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Chastain - Deep down in the darkness lyrics

none would speak my tale Deep down in the darkness Is ... where I belong Deep down in the darkness Is where I call ... watched time regress, longing for the end I have watched

Cruel Youth - Florida blues lyrics

Chorus] Sun is shining, skies are blue I got a ... better view, crawling the avenue down in Florida ... Sun is shining, feels so cool I'm never ... coming down, chasing another cloud [Verse 1]

A Day To Remember - In florida lyrics

ain't cold at all in Florida But I'm still chilled to the ... bone The wind plays tricks this time of ... year in Florida It's not the time to be ... understand it starts from the inside And I feel that patience

Joan Armatrading - Deep down lyrics

down I love baby Deep down deep down way down Way down I ... love you baby Way down deep down deep deep down Deep down deep down Deep down deep deep down Deep down I love you baby

C21 - Deep down lyrics

tide of emotion my state of minds got me spinning round ... upside down I'm tumbling to the ground ahh yeah and ... you up to communicate my feelings you just back me out

Clan Of Xymox - Deep down i died lyrics

never meant to make you cry Deep down inside , deep down I ... cried Deep down inside , deep down I

Saosin - Deep down lyrics

seeing the ocean is rising Let the water wash it all ... When there’s no escaping yesterday Do you ever miss ... that feeling? Don’t pretend like you’re

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Deep and dark lyrics

I am down On the ground, sad and tired ... I'm down, it's over now Yes I'm down, ... should I like it It's deep and dark Deep down in my ... heart lt's deep and dark Since we've been apart ls this

For The Fallen Dreams - Deep down inside lyrics

down inside, reach down and find what you're looking for. ... Keep this in mind... Don't drag your heels ... and feel down while you look for more. ... it What you have found Reach down inside. Reach down inside

Gerald Levert - Deep as it goes lyrics

I know that he missed You ain't been satisfied In fact you ... been denied All the things a girl deserves A man who ... puts in work Give you lovin like it was his 9 to 5

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Down down down lyrics

I'm deep down I saw you baby in the corner ... of my eye You were looking oh so fine You drove by me in a purple Cadillac Heading ... for a friend of mine I saw you later down on

Debbie Gibson - Deep down lyrics

it (yeah, yeah, yeah) Burnin' in my soul (yeah, yeah, yeah ... And it won't let go I'm losin' all control (control) (Yeah ... yeah, yeah....) Sing about a love like this (this

Brainstorm - Deep down into passion lyrics

I'm your pleasure, I'm your pain I'm the demon in your brain ... to drag you far away Believe in me, believe what I say I am ... You never leave the darkness Deep down into passion I'm in

Skinny Puppy - Deep down trauma hounds lyrics

plea crushed destiny deep down trauma hounds run to corrode ... judged as juvenile head caves in growing pains no time remains for fantasy tyrrany exists

Atomic Rooster - In the shadows lyrics

Sink, You Won't Go Out. You're ... Might Swallow You. Been Living In The Shadows. What You ... Think, It Frightens You, To ... Really Get To You. What's Hiding, In The Shadows? What's

Crywank - Deep down i'm really kirk van houten lyrics

done And sorry means nothing When I haven't learnt my ... lessons Repeat my lines as if I'm a victim Repeat ... my lines as if I am kind I am a thief and a liar

Officium Triste - Deep down lyrics

darkest time in my life Feeling lost, where can I hide The downward spiral in which I am ... F***ing leads me to the damned Deep Down I float in apathy All

Crywank - Deep down i'm american werewolf lyrics

and see you cry Crumpled down to my size Broken by your ... don't remember I spent crumpling leather In the seat next to ... Your favourite song line hurts I didn't understand

Lil' Flip - Deep down south lyrics

s, got little kids dropping milk shakes I smoke and sip ... eights, poured in one soda Treat my girls like ... t listen But they quickly convinced, when they see them rims

Astarte - Deep down the cosmos lyrics

sepulchral shadows Standing into the earthy depths Mixture ... of things without size and color ... Images passed along in the most marvelous dark ... Present the underworld twice in my eyes Dimension out of

Pulp - Deep fried in kelvin lyrics

of the future Conceived in the toilets at Meadow hall ... slabs of garage floors Rolling empty cans down the stairway ... ran through his head Trying to remember what he learnt

Dusty Springfield - In the land of make believe lyrics

land of make believe You're mine tonight Although you are ... far away In the land of make believe I'm ... holding you tight The silver moon ... is shining above And there's love in

Andromeda ( Swe ) - In the deepest of waters lyrics

the depths I saw something beckoning me An ugly shape deep down in the sea In the ... corner of my eye, an inner world so blind But I know ... yes I know; it's only in my mind In the depths I mirror

Damh The Bard - Down in the garden lyrics

Is a willow tree, Its hair in the breeze, Whispers to me. ... A voice is calling, From deep inside, It’s longing to find ... One of its kind. (Chorus) For I am the

Marilyn Monroe - Down in the meadow lyrics

Mr South Wind sighs in the pines, old Mr Winter whimpers ... and whines. Down in the meadow, under the snow, ... April is teaching green things to grow. When Mr West Wind howls in a glade, old Mr

Pro-pain - Down in flames lyrics

in the minds of us all is a need or a ... a disease Cope with the pain just to drive you insane As ... you think of an easy way out But you ... stop to a drink and you think to youself "And so

Lee Ben - Deep talk in the shallow end lyrics

don't you know I worry Sitting up each night in fear And ... I hate you 'cos you sneak into My every single song If ... I'd make you understand my pain If you were 'round I'd

Saint Deamon - In shadows lost from the brave lyrics

dark where the sun don't shine No one escape from these ... eyes He's chasing you down Until you surrender your ... from the land of death To bring back his sadness to all

Destinity - In nuclear light lyrics

earth and fuelled by human sin. They've seen the divine ... end of times. Battles raged in their veins and fuelled by ... human genocide... Unveiling raptures of sky the white

Body Count - Down in the bayou lyrics

don't like your kind round here, We don't like ... hunt all day, Sleep and drink beer let me make this clear. ... If you ain't from these parts don't come ... round here, If you ain't from these parts, beware

Snow White's Poison Bite - Down in the morgue lyrics

think it's dark down here... Let's go down, go down to the morgue, yeah! Let's ... go down, go down. Let's go down, go down to the morgue, yeah! ... Let's go down, go down. Let's go down, go down to

Bare Bobby - Down in mexico lyrics

m down in Mexico had to go won't be ... took his life away Now I'm down in Mexico... I stood and ... about old Mexico Now I'm down in Mexico..

Dierks Bentley - Down in the mine lyrics

on the table and the babies in shoes You can grow marijuana ... way back in the pines Or work for the man down in ... the mine You never forget your first ... day in the hole There's a pit in your stomach and your mouth's

Jones Bentley - Down in tokyo lyrics

someone new Black phoenix rising Can you tell if we’ll make ... (No-one will ever know) Gettin’ down and the phone will ring ... Do you know who’s calling? Gotta laugh, gotta make

Blue Stahli - Down in flames lyrics

the pity and the blame Basking in the glow A lovely crown ... make 'em watch while you go down in flames Self-inflicted ... pretty little martyr If forcing empathy Is as clever as you

Demon Hunter - Down in a hole (live acoustic alice in chains.. lyrics

me softly in this womb I give this part ... of me for you Sand rains down and here I sit Holding rare ... flowers In a tomb in bloom Down in a hole and I

Egypt Central - Down in flames lyrics

the great divide You think your safe if you never ... a side Are you sheep always in disguise Are you sheep ... always in disguise Wake up It's now ... the nation Wake up determination I am afraid we're going

Jakob Dylan - Down in a hole (you've got to stop digging) lyrics

re down in the hole and you've got to ... stop digging You're down in the hole and you've got to ... stop digging This ain't no way for you to be living ... You're down in the hole and you've got to

Ghost Machinery - Down in flames lyrics

for blood I only feel the pain but my misery loves the ... Dreamers can be bought by selling them lies I can hear your ... your eyes you can't hide Down in flames You will burn Down in flames Never will return

Girls Under Glass - Down in the park lyrics

the machman meets the machine and play "killed by ... numbers", Down in the park where the friends ... called 5 I was in a car crash or was it the war

Jerrod Niemann - Down in mexico lyrics

from Tijuana They said we're down in Mexico Man, you ought to ... you wanna We've been soaking up the sun, here having fun ... Hanging out on the beach and drinking As I packed my bags Couldn

Judas Priest - Down in flames lyrics

We shall see They are coming now They're after me They ... want blood Yes it's true Going quietly I just don't do ... Going down in flames Going down in a blaze of glory Going down in flames Going down in a

Less Than Jake - Down in the mission lyrics

quicksand, i'm always getting deeper The more I struggle, the ... more I get in deeper And here I am, out there ... doing time Out on the mission, down on the mission line I'm down

Mob Rules - Down in nowhere land lyrics

for a foreign land Way down where the golden days ... Solution for a world of pain Where freedom and glory days ... shine bright Lean back and ... trust your own mind Lean back and close your

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Down in the zero lyrics

- feel the pain sear Pathless - animation ... nears Download delinguent fears Sit back - enjoy ... the rot! Down in the zero Dilemma trebles ... balance - erratic stance Behind eyes hide a fascist prance

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Down in it lyrics

like a cloud I was up way up in the sky and I was feeling ... some feelings you wouldn't believe ... and I decided I was never coming down Just then a tiny ... too long and that dot was pulling me down I was up above

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Down in texas lyrics

left you cryin' at the DC station I had a ... little spendin' change, Lord knows I had ... determination If you want the good ... it big So I left you waiting, so I could go out and dig in this big old world. But

Otis Redding - Down in the valley lyrics

in the valley, ha In the valley so low, wowow ... And you can hear the four winds blow, now, oh my Now can ... t you hear the wind blow my love, ha Can't you

Planet Funk - Down in a second lyrics

I find a place of solace to unscale ... just throw me away I'll be down in a second How come now

Alice In Chains lyricsAlice In Chains - Down in a hole lyrics

me softly in this womb I give this part ... of me for you Sand rains down and here I sit Holding rare ... flowers In a tomb in bloom Down in a hole and I

Doobie Brothers - Down in the track lyrics

workin' the whole day long On these ... railroad ties singin' a sad, sad song Down the ... to give And late at night in the twilight of the South ... They put you in a cell and let the bulldogs

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - Down in the park lyrics

the machmen meet The machine and play kill by numbers Down in the park with a friend ... called Five I was in a car crash or was it the war ... to eat Like it was built in one day You can watch the

Helix - Down in the city lyrics

Vollmer It's 2 o'clock in the morning I'm sitting here ... and feeling down And feeling oh, so lonely In this ... strange old town Thinking of the times we had together

The Jam - Down in the tube station at midnight lyrics

- Of faraway voices boarding faraway trains To take them ... my thoughts Cold and uninviting, partially naked Except for ... toffee wrapers and this morning’s paper Mr. jones got run down Headlines of death and

L.a. Guns - Down in the city lyrics

a girl looks for fun Runnin' wild in the Hollywood ... streets Shakedown, all around, lay your dirty ... money down Can't always get what you ... Midnight, cool, right, die in the moonlight Cure for the

Kenny Loggins - Down in the boondocks lyrics

in the boondocks Down in the boondocks People put me down 'cause that's the side of ... town I was born in I love her and she loves ... Lord have mercy on a boy from down in the boondocks Every

Mando Diao - Down in the past lyrics

gonna see you through. You think I wanna be alone with you, ... you´ve overreacted too. But since you´re down there, where ... will I just be, I´m getting fine girl, dressing up for stormy

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Down in the park lyrics

the Machmen meet The machines are playing `kill-by ... numbers' Down in the park with a friend called ... `Five' I was in a car crash Or was it the ... to eat Like it was built in one day You can watch the

Monster Magnet - Down in the jungle lyrics

feel like a ghost in my own life The rumour ... way it's supposed to be Down in the jungle your the f***ing queen Down in the jungle ... your the f***ing queen I'm telling you baby

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