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Goldstreet Worship - Lamb of god (come holy spirit) lyrics

1 Lamb of God we bow before you As we pray and lift you high Holy Spirit we call your presence ... Fill our heart forevermore Chorus ... Freedom above strongholds Yes Holy Spirit Yes holy spirit You

Rebecca St. James - Lamb of god lyrics

hear the voice of many people I hear a voice ... like mighty thunder Singing Hallelujah for ... Lord he reigns Singing Hallelujah for the Lord he reigns Lamb of God, Holy Lord You are Holy Lamb of God, Holy You are Holy Haaaaahh So let us be

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Lamb of god lyrics

Spoken:] After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea During the time of King ... men from de east came to Jerusalem and asked "where ... is the one who is born King of the Jews? We saw his star in

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Lamb of god lyrics

The camera will make you God That's how Jack became ... sainted If you die when there's no one ... watching And your ratings drop and you´re ... forgotten If they kill you on their T.V. You're a

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Lamb of god lyrics

of God Sweet Lamb of God Light of the world Holy One ... he Name of Jesus Sweet Name of Jesus Rock of salvation Messiah has come ... And we lift our praise With humble hearts

Psyclon Nine - Lamb of god lyrics

children will suffer underneath a cold black sky A ... to their heathen destruction Broken teeth on blood ... soaked soil From the smiles of religious seduction

Hezekiah Walker - The lamb of god lyrics

only Son, no sin to hide But you have sent HIM from Your side ... To walk upon this guilty soil And to become THE LAMB of GOD O LAMB OF GOD, SWEET LAMB OF GOD I love the HOLY LAMB OF GOD O wash me in Your Precious Blood My Jesus Christ the LAMB OF GOD! Your gift of love,

Insyderz - You are my all in all lyrics

Jernigan, Dennis; You are my strength when I am weak You are the treasure that I seek You are my all in all I'm seeking ... You like a precious jewel Lord, to give up I'd

Sleeping Giant - Holy is the lamb lyrics

is the Lord, who is worthy of praise. Mercy. Justice. Glory ... We cry holy, holy, holy is the lamb of God. So bring your burdens to the living God. ... He’ll burn away

Hillsong Worship - Son of god lyrics

my hand and walk with me You're the light that makes me ... see And on this path my soul you lead Oh my shepherd, walk ... with me I need You more than breath You're my

Richard Smallwood - Behold the lamb lyrics

the Lamb Behold the Lamb Slain from the foundation of ... the world For sinners crucified, oh holy sacrifice ... Behold the lamb of God Behold the

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - God of calvary lyrics

the hill of Calvary The Light of all the ... With the world on His shoulders The weight of all our ... On Him who knew no sin A Holy surrender The sky went

Kurt Carr - Holy, holy, holy lyrics

The church hymnal is not the whole source for Kurt Carr's rendition. ... Here are the words according to his ... recording of Holy, holy, holy. Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty Early in the

Hillsong United - Holy holy holy lyrics

Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty Early in the ... morning Our song shall rise to Thee Holy, Holy, Holy Merciful and ... mighty God in three persons Blessed

Byron Cage - Holy holy holy lyrics

holy, holy are You, Lord. Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord. Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord. Holy, holy, holy are You, Lord. ... Chorus: Lift your voice and sing His praise,

4him - Holy- holy- holy (interlude) lyrics

holy, holy Lord God Almighty Early in the morning ... our song shall rise to Thee Holy, Holy, Holy Merciful and ... mighty God in three persons Blessed

Sacred Warrior - Holy, holy, holy lyrics

Holy Holy Lord God of power and might Heaven and ... earth are Filled with your glory (Chorus) Hosanna,

Roadrunner United - Annihilation by the hands of god lyrics

prophets of God have left you solaced indeed A zombie of ... Jesus insane with his belief Is ... all that you know and all you take as you go You’re one ... Nailed to the cross by your hands and your feet Your

Fires Of Babylon - Holy resurrection lyrics

from Nazareth How I can believe in you? ... tale or myth How can such a story be true [Bridge: ... eyes, conviction in my heart Holy Spirit calling me Road is

Lamb Of God - One gun lyrics

eyes of the patriot fixed through the scope The unknowing ... walks to the rope Its when murder is justice that martyrs are made A one-gun salute for ... day They'll hallow your name They'll hallow your

Lamb Of God - In defense of our good name lyrics

solace So sweet like honeysuckle on the tongue The sound of silence blesses my ears ... is bad to wither the soul Roaring concrete and steel ... washes you in blood So let you point and laugh Provincial

Lamb Of God - To the end lyrics

ve held the hand of God and I've sang the Devil's ... it comes my time no tears are gonna fall But some will ... the fire And some will mourn the one Left longing for

Lamb Of God - Remorse is for the dead lyrics

dirty lord of the manor surveys his filthy domain Too ... a little all too well Constructed a monument to denial and ... excess Sunk so low, crawled so far back

Prince - Act of god lyrics

fat banker sold a house today Sold in auction ... wants the family out the way Kick them on the ... street, cause he couldn't pay the tax Call it an ... act of God I Get a million dollars

Orenda Fink - Holy holy lyrics

give it all, I give it all to you And you took it when you ... lone And we leave with not much more The city lights under frozen ground And you ... heart beats in the clouds now I've heard 'em cry

Lamb Of God - Buckeye lyrics

on all the light and punch them out. All four burners going, pile it on fire. ... Metal sparks in the nuclear box. Fist through a ... window pane and our broken coffee cups litter the kitchen

Lamb Of God - Confessional lyrics

rot. Traces of future. Your past will rise haunting you ... again. Tounging the glue stamp seal of your fold. ... Cased in forests of black steel rod. Vines of

Lamb Of God - Omerta lyrics

coward. Whoever cannot take care of themselves without that ... law is both. For a wounded man shall say to his ... 'If I live, I will kill you. If I die, You are forgiven.'

Richard Smallwood - Holy holy lyrics

And he that sat was to look upon as Jasper inside and stone ... And before the throne the sea of past a creature never seen ... And the four and twenty yield and sat and

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Holy holy lyrics

let me lie low, lie low with you To be lie high, high, high ... low lie slowly, it's good and holy Helping one another, just ... a righteous brother Lifetime, give me

Lamb Of God - Dead seeds lyrics

you may tremble before hell's ... gates You may watch as the heavens fall ... And you may slight the hands of fate You may heed the ... siren’s call And you may reach every golden shore

Lamb Of God - Now youve got something to die for lyrics

youve got something to die for ... Infidel, Imperial Lust for blood, a blind crusade ... Apocalyptic, we count the days Bombs to set the ... the dollar tree Flages for coffins on the screen oil for

Lamb Of God - Laid to rest lyrics

there was a single day I could live... A single breath I ... could take... I'd trade all the ... The blood's on the wall, so you might as well just admit it.

Pink lyricsPink - Are we all we are lyrics

Ooooohhhhhhh Are we all we are Are we all we are Cut to now, holy wow When ... did everything become such a hell of a mess? Maybe ... somebody come and take this off my chest? I know you

Manic Street Preachers - There by the grace of god lyrics

all the drugs in the world Can't save us ... from ourselves Victims with the ... hearts Passing by the grace of God There by the grace of God With grace we will suffer

Jesus Culture - You lyrics

Higher than the stars above you are Brighter than the ... blazing sun Louder than the screaming crowd ... Stronger than the power of death you are In the

Dominici - Enemies of god lyrics

(spoken) Where have you been? What happened out there ... taken..... Taken? What do you mean, taken? I was ... paralyzed I could not speak But only listen

Hb - The battle of god lyrics

what is false in the sight of God You can be a leader ... preaching of a heathen God without the dull side of judging us Don't let the ... devil rest do the things you do best make sure that God

Hezekiah Walker - The will of god lyrics

1: There are so many things about the will ... of God, the things we don't understand because they seem so ... the way that seems to be just right, but the way we

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Touched by the hand of god lyrics

by the Hand of God Tea at 8 o’clock I took ... I never really liked him but let’s keep that between you ... away She said: -“I’m Prudence, I just came out to play

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Word of god speak lyrics

at a loss for words And the funny thing is it's okay The ... thing I need is to be heard But to hear what You would say ... [CHORUS] Word of God speak Would You pour down like rain

Death By Stereo - You're a bullshit salesman with a mouthful of.. lyrics

is a place that has no soul No will to live no where ... to go This is a time of much despair In a world ... where gold rules all The fools are quickly first to fall They

The Pretenders - You know who your friends are lyrics

by the canal You can see the remnants of last ... left by the local tenants But these aren't the gifts they ... that's sprayed across the tunnel walls You know who your friends are You know who your friends are They're the

Kirk Franklin - Now behold the lamb lyrics

Now behold the Lamb the Precious Lamb of God born into sin ... I may live again the Precious Lamb of God (2x) Holy is the Lamb ... the Precious Lamb of God Why You love me so, Lord I shall

Richard Smallwood - Call him holy lyrics

call him holy I call him king ruler of ... my everything I will live holy Lord unto thee Holy I shall ... be for thou art holy Verse1 Holy is the lamb of God for my

Gateway Worship - By the grace of god lyrics

1 By the grace of God alone Heaven'€™s Son has ... come to me Through the Cross, my sins are gone ... He died the Lamb and rose the King VERSE 2 ... I have been healed in Jesus’ name CHORUS By the

John Mark Mcmillan - Holy ghost lyrics

or lovers On this side of the thunder It can be awful ... hard to know Sell our love for the paycheck or ... freight deck For all the dues that we collect Our hearts

Don Moen - Hallelujah to the lamb lyrics

I stand in the midst of a multitude Of those from every ... tribe and tongue We are Your people redeemed by Your ... blood Rescued from death by Your love There are no words Good

Bethel Music - Son of god lyrics

is a place of sorrow and love The innocent ... broken and bleeding for us Nails in his hands, ... thorns on his brow Rivers of mercy endlessly flowing down

Lamb Of God - Still echoes lyrics

thousand heads cut clean across their necks ... and shining red Still echoes of their screams. This is a ... heirloom Passed down through iron fists A shameful house of doom A legacy of

Mystic Circle - Image of the antichrist lyrics

is the father of all sin Of the highest desolation ... him He will free the world of the second coming of Christ ... 2000 years of rulership are enough His servants will

Matt Redman - Holy lyrics

heart could hold the weight of Your love And know the ... heights of Your great worth What eyes could ... look on Your glorious face Shining like the sun ... [x2] You are holy, holy, holy God most high and God most

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Lion became the lamb lyrics

was in the dark I heard You calling A mighty voice ... name A fire inside; a sweet surrender My eyes began to see ... the beauty of the Savior On alters of

Bethany Dillon - Holy is the lord lyrics

stand and lift up our hands For the joy of the ... Lord is our strength We bow down and ... He And together we sing Holy is the Lord, God almighty ... is filled with His Glory Holy is the Lord God Almighty The

Gateway Worship - Glorify you alone lyrics

1 Who is this King of glory Beautiful and ... one Who is this King so holy Every knee will bow at His ... throne PRE-CHORUS Jesus, the Lamb of God Savior and

Rebecca St. James - God of wonders lyrics

of all creation, of water earth and sky The ... heavens are Your tabernacle Glory to the ... Lord on high CHORUS: God of wonders beyond our galaxy You are Holy, Holy The universe

Richard Smallwood - Holy thou art god lyrics

- Holy, holy, Thou art holy, Holy Thou art God Thou art worthy, ... worthy, Thou art worthy, Worthy Thou art God Oh Angels bow before Thee, ... adore Thee (repeat and modulate) (repeat) Angels bow

Kim Walker-smith - Holy lyrics

one look on your face Just one glance of your eyes My ... Oh I seek only to see your face I don't wanna go ... anywhere without you god Without your presence oh let

All Sons And Daughters - God with us lyrics

peace To be love, to be nearer to us You've come to ... light, to shine brighter in us Oh Emmanuel God with us ... Our Deliverer You are Savior In Your presence We

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - In the name of god (deus vult) lyrics

the Name of God In the Name of God In the Name of God we go ... to heaven In the Name of God In the Name of God In the ... Name of God we go to heaven Martyrs in

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