Don’t Be Surprised When You See I’m With The Team But I Could Have Been A Wrestler lyrics

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Charlotte Church - How not to be surprised when you're a ghost lyrics

will be as it seems Those rivers houses and trees Are not ... the same once that your new But they still tug at your heart ... The memory of your heart You musn't let it get you down You musn't let it get you down You musn't let it get you down

April Wine - You could have been a lady lyrics

have been alright, could have been here tonight Could have been sweet as wine, could have been a lady I could have been alright, could have been here

R5 - Could have been mine lyrics

Mine, Mine, Mine After all these years of trying, you ... think I'd have a clue But all that I've been looking for is you, yeah And I always had the words to say, but with you I

Koke K - Could have been lyrics

could have been this. It could have been that. It could have been this. It could have been that. It should have been ... this. It should have been that. It should have been this.

Novembers Doom - What could have been lyrics

s no easy way to see it disappear Always dreaming of what ... could have been Who will be there to hold you As the morning ... light breaks We long to be there for you And we can only

Corey Smith - Could have been friends lyrics

s a picture my mama kept in a drawer She pulled it out of the trash after I said we were ... over for sure She must have known that one day the heartache would end I'd come to

Journey - It could have been you lyrics

were so close yet so far away I'd reach out, you'd be ... gone Moments that still take my breath away There's so ... much more to life than loving you You don't need me, no...

Orphaned Land - The path ahead lyrics

lies before me a road unwalked upon I am prepared to be ... the first to walk on shadowed stones That none has ... dwelled before The holy ones stand alert, they await if I might fall They who

Chiddy Bang - When you've got music ft. the knocks lyrics

music I would like to say thank you Cause I was down in the trenches and then you came ... through I was thinking ... you chill me out and ill me out Inspiration big picture you could capture I could do that so I

Conditions - The machinist lyrics

made up with a balance so delicate Rarely ever calm and ... serene When everything of use is irrelevant We’re ... all just self-destructing machines And when it seems to be

Dr. Hook - When you're in love with a beautiful woman lyrics

you're in love with a beautiful woman it gets hard When you're in love with a beautiful ... woman you know it's hard Everybody wants her ... loves her Everybody wants to take your baby home When you're

Mayday Parade - When you see my friends lyrics

m burned out like a bright light, I wasn't ready for this. ... You're adorable as hell, but I'm glancing at your wrist. Oh ... please have faith, I can be so cavalier. And when they

Low - You see everything lyrics

with the ground See my smile Watch you frown Pick it ... up Lay it down Life's too short to be your ... clown Your clown You see everything, but I don't Lift up the veil Get me out of

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - When you're young lyrics

Chive sits in by the bar through the night Won't you ... serve me one more memory Oh, when we, we were young In the ... sun there was ugly Kate by the sea With the belly full of little me Oh the song that she

Gaither Vocal Band - When we all get together with the lord lyrics

when the rich and the poor get together with the ... Lord Get together, get together with the Lord They'll treat ... each other like sister and brother When they all get together with the Lord **Now when we all

Goo Goo Dolls - We'll be here (when you're gone) lyrics

through the fence I see a ghost Of a place that used ... to breathe You know it choked away the sun But we ... still had food to eat And now everyone is gone To a

Eddie Cantor - You´d be suprised lyrics

was bashful and shy Nobody understood why ... Mary loved him All the other girls passed him by Ev ... ryone wanted to know How she could pick such a beau With a twinkle in her eye She made this

Marilyn Monroe - You´d be surprised lyrics

s not so good in a crowd but when you get him alone, you'd be surprised. He isn't much at a dance but then when he takes you home, ... you'd be surprised. He doesn't look like

Dio - I could have been a dreamer lyrics

with the wolf pack Feel like I'm never coming back And ... everytime there's sunshine I'm blind, yeah I am ... everybody And everyone that I know is me Everyone that I

Edie Brickell - I'd be surprised lyrics

know that I don't always love you. Like I want to. There may ... come a day when you wake up. When you wake and find me gone, later on. Id be surprised if you do. Long were the days when I was without you. What did I

Logan Paul lyricsLogan Paul - The fall of jake paul lyrics

Hey Jake I made one phone call I got the same house as you And the same car, too It's ... not that hard Oh hey, by the way welcome to the top little ... bro Feels good, huh? But let's not forget how you got

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - What could have been love lyrics

wake up and wonder how everything went wrong Am I the one to ... blame I gave up and left you for a nowhere bound train ... Now that train has come and gone I close my eyes and see you lie in my bed And I still dreamed of that day What

Belle & Sebastian - It could have been a brilliant career lyrics

had a stroke at the age of 24 It could have been a ... brilliant career Painting lines in a school that was too ... well known Painting lines with a friend that had gone before She challenged everyone

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - You're gonna make me lonesome when you go lyrics

ve seen love go by my door It's never been this close before Never been so easy or so ... slow Been shooting in the dark too long When somethin's ... not right it's wrong You're gonna make me lonesome when you go Dragon clouds so high above I've only known careless love It's always hit

Kittie - Everything that could have been lyrics

is an art, to falling apart Just follow steps 1 ... through 10 and you're done When you don't know yourself, anymore It's time to get out ... of here Just take my hand there is nothing to fear Another

Naked Eyes - You're gonna make me lonesome when you go lyrics

ve seen love go by my door It's never been this close before It's never been so easy ... or so slow I've been shooting in the dark too long When ... something's not right, it's wrong You're gonna make me

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - And all that could have been lyrics

still carries the sound Maybe I'll disappear Tracks will fade in the snow You won't find ... me here Ice is starting to form Ending what had begun I am locked in my head With what I've done I know you

Everything But The Girl - Never could have been worse lyrics

day she love you more but you couldn't care less, you left me ... open mouthed and I couldn't eat a thing. Oh Dark glasses hide an eye thickened with pain, she said she fell

Vince Gill - We could have been lyrics

at work I overheard a name I knew it wasn't yours but it ... touched me just the same It felt so good to have you in ... my mind I guess I'm the sentimental kind I wonder who you became Did you change the

Maria Mena - The baby lyrics

took talking to him To finally see the progress made in ... me The hard work I put in The person I am But you’re still involved With the old me, the baby I dont blame you, Maybe it’s ‘cause I still wear her

Bonnie Raitt - I could have been your best old friend lyrics

is mighty cruel Where true love is ... concerned It seems you give out more Than you ever have returned Lately I have tried To make it on my own Another nite has passed Looks like I'm bound to be alone Bound to

Kenny Rogers - That's the way it could have been lyrics

was so excited when you asked if I could go But mom said I'd have to ask my daddy ... I met him at the front door, so afraid that ... he'd say no But he smiled and said, "Let mama get you ready" In your cotton

Silent Fall - This could have been lyrics

could have been a normal day As I live hundreds one all year ... long A case lost in the old calendar That you're crossing ... everyday This could have taken another way But destiny

Apartment 26 - The fear lyrics

lays naked and stretched out Like I could ... only help her when she's moist Waiting on the floor She could have been just about anything ... But she thought that 'cause it didn't work To leave

Tim Mcgraw - You can take it with you when you go lyrics

I'm gonna have to get a new mailbox 'Cuz all she left me was ... a hole And I'm gonna hafta get a new washin' machine As ... soon as I get some new clothes Well I could close my eyes and run through this house And

Nightwish - The greatest show on earth lyrics

Four Point Six Archean horizon The first sunrise On a ... pristine Gaea Opus perfectum Somewhere there, us sleeping After sleeping through A hundred million

Oar - The last time lyrics

this sun that's fit for a king I'm up against the rock I ... could have been anywhere else in the world I'm holding down ... this spot Nothing came close And nothing looked

Journey - When you love a woman lyrics

my life I see where Ive been I said that Id never fall ... again Within myself I was wrong My searchin aint ... over...over I know that When you love a woman You see your world inside her eyes When

Aimee Mann - Could've been anyone lyrics

s so hard not to blame you it's hard not to put all the blame on you 'cause you knew ... from the start there was one little part you would ... not let through I'm sure there were even moments when you

Sade - Be that easy lyrics

baby were like the sky You held me up To let me fly ... That's just like you to tell me I've nothing to fear But I am a broken house I'm holding on a broken bough

Joan Armatrading - It could have been better lyrics

was very sad last night You came by I was so glad ... though sadness covered The smile I kept for you I was ... waiting for the cloud to pass over Then I could show

Callenish Circle - What could have been lyrics

I pushed the switch, causing you Suddenly to disappear The ... echo of thunder again reduced Never thought you ... Would leave me Still chasing time, so close Yet so far apart My understanding is killing me I know you had to

Ace Enders - The only thing i have the sign lyrics

must have been a dream I had, when I was young Will someone ... tell me I can be something, for too long Now I open ... up my eyes To see the other side I'm looking in the mirror at The man who told me I wasn

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - The power of one lyrics

must always remember Life can be a challenge Life can seem impossible It's never easy ... When so much Is on the line But you can make a difference With courage You can set things right A gift to

Martina Mcbride - When you are old lyrics

you are old and tired and gray wear you overcoat on sunny ... days when your brave tales have all been told i'll ask for ... them when you are old When you are old and full of sleep and death no longer makes you

Funeral - What could have been lyrics

of rain, mother of heaven's tears 'least you hide ... my own, least you hide I swear you touched my heart A ... thousand aeons worth of hopelessness... ... Leaves me freezing Where you once burnt, where you once

Kj-52 - You can still come back lyrics

wanna go to the club have fun in the club Find love in the ... club And so she up in the club with thugs in the club ... That roll in the club And so she stroll in the club

Reba Mcentire - When you have a child lyrics

you have a child You learn it's a serious business To have a little fun You give grace and get forgiveness Not ... seven times seven But seven times seventy one And when you have a child Those four walls you call a house Take on a life of its own When you bring them home You will cry and

The Beach Boys - You still believe in me lyrics

know perfectly well I'm not where I should be I've ... been very aware You've been patient with me Every time we ... break up You bring back your love to me And after all I

Celtic Woman - When you believe lyrics

nights we've prayed With no proof anyone could hear ... In our hearts a hopefull song We barely ... understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there

Mac Dre - Dipped when you see me lyrics

m dipped when they see me They don't wanna see me These niggaz wanna be me These niggaz ... wanna be me [x2] I smoke back wood blunts cause they the

The Moody Blues - When you´re a free man lyrics

quickly passes by If only we could talk again Someday I know I ... ll see you smiling When you're a free man again High ... on a mountain side We laughed and talked of things to

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - When you believe ft mariah carey lyrics

nights we prayed With no proof anyone could hear ... In our hearts a hopeful song We barely ... understood Now we are not afraid Although we know there ... s much to fear We were moving mountains Long before we

April Wine - You won't dance with me lyrics

I try to phone, they say you're not at home I don't believe that it's true And, when ... we fool around, you always put me down Now, what am I supposed to do? When you

Gareth Gates - That's when you know lyrics

everyone, the story goes There's a special someone To make them whole Someone to give ... their heart completely And you may search high and low But when you find your angel How will

Groove Armada - The girls say lyrics

say you can't get up Cause you're too far down You know you ... can't get up When you can't get down You know you can ... t get up Cause you're too far down (On top of the world

Eddie Money - When you took my heart lyrics

you hear the music in me? Your song that fills my ears You ... placed it there within me It's a love I've longed to share I found what I've been ... searching for Deep within your eyes In the past, I lived without love Now I won't let it

Pop Evil - Deal with the devil lyrics

can’t get away with murder I am bound to take it further I took the pills, I’ve been ... consumed I drank the water, I had to choose Im still here

Relient K. - When you were my baby lyrics

still remember what happened Yeah, I know right ... where I was The sky was looking overcast On the outskirts ... of love That’s when you said keep on driving Although the sun’s gonna set You said you

Kenny Rogers - When you were loving me lyrics

stopped by the house we called our home It was a little ... rundown, the grass was overgrown It's screen door ... was opening with the wind I thought I heard you called

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