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Emmylou Harris - Devil in disguise lyrics

a devil in disguise -- you can see it in her eyes ... She’s tellin’ dirty lies -- she’s a devil in disguise -- in disguise ... man a man She’ll talk about the time that she’s been with you

Fidlar - Devil in disguise lyrics

angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you ... are The devil in disguise You fooled me with your ... you lied to me You're not the way you seemed You look

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Devil in disguise lyrics

But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you are ... The devil in disguise You fooled me with your ... you lied to me You're not the way you seemed You look

Gehennah - (you're the) devil in disguise lyrics

angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you ... are The devil in disguise You fooled me with your ... you lied to me You're not the way you seemed You look

From Our Hands - The devil lyrics

Are you sane You have to think for a while have to think ... for a while We are moving on Now you have to be ... strong You have to think for a while have to think

Eden's Curse - Devil in disguise lyrics

beast of Babylon Eradicate the painful scores Exposing the ... Prepare to cleanse these sacred shores With ... vicious tongue Deceitful intent Before you know it lured

Bay City Rollers - Angel angel lyrics

she's gonna break your heart in two, On no not my baby hey ... your love and keep you hangin' on CHORUS Angel, Angel, ... She's the devil in disguise, Angel, Angel, no, no, no

Saxon - Devil rides out lyrics

Cast your spell in the night Black hearted woman ... of stone cold as ice Play the cards roll the dice You're the devil in disguise I see the ... evil in your eyes I used to love you

Sinbreed - Last survivor lyrics

of midnight hour A knocking broke the silence Someone ... opened up the gate A stranger came into ... town I watched it from my window Feelin' that the end is

Alice Cooper - Run down the devil lyrics

s twelve o'clock in the mornin' While everybody is sleepin' ... I want him dead in my head lights Cuz in the ... shadow he's creepin' Drive on down to lonely

Go Go Berlin - Bad! lyrics

m coming down to let you know I'm ... I can save you I'm coming down to let you see If things are not how they're ... Cause I'm your shepherd, I'm in control Roll over puppy, I

Heart - Tall, dark handsome stranger lyrics

m so tired of these men trying to impress me with nothing The same old routine and the ... smooth fancy talking Now I know and believe that ... 'Cos you're good and you're kind and you care how I feel I

Mystic Prophecy - Eyes of the devil lyrics

here in the dark Your heart and soul ... with the evil A deadly part Fallen ... down from the Heaven's gate to Earth, yeah ... With broken wings you wait for recreation The beast unleashed again, yeah

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Saturday satan lyrics

moon is out and rising And silent is the night My ... face is pale and hiding Behind the neon light The seven ... m dressed as lover I praise the morning star Good evening

Daniel Küblböck - Heartbeat lyrics

don't tell me lies) Like a devil in disguise Oh every ... don't tell me lies) Like a devil in disguise I hear your ... beat heart beat, next to mine I feel your love feel,

Armin Van Buuren - Golddigger - feat martijn hagens lyrics

I am, standing naked that's what she said, ... I don't mind as long as I get what I want ... you tell me what you're feeling. Oh she's so special Oh ... me feel so special She's a devil in disguise, she's a

Link 80 - Verbal kint lyrics

knows him, no one takes the hint, a mastermind in fool's ... diguise, his name is Verbal Kint You could call him the devil, the reason being this, the

Dokken - Just got lucky lyrics

thru Over and over falling in love with you Wanting you ... myself- my first mistake Finding out the hard way Was ... take You were just using someone And I was the one

Mayan - Devil in disguise lyrics

did not swallow my lies Insensitive to commands You ... me Right on, face me I am the devil in disguise You did ... Just wait and see what remains of you You will be better

Hinder - Heartless lyrics

m feelin' sick inside cause I can't believe it ... s happening I thought that he'd be gone ... said you needed space to breathe I didn't know your ex was in ... town I finally figured it out You're

Downplay - Seven year itch lyrics

me now and I'll stop calling 'Cause every night I die ... knowing he's right by your side ... stole my life and now I'm falling You never said a damn thing You never shot a warning

Madonna lyricsMadonna - Devil wouldn't recognize you lyrics

it is tonight You'd almost think you were saved Your eyes ... are full of surprises They cannot predict my fate Waiting underneath the stars There ... s something you should know The angels they surround my heart

Impellitteri - Garden of eden lyrics

over-rated, and you will burn in hell So stay away from the ... reaper and run from his ringing bell Don't you play with ... to salvation and ride out of the grave I see the world and

Exlibris - Hellphoria lyrics

on, did you not see it coming? The world’s spinning out ... Go on, You’d better start running There’s nowhere to hide, ... to go Hell yeah, it’s the end of a season We’ve come

Jesus On Extasy - Nuclear bitch lyrics

t believe these angel eyes, they will hurt you don't believe ... open wound She will contaminate you Don't believe these ... angel eyes, they will hurt you don't believe

Shadow Host - Treason lyrics

power with a strong twisted mind Corrupted and ill to the ... no more Treason, treason - devil in disguise There's no ... reason in your awful lies Masked thief

Cocteau Twins - Wax and wane lyrics

prose Broke my real friend The devil might steady We wax ... and we wane The devil might steady We wax and wane ... The devil might steady We wax and wane

Skillet - Stronger lyrics

skin is my disguise I'm more than a man I smile ... man More than a man My skin is my disguise I'm more than ... ] Cause I'm stronger Than the devil Cause I'm stronger

Scum Of The Earth - The devil made me do it 3 lyrics

do it, do it Do it, do it The devil made me do it, do it ... Do it, do it The devil made me do it, do it The devil is my freak Caress as fingers creep, do it The devil

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Dance with devil lyrics

shake My blood is hot, I'm in a trance For what you've got ... take a chance Dance with the devil I want ya, yes I do ... Dance with the devil And the devil is you My mind's on

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Dance with the devil lyrics

shake My blood is hot, I'm in a trance For what you've got ... take a chance Dance with the devil I want ya, yes I do ... Dance with the devil And the devil is you My mind's on

Old Man's Child - Behind the mask lyrics

you hear the voices call, or will you die ... before the charge will you meet the ... face of death the one you fear, and will ... despise. Lord of chaos in disguise a devil behind the mask,

Sarah Blackwood - Drags me down lyrics

shiner come find her she's broken by the ... river and just can't find her heart oh this devil ... down sweet sixteen seen things you ain't ever seen still

Blues Pills - Devil man lyrics

devil man Oh, devil man You’ve got money in your ... pocket you’ve got blackness in your soul Oh, devil man ... Oh, devil man You’ve got money in your

North Mississippi Allstars - Keep the devil down lyrics

Red's got his pocket full of them things Standing on a corner ... in Holly Springs The busted Dirty Red in Hickory ... Old Dirty is a soldier, Red ain't no rat If you raise the devil I can't keep the devil down

Mystic Prophecy - The devil is back lyrics

Despise my soul to god You saints... You sinners No matter ... no more winner Blackened angels wild and ... and steel With godless destiny Don't look in his eyes... There is no god Armored and

Slot - God & devil lyrics

bankovskij schot God and devil! God and devil! God and devil! And god forever!!! God and ... devil! God and devil! God and devil! And god ... budu golosovat God and devil! God and devil! God and devil! And god forever!!! God and

Bourbon Crow - Rid the devil lyrics

ve got to get the devil away from me He puts the ... for me" I've got to rid the devil from me I've got to ... get the devil away from me He fills the

Family Force 5 - Master of disguise lyrics

your boyfriends jealous Sweating at the neck, and a little ... bit nervous There's nothing wrong with having some fun ... I betcha he's thinking it's love on the run. No

Johnny Hollow - Devil's night lyrics

s 3am there's a devil in my backyard. He got a head ... full of lightening and a mouth full of thunder. ... It's 3am and the devil's calling out my name. He

Richie Sambora - If god was a woman lyrics

could she make you sin If God was a woman and ... impressed if she showed up in high heels and a pretty red ... donation or would you draw the line would you yield to

Alexz Johnson - Running with the devil lyrics

up straight Find a hand on his shoulder Trying to find his way through the ... city Crawling through an alley On the ... floor by your door Needing help with the feeling That

The Misfits - Speak of the devil lyrics

bible for a little black cat the time of armageddon's here ... some call me the son of the morning god knows i'm the ... angel of light i drink my water from a wolf's

Milck - Devil devil lyrics

devil clever devil devil How quickly they do sell their souls For the feast and the promise of gold But devil ... that won't be me Devil, devil Bones of metal metal You

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - You drive me crazy lyrics

wanna feel her body close to mine She looks at me, she smiles ... at me But she's the devil, devil in disguise You're a devil ... You drive me crazy You're the angel make my dreams come

Toto lyricsToto - She knows the devil lyrics

got fingernails like knives She got ... karat eyes She wants everything she sees She'll drop you to ... your knees She ain't gonna change her wicked ... ways I'll love her till my dying day She got poison heart

Kris Kristofferson - Shake hands with the devil lyrics

know some people say that I'm the devil in disguise, I won't ... try to tell you that I ain't. I don't like believing ... that I'm evil in your eyes, but I ain't make

Richard Hawley - Serious lyrics

you are in love, ah you feel the stars above There's no devil ... in her eyes, there's no darkness in disguise ... heart to stone Hearts breaking in the night, there's a devil in her eyes Oh it's

Afterschool - Yasashii akuma (jap) lyrics

devil, my sweet lil' devil Ah devil, my sweet lil' devil Ano hito wa akuma watashi ... akuma LACE no CURTAIN ni Ano hito no kage ga ... moeru SILHOUETTE Ah ah devil, my sweet little devil Mm

Cassandra Complex - Symphony for the devil lyrics

are the ones Better the devil you know than the God you don ... t We stand on our hind legs We are human We are ... free, we are free Better the devil you know than the God you don

Mystic Prophecy - Into the fire lyrics

you tell me Is there dying wide before death? Can you ... me – now it's time to go!!! Into the depth of my soul I can ... feel the pain inside of me You open my wounds

Sneaky Sound System - Thin disguise lyrics

prob'a'la'lem I been caught in the fire of a twice bitten ... and Hyde Connections with the other side, crazy yep.. ... it around 'Cause this is getting me down Yeah I got to, got

Blue Stahli - The devil lyrics

of the hand, a whisper in the ear Spirit of enabling Sinister command of what I want ... to hear I'm the only one who pulls my strings ... I'm the devil living in the pride I'm the devil, no one

New Years Day - Angel eyes ft. chris motionless lyrics

Ash Costello:] There's something about you, I can not explain I just want to know you, I ... It's not what you said, Not the way you said it I'm under

Blackstar - Better the devil lyrics

wry frown Still holding out with pessimistic hope ... Better the devil you know than the one that ... you do not Better the devil you know than the one that

Extreme Music - Out of the shadows lyrics

of the shadows Over the seas Under the water Your ... lost in the trees You are the distance You are a thief ... You are the power How can I learn how

Riot ( Usa ) - Ride hard live free lyrics

above me the eagles unleash A downpoor of ... of stone Relentless attacking at will The fighters give ... chase till it's done Their fury is second to none

Goldfish - Woman's a devil lyrics

it day by day no secret wink no just one drink it’s ... coffee all the way If a restaurant is what ... you want only then i’ll play along you’ve got

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Blessing in disguise lyrics

you lonely - are you crying are those teardrops in your ... is it a curse, or a blessing in disguise did you leave him ... you sorry could it be a blessing in disguise it's the

The Cramps - Burn shedevil burn lyrics

she-devil, burn burn she-devil, burn burn she-devil burn she ... pot she-hellhound burn she-devil, burn red pointy tail, big ... black mass burn your fingers on her hot ass burn she-devil, burn...... crotchless

Raven - Got the devil lyrics

in the mirror Tell me do you like ... to your body and soul All of the changes you put me through ... Like a fool I was blinded What can I do No point ... running, no point hiding Nowhere to go, you can`t

Mika lyricsMika - Oh girl you’re the devil lyrics

a bag full of hearts and a devil's eye Crazy kids in the ... wild on the run to the county line Shotgun for a ... she likes Oh girl you're the devil Oh girl you got the devil inside And I said follow

Lizzy Borden - Sins of the flesh lyrics

in the pouring rain I taste who you are A ... with life to bleed I'm bleeding you dry Cry out the ... unspoken The devil's in disguise Life flows into my veins

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Conflict-the argument goes on lyrics

Eyes wide hands tied capsized in flouride 4 out of 5 recommend ... a gun what if you were wrong the argument goes on and on a ... fistful of dollars ring around the collar and father

Rochelle Diamante - Cowboy casanova lyrics

is like a disease You’re running, you’re trying, you’re trying to hide And you’re wondering why you can’t get free He’s ... wanna get out but he’s holding you down ‘Cause you can’t

Frank Morey - Two by two lyrics

went 2 x 2 down from the mountain to the valley The ... devil’s been laughing since Eve got loose The sky grew ... dark and the earth got juiced The devil

Jason Crabb - Sometimes i cry lyrics

look the part blend in with the rest of the church crowd I ... know the routine I could list all the bible ... studies in town watch christian TV I ... know all the preachers...their cliches been born again,

Kiss - The devil is me lyrics

my eyes were cold and blinded i held the page i could ... and signed it i woke up in a sweat and heard the lord´s ... decree the devil is me the devil is me i fought myself

Dub Fx - Love someone lyrics

love someone and not treat them in the way that you want ... possible to see your eyes be the devil in disguise with another front-end its possible to

The Cramps - Devil behind that bush lyrics

s a devil behind that bush there's a devil behind that bush ... weird wigglin' dance scared me outta my ... pants that devil behind those fire red lips i was ... scared stiff that devil behind just one peek got me rattled

Savatage - Lady in disguise lyrics

not what she seems A vision in my dreams Face to face, she ... beyond her crystal eyes, The lady of a thousand smiles I ... walk the endless mile Ooh, lady in disguise You're keeper of the sky Ooh

Flow Of Voices - Shut de do lyrics

de do, kip out de devil Shut de do, kip de devil in ... night Shut de do, kip out de devil Light de candle, ev'rything ... Light de candle, ev'rything's alright When I was a

Picture Me Broken - Beautiful disguise lyrics

s behind the painted face The broken child that you can't ... erase A sip to hush the sorrow Heart as empty as ... your bottle The last you felt something From

Doro Pesch - Running from the devil lyrics

World is screamin' - Nobody hears The earth is ... shakin' - Nobody fears Homes are ... burnin' - Nobody cares As long as ... no one around us is getting' hurt We're running from the devil The devil in you and

Reo Speedwagon - Drop it an old disguise lyrics

ve been trying to run my life Using every ... trick i knew. I say anything anytime to anybody. I do ... keep me happy. It's an old disguise. I may be wealthy but i

Entombed - Smart aleck lyrics

m so smart aleck the world spins around my head got lots to ... I won't comprehend until they all lay down dead in a ditch ... things don't concern me at all my

London Grammar - Devil inside lyrics

comes the woman, with the look in her eye Raised on ... leather, with flesh on her mind Words as weapons, sharper ... Makes you wonder, how the other half die? Other half die

Ice Nine Kills - Connect the cuts lyrics

I've been looking for redemption What was ... gold now is lost to the wolves As the choler inside ... all that I've been given The more I've taken Put me out

Bianco Jim - To hell with the devil lyrics

hell with the devil I'm selling my soul to you To hell with ... the devil I'm selling my soul to you My mind ain ... my heart's unsettled Foot in the grave, foot on the pedal

Lordi - Down with the devil lyrics

m going down with the devil That's what I've been told ... forever For all the things that I love lead to hell ... Here I go down with the devil So far it's the best

Echo & The Bunnymen - Grapes upon the vine lyrics

been kneeling… to a power up above… As the ceiling… crashes down on all ... I love… You’ve been singing… singing all the songs I ... gave… You’ve been digging… you’ve been digging me a

Elton John lyricsElton John - Chameleon lyrics

were somewhere on a cruise in the Mediterranean So imagine my ... to see you very much alive In the English rain again And ... created your own ghost And the need you have is more than

Bardot - Dirty water lyrics

known you'd do me over Deceiving me in a big way I never ... you'd betray Why did I bother Shouldn't have bothered ... Trying to keep my cool with you ... Tellin' lies I could not see through

Dj - X - Devil doll lyrics

hair grabe her throw her in the tub she says "coffe &amp ... or any monday afternoon the this is no goddamn country to ... wander alone devil doll devil doll rags and bones and

Neil Sedaka - Little devil lyrics

yeah, yeah, yeah Hey, little devil Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, yeah ... yeah, yeah Hey, little devil Hey, little devil, you ... re always running around (hey, little devil)

Fleetwood Mac - Little lies lyrics

I could turn the page In time then I'd rearrange just ... my eyes But I couldn't find a way So I'll settle for ... one day to belive in you Tell me, tell me, tell

Sick Puppies - The trick the devil did lyrics

of reach in the sky Most of you will never ... to try But not me, I’d rather die The trick the devil ... did The trick the devil did The trick the devil did was make

Dynasty - Master of disguise lyrics

what I have to say The enemy has many faces He’s the master of disguise He can ... he’s a pretty girl Master of disguise He can be in your side now

Beck - Devil's haircut lyrics

s wrong 'cause my mind is fading And everywhere I look there ... s a dead end waiting Temperature's dropping at the rotten oasis Stealing kisses ... from the leprous faces Heads are

Sixx:a.m. - The devil's coming lyrics

don't know what's haunting me or where I'll be tomorrow ... Who is running these machines with manufactured sorrow I ... ll dig the grave, I'll fan the flames that burn inside of me

Inxs lyricsInxs - Devil inside lyrics

come the woman With the look in her eye Raised on leather ... With flesh on her mind Words as weapons Sharper ... knives Makes you wonder How the other half die Other half

George Strait - Lover in disguise lyrics

s a secret that I know about the lady that I love so And I'm ... to She's gentle and she's kind She's proper and refine ... more than her hair Alone in our room Cause she's more

Nox Eterna - Flirting with the devil lyrics

by that time you´re done; The strangest thing you ever felt ... a shiver down your spine A mix of curiosity and fear ... ..a feeling to addict to. Some other

Raise Hell - Dance with the devil lyrics

to do and I don't care what they say I do what I want ... 'cause I'm the hunter and you are the prey ... ''Come with me and dance with the devil'' I'm the goddamned devil'' This job pleases me

Eden's Curse - Can't fool the devil lyrics

trust in you, my first mistake All ... all out attack Can't fool the devil You're pullin' me, you ... re pushin' me Can't fool the devil You're killin' me Can't

Santa Hates You - Raise the devil lyrics

is the time Refuse to be abused ... Get up in time And all hell breaks ... loose Raise the devil, Raise raise the devil ... Raise the devil, Raise raise the devil

Iron Curtain - Satan's race lyrics

night has fallen down, In jail are breaking the chains ... Surrounded by evil force There isn't point of return ... Take part without disguise The devil will find you if you

Brian Setzer - Don't trust a woman (in a black cadillac) lyrics

blue eyes You wouldn't know the devil If she came in disguise Sittin' on the corner With ... a wicked grin She'll take the soul of a man Just because

Miss Li - Devil's taken her man lyrics

devil's taken her man The devil's taken her man He's gone ... every night, When he's home they're just fighting, He used ... to be her only friend. The devil's taken her man The devil's

Belinda Carlisle - I need a disguise lyrics

s a mask on the wall That I should be wearing To keep you from seeing ... How I'm really feeling I'd like to be cool And ... I'm about to cry I need a disguise To hide my love I need a disguise You've seen too much I fall

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