyrics

I'm alone, and thinkin' of death Thinkin' about the ... when it will end Thinkin' of what is accepted and accepted ... as true They're all just lies! AWARE! BEWARE! WAR! The war that is so

Doom Syndicate - Of war and love lyrics

thoughts of those who will be killed their smell of blood quenches my ... inner thirst can't reach to the feelings I have inside ... hatred is the only thing left of mine

Iron Savior - The hatchet of war lyrics

species of violence has landed ashore ... our hemisphere They're crossing the borders their mercyless killers are ... defenseless our ancient brothers will stand to head off the

Attack - The last surviving man lyrics

it night is it day There’s no sign, there’s no way ... Thousand men dying for the king, But a strong fighter’s ... wondering He’s the last surviving man A broken

Anomaly - The art of war lyrics

and destruction if thou know the art." --the conclusion of Roger Bacon's encoded formula ... for gunpowder War, you like to fight another ... grunt to be slaughtered in the trenches and now you're sick

Good Clean Fun - The ice cream man cometh lyrics

on the streets a hot summer's day, ... The kids getting hungry as they frolic and play, Then ... comes the ringing sound it signals the ... plan, They quickly surrounded the evil

Ill Niño - The art of war lyrics

I would scream for you. Rise the world that I will rise for ... for you, one by one. This war has just begun. I'm not ... I will not fear your art of war. No war, it makes me sick,

Jedi Mind Tricks - The winds of war lyrics

quot;] "I'm setting the example, and what I've done ... [Ikon"] Prepare for the verbal war The hologram ... advance, psychical form Manifesting universal mind into the lore Travelling lands, I

Miracle Of Sound - The ballad of clay carmine - gears of war 3 s.. lyrics

. Welcome to Delta, boys! The first rule of the Cog is... ... head down! Born to a world of struggle Raised with my brothers three As I boy I learned

Carly Rae Jepsen lyricsCarly Rae Jepsen - Tug of war lyrics

used to Don't go out With the boys tonight I won't sleep a ... re doing Don't go out With the girls tonight I will turn to ... used to Don't go out With the boys tonight I won't sleep a

Cave Growl - Man of aran lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fou...

Destructor - World of war lyrics

knees Torture and death, of which to be Speak no truth, ... feel free to die In a world of war Get out your claws, if ... With blood we clean, the dead are freed Screams

Hawthorn - Lord of war lyrics

of war Give me Your power Your ... Give me Your power Lord the battle that I fight Is ... bloody and violent Full of hate Lord of war Give me ... Your power Take me away from the anger From all the envy

Rage - The price of war lyrics

dies Soldiers killing for their thrills Making war just ... for the sake of war There's no future left than death ... Leave me be Weep with the children and starve with the

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The art of war lyrics

stand alone And gaze upon the battlefield Wasteland Is ... all that's left after the fight And now I'm searching ... Bloodshed I've seen enough of death and pain I will run

Achsar - Rhythm of war lyrics

Old face in agony Scars from the ancient war. Go and Die!!! ... Age of swords, age of spears holy flames comes to ... our blood and our faith. The end is near, I can feel it

Chastain - The price of war lyrics

seen death, face to face The price of war The price of war I can see when I sleep ... seen pain, most every day The price of war The price of war How many more must die? The price of war I recall

Rakim - Casualties of war lyrics

of war; as I approach the barricade Where's the enemy? ... Who do I invade? Bullets of Teflon, bulletproof vest rip ... ya frame with a bag full of clips Cause I got a family

Samael - Of war lyrics

- the force of the weak that tricks oneself but ... fools no one Power - the force that absorbs without ... being overwhelmed War the deeper scar of history War the sanctification of tragedy

Benedictum - The shadowlands lyrics

mind Investigate all out war awaits Roaring seething ... above Writhing heeding the call to horse! Waging war ... in the Shadowlands As I cry out I ... bring down the rain Acts of war in the Shadowlands

Fogalord - Of war and resurrection lyrics

so it began... after a while of breathtaking silence the ... battle that could decide the sort of the war and of the ... world raged on... but when their forces started to fade

Infernal Majesty - The art of war lyrics

they wait the stage has now been set ... fostering the truth hiding in the shadows of distant wars ... fought on these tortured foreign lands time ... will stand still as the moment comes to rise

Paragon - The art of war lyrics

of the realm A living horror for ... all the weak Denying gold and riches ... It´s honor and glory they seek Their minds won´t be ... kill is an art performed by the blade The art of war

Serenity - The art of war lyrics

gladios, Vae Victis A statesman's heart must be placed in his ... head I can remember all the days of violence I can ... remember all the days they fought for rights When men

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The dogs of war lyrics

of war and men of hate With no cause we don't ... opened up and put on sale Gather round and haggle For hard ... Even our masters don't know the webs we weave One world, it

Saxon - Dogs of war lyrics

to the reaper sing the song, bringing death to ... everyone Once the earth was calm and safe, but ... now the land's a battle place Firing ... shells into the air, where they land, no-one cares Now the

Grave Digger - Monks of war lyrics

2] Knights of the Cross Winners of the battle ... The Christians rule the Holy land In the East they ... Hugo de Payens A frenchman and duke Promises the King of Jerusalem To escort the

Isengard ( Swe ) - The winds of war lyrics

is the coming of a day When dragons rise ... will be set free I hold the power of the wind The ... skies caress me I’m calling the winds of war I raise my

Jedi Mind Tricks - The kingdom that worshiped the dead lyrics

Intro] All over the U.S States, even London ... 1: Evidence] Yo, I trust the pain, what I say is best ... life is a mess Standing in the rain playing Reign Of The Tec

Miracle Of Sound - Witcher 3 song: wake the white wolf lyrics

of war under hatred's sails A ... whisper of doom on a wary breeze Scorching the shores ... trail Cinder and fume foul the air we breathe Blood of ... fallen kings Blades of chaos ring Steel and silver

Bejelit - The age of war lyrics

and something is dies In the middle of a life We don't ... for meat But don't forget the price Not ideals, not ... We got your heads The gold is the reason, war is

Dreamaker - The eye of war lyrics

am hidden In my heart the fear But I have to raise my ... expecting with my eyes full of tears I need to see the ... dead bodies Always chasing the huge danger To retain in my

Dropkick Murphys - The fortunes of war lyrics

who don't get along and then there's towns I know where ... 'cause no one's gonna be there when the enemy attacks ... [Chorus:] When the justice eludes you it's the

Nightstalker - The end of war lyrics

shooting now Come on The wounds are healing My body ... Your sun is not shining There’s nothing left now No

Republic Of Two - The end of war lyrics

m so tired of hearing lies around me The ... gossips they are poisoning my air Your ... needles they are eager for to find me I ... d rather not be there I'm so tired of the

Sinister Realm - Prophets of war lyrics

a savage disease Selling of pieces of death As you drown ... Blood lines are drawn in the sand Tidal waves that ... destroy all the land Lies that the fools

Blood Dancer - The herald of war lyrics

feast With haste you ride to warn your tribe. The sun rests on ... the shore The lone enforcer on the horizon; ... The Herald of War Fighting for something you

Charm City Devils - Man of constant sorrow lyrics

am a man of constant sorrow I've seen ... bid farewell to old Kentucky The place where I was born and ... raised The place where I was born and ... now [Refrain] Well I'm a Man, I'm a Man I'm a Man of

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Man of constant sorrow lyrics

am a man of constant sorrow I've seen ... and partly raised. Your mother says I'm a stranger My ... you'll never see no more But there's one promise, darling: I

Sad Lovers & Giants - Man of straw lyrics

Hate's a word that's spoken softly Horror fills his pretty ... t change his outlook Oh man of straw Sheltered in his ... 'save me', he cries, 'from these fanatics' Standing lonely

Sebastian Bach - The most powerful man in the world lyrics

love you all I would be the most powerful man in the ... Where love's concerned There are no rules If I could ... With a match I easily would Then to begin again I would be the most powerful man in the

Bel Canto - The dinosaur-slipper-man lyrics

dinosaur-slipper-man does the very best he can To make a ... and dinosaur-ties. Well, then it happened one night, the ... what he had to do. And then nobody has seen him Since

Bruce Dickinson - Man of sorrows lyrics

know, he cannot feel All of his sins of childhood he will ... tears he will not cry Man of sorrows, I won't see your ... face Man of sorrows, you left without a

Mutum - The poison lyrics


Gary Numan - The tick tock man lyrics

it 'Love love' A coin in the hole You young things never ... This edge in my voice But there's really nothing much to

Bif Naked - The gross gross man lyrics

be quiet. Just don't look at the gross, Gross man and hope ... it or not, I want to flip him the bird ya know But I don't, ... we women don't. Once I gave the finger to a bunch of

Fit For An Autopsy - The juggernaut lyrics

harvest of the human seed, The earth is a corpse field, ... Collected on the wagons, Catapulted into ... graces. Foul air corrodes the skin. The trumpets sound the alarm Of the overwhelming

Gary Allan - Man of me lyrics

t have a clue Did a stand in the Navy They did they're best to ... hard knocks I've been around the block But baby I believe That ... lovin you made a man of me Raising hell racing cars

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