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Alison Krauss - My love follows you where you go lyrics

wishes than a thousand hearts can count for you More smiles than a merry-go-round The sweetest ending to a bed-time story told My love follows you where you go More laughter than a kindergarten out to play One Sunday morning song that says it all More summer than

Hillsong Australia - My hope - hope lyrics

are righteous, You love justice And those who honour You will see Your face I will arise and lift my eyes to see Your majesty, Your holiness All I am will bless You My hope is in the Name of the Lord Where my help comes from You're my strength, my song My

Otis Redding - My lover's prayer lyrics

is my lovers prayer I hope it'll reach out to you, my love This is my lovers prayer And I hope you can understand it, my love My life is such a weary thing But it might be so fragile bringing it around (?) You keep wanting, waiting and wishing When I know deep dow

Buono! - My love lyrics

ni moratta hatsu meeru Hyokkori dete kita nikkichou Deeto no toki tsukutte ageta obentou Ano hi mitsuketa nagareboshi Futari negatta negai goto Tere warai de kimi ga itta "Arigatou" Kimi to iru kara tanoshiku nareru Kimi ga iru da

Mya - My love is likewo lyrics

VERSE 1] What kind of girl ya like... I know my looks can be deceivin' Tell me am I your type... My main goal is to please ya What's on the schedule tonight... Am I the reason you'll be treatin' I hope you have an appetite, So tell me will you come and spend the night [Chorus] My l

Lotti Helmut - My love will never die lyrics

is something I must tell you before you step into the great big world There´s good and bad but it´s full of surprises so keep your arms unfurled The road of life is long and steep Sometimes you´ll run, sometimes you´ll creep but I´ll be th

Sara Bareilles - My love lyrics

Love He bends his breath around my name And I am humbled I feel small and plain But his arms are angels by his side You need not ask if they're open, just how wide His lips are day And his skin is night Oooh, and with our love we conjure up the twilight Hi

Humble Pie - My lover's prayer lyrics

is my lover's prayer I hope it'll reach out to you, my love This is my lover's prayer And I hope you can understand it, my love. Oh, my life is such a weary thing But it might ……………., keep on raining, keep on raining be old pressure bringing rain ’Cause you

Joshua Radin - My my love lyrics

many moons have come and gone all alone I heard this song inside me to wait I was told but now I found a different sound I hear when you're around me It's something new because of you I hope I hear it forever My, my love I've been without you too long My, my love I've be

Kevin Lyttle - My love lyrics

Will never die) Saw you last night again in a vision looking so lovely. Can't believe you took my breath away, love that I'm feeling. I reached out to touch you then you were gone again my friend I hope we were lovers, maybe someday even more than friends. [Chorus] This love t

Sia lyricsSia - My love lyrics

love, leave yourself behind Beat inside me, leave you blind My love, you have found peace You were searching for release You gave it all, into the call You took a chance and You took the fall for us You came thoughtfully, loved me faithfully You

Marvin Gaye - My love is waiting lyrics

m coming straight for your love baby Like a rocket girl Been so long I'm making plans to get back to you Still I'm wondering what to do Seems so long yeah I'll make it up to you Like a rocket girl I miss you baby Miss your love And I miss your m

Lene Marlin - My love lyrics

come and find me, my love I'm ready now, to come home Please, come and find me, my love Let's leave this place, let's leave no trace Can you hear me, my love, I'm shouting in the wind, Can you hear me Can you see me, my love, I'm drawing in the sand, Can you see me

Lenka - My love lyrics

Sun, the Moon, the sky are above my dear A day, a week, a month, or even a year I'll give you all that you want all that you need from my heart to your heart this is how you make me feel My Love, my love, my love I'll give it all to you My love, my love, my love Bec

Mark Owen - My love lyrics

I feel a change, in the way you look at me And all I have to say is that I like it Today I feel a change In your glowing, loving, chestnut eyes And all that I can say is that I feel it You are everything to me You are everything I need My love And so much more than that

Alabama - My love belongs to you lyrics

nights belong to the sandman 'Cause I sure like a dream My morning's belong to the wild-woods 'Cause I like to hear the birds sing My soul belongs to heaven My feet belong to my shoes Oh, but baby my love belongs to you My thoughts belong on tomorrow '

Anita Carter - My love loves me lyrics

Love Loves Me My love loves me Oh look what wonders I see an angel smiles in my window my love loves me your eyes kissed mine I saw your love in their shine you showed me heaven right then when your eyes kissed mine My wolrd is a glow and you make it so with your te

Antony And The Johnsons (anohni) - My lord my love lyrics

cream pooled cry, gone astray In the park or on the lawn My lord, my love Take care of those you're dreaming of My sister put it right My mind, lock me down at night My lord, my love Take care of the ones you say you love When we were a children in the hay We felt you

Baby Dee - My love has made a fool of me lyrics

love has made a fool of me Unwise enough to know That roses on a thistle grow And I shall climb for kisses every day In such a shameless rush That every other rose will blush and say Ah love What foolery My love has made a fool of me My love has

Dierks Bentley - My love will follow you lyrics

your suitcase and take your heart Take a train to the boulevard My love will follow you, my love will follow you You can try to lose yourself downtown You can burn all your bridges down My love will follow you, yeah my love will follow you [chorus] M

Bethany Dillon - My love hasn't grown cold lyrics

shake your head What is so hard to believe? When you are in your bed I sing over you the sweetest things Because oh, my love does not tire I'm awake when the moon is full And I know the times when you feel lost And you just aren't sure Lo and behold My love h

Mary J Blige - My love lyrics

oh oh oh oh Baby Whatcha gonna do Baby My, my, my love [Verse 1] I was a fool to let you in Knowing you would play with my heart But that was so long ago that I Thought we could make a new start You left me broken hearted From the day your love departed

David Byrne - My love is you lyrics

men desire a princess And others lust for a temptress Well I don't need one of those 'cause, my love is you My love is you Some men replace their mamas And some want a young baiana I have no use for those 'cause, my love is you My love is you Sometimes dear You

Eva Cassidy - My love is like a red red rose lyrics

love's like a red, red rose That's newly sprung in June; My love is like a melody So sweetly play'd in tune As fair art thou, my bonnie lass, So deep in love am I; And I will love thee still, my dear, Though all the seas gone dry. Though all the seas gone dry, my dear, And

Circa Waves - My love lyrics

know it's not enough To be with you Clinging to the walls You can see through And you need to reel in your tongue 'Cause I know it's not enough To stay young And I'm giving up my love My love to something else And I'm giving up my love My love to something e

Cocteau Twins - My love paramour lyrics

different fates; My love paramour ooze out and away Two different fates; My love paramour ooze out and away Two different fates They fig up my love ooze out and away Two different fates My love paramour ooze out and away onehow Love if it's swallowed for pity M

Perry Como - My love and devotion lyrics

love and devotion, will always be true Now and forever, I live for you My love and devotion, are yours, yours alone Kiss me beloved, say you're my own! I kiss your lips sweet an' tender, they open heaven's door Won't you surrender, forever more? My love will grow deeper, as time

Counting Crows - My love lyrics

love Lives out at the end of the road Takes what you give her and goes Says things that everyone knows Shes only willing To kiss me again Lights me on fire Sprays me with water And she lights me up again Said my love Burried my head in the sand Screams j

Eddie Cochran - My love to remember lyrics

once to my heart, came a dream set apart oh you are my love to remember oh yout-s was the smile that made life seem worth while oh you left me a love to remember just a girl down the street that had planned we should meet well fate is sometimes just a lander oh you

Jon Foreman - My love goes free lyrics

movement comes in slow It's a tune we both should know But the walls are thin So we keep our voices low You're a bird with a pretty mouth Your a bird with songs to shout And the same refrain continues to sing out: "If you love her let her go." She si

Deliverance ( Usa ) - My love lyrics

the years have, have fallen upon us Thru the storms and seeing the lighted end Weight lifted in times for the rush Remember when you first came into my sight I fell just like a dream, it seems so long ago Conscience, it did not take long To see all that you were to me M

Divine Fits - My love is real lyrics

was stuck on a pin and we were equally nervous, I could not get through. So where is the chain that will keep us together This much is true My Love is real Until it stops Don't you wanna go down like old Mayakovsky, in a sea of blue. And if I was the ki

Donovan - My love is true (love song) lyrics

heart is like a flower for my love That blooms as I hold her tenderly But it's rooted deep in fear, just as heavy as a tear That whisper low, her lover is not for me. My love is true, for her it is true And I pray that her love is mine. My love is like the first

Nelly Furtado - My love grows deeper,pt.1 lyrics

My love grows deeper every day and takes a little piece of me My love grows deeper every day and takes a little piece of me My love grows deeper every day, deep into the sea But takes a little piece of me, a little piece of me Oh it's so beautiful out an

Hank Williams - My love for you (has turned to hate) lyrics

ll ne'er forget that sad, sad day Darling that you went away You told me that our love was true And then you left me 'lone and blue Yes I received your note today Saying you'd come back and stay Don't come back now, it is too late My love for you has turned

Jill Scott - My love lyrics

Intro:] Yo, I'm tripping right, I heard you got married. You got married? No I mean, make any It don't really make any sense I mean, it's not like I, I didn't think you were seeing other people or whatever, I mean I was seeing other people but You know what this

Harmony - My love remains lyrics

changes But my love for you remains Every time I see you I get shivers down my spine I start scheming to make you mine And though everything changes with time My love for you remains So let me into your heart And let it be like The day that we met and fe

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My love for evermore (ft. sparky from demente.. lyrics

d like to pack this in, and take you to the stars we’ll eat at fancy restaurants and drive in fancy cars We tried our luck, we made a buck, so lean back have some fun. (Oh yes my love, but first just this last one.) (Chorus) We stood on a cliff i

Lenny - My love lyrics

I'm a win the things come and they go flames turns the aches and water to snow only this time I'm around and far on my knees and I pray that this person I'm leaving memories don't fade away my love, my love Holding my heart in a pound of your hand crossing the borders and dra

Nick  Jonas lyricsNick Jonas - My love lyrics

want to write you a love song And I want whisper in your ear I want to be the right when it's wrong I want to take away your fears I need to hold you again I need to feel you close Who knows exactly where we're going? But I'm ready to go down th

Jonny Lang - My love remains lyrics

on that smile, it's time to face another day Tell everybody everything's o.k. How much longer can you play this game? Tell me how much more can you take? I see the broken heart you try so hard to hide I see the tears you hold back in your eyes I sing the song that you might realize

Kidz Bop - My love is your love lyrics

Clap your hands y'all, it's alright...) If tomorrow is judgment day (Sing Mommy) And I'm standing on the front line And the Lord asks me what I did with my life I will say I spent it with you If I wake up in World War III I see destruction and

Killing Joke - My love of this land lyrics

sun is setting in on England's green and pleasant land AT dusk I leave the town to tear the fences down And I ignore the voice of education sighing and crying in my head In the light of every dream, we're all coming home Lazy days and summer haze, my love

Brenda Lee - My love lyrics

when I go away, I know my heart can stay with my love It's understood, it's in the hands of my love And my love does it good Wo-Wo-Wo-Wo-Wo-Wo My love does it good And when the cupboard's bare I'll still find something there with my love It's understood, it's everywhe

Pixie Lott - My love lyrics

I see You just aint with me A distance growin' Oh how can this be Departing slowly And I dont know how to stop this win From the way we're goin' This love is fadin' away Nobody knows but I know, yeah I know They don't see it, but I feel it Without you, I never will be

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - My love is like a star lyrics

space in between us Starts to feel like the world’s apart Like I’m going crazy And you say it’s raining in your heart You’re telling me nobody’s there To try and fly Oh but that’s just crazy ‘Cause baby I told ya I’m here for good My love’s like a

Lykke Li - My love lyrics

miss you man where have you gone? i miss you much i miss you long so many men where did you go? over seas, under chairs oh lover boy you're hiding out oh could it be i passed you by a thousand times before not knowing who you were my

Phoenix Rising / Fire & Ashes - My love still remains lyrics

I feel, it is surrounding me Just like a storm that is breaking my body And my soul but I don’t know where I am supposed to go If my existence is nothing but sorrow And I know, that I need your shoulder because now I’m drowning That in the distance somehow we will rise ag

Prince - My love is forever lyrics

re always on my mind Day and night, baby, all the time (all the time) You mean so much to me A love like ours just had to be You're the wind and the rain You've got a river that takes away my pain And the sky that's oh-so-blue You're everything girl, don't you know I need you (need

Skrux - My love is a weapon (feat. delacey) lyrics

love is a weapon Please slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please slow down, down, down This love is a weapon Please slow dow

Emilia - My love is true lyrics

re always fuzz and fighting Like I am up to something really bad Well, boy, you're mistaken So I am a party girl I like to dance and keep it going all night But rules I am not breaking No need for the look you're giving me If you can't trust, if you can't see Then I got

Abba lyricsAbba - My love, my life lyrics

ve seen it on your face Tells me more than any worn-out old phrase So now we'll go separate ways Never again we two Never again, nothing I can do Like an image passing by, my love, my life In the mirror of your eyes, my love, my life I can see it all so clearly

Paula Abdul - My love is for real lyrics

made mistakes when I played with your mind Gave you excuses with each story line If you ask me how I feel My love is for real Watching you wondering what I feel inside Deep in my soul I've got nothing to hide If you ask me how I feel My love is for rea

Ailee - My love (feat. swings) lyrics

gonna be a My Love X 2 naega neomu neomuna himdeul ttaemyeon eonjena nae yeop-eseo ni eokkael billyeojwo neoman nae yeop-e iss-eumyeon geu eotteon geotdo nan duryeobji anh-a neon nal jikyeojuneun Boy woo woo woo woo woo nal utge haejun han saram woo woo woo wo

Andrew Allen - My love lyrics

I know that in this life I'm leading Everything comes back to you And I know that you'll be with me till the end And I feel that special something, something, somethings can't explain Like a summer rain Can you smell that summer rain But have I told you lately

Aloha From Hell - My love you are lyrics

people talk, they don´t get it all They don´t know how you make me feel I´m falling into love so real It´s sweet like honey on my fingertips It´s on my lips And it´s not secret anymore You´re here and nothing´s like before Don´t ever wanna let you go My love you are My

Arsenium - My love lyrics

time I hold you near. You say words I love to hear Babe, you take my breath away, Love you more and more each day. Baby you will never find In this world the love like mine. Babe I feel so warm inside When I have you by my side. My la-la-love

B1a4 - My love lyrics

tonight it's gonna be a good night Let's go Werowo ne mami Doneun mot cham a nol chatneun sun-gan It's over Odinni ne sarang odi inneunji Ojing-naman-e shooting star Ne modeun got Odin-gae inneunde nareul gidarineunde Nal bichwojuneun shiny light My

B. B. King - My love is down lyrics

t you understand me, baby? There'll never be no one else but you Can't you understand me, baby? There'll never be no other one but you I loved you then and I love you now, baby And no one else will ever do Every time the sun goes down, baby My love,

Jim Brickman - My love is here lyrics

nothing but words For me to show How much my love for you Unfolds through trouble and fears This love feels so real, and I need you to know Even though we're far apart You're right beside me in my heart Don't you know my love is here? Don't you know my love is real? You shou

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