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Dj Sasha Behind The Wheel lyrics

Browse for Dj Sasha Behind The Wheel song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Dj Sasha Behind The Wheel lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Dj Sasha Behind The Wheel.

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Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Behind the wheel lyrics

little girl Drive anywhere Do what you want I don't care Tonight I'm in the hands of fate I hand myself Over on a plate Now Oh little girl There are times when I feel I'd rather not be The one behind the wheel Come Pull my strings Watc

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Behind the wheel vince clarke lyrics

little girl Drive anywhere Do what you want I don't care Tonight I'm in the hands of fate I hand myself Over on a plate Now Oh little girl There are times when I feel I'd rather not be The one behind the wheel Come Pull my strings Watch me move I do anything Plea

Army Of Lovers - The grand fatigue lyrics

I count the calories I start to feel the grand fatigue All in vain goes down the drain Inside my brain the grand fatigue In my sleep only food on my mind In my dreams only food I can find Behind the wheel I long to heal The grand fatigue Breakfast brunch

Ram-zet - The seeker lyrics

m inside you I'm within your mind all around you no peace I feel him getting closer nothing to do but wait just a helpless spectator as his personality changes he's here now in my living nightmare and he's chasing me I can hear him breathe I ca

Jackson Browne - The road and the sky lyrics

we come to place where the road and the sky collide Throw me over the edge and let my spirit glide They told me I was going to have to work for a living But all I want to do is ride I don't care where we're going from here Honey, you decide Well I spend my tim

Sandra lyricsSandra - The wheel of time lyrics

to say, my laughter wasn't real Time to cry 'bout you inside And I don't know where I'll find you But I feel inside of me Something's around, it showed me love It changed my life, that's the wheel of time Till now I don't know when I'll see you

Jimmy Buffett - Wheel inside the wheel lyrics

parade of souls is marching across the sky Their heat and their light bathed in blue as they march by The All Stars play "When the Saints Go Marching In" A second line forms and they wave white hankies in the wind Satchmo takes a solo, and he fla

Rosanne Cash - The wheel lyrics

long was I alseep? When did we plan to meet? Have you been waiting long for me? When did the sky turn black? Do you still want me back? I'll pick it all up piece by piece. And the wheel goes round and round. And the flame in our souls will never burn out. And the wheel, and

Gwar - The wheel lyrics

forth those we have granted life So that they... Must die Death! Death to life! Break him - break him on the wheel Death! Death to life! Worlds I have destroyed Gods I have annoyed Hatred makes me happy I'm often overjoyed Death! Dea

Andi Deris - The wheel of fortune lyrics

s your turn now Try to make it right Take turn now You're playing for life Take your turn now I know you are the one who will arise Take your turn on the wheel of fortune Try to break free Take your turn on the wheel of fortune Break free, bre

Dj Walkzz - Dj walkzz ft. dj ness - splash the bass lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Jefferson Airplane - The wheel lyrics

CAN BE ONE WORLD WE WILL BE ONE WORLD In the Jungles of the Mountain Young Nora loves the mountain And the Mountain feeds the people and the Wheel keeps on turnin' REVOLUTION! And the Wheel keeps on rollin' firmly toward Tomorrow And the Mountain speaks clearly to the People in

Dj Ness - Dj ness - splash the bass ft. dj walkzz lyrics

This is DJ Ness and Walkzz and presents Splash The Bass ! Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Splash The Bass ! Instrumental Instrumental Instrume...

Pj Harvey - The wheel lyrics

revolving wheel of metal chairs Hung on chains, squealing Four little children flying out A blind man sings in Arabic Hey little children don’t disappear (I heard it was 28,000) Lost upon a revolving wheel (I heard it was 28,000) Now you see them, now you don’t Children vani

Mortemia - The wheel of fire lyrics

The wheel of fire burns eternally In my sanctum, my land of dreams The flames grow higher with every dream Way more horrid with every tear The wheel of ...

Bathory - The wheel of sun lyrics

the night divides the day : the dark will come to everyone fear will strike the hearts of all : the hearts of all both old and young the fool may be carefree : unknown to him the troubles upon his masters brow but death us all will grasp with hand so cold to p

Dj Harmonics - Dj harmonics - above the sky lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Dj Pygme - Dj pygme - let the bass kick lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Dj Walkzz - Dj walkzz - above the sky lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Dj Ness - Dj ness - f*** the feelings (preview) lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Everything Everything - The wheel (is turning now) lyrics

held my hand when I died He told me all I could ask The politician bleats so blind With his hard hat on rotating in a circle Gimme some rosacea, nicotine to stain ya Boys on the altar waiting to be crushed But as he takes the stage I'm gone Oh

Gto's - The moche monster review lyrics

hope that I shall never see All the Moche monsters lined up in front of me True repulse & total disgust Getting rid of Moche is an imperative must These are just to name a few We hope they don't influence you Moche Monster! Yonder comes a soft car Whi

The Pant - The road to ethernity lyrics

and driving far and around to the ethernal hell in underground driving and driving there is ni way you are calling me evil i am full of hate am ´i ´evil ? driving and driving there´s no way back i am fading out to the deepest black driving and d

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The outlaw torn lyrics

now I wait my whole lifetime For you And now I wait my whole lifetime For you I ride the dirt, I ride the tide For you I search the outside, search inside For you To take back what you left me I know I'll always burn to be The one who seeks so I may

Digital Underground - The packet man lyrics

me trooper, will you be needing any packets today? Yo, B, don't be throwin' on my jacket, ok? Cool, just trying to get your attention So you can take a look at this invention Now peep these, I got some more in my jacket [Man, what are these, condoms?] Uh uh: sex packe

Marvin Gaye - The end of our road lyrics

it's over, it's all over Said it's over, it's all over, baby I got to get away from you as fast as I can You're too much for me, woman More than my heart can stand Like a kid behind the wheel You've been reckless with my heart If I stayed around You'd surely tear it all apart

Robert Plant - The way i feel lyrics

what I'm driving at and I'm back behind the wheel Just a little nervous - it's something to do with the way I feel With the way I feel, with the way I feel Trouble understanding - nothing too out of hand A little overloaded - some kinda storm in the heart of the man Oh - in the heart

Toto lyricsToto - The turning point lyrics

went down to the highway That runs between love and pride And I tried to get sideways Across the great divide But my mind's eye's on the key ring Crying in misery 'Cause it won't spend one more evening Staring back to me It may be by choice Or a small inner voice I

Peter, Paul And Mary - The great mandella (the wheel of life) lyrics

I told him that he'd better shut his mouth And do his job like a man. And he answered: ''Listen, Father, I will never kill another.'' He thinks he's better than his brother that died What the hell does he think he's doing To his father who brought him up right?

Edie Brickell - The wheel lyrics

there's somebody who looks just like you do, acts just like you do.. feels the same way.. Somwehre there's a person in a far away place, with a different name and a face that looks like you... Do ya think about who it might be? Do ya wonder where y

Damh The Bard - The wheel lyrics

the sunrise on the shortest day my crying greets the dawn. Tears of dew form on the web As I am reborn. Feel new life spring from the Earth, As the Mother of All Life gives birth. Though I am a child I will soon become a man. Feel the warmth upon your skin, S

Azrael (jap.) - Behind the mask lyrics

can't see me, 'cause I'm a man of one thousand faces Sun and shadow Night and day They are all back to back Alone again, 'cause I never understand what you mean Jesus Christ, a believer is not always helped out We are demanded many faces in world of in

Juanita Bynum - Behind the veil lyrics

go with Me behind the veil Take my hand and I'll lead you there Come go with me, behind the veil Caus in his presence we'll prevail There's a call to the remnant, you've been chosen to trevail Hear the cry of the Spirit, to enter behind the veil Come broken in spirit, pur

Diana Ross - The force behind the power lyrics

the beginning of all life's beginnings Right at the very dawning of the sun Any and everyone had cause and reason For in good all good is done Now down in every heart there are two forces One is for the wrong, one's for the right But never do you have to fear with this as armor

Van Morrison - Behind the ritual lyrics

wine in the alley, drinking wine in the alley Making time, drinking that wine Out of my mind in the days gone by Making time with Sally, drinking that wine In the days gone by, talking all out of my mind Drinking that wine, talking all out of my mind Spin and turning i

Him - Behind the crimson door lyrics

the carcass of time with flowers To send the scent of blame to the grave Set the darkest thoughts on fire And watched the ashes climb to Heaven's gates We hide behind the crimson door While the summer is killed by the fall Alive behind the crimson door While the winter

Indica - Behind the walls lyrics

loosing control I stare at the stars The places where i could go If I could bend these bars You help me through the pain But keep me bound I'm afraid that I’m lost And I’ll never be found Behind the walls of my mind, you and me Behind the walls o

Teena Marie - Behind the groove lyrics

baby {Oh, yeah} Let me take you to Xanadu {Where is that? } Behind the groove {Well, alright} Hoo... {Behind the groove} There's another side inside of you {Behind the groove} You can make your wildest dreams come true So get on up {Behind the groove} And

Alexander Klaws - Behind the sun lyrics

day I'll fly to you I wish your love is true No matter what I do, I'll do it just for you. I wish I'll be your guy Baby you're on the seven'th sky I'm writting on the wall: "I'll catch you if you fall" I love the way you love me my girl Chours: Behind the sun

Cher Lloyd - Behind the music lyrics

you don't stand a chance For a second in my world The same old song, it won't last long If you can't stand behind the music All the fame, all the girls And all the money in this world They don't mean sh-t, better admit If you can't stand behind the music So stand up

Forbidden - Behind the mask lyrics

walks the razors edge, unconsciously Questioning the shadows, calling me Listen to the voices of my past I'm screaming, free falling here I stand Reality slits the riffs of time now ticking true Reflections of yourself, I laugh at you Pushing me I'm s

Jimi Jamison - Behind the music lyrics

childhood one mission Has fueled my heart's ambition I kept my vision focused on the charts Our love was in season Just three chords and a reason In time we learned the balance of two hearts We were burning with the fire of new creation There's no height we couldn't cl

Iron Fire - Behind the mirror lyrics

at them fight With magic at night The wizards from the past Look at them burn Look at them die With fire in their eyes Follow the winds of fire Deep down to Hell The dream of flying higher And find the secret bell Where have they gone The creatures of might The Dark

Living Colour - Behind the sun lyrics

behind the dark side of the sun everyone's here but nobody comes things are finished before they've begun life is beautiful behind the sun you may see you may care we're still here you're still there everyone's happy life is sweet parallel lines

Molly Hatchet - Behind the bedroom door lyrics

got my attention, now I'm in the mood Love to see you shakin', love to watch you move Lookin' so fine, swinging to and fro All dolled up and ready to go Oh, no, no, no And all goes around on her tippy toes Which way you're turnin', no one knows Down and dirty, don't you know? I

Tom Odell - Behind the rose lyrics

I met a woman I don’t think you know She showed me a smile nobody’s ever shown She took off her clothes and her jacket I fold She told me ‘bout somewhere behind a rose It’s looking out of bed she said “seen somebody’s clothes” It’s knowing that tomorr

Francesca Battistelli - Behind the scenes lyrics

may think I’m just fine How could anything Ever be out of line? I take my time To set the stage To make sure everything Is all in place Even though I’ve got the lines rehearsed A picture only paints a thousand words Things aren’t always what t

Belphegor - Behind the black moon lyrics

the way of the hunter Not the f***ing victim Take your own decisions Follow your path Hail misanthropy - hail nihilism Behind the black moon We praise satanics rebirth Extreme extinction rages on without mercy Battlefield chaos distor their souls Behind the black moon

Cage - Behind the walls of newgate lyrics

m the reaper the sealer of fate Make your peace before it's too late In this prison they call Newgate I am the hand of doom Shed no tear I'm blind to it all Surrounded by death But still l stand tall Haunted by horrors Behind these great walls One day you'll meet me too Behind

Kreator - Behind the mirror lyrics

a part of your mind Where reality is lost and time stands still Dreams and nightmares are one Only hell knows if this is real No human being has been here before Not a single soul has seen this before, you are Entering a new world and you are the first The mysteries of life

Mortifilia - Behind the glass door lyrics

smell of disinfection is unbearable It's engraves with burning pain under the skin Demons of evil are embodied into monstrosity Transformation is becoming perfect Behind the glassdoor Brain is full with of nasty disgust Heart is already damned muscle

Muro - Behind the wall lyrics

never know how to reason 'cause your backs against the wall Oh no you'll never know why no point asking who's to go. You never had a choice 'cause nobody heard your voice you couldn't break the wall it was so high, it was so thick step with your feet on the ground below the surf

Narnia - Behind the curtain lyrics

this land Where nights are long and sun won't shine It's getting cold No one cares No one listens to You anymore So many hearts are closed But in every corner lies In shattered dreams and lies A need to come back home When I opened up my eyes You made me

Paradise Lost - Behind the grey lyrics


Ramp - Behind the wall lyrics

in this world of secrets You grow inside Awakening through the years you live To the powers of mind So many things are said Of this maze of misery The light we hold inside But we cannot see Search your truth Behind the wall Search your truth Behind

Revolution Renaissance - Behind the mask lyrics

you trying to please me mister, are you trying to make me be like you Do you think you can change my point of view? Never try to convince me mister I never try to sabotage myself Can't fool me like you fool everyone else I will make you remember what you've done How you won by

Shiraz Lane - Behind the 8-ball lyrics

Two One, Two, Three, Four Hey Mister, the lies don't work no more Don't you know, life's a rolling stone, rolling down, down. Hey Mister, open your eyes When hatred and lies fill your red skies, you're gonna burn, burn Hey Mister, the cards are scaring

Sicknature - Behind the backdrop lyrics

the facade You´ll find the smile of the frauds The love in disguise, the cries of the hard Behind the facade Is where the greed is topping the charts And broken people try hiding their flaws Behind the facade Is where the blindness is applaud Where the

Slyphstorm - Behind the mask lyrics

into my office, don't bother with the door Get yourself comfortable, we're gonna be here for Another six hours, all the kids went home I'm the nightly overwatch of the party zone With a torch in hand, camera feed on display A view of every room, when I see a little mov

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