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Eurovision - Dorians - lonely planet (armenia) lyrics

s the one that starts a war? Who's dictating what is less and more? Who can change the night and day? Who's the one with clever face? That can tell us what is in the space? Playing games that none can play Maybe someday we'll break the wall Maybe the light will touch us all L

New York Dolls - Lonely planet boy lyrics

s hard, It's so hard And it's a lonely planet joy When the song from from the other boys That's when I'm a lonely planet boy And I'm tryin, Baby for your love Whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah Oh, you pick me up Your outta drivin in your car When I tell

Rachel Platten - Lonely planet lyrics

Target Bonus Track] Strangers passing on the subway Ghost's inhabiting the same cold hallway Dragging round the broken hearts Searching each other for the missing parts Yeah does it always feel so lonely here for everybody Doesn't anybody find somebody in this story Strangers

Idina Menzel - Planet z lyrics

in my easy chair I got no friends but I really don't care I don't remember birthdays I don't remember names People talking to me I know not what they say Well my political policy is lassisez-faire You keep off my, my thoroughfare My weeds gr

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Planet earth lyrics

Earth, my home, my place A capricious anomaly in the sea of space Planet Earth are you just Floating by, a cloud of dust A minor globe, about to bust A piece of metal bound to rust A speck of matter in a mindless void A lonely spacship, a large asteroid Cold as

Planet Funk - Lonely day lyrics

could tell, from the minute I woke up it was gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day Rise and shine, rub the sleep out of my eyes and try to tell myself I can't go back to bed It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day Even though the sun

Phantom Planet - Lonely day lyrics

could tell from the minute I woke up It was going to be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day. Rise and shine rub the sleep out of my eyes And try to tell myself I can't go back to bed It's gonna be a lonely lonely lonely lonely day. Even though the sun is shining d

Asher Monroe - Lonely island lyrics

s not a soul inside How did I ever get here? I'm missin' life before wish you would re-appear But I fell so hard, I went beneath the surface You see a lovely dance, slowing disappearin' Is it a sweet dream, or is it a nightmare? I can't sleep without you right t

Atc - Lonely lyrics

was a long time ago When you came into my life When you stole my heart Now I'm asking why Bridge: Why you lied to me Why you laughed at me Now you won't come back to me Now I want to be Now I'm trying to see Why I'm lonely now Chorus: Never knew, ne

The Agonist - Lonely solipsist lyrics

squatting on your throne, mentally captured, are you? Foot-soldered concrete rooted in basement, alone. Corporeality relinquished. Fictive molecules revolt. Soliloquies like apparition of a long forgotten ghost. Lonely Solipsist, sculpture squatting in a cell!

Pixies lyricsPixies - Planet of sound lyrics

fine day in my odd past I picked me up a transmission I turned the fission ignition Went looking for the broadcaster And when I first touched some ground They simply told me to leave Was kind of hard to believe 'Cause there was not one around This ain't the plane

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Planet home lyrics

know, there's no place like Planet Home Nowhere else I'd rather be It's the only place I know Where you can witness tragedy But there's no time to wonder now About who is right or wrong Gonna need some help to get things straight So come on, bring your voice alon

Taylor Dayne - Planet love lyrics

wanna fly to planet love I wanna close my eyes and let you lift me up I wanna fly planet love I'll pick you up We take a plane We'll take a rocket to the moon and never be the same We'll fly away without a stare The fate of me and you Is to live this life toge

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Planet earth lyrics

came outside to watch the night fall with the rain I heard you making patterns rhyme like some new romantic looking for the tv sound you'll see I'm right some other time look now, look all around, there's no sign of life voices, another sound, can you hear me now?

Shawn Hook - Planet earth lyrics

was a dream on planet earth I fell through the seams on planet earth We’re so much more than what we’re worth Wasting away on planet earth Down here on planet earth No, we don’t belong We don’t belong Here on planet earth Where we stay too lon

Edelweiss - Planet edelweiss lyrics

yes <right> Oh no <left> Oh yes <right> Oh no <left> Oh yes <right> Oh no <left> Oh yes <right> Oh no <left> Oh yes <right> Oh no &

Julian Cope - Planet ride lyrics

my spirit of compromise Has been mislaid by the depth in your eyes See me living in the middle of England Set my course for the deepest heavens Dress me up like a rocket ship And drag you screaming into my belly Railing, complaining And I seal my girl inside 'Cause she

Prince - Planet earth lyrics

holding Planet Earth In the palm of your hand With no regard for your place of birth Or claim to any land The only thing between us now is the truth we understand If Planet Earth was in the palm of your hand 50 years from now what will they say about us here? Did

77 Bombay Street - Planet earth lyrics

days left to stay I travel all around the world I’m on my own and I don’t feel like going home Too bad my buddy left me the other day for his work but I am staying here i feel like captain Kirk Hey planet Earth thank you for carrying me thank you for sh

Puffy Amiyumi - Planet tokyo lyrics

cd spins as we begin all systems go Come hitch a ride inside and watch the moon grow It won't be long before we're up in zero G Above the atmosphere just you and me and me Planet Tokyo is a place not very far In your stereo, it's as close as where you are On the radio it's a sou

Paradox - Planet terror lyrics

s not revolution And it ain't evolution The sickness of mankind Imbecile and powerblind To flick a single switch To destroy some thousand lives A quiet assault undercover trick The thief's of life arise Living on a planet of hate Fanatics of terror irate Brutali

Neurotic Outsiders - Planet earth lyrics

came outside to watch the nightfall with the rain I heard you making patterns rhyme like Some new romantic looking for the TV sound You'll see I'm right some other time My head is stuck on something precious Let me know if you're coming down to land Is there anybody out there tr

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Planet of women lyrics

can I do, I'm a nervous wreck? There's girls everywhere, I better go and check.CHECK IT OUT I can't tell a diamond from a hole in the ground. They all got my head spinning round and round. Planet of women, oh yeah. The planet of women, oh yeah. It's

Mandy Barnett - Planet of love lyrics

ve found a new planet, that only I can see Just came back to get you, let's leave this misery Nothing can reach us, so far from harms way Only sunshine, and rainbows every day We got to get back there, hurry up and get your things The countdown has started, go ahead t

Devin Townsend - Planet smasher lyrics

Ziltoid:] Yes, I feel like a good bit of entertainment...time to destroy the planets. Which one shall it be? This one? No...too feeble. This one...yes, perhaps. Yes. This one shall do nicely. Commander... [Commander:] Yes, Captain Ziltoid? [Ziltoid:] Divert all the po

Ad Hominem - Planet zog lyrics

Insipid and trifling It's the mistress of spiritual masturbation At the edge of rupture - Mother of all wounds Incessant absurdity - Stagnation turning to invol...

Emerald Sun - Planet metal lyrics

into the universe a million light-years away There is a secret planet There're some unknown forms of life This planet is a paradise for every Gabian metalhead I've checked it on my monitor My antennas never lie All set... All the crew must take t

Kottonmouth Kings - Planet budtron lyrics

ain't funny when you ain't got no money And that clock strikes 4:20 and you wanna get high No bills get sent and you can't pay the rent Everyday I get bent yo, so that I can get by On and ontaking rips from the bong Planet Budtron, BSO stay on Kottonmouth

Planet Funk - Planet of the apes lyrics

crash my ship into the sea Oh my God, where could I be I swim to shore, what do I see A bunch of f***ing monkeys Coming after me Well I know I won't Make it home by tomorrow And I refuse to die on This planet of horrors I know that there's n

Power Metal - Planet mars lyrics

hari bosan dengan keadaan sekeliling Kuputuskan untuk naik ke gunung Sampai disana aku mulai pasang tenda Kulihat sosok tubuh kurus kecil Wajah yang aneh di balik belukar yang rimbun Kuhampiri tapi dia menghilang Mungkinkah itu manusia atau sangka

Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - Planet of the apes lyrics

crash my ship into the sea Oh my God, where could I be I swim to shore, what do I see A bunch of f***ing monkeys Coming after me Well I know I won't Make it home by tomorrow And I refuse to die on This planet of horrors I know that there's no escape Here on thi

Ignea - Planet war lyrics

and oceans dried up, all is red Children were playing, they're fighting instead (But soon...) Battle of clans puts an end, settles scores No one survives in this war of the wars Inevitability (Die I, die you, die us) Die you, die us (We've bee

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - Planet earth / earth song - immortal lyrics

Earth, my home, my place A capricious anomaly in the sea of space Planet Earth are you just Floating by, a cloud of dust Do you care, have you a part In the deepest emotions of my own heart Tender with breezes caressing and whole Alive with music, haunting my soul.

Palace - Planet of slaves lyrics

slide through the ages to the edge of human history Arrive in a world of electronic control and tyrannies Elf-waves reach my brain to get me insane On the planet of slaves, planet of slaves Hohohoho… Human race get off your knees We are the ones they fear A shadow elite c

Salad - Planet in the ocean lyrics

told me there's a planet in the ocean We call it love of the girl But we don't wanna be the potion It's such a savoury world There's a planet in the ocean They call it love of the girl Such a commotion Cos it's apparently curled Dichotomy, It

Sham 69 - Planet trash lyrics

go get them kid The new sunrise, did you see what they did Advertise, go get them kid Spin the world crazy, I'm a boom bang baby Come on watch this now and try to remember Try to remember Yeah lift off time we're gonna shine shine shine Lift

Eskimo Joe - Planet earth lyrics

a marketplace on earth There's a subject we all talk about It's called girls and how they work Last night while walking in the park A strange kind of thought occurred to me So I went to your house and told you There is a place where people go And it is worth its weight in

Zodiac Mindwarp - Planet girl lyrics

s A Bip Bop Dirty Star-Shine Thing She Kissed My Skin Like An Angel's Wing Solid Gold Love In A Rat Skin Fur Planet Earths Spin In Space For Her Blue Static Fizz On A Detuned Station Sleeping Beauty With A Bad Reputation Divine, Drunk Goddess Of Love I Said You Goddess O

Reset - Planet earth lyrics

earth is abused You know we're to blame Symposium shows it's not too late Constant threat, Nuclear war Corrective measures await us all Staring death, In the face The end of the human race No it's not too late No it's not the right time To cross the gate invisib

Cage - Planet crusher lyrics

peaceful world Was ripe for the taking Forgotten were the ways of war His Herald and Harbinger came from the heavens Saying you will be no more He had no expression Showed no emotion His skin it gleamed like a pearl There is no escape from my master he

Mono Inc. - Planet shame lyrics

tell me what it means to bet the madman * Don’t tell me how it feels to be so hurt * Don’t tell me what it takes to lead an empire (as I know) * And I’ll keep for me how life looks with your face down in the dirt * On planet shame * Don’t tell me how it feels to be forgiven * Don’

B-52s - Planet claire lyrics

Ahhhahhahhahh She came from Planet Claire I knew she came from there She drove a Plymouth Satellite Faster than the speed of light Planet Claire has pink a...

Heavens Gate - Planet earth lyrics

at the shore, the wind is blowing fast with power like a fortress wall the rain is smashing pouring down feelin' all alone and noone there to keep me warm Sun has turned into a black and frozen peace of coal in this poison gas no creature even can survive feeling all a

Mac Miller - Planet god damn (feat. njomza) lyrics

I think I'm stuck inside nostalgia My mind are in the times when this love was so divine But now it's feelin' like without ya Feelin' like how the f*** did We get into a place we ain't accustomed to lovin' inside of I know I'm out of my mind more often than not You know I

Astral Doors - Planet earth lyrics

begging for life Squeezing the last from he past Bleed for the earth For the silent rebirth Forever may end all too fast But why would anyone care? Please let me go; it's only a dream Back to earth, or a one way ticket leading to the sun? The mouth of Hell is open The mother

Devin Townsend - Planet of the apes lyrics

know who I am today, But who knows? To forgive the lord… you don't DAMN FAMILY! All I ever wanted was to BE TRUE for my WIFE and my KID. And I will NEVER back down, and I RELEASE THE PAIN!!! I SAY HAVE IT YOUR WAY! I STAY HEAVY FOR MY GOD! I SAY HAVE IT YOUR WAY… …AN

Golden Earring - Planet blue lyrics

stand in line for a piece of meat My pocket's always empty as usually The gates of heaven I touched for you There's nothing more a spaceman can do Planet Blue is my island Mother Earth I'm coming down Trav'ling with the speed of light oh yeah No one l

Negative - Planet of the sun lyrics

and On I was looking for freedom less and more I found it by you this darkened sky of our heavenly kingdom the thing in common is there's not so much left to say Are you ready or not ready for the truth sick and tired of this nonsense I'm frustrated by you Th

Escape With Romeo - Planet euphoria (who am i ?) lyrics

wiped the streets of boredom and pain drink sparkling water that tastes like champagne While the party is going on and on you’ll be so happy do you think this will last forever? REF: Who am I Who am I on planet euphoria They’ve turned a magician into th

Mindless Self Indulgence - Planet of the apes lyrics

never noticed you were illegal rest of my life in San Bernadino no no no no no - this ain't no walk in the park no no no no - this ain't no slap in the face no no no no - this ain't no f*** in the ass no no no no - this ain't no planet of no apes oh baby yeah yeah

Nightwish - Planet hell lyrics

the lying A million children fighting For lives in strife For hope beyond the horizon A dead world A dark path Not even crossroads to choose from All the bloodred Carpets before me Behold this fair creation of God My only wish to leave behind All the days of

Kenny Rogers - Planet texas lyrics

rode like they was Rangers as they came out of the skies They had High-Tech horses with beacons in their eyes My gun was cocked and ready when I looked into their face I seen they just weren't just common buck-a-roos born of the human race No

Saint Vitus - Planet of judgement lyrics

here, a thousand light years, away from home Blackened clouds, fill their horizons, storms to come They cut down their forests with steel jagged blades And poison their air Scorning the surface with nuclear waste, nature crys We saw them fight their, wars again,

Schwarzer Engel - Planet hass lyrics

Sinne geschärft Die Augenlider tief geschwärzt Sehe ich, es wird betrogen Von Anfang an wurden wir belogen Alles ist nur vorgetäuscht um den Schein zu wahren Denn erst am Ende wird die Wahrheit uns sich offenbaren Vorprogrammiert, prädestiniert, in die Irre geführt Eine

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Planet 50 lyrics

Intro:] If he's your number one, and he's your everything Why would you pick up the phone when I call to talk to me? [Verse 1: 50 Cent] You know you won't play with a nigga I fly out to spend the day with a nigga First flight, first seat and first class First pair of Gi

Akon - Lonely lyrics

I'm Mr Lonely, I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely I have nobody, For my own I'm so lonely, Yo this one here goes out to all my players out there ya know got that one good girl who's always been there like ya Know took all

Bat For Lashes - Lonely lyrics

lonely, lonely Lonely eyes, lonely face Lonely, lonely in your place, lonely Lonely, lonely eyes, lonely face Lonely, lonely in your place I thought that I knew All that there was to Lonely, lonely, lonely Melanie Jane Won't feel the pain Lonel

B.o.b. - Lonely people lyrics

look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people I look at all the lonely people I see 'em, I see'em, I see 'em, there they go I look at all the lonely people I see 'em, I see'em, I can see 'em, there they go I look at all the lonely people I see 'em, I see'em, I se

Miike Snow - Lonely life lyrics

am not the first one Not the hunter, not the prey Can I get motion? Can I live another day? I don't want pressure I don't need a waterfall I just want to be there Want to be there when you call Take your time, take your time To decide if you are mine Y

2ne1 - Lonely lyrics

CL] Jigeum naega haneun yaegi Neol apeuge halji molla Ama nal jukdorok miwohage doel kkeoya [Minzy] Naega yejeon gatji antadeon ne mal Modu teullin mareun aniya Nado byeonhaebeorin naega nat seolgimanhae [Dara] Neomu chakhan neonde neon geudaeroinde O

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