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Dig A Little Deapper lyrics

Browse for Dig A Little Deapper song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Dig A Little Deapper lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Dig A Little Deapper.

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Peter Bjorn And John - Dig a little deeper lyrics

You think you've got it made I'm trying to have some ... fun You think you know it all I've only just begun You ... re sliding on the surface I'm reaching for the

The Cheetah Girls - 02. dig a little deeper lyrics

.. bum Ohhh! No one can hold us back when we're set ... to go (go) No one can tell us that we're not ready ... when we're ready to flow (flow) Lead by example here's a sample on the

Zendaya Coleman - Dig down deeper lyrics

Dig down) (Down) (Dig down) (Down) ......... You ... can watch your garden grow And scandal along the surfings ... and take it slow Just let nature have its way Let your little flowers bloom where they may

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Dig a hole lyrics

feat. Sterling Simms) UH Dig a whole burry yourself niggah ... Go ahead, keep goin i got some nice ... guys over there The Incomparable H.O. UH Yesss What

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Dig your roots lyrics

Ten minutes from the beach And there ain't a Bible verse, ... y'all I ain't heard a preacher preach Mom and Dad up in ... the bleachers Screaming while I pitch Beating

Brian Setzer Orchestra - Dig that crazy santa claus lyrics

Jangle Dig that crazy Santa Claus, with his red suit on Dig that walk that crazy talk, man oh man he’s really gone Dig ... that crazy Santa Claus, with his bag of toys Drags his sack through a chimney

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Dig, lazarus, dig!!! lyrics

yourself, Lazarus Dig yourself, Lazarus Dig ... yourself, Lazarus Dig yourself, back in that hole ... Larry made his nest up in the autumn ... branches Built from nothing but

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Deeper dig deeper lyrics

Deeper, dig, dig, Deeper, Deeper Get a little closer You don't have to be afraid You have to trust your ... pilot Don't let it drift away Dig a little deeper You

Fanfarlo - Dig lyrics

deep within us Like precious little stones in the depths Fingers ... and palms in the mud dig deeper The pocketless ... thieves coming closer Come washing ashore from the ocean Armed to their teeth It's been

Neil Diamond - Dig in lyrics

in, Papa's comin' home Dig in girl, Papa's comin' home ... You know that soon, girl We'll be makin' ... for time I've been gone Hang loose, Papa's on his way

Blondie - Dig up the conjo lyrics

up the conjo. Breaking the mojo. Dig up the ... conjo. Making me well. Who do you ... love? You're a mess. Got a gun to your head. And drums ... Holding the bongo. Kilimanjaro. Dig up the conjo.

Manilla Road - Dig me no grave lyrics

I stand like the rock Born and bred to survive I may not ... be at the top But still it's good ... to be alive Feeling the flow of the ... or flesh This is where sanity stops But don't dig a grave for me yet Dig me no grave I was a rocker from

Buried In Verona - Dig me out lyrics

up I can feel that it’s changing Diamonds forming from ... stone I’m reaching out to the hands of time ... and I’m begging for a little more So dig me out Pushed

Prince - Dig u better dead lyrics

U better dead, I'd dig U better dead (I'd Dig U) Dig U better dead, I'd dig U ... better dead Dig U better dead, I'd dig U better dead (I'd Dig U) Dig U better dead, I'd dig U better dead A long time ago, U took six months a walkin

Skinny Puppy - Dig it lyrics

Dig it dig it) Love cannot attach itself to binding ... ugliness rot in silence to advise life the point at hand ... indifference resolving of each others needs dress it up in

Flotsam And Jetsam - Dig me up to bury me lyrics

m digging way in deeper Way faster than ever before I'm dug ... in way in deeper Way deeper than ever before I'm ... I'm sky highing I'm in pain but I'm not dying I'm digging way in deeper Way deeper

Shia Labeouf - Dig it up lyrics

Zig-Zag] You've got to go and dig those holes, with ... broken hands and whithered soles, emancipated from all you know, you've ... got to go and dig those holes [All] Dig it

Muse lyricsMuse - Dig down lyrics

hope and love has been lost And you fall to the ground You ... must find a way When the darkness descends And you're ... it's the end You must find a way When God decides to look

Sleater-kinney - Dig me out lyrics

me out, dig me in Outta this mess, baby, outta my head What do you want, what do ... you know? One to get started, three till we go Dig ... me out, dig me in Outta this mess, baby, outta my head Dig me out, dig me in Outta my body, outta my skin You

Lenny Kravitz lyricsLenny Kravitz - Dig in lyrics

s time to face and come-on in and join the party Life has ... been waiting for you to care Don't try to fake it, jump ... on in and get it started There's so much lovin

The Who lyricsThe Who - Dig lyrics

old ones, have seen two wars When you're sick and afraid And there's danger around ... Take a pick and a spade And Cut into the ground Away ... from the light Away from the sound Make a trap

Collective Soul - Dig lyrics

ve been? Where do we go? We had no answers to these ... you know Where do we stand? When do we fall We've no ... direction or conviction at all Now the more we want to

Lisa Germano - Dig my own grave lyrics

Thoughts Why don they go away They fill me with doubt ... And I dig my own grave So I cry cry cry And ... feel sorry for myself All I want to do is get high

Mudvayne - Dig lyrics

bury me underneath Everything that I am rearranging Dig bury me underneath ... Everything that I was slowly changing I would ... love to beat in the face, Of any mother f***er that's

New Found Glory - Dig my own grave lyrics

it be that I've mistaken you For someone who can ... heal my pain But you steal every breath of air that ... comes out of my lungs But I can't keep, keep my hands off

Quiet Riot - Dig lyrics

it's kill or be killed baby I sometimes wish we ate ... our young If fear was clear, then just maybe All your ... sweet dreams will make you strong Babe, you

Sleater-kinney - Little babies lyrics

m the water, I'm the dishes, I'm the ... soap I will comfort, make you clean and help you cope ... helpless come inside I am the shelter And then when ... you're feeling better I'll watch you go Dum dum dee dee

I Am Empire - Dig you out lyrics

sent me a curse Left for dead by the waters edge You're ... the thorn in my side I try to dig you out Full of disgrace Hate ... to admit it but lying was worth it to dig you out of

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Dig down deep lyrics

better get up and do it now, you better get ... up, my friend, and how, The land that you love the best, is asking you to invest, With a ... personal request from Mr. Morgenthau.

Mudvayne - Dig (everything and nothing remix) lyrics

would love to beat the face, Of any mother f***er that ... s thinkin' they can change me, White knuckles grip ... for the gold, If you're wantin' a piece of me I broke

Mudvayne - Dig (future evolution remix) lyrics

would love to beat the face, Of any mother f***er that ... s thinkin' they can change me, White knuckles grip ... for the gold, If you're wantin' a piece of me I broke

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Dig it lyrics

a rolling stone like a rolling stone like a rolling ... stone like the FBI and the CIA and the BBC B.B. ... King and Doris Day Matt Busby dig it dig it dig

City And Colour - Little hell lyrics

if I can't be all that you need me to be We've got ... a good thing going, we have some promises to keep But ... my addiction it can be such a detriment Please believe in

Gotye - Dig your own hole lyrics

you know it's the wrong way round Still you can't say ... no Ever playing upon your mind But you ... won't say why (So shut up!) Unless ... you're ready to leave it (Or make up your mind)

Liz Phair - Little digger lyrics

little digger, don't be shy You saw ... your mother with another guy You think you'll ... tell her that she's one of a kind, you say My Mother is ... the bed next to him So he can get a better look at them,

Incubus - Dig lyrics

all have a weakness But some of ours are easier to identify Look me in ... the eye And ask for forgiveness We'll make a pact to never speak that ... word again Yes, you are my friend We all have

Vybz Kartel - Little miss lyrics

of these girls need to go back to church. Si mi aSey up ... to the Time, you know it's Kartel. Representing for my ladies. Baby! Si mi aSey ehuh ... Under Age. Don't even try. Walk.Act and think as a Child.

Little Brother - Step it up lyrics

[echoes] [Dion:] You make me step my game up! [Rapper Big Pooh:] Shit, cause ... come, women go Until we all mature we ain't really tryin to ... With the girl we seein we ain't really tryin though Try and beat it up fast on the

Rasputina - Dig ophelia lyrics

want a diamond I really do I think that you ... Should give me one Then you can prove Your love is true And that the gift giving Has ... just begun I want that diamond I want that thing A

Gogol Bordello - Dig deep enough lyrics

would know better than us pleasure seekers Than to meet ... inside of the shamanic speakers Where past is a memory, ... future is an illusion Where only the

Hellyeah - Dig myself a hole lyrics

lost my savior the other day, and that's okay I cut my face ... when I smashed it through the mirror It ... ll be okay I guess I just like being ... down here in this sewer, and I'm okay Gray skies bring

Monster Magnet - Dig that hole lyrics

can't sleep at night cause that's the only time when I feel ... truly free And I just wanna drive my car I'm not sure ... where I'm going but at least I ain't standing still I'm

Allie Moss - Dig with me lyrics

gave me away? Was it my face? It's written on there clear as day, Isn't it? Well that's one thing that's still the ... same. And I won't lie to you love, I

Incubus - Little kitten, big litter box lyrics

bloom, planets collide and comets zoom around the ... checker board like a bratty little brother on his new blue bike ... leaving snail trails of ice in his wake Ancient cosmic afterbirth floats helplessly on it's own

Ms Dynamite - A little deeper lyrics

you ever had a broken heart, felt so much pain Lived ... in so much dark thought you’d never see the ... light again Have you ever yearned from deep within when you

Michale Graves - Dig up her bones lyrics

is what she is Anywhere is where she's from Anything is what she'll be Anything as long as it's mine And the door, it opens, is the ... way back in Or is it, the way back out Any place is where

Katie Costello - Dig a hole lyrics

m beginning to feel like an empty shell With nothing to ... embrace and nothing to expel I'm ... beginning to feel like a very crumbly street With ... nowhere to go and no place for you feet I just don

The Misfits - Dig up her bones lyrics

is what she is Anywhere is where she's from Anything is what she'll be Anything as long as it's mine ... And the door it opens is the way back in Or is it the way back out? Anyplace is where

Hardcore Superstar - Dig a hole lyrics

night it all came clear I wonder really if you know ... for sure A black suit with a blacker tie I love you, ... s nothing to do [Chorus:] All there's left, a wooden box and a book of memories I know

Born - Dig fxxer lyrics

up mind Wake up mind kainarasare tsudzuke Wake up mind Wake up mind hoekata o wasureta ... Wake up mind Wake up mind orareta kiba o ... mite Wake up mind Wake up mind munashiku naranee

Fractured - Dig lyrics

build me up, you tear me down push me so low, i’m ... down to the ground that all the kings horses and all ... kings men couldn’t put me back together again. Yet ever

Freelance Whales - Dig into waves lyrics

all of the boats in to flee these souls from ... the flood Bring all of the boats in the magnetic field is to ... From the lights in the sky that combine And arrive in a

Bad Acid Trip - Dig up your dead lyrics


Dawn Landes - Dig me a hole lyrics

s hard to breathe in the city It's easier ... my house, we'll sit in the dark And try not to think About the green fields, the way ... the land feels All we left behind Oh how a

King Crimson - Dig me lyrics

s here I sit and rust amid this ruin and rancor like ... tire irons toothy grills and car parts before me the acid rain floods my floorboard ... burns my pores, and rots my upholstry once I was worshipped, polished magnificently, now I lay in decay by the dirty angry bay I

Laibach - Dig it lyrics

Rolling Stone", Like a "Rolling Stone", ... Like a "Rolling Stone", ... Like the FBI, And the CIA, And the BBC, B.B.King, And

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Dig a pony lyrics

hi hi hi hi dig a pony well you can celebrate anything you want yes you can ... celebrate anything you want oh. I hi hi hi hi do a ... road hog well you can penetrate any place you go yes you can penetrate any place you go I

Modest Mouse - Dig your grave lyrics

were shootin' at a mound of dirt Well nothing was broken, nothing was hurt ... But I probably really should have been at work ... you promise me this? That you will please bury me with

Nofx - Dig lyrics

values it's so easy to succeed Keeping your ... the prize success, success Camped outside Laissez Faire ... People understand me there Don't talk to me ... we'll get along just fine Blowin' out

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