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Do Right Till The Stars Fall By Patch The Pirate lyrics

Browse for Do Right Till The Stars Fall By Patch The Pirate song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Do Right Till The Stars Fall By Patch The Pirate lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Do Right Till The Stars Fall By Patch The Pirate.

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The Parlotones - The stars fall down lyrics

this day Passion killed by the comfort of time I'm sorry if ... have to speak my mind Suck the colours from my eyes When they lose their sparkle and ... forget to shine Remember all the times you turned me down I'm

Medieval Art - The stars fall down lyrics

constructing your lives on the stars The stars that gleam ... above us, idols of mankind The stars rule your lives, the stars rule your mind Your own

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Even the stars fall 4 u lyrics

old truck of mine, is staying right here tonight Yeah those ... fireflies in the field, they gotta know the way I feel ... Out the corner of my eye, did you see

Orden Ogan - Till the stars cry out lyrics

the valleys Under stars Between mountains Among ... shall wonder I shall pass Till the stars cry out My name ... as their friends And the night will come as I lay down

Lotti Helmut - The stars lyrics

stars are shining in the night If only one of them ... would fall, then I could make a wish I´d ... wish that you were by my side Then everything ... would be alright The stars are shining in the night O

The Kelly Family - Stars fall from heaven lyrics

s cold outside and the moon is bright And I'm alone ... I was a star that shines so bright I'd shine my love to you ... It's not the words you say Neither the

Modest Mouse - The stars are projectors lyrics

the last second of life, they're gonna show you how How they run this show, sure, run it ... into the ground In the last second of life, they're ... gonna show you how How they run this show, sure, run it

Rush - The stars look down lyrics

the fly on the wheel, who says, "What ... raising." Are you under the illusion That you're part of ... world of dreams What is the meaning of this`? And the stars look down What are you

Billy Elliot Musical - The stars look down lyrics

Through the dark, and through the hunger, ... through the night and through the fear. ... Through the fight and years of hardship, ... through the storms and through the tears.

American Hifi - The everlasting fall lyrics

Sunday mourning Got up on the wrong side, so go back to bed ... Wednesday, but I pay no mind The wonder of it all Caught up ... in the everlasting fall Watch the years roll by

The Cinematic Orchestra - As the stars fall lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not ava...

Franz Ferdinand lyricsFranz Ferdinand - The universe expanded lyrics

Has been removed from the negative With every smile ... we lose a line Watch the stars fall back into the sky Cork the wine Unbake a cake Take the ... dog back to the RSPCA But I don’t mind

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The stars (are out tonight) lyrics

never sleeping Dead ones and the living We live closer to the earth Never to the heavens The stars are never far away The ... stars are out tonight They watch us from behind their

Patrick Wolf - The stars lyrics

saw, I saw the stars tonight Mama, I saw the stars tonight Mama, I saw the stars tonight Orion, the plow, are ... burning bright Cannot recall of where I

Human League - The stars are going out lyrics

under bedclothes. fallen to the floor. hot Anticipation. ... you going Out tonight? will the evening be alright or more? ... The stars are going out. the stars are going out. we used

The Fray - The great beyond (rem cover) lyrics

ve watched the stars fall silent from your eyes All the sights that I have seen I ... wished That you could see There's a new planet in the solar ... system There is nothing up my sleeve

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - The mighty fall (feat. big sean) lyrics

god! Sean Don Fall Out... Boy Did you trip down 12 steps into Malibu ... (Malibu) So why the hell is there a light that’s keeping us ... forever Bel Air baby did you get dressed up?

Moby lyricsMoby - The stars lyrics

see the stars I see the stars I see the stars I see the stars I see the

Abyssaria - The incessant fall of mankind lyrics

filled with grief Hear the elegies of humankind Years ... Drowning in tears caused by soul's desperation Life ... s virginity has been taken The storm blows us away A

Fall Of Troy, The - The last march of the ents lyrics

up! To the Isenguard walls, the deeper ... the cuts, the harder they fall. Taking back our rights, the last will of the night. I ... all my life, I won't back down this time... Wear the

Lvcifyre - The great fall lyrics

in the endless echoed screams ... Darkness brought forth the Great voice A gift, hunger, ... struggle The black diamond Hidden in the ... coils of death Into the cave, an endless fall Riding

The Chordettes - The sweetheart of sigma chi lyrics

1 When the world goes wrong, as it's ... bound to do And you've broken Dan Cupid ... s bow. And you long for the girl you used to love The ... maid of the long ago. Why, light your

Van Morrison - The beauty of the days gone by lyrics

it felt When I went walking down by the take My soul was ... my heart awake When I walked down into the town The ... air was fresh and clear The sun was up behind the hill

Kat Deluna - Stars lyrics

re like a target off in the distance It's a long shot ... want is to pull you close Baby, let it all go, we can let ... ourselves fall I know all you want is to

Phil Ochs - The crucifixion lyrics

the night comes again to the circle studded sky The stars ... settle slowly, in loneliness they lie Till the universe ... explodes as a falling star is raised Planets

Crom - The stars will fall lyrics

Hear ye my words: For there will come a time when Men ... shall tire of the ceaseless humiliations meted ... out to them over countless eons by ... shall rise up as one against the tyranny of those Gods. And the Gods themselves shall stand

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - In the wind lyrics

long time You've been in the wind, you've been on my mind ... You are the purest soul I've ever known ... life Take your time, let the rivers guide you in You know

Backwordz - Till i collapse (cover by. eminem) lyrics

matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face, and ... ] Yo left, yo left, yo left right left Yo left, yo left, yo ... left right left Yo left, yo left, yo

Crown The Empire - The fallout lyrics

begin... to... Choke out the f***ing noise like I was ... poured And in a flash came the flood That washed over my ... eyes Now I could see inside the room of the blind I lost

Pia Mia - The last man on earth lyrics

first kiss standing on the pier My heart raced, you ... made time stand still I'd let the stars fall down ... you Carved our names into the sand As you took my dreams

Cash Cash - Reach for the stars lyrics

off at the speed of sound Bright lights, colors all around I ... I'm gonna reach for the stars Although they look pretty ... And take a chance on today The sky with stars so bright The

Alica Rose - The stars are falling lyrics

America through Amsterdam the Sun is lost in the clouds ... and with the light the stars are falling over Amsterdam. ... is a beautiful R: when you do something you wish to When the fall star wish I was with

Dragonland - The returning lyrics

we go into the glorious light And there is ... for us, forever more Together we rise, we will become ... forever more Help us to be the future, to reach the stars

Liz Phair - Stars and planets lyrics

my look at you The wide-eyed ingenue See me ... Who are you Looking through the glass at me Like your gonna ... true You know its just the same old story Stars rise

Billy Talent - The dead can't testify lyrics

the rain fall down, let it fall to the ground, Let the rain fall down to the ground. And the ... birds don't sing, no they don't make a sound, When you're

Punk Goes... - Till the world ends by i see stars (britney s.. lyrics

it to room next level, baby I knew I want this bad bitch ... This is the remix Baby, let me blow your mind ... Come on get me, get me on the floor DJ what you, what you

Jim Brickman - By heart lyrics

me close, baby please Tell me anything but ... gonna leave As I kiss this fallen tear I promise you I will ... be here Until the stars fall from the sky Until I find the reason why And darling as the years go by Until there's no

Kelis - Till the wheels fall off lyrics

Verse 1) I'm traveling off the cliff just to fall in love ... my bags packed just to hit the road with you, cause (I'm ... (I'm serious, yeah, hey baby) (Chorus) Till them

Morning Parade - Under the stars lyrics

stay up late tonight Under the stars I’ll put you in pride ... set your soul alight Under the stars Under the stars So ... let the street lights shine away Till the breaking of the day In the morning you’ll decay a little

Myriads - The day of wrath lyrics

shadows we fall into the great beyond Lost in the ... dark wounds of evil betrayal Dolo malo Sinking rapidly ... Driven to insanity We see the stars beyond, rising amongst the heavens Utterings from

Magic Voices - Right till the end lyrics

stand together we’ve been here forever ... We’ll make it right till the end We stand together ... here forever We’ll make it right till the end We are the fathers we are all like brothers

Dragonforce - The fire still burns lyrics

all the world will see, Rise again ... before the endless silence, Burn the ... we'll all be free, Light the path beneath a blackened, ... to me, Turn back before the dawn of winter, So far away

Circles Of Mind - Sons of the stars lyrics

supreme minds rule the universe, master spirits ... death. Power deictators lead the paradise and give power to the spheres of life. A story ... in a little place. Urantia, the name of the chosen feld. A

Mayer Hawthorne - The stars are ours lyrics

I was high as a kite We're gathered round the kitchen table ... We're making plans across the cable now In the ultraviolet ... Well we're breakin’ all the rules Cuz they're getting in

Punk Goes... - Right now (na na na) by asking alexandria (ak.. lyrics

I'm trying to be strong, but the strength I have is washing ... t be long, before I get you by my side, and just hold you, ... my mind. I wanna make up right now na na. I wanna make up right now na na. Wish we never

S Club 7 - Do it till we drop lyrics

on and play with me baby like girls do Come on and ... play with me baby right now I want to step to the ... I can't stop, I can't come down Why don't we dance to the music like boys do Why don't

Sharm - Fall into the stars lyrics

tears Take my hand We'll fall into the stars I know its ... hard We'll fall into the stars I know you cry We'll fall

Brooks Elkie - Do right woman, do right man lyrics

you And nobody can make me do wrong Take me for granted, ... like her man If you want a do-right-all-day woman You've ... got to be a do-right-all-night man They say

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Do right to me baby do unto others lyrics

t wanna judge nobody, don't wanna be judged Don't ... wanna touch nobody, don't wanna be touched Don't ... wanna hurt nobody , don't wanna be hurt Don't wanna

Brenda Lee - Do right woman do right man lyrics

you And nobody can make me do wrong Take me for granted, ... like a man. So if you wanna do right, oh, hey, woman You ... gotta be true right, oh, not my man They say

Poets Of The Fall - The ultimate fling lyrics

it's in the air again today Another ... up Ashtrays filled with the fruits Of our ... transgressions Here and there sarcasm overflows Do stay ... this sitcom to be re-run Till I get the gist of just how it

Arcturus - The bodkin the quietus to reach the stars lyrics

gleaming at us from afar They give rise to frigid memories ... mind My stellar memetoes are the brightest signs that twinkle ... away Infinity, the faustian spirit,

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Do right by your woman lyrics

right by your woman, she'll do right by you Do right by ... your woman, she'll do right by you Well, you always gave ... money and drinking wine. Do right by your woman, yeah,

For Selena And Sin - Countdown to the stars lyrics

you give me a break? Is there something more you want to ... say? Cough it up ‘till your fate burst into flames ... There’s no place for blackmail ... Conspire don’t help you anyway There’s

L7 - Til the wheels fall off lyrics

and me 'till the wheels fall off You and me, we ... t quit You and me 'till the wheels fall off ... be bought You and me 'till the wheels fall off

Melody Gardot - If the stars were mine lyrics

the stars were mine I'd give them all to you I'd pluck them down right from the sky and ... only blue I would never let the sun forget to shine upon your

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

And make human statues cold The stars shine so clear in a ... malicious and vengeful is out there It must be as the wise man ... told Worse than any plague do this occurence waste All

Zendaya Coleman - Rewrite the stars lyrics

hide I know you want me So don't keep saying our hands are ... tied You claim it's not in the cards But fate is pulling ... What if we rewrite the stars? Say you were made to be

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Stars dance lyrics

up to your dreams And watch them come true I'll make you ... my name, i'll never leave the room Night and day, i'll be ... your muse No other girl can make you feel the

Anneke Van Giersbergen - Shooting for the stars lyrics

I say what’s on my mind. And there’s no way I am gonna make it ... I know deep inside. I don’t want to leave, I want to ... be right here in this life. Right

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