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John Schlitt - We worship you lyrics

you, my Lord for loving us We know it's not deserved ... us through our daily walk You teach us with Your Word Even ... with our failings You are so forgiving This is why

Israel & New Breed - We worship you lyrics

You are good and Your mercy endureth forever ... From generation to generation We worship You Hallelujah, ... Hallelujah We worship You for who you are You are good,

Paul Baloche - We adore you lyrics

child, Emmanuel Hope of all the ages, and the cry of every ... heart Bowing down, we lift You up You’re the one we worship ... You’re the one we love We adore You, we adore You, we

Johnny Orr Band - We'll get by (the autism song) lyrics

I don't speak too well, but I'm coming outta my ... shell And I like playing by myself if you can't tell I ... I'm glad to be alive If you'll wait patiently, well then

Don Moen - As we worship you lyrics

we worship You, let all the world come and see How the ... mercy we received from You can set them free As we worship You, let all this joy that ... who strayed so far Chorus As we bow in adoration and stand in

Drakkar - The walls of olathoe lyrics

You'd never ever hear of Olathoe ... in the land of Lomar again, its ... where Polaris shines high in the sky. But if you find a ... key in a black wooden box, you still may roam there in your

Meshuggah - We'll never see the day lyrics

runed by eternal travesty ... Stalking brutality tomorrow we will see the unjustified ... deathmasks have no faces We only see the cord Lead to ... pathes and alleys chosened by a treacherous source

Rotersand - By the waters lyrics

you by the waters To dance beneath the ... waves Your pinions will support us As you fulfill my craves Yearn ... for my invasion Into your world of blue and gray In

Ac Dc - Got you by the balls lyrics

mister businessman Head of the company Are you looking for ... But she won't sacrifice What you want tonight She won't come ... across Unless there's money in her hand And

Disneymania - If i never knew you by the cheetah girls lyrics

I never knew you If I never felt this love I ... can be And if I never held you I would never have a clue ... How at last I'd find in you The missing part of me. In

Punk Goes... - I remember you by the ataris (skid row cover) lyrics

up to the sound of pouring rain The ... would whisper and Id think of you And all the tears you cried, ... that called my name And when you needed me I came through I

Punk Goes... - I wanna love you by the maine (akon cover) lyrics

..Music...and you know we up front. I see you ... windin’ and grindin’ up on the floor I know you see me ... lookin' at you and you already know I wanna love you, you already know I wanna

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Got you by the balls lyrics

mister businessman Head of the company Are you looking for ... But she won't sacrifice What you want tonight She won't come ... across Unless there's money in her hand And

Affector - The rapture lyrics

if we believe that Yeshua died and ... who have fallen asleep This we tell you by the Word of the ... Lord That we who are alive, who are left ... to the coming of the Lord, will in no way precede

Indiana Bible College - Worship him lyrics

Verse 1] 2x We worship, and we honor You We praise You In ... spirit and in truth We worship You We worship You 2x The ... make us free Free to praise the Almighty Our hearts are open

Canton Jones - Worship you lyrics

Even if it comes to tears I worship You [x2] I give up all my ... pride I let You come inside I worship You ... cause All I need is an answer from You Lord I'm on my

Israel & New Breed - You are good lyrics

Lord you are good And your mercy endureth forever Lord you are good And your mercy ... to generation Chorus: We worship You, Hallelujah, Hallelujah We worship you for who you are We Worship you, Hallelujah,

Planetshakers - You lyrics

You, the one we desire and all that we came ... for is You, You, the treasure of Heaven, desire of ... the nations it's You, You, the hope and the cry of our

Aviators - Writing on the walls lyrics

deadened flame We tried to fan But nothing ... If no one takes a stand They would rebel Safe at home ... But we're outside Their comfort zone It's all

Dark Lotus - The walls lyrics

a face like flashlights on they chins The more I blink the ... from like '89 Floating their faces on the wall like it's ... the last time I'm gonna see them again The same time every

The Classic Crime - The bitter uprising lyrics

you listen to the sound of the hope In the children's ... voices asking questions You'll know how blindness is a ... blessing But I know your type, you're always right, your tongue controls your mind

Gateway Worship - By the grace of god lyrics

1 By the grace of God alone Heaven ... Son has come to me Through the Cross, my sins are gone He ... died the Lamb and rose the King VERSE 2 Sing for joy

Satan's Host - By the hands of the devil lyrics

Descendant of Sumerian blood The Dark Lord, the Devil ... One world in revolution By the thorns of anarchy Exposing ... bloodline of Satan Thus we are forever free Wicked in

Ancestral - The walls of troy lyrics

the night the truth is revealed After a ... long wait The prophecy comes true The gods ... playing with our destiny And The screams of Cassandra resound ... in the air Ten years ago We did not believe in our Fate The flames now say it's too late

Cece Winans - We welcome you holy father lyrics

father god We welcome you within this place Holy father god We welcome you within ... this place Holy father god We welcome you within this place ... Holy father god We welcome you within this place We come

Coldworker - The walls of eryx lyrics

Clawing at the walls of the void I will find my way All ... I need is your blood Deterioration spreads ... a maniacal reality Embrace the false Abide by consoling

Fanfarlo - The walls are coming down lyrics

swallowed it whole, they went for the gold, for the gold ... We fall for the same lies we all have the same shoes to ... fit. The preachers and books of your

Hillsong Kids - Worship you forever lyrics

are God, You are Life I will worship You forever. You knew me ... I took my first breath, And You know the day that I will breathe my last. You're the Alpha

Inxs lyricsInxs - The stairs lyrics

a room above a busy street The echoes of a life The ... fragments and the accidents Separated by ... incidents Listen to by the walls We share the same spaces

Alvvays - The agency group lyrics

outside of the agency Wondering if you can ... losing sleep Rifling through your toxicology When you ... whisper you dont think of me that way ... When I mention you don't mean that much to me

Group Home - The legacy lyrics

Melachi The Nutcracker Yo this is the ... Nutcracker, youknawhatI'mmsayin? I got my ... With my man DJ Premier on the track So sit back, and hold your head And witness the legacy

Jericho,chris - Break the walls down lyrics

on, Jericho You know I got ya, yeah One, ... Break the walls down(Break down the walls ... rock and watchya want Babe you know you're judas and I'm your priest Baby what I got is

H.e.a.t - Tearing down the walls lyrics

Sometimes too much Sometimes you're addicted But you can't ... feel the rush, no Sometimes it's a ... free ride You're the toast of a town Sometimes it ... On a merry-go-round Now the lights are on, sing this song

Pharaoh - By the night sky lyrics

within the desert One race of mortal ... men The gods have given to us A rich ... with greatest splendor The dawning of a time Where all ... men pledge their honor And some pay with their lives We are a people

Sevendust - Break the walls down lyrics

on, (Jerichooo) You know I got ya, yeah One, ... Break the wall down (Ahhhhhh) Break ... down the walls For those about to rock ... and what ya want Baby you know you're judas and I'm your priest Baby what I got is

Lincoln Brewster - You are good lyrics

You are good And Your mercy endures forever Lord You are good And Your mercy ... generation to generation We worship You Hallelujah ... hallelujah We worship You For Who You are 'Cuz You

Air Raid - We got the force lyrics

live for the fire within Fighting the ... of time Roaring louder day by day Together we'll tear down ... the walls Chained up, united in steel ... Speeding faster on the edge On and on until we

Dimicandum - The walls of jericho lyrics

fell down I don't want to be there I feel darkness We have ... must be pure Chorus: Feel the power In the fire Your ... - our sin! Now is too late, We closed the gate Rest In

Nightshade - The walls of derry lyrics

like white horses far from the shore Far from my homeland I ... Chorus: And I walk to the walls of old derry I stand on the ... old city walls A girls young voice gently calls me To the gates of the old derry walls

Pendragon - The walls of babylon lyrics

light that shattered through the night Explodes into ... sharp morning Melts away the past But fails to melt the ... heart But fails to melt the coldest heart So you think

Byron Cage - We love you lyrics

We lift our voice to bless you We lift our hands to reach you We lift our hearts to love you Holy is your wonder. We ... Holy & acceptable, unto you, we love you. Bridge: We

Michael W. Smith - You are the lord lyrics

we stand Saved by His hand Great is Your name ... In all the earth Worthy alone Christ ... on the throne Your kingdom will reign forever ... You are the Lord, Most High Your

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The end of our time lyrics

our way to nowhere behind the black sun We're passing by the old horizon Coming close to the edge, when we realize There ... s a hole in the sky, the world has gone Written and

Litesound & Jacopo Massa - We are the heroes lyrics

the night is falling from the sky Just keep driving on a ... highway When the world is left to ride across ... Just keep going, you’ll be there someday You’re not alone

Manticora - Beyond the walls of sleep lyrics

eager for knowledge And the power to travel beyond It's the soul within i'm after to ... journey with you is my bond Towards Algol - ... The demonstar We fly above valleys so deep In

Sacred Steel - By the wrath of the unborn lyrics

Hell again ! (I'll) Tear your Soul to pieces ! Nothing ... to kill ! (I am a) Scion of the Wargods of Metal and of Steel ... !!!" "DIE ! DIE BY THE WRATH OF THE UNBORN ! DIE !

Elizabeth Daily - The walls lyrics

see how your lights have all burned out ... Lost to the darkness And I feel how your ... as ice Wanna dance with you set you on your feet again ... Wanna love you and hold you till the walls start to part

Hillsong Worship - You crown the year (psalm 65:11) lyrics

You crown the year with Your goodness You answer us ... with awesome deeds Your hope resounds God our ... To distant lands and farthest seas O paint the fields

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - We are one lyrics

are one with ourselves We don't give a shit about no ... one else Well it won't be wrong until our ... day in the sun is gonna stop The walls come tumbling down We

Parkway Drive - The sound of violence lyrics

cut our teeth on sadness We hunt our sorrows down We ... fought the nights so sleepless We made ... our beds on the cold hard ground Seasons ... go, traditions rise and fall We watch with hunter’s eyes We

Carcer City - The walls that divide lyrics

Holding close through the seasons to become legendary. ... The clock wore us away, Left to ... a life of misery with these ghosts upon my back, That ... whisper your name in the dark. And it pierces right

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - The walls of the world lyrics

But I never noticed it in the sky before And you don't ... need to worry 'Cause I need your love, my friend There's a ... kind of feeling when I know you're near Nobody alive can

3t - You are the ones lyrics

started off when they where little boys They ... sang to entertain Music was their toy They were to work ... this music fill their lives From a talent show they where sure to grow A group

Closure In Moscow - We want guarantees, not hunger pains lyrics

ll be a martyr for your indifference if you promise ... line my tomb with trinkets There won't be a resonating cry ... awkward formal dialogue between my ghost and those I've

Anita O'day - The walls keep talking lyrics

s a house on the hill Bound to give you a ... at night when it's still They say the walls keep talkin' The spooks keep walkin' So the ... folks in the town Pass the legend around Someone lives

Group Home - The realness lyrics

Check it out ''the realness''-Mobb Deep Yeah ... yeah. The foundation. B&B kid. ... 183rd. Smiley aka The Ghetto Child: Yo yo my mind ... s pushing mad years of crazy weight I penetrate the shit

A Day To Remember - You should have killed me when you had the ch.. lyrics

I say goodbye to a town that has ears and ... eyes I can hear you whispering as I walk by ... and I knew This would make them change The only thing ... that's going to bother me Is that you'll all call

Jeremy Camp - You are the lord lyrics

open your eyes And we see into Your kingdom The ... promise of grace And You lead us into freedom We're ... bound in Your love And all sin has been ... forgotten At the foot of the cross Where our ransom has

Econoline Crush - By the riverside lyrics

it last i take a ride on the winds of change i take my ... i hope it pays push it to the limit the limits they change ... sitting by the riverside watch it all go by

A Flock Of Seagulls - The more you live, the more you love lyrics

never give your heart to a stranger or tell ... your secrets to a friend you'll put your heart in mortal ... danger they all desert you in the end the more you

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