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Eden's Curse - Devil in disguise lyrics

the beast of Babylon Eradicate the painful scores Exposing the evil undercurrent ... these sacred shores With vicious tongue Deceitful intent ... Before you know it lured to its layer Forbidden fruit

Genitorturers - Devil in a bottle lyrics

C'mon! Oh, yeah! Well, I said I was a sinner, baby Said I was alone Saw the walls ... come-a crashing down While the demons moan Hell is ... gonna take me Hell is gonna take me, make me

B-52s - Devil in my car lyrics

the devil's in my car. Help! the devil's in ... my car. Help! the devil's in my car. Ho, devil's in my ... me alone! We're really tearin' tar. We're goin' 90 miles

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Devil in the details lyrics

ve been wasting all my time With the devil in the details ... And I got no energy to fight He's a f***ing pal o' mine The devil in the details ... He's fixing up to take a bite I don't see the point in

Avantasia - Devil in the belfry lyrics

dropped off in the shadows they lead over ... tragedy I open my eyes - blind by the spotlight and what ... do I see? Pushed by ambition been granted admission to

Fidlar - Devil in disguise lyrics

look like an angel Walk like an angel Talk like an ... angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you are The devil in disguise You fooled me with your kisses You cheated

22-20s - Devil in me lyrics

I can't get the devil outside of me, outside of me no I ... can't get the devil outside of me, outside of me but I ... hate the world and everything I see everything I see, everything I see and I'll never get the

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - Devil in disguise lyrics

look like an angel Walk like an angel Talk like an ... angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you are The devil in disguise You fooled

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Devil in the bottle lyrics

there's a devil in the bottle, staring straight ... at me Daring me to reach out, but I know ... he's testing me If I take just one sip, I become ... that devil's son Act a fool, sell my

Dark Moor - Devil in the tower lyrics

in the silence of your room he whispers lies that will bring ... your doom the Devil he walks with his hoofs of ... goatish male chaining the men to the egoism jail

Natalie Duncan - Devil in me lyrics

I feel you Looking for the devil in me. Like I'm a dying dog ... and I'm begging for your bones. I swear I ... feel you looking For the devil in me. So won't you close

Emmylou Harris - Devil in disguise lyrics

a devil in disguise -- you can see it in her ... eyes She’s tellin’ dirty lies -- she’s a devil in disguise -- in disguise Now a ... woman like that, all she does is hate you She doesn’t know

A Pale Horse Named Death - Devil in the closet lyrics

night I run for my bed and hiding under the covers I need to ... have my night light on and my mommy please don ... t forget it Can you make sure the ... close is closed and turn all the

Redneck Remedy - Devil in disguise lyrics

cant get you outta my head ive been around ive been ... around and ive seen some things yeah and i should've read ... the signs real well but my eyes ... were blind ive suffered and ive seen the light yeah your

Jamie N Commons - Devil in me lyrics

(Aaahahahahahaaa) I gave my life Ain't takin' ... yours I shouldn't let you go, hoooho ... I drank from the cup But it wasn't enough To wash the ... blood from my hands I find it hard to see the light In

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Devil in her heart lyrics

s got the devil in her heart but her eyes they ... tantalize she's gonna tear your ... heart apart oh her lips they really thrill me. I ... take my chances for romance is so important to me she'll

Darius - Devil in you lyrics

got my head in a spin Don't know how you got into ... my heart You've bewitched the man that I used to ... you've got a sexy way of walking A mesmerizing way of talking And I try to pay attention, what you say But baby it

Halsey lyricsHalsey - Devil in me lyrics

said I would've hit the ceiling You said I You said I ... should eat my feelings Head held high I won't ... take anyone down if I crawl tonight But I still

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - Devil in my veins lyrics

I've been afraid of myself The closer that I ... get to rain The more I feel at home, the further I'm ... away And all that I feel is pain Count me, count me,

Kiske-somerville - Devil in her heart lyrics

the middle of the night I will see you cry I see your ... face in the night When will I can find a way to bring back ... you into the light I'm going under, Lay my body to the

Less Than Jake - Devil in my dna lyrics

much to ask? And then when did consequences get left in the ... past Is it just bad habits or a typical script Is it ... all big plans then a swing and a miss Can say my influence become by design Or is science and cigarettes my

Lita Ford - Devil in my head lyrics

s lighting in the distance The wind begins to ... howl There's thunder at my window I'm going out for a prowl ... It seems to me when lightning strikes Knocks me off my

Willie Nelson - Devil in a sleepin' bag lyrics

were headed home in Austin Caught pneumonia on the road ... Taking it home to Connie and the kids A wheel ran off ... and jumped a railroad Then ran through a ... grocery store If you want to buy a bus I'm

Black Veil Brides - Devil in the mirror lyrics

are created the suffering ones Condemned by the dying ... we sing out in tongues Caught in obsession ... with all that we love Never ... look forward, just straight down the gun I can't

Handsome Devil - Devil in you lyrics

ll make you shiver, I'll make you shake, It comes ... as no surprise, I'll take your body, I'll take ... your soul right before your eyes, I know ... and you know, I Take no lip, I'm shooting from the hip,

Mayan - Devil in disguise lyrics

did not swallow my lies Insensitive to commands You ... haven’t listened at all And disobeyed every call Right ... on face it You can’t deny me Right on

Kane - Devil in me lyrics

wears highs tonight As she slides across the room to find me ... Diamond eyes tonight She makes every single ... move to blind me Yeah When she sets ... the room on fire Fills me with a strange desire Leaves me

Lecrae - Devil in disguise (feat. kevin ross) lyrics

Verse 1: Lecrae] Where am I going? What I'm living for? I rolled the dice on life so ... tell me what they getting for it I'm three shots in, ... probably depressed But crying about my problems ain't

Ashes You Leave - Devil in disguise lyrics

all your secrets to me, drive me into ecstasy Kiss me, ... feel me, love me, embrace it all In my sleep come to me ... and swallow me whole Your lips spread poison Your words

Billy Talent - Devil in a midnight mass lyrics

devil in a midnight mass, He prayed behind ... stained glass A memory of Sunday ... breath and count to four Pinky swears don´t work no more ... down the hallway floor Getting closer to my door I was alive but now I´m singing Silent night for the rest of my

Sign Of Decay - Devil in my mind lyrics

past dead lost my soul but instead got the devil in my mind search my soul but I am blind and I can´t find cause I ... am blind and Ican´t find cause I am blind the

Rick Ross - "devil in a new dress" lyrics

at my bitch I bet she give your ass a bone Lookin’ ... at my wrist it’ll turn your ass to stone ... Stretch limousine sippin’ Rose all along Double

Coheed And Cambria - Devil in jersey city lyrics

Hee, Shabutie! New Jersey bound When ... sound asleep they'll find you At your most ... vulnerable poll position Speak up, let out. When ... The corner boys f*** shit up Scream loud, scream

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Devil in a new dress lyrics

Kanye West] I love it though! I love it though.. ... your hands to the constellations they way you look should ... be a sin, you my (SIN)sation I know I'm preachin' to the

Matt Pond Pa - Devil in the water lyrics

the sounds are from the ceiling they turned up to be a ... floor strained on muffled conversations ... the eyes hesitate for more laying low ... but not escaping find by contrast what is free

A Sound Of Thunder - Devil in disguise lyrics

into my web and I will tell you The secrets behind immortality I am more than ... just a naughty vision I am everything that you need ... I'm not a lie Or a fairy tale I exist inside of you

Saxon - Devil rides out lyrics

Cast your spell in the night Black hearted woman mystifies Heart of stone cold as ice Play the cards roll the dice You're the devil in disguise I see the evil in your

Laura Marling - Devil´s resting place lyrics

woke up one morning to know that I had gone Finally taken the step and jumped ... right off the wall When you ... s why my eyes are glazed I've been with the devil in the

Johnny Hollow - Devil's night lyrics

s 3am there's a devil in my backyard. He got a head ... full of lightening and a mouth full of thunder. ... It's 3am and the devil's calling out my name. He

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - Devil lyrics

now No consequences Would I go touch the flame Or would I run for the exit I f*** this ... all my life The blood shedding like never before But I finally see your face Its just a

Slipknot lyricsSlipknot - The devil in i lyrics

these chains, my friend. I’ll show you the rage I’ve hidden. Perish the Sacrament. ... Swallow, but nothing’s forgiven. You and I can’t decide

Beck - Devil's haircut lyrics

s wrong 'cause my mind is fading And everywhere I look there ... s a dead end waiting Temperature's dropping at ... the rotten oasis Stealing kisses from the leprous faces

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes - Devil inside me lyrics

s a devil inside of me And he's holding on ... And I don't know if he's staying Or for how long Pulling at ... my heart strings Kicking in my mind And I'm sad to say

Nightcore - The devil in i (slipknot) (nightcore) lyrics

these chains, my friend. I’ll show you the rage I’ve hidden. Perish the Sacrament. ... Swallow, but nothing’s forgiven. You and I can’t decide

Hysterica - The devil in me lyrics

tie and shoes, black leather ... mess Saturday, the heat is on Couple of drinks and we ... Then suddenly he changes mind He's not my kind Always ... the same, dead promises No more of this! My

Gehennah - (you're the) devil in disguise lyrics

look like an angel Walk like an angel Talk like an ... angel But I got wise You're the devil in disguise Oh yes you are The devil in disguise You fooled me with

Morgana Lefay - The devil in me lyrics

skies, dark harmonies Sombre tunes, grey melodies Ebony coloured walls of ... stone A throne of gold (platinized bones) The moonlight shining red The secret ryche in

Murder By Death - The devil in mexico lyrics

quot;Well, I'll take two shots," said ... the Devil to the man And laid a little book on the bar ... Well lord knows the Devil, he only talks shit And

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The devil in stitches lyrics

fall down without warning, Cherry lipstick on the ... She had a bulletproof mind and big pawn-shop eyes And ... nothing you could say would get to ... don't look home an an angel with a man on the seat. I can

Ceremonial Castings - The devil in salem lyrics

witch of the southern path Led ... the young into conjuration Bringing forth thou of which we do ... not speak Now here the devil in Salem Unclean witch whipped be once a slave Led the

Chasing Safety - Devil's son lyrics

becoming everything that I hate And I don’t want to die ... a f***ing disgrace I’m the man that ruins his name ... Live a life full of lies and personal gain I don’t

Poison - Devil woman lyrics

ll slide you in you taste the sin she slowly ... gets inside your head you feel her ... ll steal you soul she's the devil lying in you bed she's the ... lord of your things and it's no surprise you're playing with loaded gun she's a killer queen and she'll lick you

Emir Kusturica - The devil in the business class lyrics

abord dear passingers This is your devil speaking The ... emergency exit is on your right Don’t forget this is a no ... smoking flight For all the shit you’ve

Primal Fear - The devil in me lyrics

my way to reach heaven In the darkest night When an ... angel is headinh to hell Some call in hit ... bell Someday the curse will be done Now is the time

Sargeist - Let the devil in lyrics

dark promise to Hell I will live in lust and hate By heart ... devoted to crime Against the coward god I invert ... the cross of hope And dwell in black despair Every moment

Illusion Suite - The devil in your heart lyrics

perfect lie: a game that never changes. ... Vicious circle of life: deceived by hollow lies. Lost and ... found, you reach again. You will never make it on your own.

Jones Bentley - Oh-wei-oh (devil in headphones) lyrics

all comes down to this again One more defining moment On ... the edge of your seats again Hoping that we can show that ... We will survive How to keep the passion alive We savour every wound we

Leaves' Eyes - Take the devil in me lyrics

am drifting away I've counted my last days ... Between my lips a silent cry I swore to the ... Gods I will let grace win The battle of my heart I ... angels to save me Take the devil in me Save me for I've been

Keldian - The devil in me lyrics

don't like the way you smile I don't like to say goodbye I ... don't like the words you say to me I ... don't like the way you cry I don't like the way you talk

Five For Fighting - The devil in the wishing well lyrics

at the center of the earth It was dark there was dirt all ... around But I gather you can figure that Jane says, I'm ... your body in the night And I'll lead you where you might find yourself Better if you

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