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Jewel - Angel standing by lyrics

through the night I'll be watching over you And all through the night I'll be standing over you And through bad dreams I'll be right there baby telling you everything's going to be alright When you cry I'll be there baby telling you were never nothing

Gary Numan - Sleep by windows lyrics

can cry by my window You can crawl on the floor You can scream if you want to But I won't unlock the door You can sleep in bus shelters You can sleep in the park But I'll rip up the trees Until you tear yourself apart But I don't love you No I don't love you Do you dream?

Narkotek - Angel call by guigoo lyrics

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Sleetgrout - Sleep my angel lyrics

my angel Here and dark and gloomy place I'm gazing at your face Sleep my angel Sleep my angel Sugar is mixed up with milk Under your skin of silk Your eyelashes black and thick Cast a shadow on your cheeks With a tender smile on lips

Lisa Lavie - Better in time (by leona lewis) lyrics

s been the longest winter without you I didnt know where to turn to See somehow I cant forget you After all that we've been through Go in, come in thought i heard a knock who's there? no one thinking that i deserved it now i realize that i really didnt know you didnt notice,

Crossfade - Broken like an angel (cover by. dollybraid) lyrics

was a queen Lost within a dream Misconceived that he was fit to reign Lies take victims Separate them at the seams Cause them to fall apart Then move along to better things now She Wants to fall in love again Don't you know that He's Satisfied to own her No time permits

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Free.mp3 (the pirate bay song) lyrics

music is for free you can download .mp3 keep it playing on repeat if you hate it - press delete Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, we don’t pay Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, Pirate Bay We do file share

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - Free.mp3 (the pirate bay song) lyrics

music is for free you can download .mp3 keep it playing on repeat if you hate it - press delete Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, we don’t pay Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, Pirate Bay We do file shar

Mc Lars - Download this song lyrics

la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la It's 2006, the consumer's still pissed Won't take it anymore so I'm writing a list Don't try to resist this paradigm shift The music revolution cannot be dismissed $18.98 I

Say Anything - By tonight lyrics

re looking quite sharp, sugar. You've got some teeth on that stare. You've got them tattered blue jeans on. You've done that thing with your hair. And this bed could use a secret. And these pounding hearts could keep it. If you could, then I could, I swear. 'Cau

Paralysed Age - Patricia in pain lyrics

is alone she prepares herself for bed Although she knows that she wont sleep this night Patricia is so alone the boy she loved is gone He left her wordlessly she cant believe in his suicide She tries to close her eyes tries to move her lips To say a l

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - Angel lyrics

feel it, you feel it That this was meant to be. I know it, you know it That you were made for me. We came tonight, not any longer Day by day we're getting stronger. I want it, you want it It's what the people want to see. We're like Romeo and Juliet

Gareth Gates - Angel on my shoulder lyrics

life was flashing before my eyes A second later, I walked and realized My heart had crashed and burned in shame You pulled me from the flames I took your hand and you helped me upon my feet I confessed but you had forgiven me There's courage in the truth you said Our love will ne

Alborosie - Patricia lyrics

intro) hit me with music sekkle rude bwoy original jamaican ska let me tell you (verse 1) patricia she dont know to run joke she loves sipping wine and sipping and smoke why you tan so tell me why you tan so tell me why you tan so why you tan so c

Chris De Burgh - Patricia the stripper lyrics lyrics

is a menace With his "Anyone for tennis?" And he'd beseech me to come keep the score. And Maude said, "Oh Lord, I'm so terribly bored" I really can't stand it anymore... I'm going...out to dinner, With a gorgeous

James Marsters - Patricia lyrics

has a piano And her hands dance lustily On the keys She has a pen and a paper And she draws her favourite people And one is me She wasn't supposed to be cool Now I'm her fool But I don't care She's given me a passkey That has led me To the world of Patricia, Patricia

K. Michelle - Mp3 lyrics

won't take off your mp3 adress until you tell me yes That you received my text, now you got the sack I wanna mp3 me&you, I want your laptop, go ahead & down low baby I wanna mp3 me&you, straight from my heart drop into ya somewhere And let you

Seven Gates - Download lyrics

t know what to do - the night seems so long Just wake up from a nap - and turn on my grey box Everything is so easy - can get what you want Interacting by a little pet - my body is fixed on the chair I feel no pain in my eyes I'm faraway with m

Florence + The Machine - Patricia lyrics

Verse 1] Oh Patricia, you've always been my North Star And I have to tell you something: I'm still afraid of the dark You take my hand in your hand - from you flowers grow And you understand with every seed you sow you make this cold world beautiful [Pre-Chorus] She told me

Radiohead - Lewis (mistreated) lyrics

out again by your only business friend The smell of fear is thicker than you think Don’t do it, don’t jump Changed shape to fit, in the end you just feel sick A million love songs under anaesthetic Hey don’t do it, don’t jump Lewis, save yourse

Jim Brickman - My angel lyrics

Douglas, Tom; Brickman, Jim; Connect to the stare, climb into bed While sugar plum fairies dance in your hair Tomorrow you'll wake and open your eyes To the wonder of Christmas full of surprise Sweet dreams my angel, sleep tight my child Sail through

Choir Of Young Believers - Patricia's thirst lyrics

a split second of red And very well thought of ahead With a machine gun and legs spread You let the world know what's ahead You're sleepwalking while you dream of running Sleepwalking while you dream of running Thinking about Patricia Hearst Now that your spit is our thirst You

Jerry Lee Lewis - Lewis boogie lyrics

name is Jerry Lee Lewis, come from Louisiana I'm gonna do you a little boogie on this here piano Doing mighty fine, I'm gonna make you shake it I'll make you do it and make you do it, until you break it It's called the Lewis boogie, in the Le

Adam Lambert - Mp3's killed the record companies lyrics

s the spice it's clear But nothing's for free Can you hear it all the Branches fall from the tree Smothered by the sound of Silence ran out of breath Listen for the audience and Power to death They can't hear you any more Because they're all deaf They c

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Angel lyrics

t go to sleep without you starring in my dreams I can't get you out of my head I close my eyes, you're always there I lock the doors, but you're comin' up the stairs Can't stay awake, I know I have to try What will it take to stop you walking in my sleep How can I break t

Corbin Bleu - Angel cry lyrics

from the clouds she fell into my heart Now i can barely stand whenever we're apart Such a pretty face but a soul so dark Girl it must have hurt you somethin' terrible But let me undo all the damage he's done to you Let me love all the pain away and make it n

Jack Johnson - Sleep through the static lyrics

travels fast When you're specially designed for crash testing Or wearing wool sunglasses in the afternoon Come on and tell us what you're trying to prove Because it's a battle when you dabble in war You store it up, unleash it, then you piece it together Whether the storm dra

Genesis lyricsGenesis - Patricia lyrics

me up Put me down Push me in Turn me round Switch me on Let me go I have a mind of my own In hiding Far from the city of night And the factories of truth I stand upon the mountain A million miles from my home And the faces of fear I have freedom to think

Elysium ( Pol ) - Download damage lyrics

This Fantastic Future Surfin' Down Straight To Inferno Delete Trust & Understanding This Communication Breakdown Feedin' The Digital Demon Save Me As An Ego Breakdown Download Self-Destruction System Scheme Fatal Update Ch: Let Me Introduce Myself For

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Lewis and clark vs bill and ted lyrics

& Clark: You can't be starting with Lewis and Clark, 'Cause we cut a path through MC's like a walk in the park, Then give 'em back a whole stack of maps and accurate charts, Showing exactly where our footprints on their buttocks are marked! We're two t

Obituary lyricsObituary - Download lyrics

yourself in Burns with fortune. Comes with the falling rain. Peels down, racist game. Death falls, blood pours. Then we see lies pour, lies pour. Come to the falling, life's near the end. Life's end is guessing, for understand. Feel that wetting, need to restrain.

Celtic Folk - Lewis bridal song lyrics

Lewis Bridal Song Chorus: Step a gaily on we go heel for heel and toe for toe, Arm and arm and row on row all for Mary's wedding. Over hill ways up and down; Myrtle green and bracken brown, Past the shielings thru the town the town; all for sake of Mary. cho. Red her chee

Los Lobos - Angel dance lyrics

night, sleep tight The big bright sun has gone away Done gone away Goodbye, don't cry Tomorrow will bring us a brand new day We can run and play And they'll laugh up and down the hall Don't you go shout when you hear them fall Let them fly across the w

Robert Plant - Angel dance lyrics

night, sleep tight The big bright sun has gone away You know it's gone away Goodbye, don't cry Tomorrow will bring us a brand new day We can run and play And they'll laugh up and down the hall Don't you go shout when you hear them fall Let them fly right

Battle Beast - Angel cry lyrics

am all that you remember Among the buried memories I'm the tears running down your face I'm the angel who sings you to sleep When you cry in silence When you feel all alone Angel Cry I'm the love that you desire I'm a secret just one heartbeat away You don't have to re

Rammstein lyricsRammstein - Angel lyrics

in virtue, no desire In the grave an angel's choir You look to heaven and wonder why No one can see them in the sky Just as the clouds have gone to sleep Angels can be seen in heavens keep Alone in fear they question why Goddamn not an angel w

Radikal Chef - Mp3 generácia feat. tafrob lyrics

Žijeme vo svete častého násilia, kde sa zbraň, skoro za všetko nabíja. Drogy, vojny, prepady (razia), spory, hrozby, nenávisť (mafia). Opitý foter a bezbranná matka, len ďaľšia hádka, desiata facka, psychická záťaž a cynická láska, každý ťa pomaly vidí

Hammerfall - Angel of mercy (chastain cover) lyrics

never been any reason or escape for the treason You just think of a time far away I feel your flame and your anguish I know your plans and your last wish You just can't face another day Angel of Mercy, take her to your homeland Angel of M

Saywecanfly - Angel's song lyrics

I woke up and smiled today, I couldn't help but sing your name cause it's the first thing that came to my mind. And before I go to sleep I pray I will constantly remain the same and you'll always be mine. In curing you I found the truth, cause you're the on

Skinny Puppy - Download lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Little angel lyrics

or later, when the time is right, you know that I'll be waiting here And I'm sure that you will find your way to me Baby I'll be ready, I've had so many lonely nights I want a love that feels so right, and you know I'll be waiting for you And baby if I co

Chastain - Angel falls lyrics

miss divine, she's on the road to ruin Searching for a love to clear her clouded mind Through the smoke she dreamed there was no disillusion On the beaten path she found an uphill climb So she spread her wings for a lover to hold But she came up empty handed and cold He

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - Angel lyrics

lived like she knew nothing lasts Didn't care to look lika anyone else And she was beautiful, so beautiful I still hear her laugh like she's here Shower it down on all the young It isn't so wrong to have such fun Forever angel I hope they love you like we do Forever angel I

Dmx - Angel ft regina bell lyrics

Bell harmonizing while DMX speaks What good is it.. for a man to, gain the world.. yet lose his own soul, in the process? [Bell] God loves you, yes he does Said you're alright with him [DMX] I wonder.. Chorus: Regina Bell (repeat 2X) I know you never see

Erasure lyricsErasure - Sleep quietly lyrics

quietly My Jesus Now close your dear eyes Above you shine God's countless stars Like diamonds in the sky Beside your bed An angel crew Your cattle have fed Your mother stands In watchful prayer And strokes your little head The shepherds leave Their flocks as

Moimir Papalescu & Nihilists - Lewis neptune shake lyrics

you get in trouble when you loose your Sweetheart when you have a Car crash when you get too far Shake! Shake it up, Roll it up Shake! Shake it up, Roll it up Shaking makes you look good Shake it up, Roll it up Shaking makes you feel good Sha

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Angel eyes lyrics

and turning last night I was burning For you my love I couldn't sleep or face one more night on my own Somehow the wind and the rain seem to call out my name In the still of night The sound that I heard was your voice And the words, oh I knew You called me angel eyes Ch

Pharrell Williams lyricsPharrell Williams - Angel lyrics

don't know why these niggaz don't see what I see in you girl BAD girl Haha, yeah (Yeahhhh yeahhheeaahh) She got an ass like loaf of bread Make you want a slice She's the girl you take her home to mother But she dont want ya bread Brother, ya betta think twi

Bananarama - Sleep lyrics

lover, my angel Each time you layed with me Falling from your lips With each kiss You're betraying me Don't tell me you made me You played me for a fool Lies come tumbling down now Like a waterfall Over me Like a heaven without the stars, yeah I don't know

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Angel down lyrics

confess I am lost In the age of the social On our knees, take a test To be lovin' and grateful Shots were fired on the street By the church where we used to meet Angel down, angel down But the people just stood around I'm a believer, it's a trial Foolish and weaker, oh,

Loona - Angel lyrics

never ever wanted to see How been a life to be I used to see the colors so bright But now I have to sight Nothing could change my mind Always puttin' on my smile And if the pleasure wants on me I went dancing all night Now I need you

Francesca Battistelli - Angel by your side lyrics

can’t say that everything’s okay ‘Cause I can see the tears you’re crying And I can’t promise to take the pain away But you can know I won’t stop trying I’ll be the angel by your side I will get you through the night I’ll be the strength you can’t provide on your own ‘Cause

Brandy - Angel in disguise lyrics

Brandy Talking] An Angel is always been thought To be one of God's most precious works I guess that's how she had u fooled Cause she was an Angel in disguise Hurt and pain could never come from her So left me only to find hurt and pain involves her But now you see your mistakes

Conception - Angel (come walk with me) lyrics

s only me my friend Your private lucifer An angel heaven sent down to your deepest fears Walk with me Talk to me again In your sleep When you're weak astray I feel you right inside me (nothing can be right if there is no wrong) All around me

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Angel lyrics

angel of love was upon me And Lord, I felt so small The legs beneath me weakened I began to crawl Confused and contented I slithered around Reveal is beyond me I was lost I was found The angel of love was upon me And Lord, I felt so weak I

Foreigner - Angel tonight lyrics

nothing goes my way And late nights turn the days I spend my life in and out of trouble And everywhere I turn, I never seem to learn Ending up my own words and me I can't get by alone, I'm helpless on my own When I'm desperated and I got nowhere to go

Jewel - Angel needs a ride lyrics

"Angel, Do you want a ride?" Said, "Angel, I'm tired and I'm lonely And I need somebody by my side" It was a long road that stretched from Vegas to nowhere But it'd been an even longer time Since he found some piece of mind And he lived off of b

Madina Lake - Angel lyrics

ve gotten good at being alone But that's no life for such a beautiful soul This road is longer than I ever knew But tonight I'm coming home to see you We've got tonight, little angel We'll sleep under a blanket of stars. We've got tonight, little angel And we'll

Nightcore - Angel by your side(jt machinima) (nightcore) lyrics

ll pick you up when you fall down They won't destroy the light they found I need no introduction By now, I hope you know I've spent so long away from home And so I'm going rogue Agent Locke and me We gotta drop the beef He's got the bigger probl

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