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Patty Walters - Dirty little secret (by the all-american reje.. lyrics

wrong When I've known this all along I go around a time or ... my time with you Tell me all that you've thrown away Find ... you don't wanna play You are the only one that needs to know

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - Dirty little secret lyrics

thinkin' How you're wastin' All that lovin' on someone else ... it I will make you Forget all about the one I'll be ... I see it now I know your dirty little secret Oh (don't wait

Graham Nash - Dirty little secret lyrics

June of '21 Someone set the night on fire Lost a lot of ... people as the day begun Who lit the ... pyre? On an elevator in the heart of town Someone make

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Dirty little secret lyrics

light a candle In the garden of love To blind the ... from above I want, I need The fruit of your pine It ... I want to come inside Hit the lights And I'll come

Pillar - Dirty little secret lyrics

can't we try and understand? All these images are out of hand ... think he's on his own And all this time, we've been heading ... nowhere really fast Never knowing that the

Bullet For My Valentine - Dirty little secret lyrics

stranger I’ve seen another side to you I never even ... knew existed Dirty little secrets, dirty little secrets ... to your primal instinct Another taste is what you’re looking

Sarah Mclachlan - Dirty little secret lyrics

I had the chance, love I would not ... hesitate To tell you all the things I never said before ... up this fight I've been up all night drinking To drown my

Jackyl - Dirty little mind lyrics

to toe I took her down for the count She was ready for more ... And you know she's got a dirty little mind The way she ... walks The way she grooves I have to

Shawn Hook - Dirty little war lyrics

room becomes a cage and all the lust between us turns to rage ... can break like bone and in the end no one takes the blame ... I just wanna let go of the trigger now Cause all I can

Pat Benatar - Dirty little secrets lyrics

for so long It seems like all of my life Just like a child ... t belong you'd run, til even the sun became your shadow And I ... believed what you had to say Then I watched you bleed all the

Burn Halo - Dirty little girl lyrics

yeah Dirty little girl don't care about her ... to mind Wait, I'll take another ride before I have to say ... world but I'm in love with a dirty little girl Waking up

Alan Jackson - All american country boy lyrics

And I try to walk proud and tall I keep my nose to the ground ... And I don't back up at all Well my neck's a little red, ... my collar's blue I sip a little coffee, and I drink a little

Aaron Watson - All american country girl lyrics

you'd had made a tag on the back Of those designer jeans ... But when it comes down to the heart of the situation She's ... a little rockin' honky tonkin' modern

Crash Test Dummies - Little secret lyrics

don't tell the things you know Never show the things you see Let's keep ... this little secret with you and me First come ... understand Just don't tell the things you know Never show the things you see Let's keep

Abscess - Dirty little brats lyrics

on my crusty meat sweaty balls swing off your chin smack ... rip your skin chorus- dirty little brats I hate your ... break your fragile bones then f*** you in the butt dirty

Ian Hunter - All american alien boy lyrics

packed my bags - in the land of rags ’cos I don’t ... believe in them dimmo drags Don’t wanna ... vote for the left wing - don’t wanna vote ... for the right I gotta have both-to

Rachel Stevens - Little secret lyrics

be in privacy I'll be your secret your holy secret Baby no one ... we'll get up to I'll be your secret your little secret Don't you ... you Oh So tell me what's the plan Your wish is my command

Elton John lyricsElton John - Dirty little girl lyrics

say sometimes I guess I'm really hard But I'm gonna put ... into my yard When I watch the police come by and move you ... wonder what's beneath the mess you've become Well you

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Dirty little rockstar lyrics

you be a Dirty Little Rockstar Blood stained ... live a lie sold your soul for the paper Ya be a slave be a ... door You're passed out on the bathroom floor Bite your

Scott & Brendo - All american dream lyrics

450 Take a Calico cruise to the old city Red paint blue ... jeans All American dream Foot to the pedal, the pedal to the gas Windows ... down and the radio blast Hands up just

Aqua - Dirty little pop song lyrics

DJ on the floor Who's your slutty little whore My DJ, D-D-D-DJ Press ... re selling so let's cut to the chase You're a mind-f***er ... baby and your pimp is the bass The beat is on non-stop

Lostprophets - Dirty little heart lyrics

night, another year that gone. Raise your ... different. Getting cold in the bus stop light. All the days ... all the time we spent, Making plans ... for another life. Staring out of a

Hearts & Hands - Dirty little lies lyrics

swears she's got the whole world figured out. Her ... hair, blue eyes just like the story goes. Another stupid ... boy took the ploy, Falling for a heartless girl. But

Adelitas Way - Dirty little thing lyrics

like it when we're up against the wall I like it when you look ... me you still say please and the way you can't say no It's ... what we did plays in my mind All over you I like it when

Cradle Of Filth - The spawn of love and war lyrics

racking absinthed brains Could never fully ... paint these nights No martyr parting ... That ran forked tongues along the lip Of fate's pudenda The ... twisted snake's agenda Now the world would bend To her

Eddy Arnold - Little angel with the dirty face lyrics

your mother went away on the day that you were born Little angel life seemed all in vain ... Then I heard your lonesome cry ... loss but you were my gain Little angel with the dirty face God

Sammy Hagar - All american lyrics

fool wants to fight 'Cause the kid ain't afraid, no to get ... can You know I will I'm a all American boy All American ... Yeah, yes I am I'm just a all American boy Baby, I-I-I'm

Black Country Communion - Little secret lyrics

I cannot replace I'm all out of Grace I can't find the code It broke me down And ... I wish I could turn Back the tide All is left to say? Little secret Little secret And

Ian Gillan - Secret of the dance lyrics

saw her in the gloom As she moved across the room The animal was burning ... in her eye She took him by the hand But he didn't ... her He wouldn't be the one to satisfy Got to wait

Hall And Oates - All american girl lyrics

Changing her life for another She dreams magazines Sees ... herself on the cover Anything anytime ... Faithfully she believes in the look he wants to know better

Hall & Oates - All american girl lyrics

Hall, Oates, S. Allen) ----------------------- ... Changing her life for another She dreams magazines Sees ... herself on the cover Anything anytime ... Faithfully she believes in the look he wants to know better

Kiss - All american man lyrics

Your lady's lookin' for another man" I never worry, there ain't a need for me to take ... no stand I got my reasons, the things I do are better left

Mad Caddies - All american badass lyrics

your good friends work for the man do the best you can to ... make it to the weekend everybody's coming ... have a good time just forget all the bullshit and everything

Snow Patrol - Perfect little secret lyrics

the blinding darkness Of the night it seems simple All I ... It's not as if I wanted To fall so hard for you Or even ... understand These woken feelings I love

Clay Walker - All american lyrics

the southern tip of Texas To the top ... at those hometown games Man they mean everything From Wall Street, New York To West L ... A. There’s all kind of people, different but

Kellie Pickler - Little house on the highway lyrics

Tullahoma, Better pick up the pace. I'm traveling with a ... Headed for Santa Fe. I finally found a radio station And ... up miles and slowing down the passing lane A trucker's

Melissa Etheridge - All american girl lyrics

wakes up in the morning With a pain in her ... red She drives down to the office In her Japanese car ... With the radio blasting She dreams of ... too far But today she'll pay the bills She won't think about the thrills That pass away

Hinder - All american nightmare lyrics

on black Three bunnies in the, back of my Cadillac Which ... tell Cash, grass and ass on the highway to hell Careful what ... for when you dream I make the good girls bad and the bad

The 69 Eyes - All-american dream lyrics

the edge of the world where the neon screams diet-coke ... shotdown tv-screens american boy loves american girl ... most beautiful people in the shattered world i do believe

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - The great american nightmare lyrics

X, yeah Thirteen ghosts in the devil's head Step right up ... and feel the fire Hardcore love of the ... never dead Call me the American nightmare Call me the American dream Call me your soul

Esoteric - The secret of the secret lyrics

Eternity Longing For The Keys Of Time To Wrap Me In ... Their Infinite Knowledge The Incongruous Symphony Crashes ... Through The Waves Of My Thoughts I

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - All american middle class white boy lyrics

ten miles just to sink it in the mud Come on, come on, ... I played high school football but I didn't start Coach ... what can I say I grew up in the heartland USA I sing it loud

Dropkick Murphys - The new american way lyrics

quot;The punishment no longer fits the ... I'll make an effort to be all that I can be. I take a look ... how things change so much in the few short years since I was a

Sick Of It All - Dirty money lyrics

s only dirty money in this system we extol ... CAN'T GET ENOUGH Living in the rat race, desperate for the ... T GET ENOUGH Pushing through the rat race, rewarded for our

Level 42 - All around lyrics

small time view is so oblique You ... me dry and left me high Your dirty heart is by the by You trash ... friends like it's a game Then you cry and claim the pain

Snak The Ripper - Dirty intro (prod by aries) lyrics

This is intro for my album! This is intro for my album! This is intro for my album! This is intro for my album! This is intro for my album! This is intro for my albu...

A Skylit Drive - The all star diaries lyrics

I pray for When will you be the star in the sky for me All ... note Scrambling to shut the door Leave the cold wanting ... more Scrambling to shut the door Leave the cold wanting

Signum Regis - The secret of the sea lyrics

I gaze upon the blue sea All those pleasant visions haunt ... me All the old romantic legends, all my ... dreams They keep coming back to me ... Like the waves on a shore Where the

A Heartwell Ending - The secret 'between the sheets' lyrics

maybe not so maybe not like the first time, So much like ... scream my name, Believe me the pain subsides when it rains ... outside I swear there screaming from the words

The Bled - The last american cowboy lyrics

yourself for the plight of the born. As the spotlight ... bare. Just a useless Act in the Play of Life. Cast as the ... role of "The Lover". And I feel

Alice Cooper - The great american success story lyrics

and worked his way right off the street Thumbed his nose at a ... was complete He's got all his hair, but his life is a ... t get no respect He's got the time, he's got the money You

Set Your Goals - The last american virgin lyrics

ve been dying to see? Say the word and we'll leave. The ... weather's fine, we've got plenty of ... time. There's only one thing keeping me ... I kept expectations low with the promise of what will grow.

The Dead Brothers - The power a secret holds lyrics

knows more vanish shows In the darkness at the forest A ... spirit browse Do you know the power of secret homes ..

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - The continuing story of bungalow bill lyrics

he always took his mom He's the all American bullet-headed ... Saxon mother's son All the children sing Hey, ... Bungalow Bill? Deep in the jungle where the mighty tiger

Disneymania - Little wonders by savannah outen lyrics

your shoulder Don't you know the hardest part is over? Let it ... your clarity define you In the end we will only just ... Our lives are made in these small hours These little

Punk Goes... - Little fighter by death by stereo (white lion.. lyrics

tonight? Are you feeling all right? I told the world that ... d never give it up Even when they put a price on your head ... Has anyone heard the tales you tell? Or seen the

American Hifi - The geeks get the girls lyrics

Friday night, to get the feeling right At the bar ... tied better get yourself together Pound another drink, to ... you know a friend of mine All the stupid lines, that he had

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - By the way lyrics

Go ahead, get out and see the world But then I think, why ... should I I'd rather stay home and cry I never ... thought that I could be the other The other way like the other ones Let me open wide, let

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - The scroll lyrics

[Raekwon:] Regardless, we all ninjas, and got money, But the theme of the story Is yo, ... checking how they came for me (This is it, ... B) Kinda brief from the gold teeth era, Bro dreaming

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