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Bad Suns lyricsBad Suns - We move like the ocean lyrics

mind put to motion We move like the ocean But I can't swim ... out I don't need your pat on the back I've been just ... mind put to motion We move like the ocean But I can't swim

Mae - The ocean lyrics

broken by your voice in the dark. i need you here ... tonight just like the ocean needs the waves. oh, the ... night becomes the space that's somewhere in

Abc - Ocean blue lyrics

And you took me back But deep down inside The feeling just ... why From indigo to royal blue I travel far but no one will ... brings... Memories of you Blue to be blue To be blue... Ocean blue - Ocean Blue Fair weather friends might drift away

Alphabeat - Ocean blue lyrics

mine. And your eyes were ocean blue, And the sky was too. ... And your eyes were ocean blue, And the sky was too. ... my feelings so true, And for the lips I am kissing, Belonging

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The ocean doesn't want me lyrics

be back tomorrow to play The strangels will take me deep ... down in their brine The mischievous brangles Down ... into the endless blue wine I'll open my head and

Mike Perry - The ocean lyrics

light Keep me, company in the night That's all I need, all ... now With arms around me, like a border Like the air I breathe, I let you in Keep me warm

Saosin - Deep down lyrics

seeing the ocean is rising Let the water wash ... it all away Feel like there’s never tomorrow When there’s no escaping yesterday Do ... that feeling? Don’t pretend like you’re the one who’s lost I

Blue October - Into the ocean lyrics

My ship would leave the country But I'd rather swim ... much more masculine Maybe then I could learn to swim Like ... I spin, colliding into sound Like whales beneath me diving down

Say Anything - The ocean liner incident lyrics

I saw her first on an ocean liner Licking rust from the ... outside of the rails And I knew then<a ... yeah Just you and me and the deep blue sea Yeah, yeah,

Electric President - The ocean floor lyrics

here My lungs are burning The pressure is as thick as my ... I’m learning Cause down in these depths I can see Our ... just a memory down here Like lost change in couches There’s nothing for as far as I

Michelle Tumes - Deep love lyrics

sky is calling to the steeple As it echoes out my ... name I can hear You in the air I breathe Spanning the ... have come and gone You roll like the ocean underneath the sun

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Deep water ft. kendrick lamar, justus lyrics

this is not in my field as the clerk so anything that ... respect I gave you niggas the utmost, all you niggas the ... him about his brush strokes? Them opinions, I don't trust

Jane's Addiction - Ocean size lyrics

I was ocean size They cannot move you No one ... you Out from your hole Like a tooth aching a jawbone... ... With one hard blow I've seen the ocean Break on the shore

Lee Ben - Love me like the world was ending lyrics

is the first day of the future, And all i want is ... your lies. Baby can you hear the message i am sending? Love ... me like the world is ending. This is the

Runrig - The ocean road lyrics

out, one morning fair by the ocean road to linger there and the ... sun was up, I saw the blue but it night in my heart for ... you and the turning wave filled my empty

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Like an ocean lyrics

..ocean... In the darkness of nowhere There's ... nothing at all And I feel like I've been here too long ... than high I could feel the breeze from below Like an ocean... Like an ocean... Now

Alela Diane - The ocean lyrics

Rusty springs from feather beds Old hubcaps on a ... In spirit she's drifted to the ocean All those years of ... waiting for the water She's watching long

Joan Armatrading - Ocean lyrics

wanna be beside you Wanna do the best I can Even though you ... on baby can't you see All the need in me Like the ocean ... speaks to the naked man The rhythm of your heart is like

Everlast - The ocean lyrics

s a house up on the hill Where you can just make ... out the ocean There's a women there waiting for ... and every breath she takes is like artwork And I think that I

The Bravery - The ocean lyrics

up a mountain, and looked off the edge At all of the lives ... that I never have led There's one where I stayed with ... you across the sea I wonder do you still

Brandi Carlile - The story lyrics

of these lines across my face Tell ... you the story of who I am So many ... how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything ... you've got no one to tell them to It's true...I was made

Richard Hawley - The ocean lyrics

lead me down, to the ocean So lead me down, by the ocean You know it's been a long ... You lead me down, to the ocean The world is fine, by the ocean You know this time's for

Caliban - The ocean's heart (feat. alissa white-gluz of.. lyrics

set sail to kill... Between the tides where the worlds ... collide, A siren call from the other side. A storm and a ... raging sea - The waves keep crashing over, it

Leann Rimes - The story lyrics

by Brandi Carlile) All of these lines across my face Tell ... you the story of who I am So many ... got to where I am Ohh... But these stories don't mean anything

Janice Freeman lyricsJanice Freeman - The story (the voice performance) lyrics

of these lines across my face Tell ... you the story of who I am So many ... how I got to where I am But these stories don't mean anything ... you've got no one to tell them to It's true, I was made

Against Me! - The ocean lyrics

I would wish for it to be in the salt and swell of the ocean. ... Carried by the currents to all continents' ... Reaching into depths where the sun’s light has never shown.

Rascal Flatts - The way lyrics

about the way the earth revolves around the sun ... from coming undone That’s the way, that’s the way I feel ... a baby cries to feel his mother’s touch And how he finally

Lostinmind - The selfish sells fish, we own the ocean lyrics

everything you say , smells like your mommy´s shoes This time ... party gonna rock, we all together don´t give a f***) We´re ... just too big fish for this ocean (This party gonna rock, we

Adept - The ocean grave lyrics

out of breath I know the ocean is calling my name Under a ... changing its depths I know the tide will be here someday To ... me away I built my life like a house in the sand By the

Atrox - The ocean lyrics

by the sea You can't resist ... mind Dark forces Avenging the past On a banished raft ... stench So abhoring Fear The ocean Eradicates Out of the dark The flashing eyes

Ommega - The ocean lyrics

wind blows on the long shore. The sand glows ... in the sun. My eyes drawn to the ocean. Now I’m the only one. ... A ship sails into the distance. I watch her as she

Big Boss - The ocean lyrics

you, but in your depths, the Life was born. Tears ... and dropse, you know all the Legends. You love ... you have a Soul – you are the Ocean. You are the

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - The ocean lyrics

but now we´re steady and then they went: One, two, three, ... four Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the ... rain Hitting on the moonshine, rocking in the

Omega - The ocean lyrics

wind blows on the long shore. The sand glows ... in the sun. My eyes drawn to the ocean. Now I’m the only one. ... A ship sails into the distance. I watch her as she

Electric President - The violent blue lyrics

fog rolls on in from the sea Like a curtain draped from the ... bolts of heaven And out here the moon burns through the night ... Like the eyes of strays caught in

Helion Prime - The ocean of time lyrics

would you visit if you held the key Imagine the greatness ... Quickly we go now, into the wormhole Break down the ... walls Through the space-time continuum we must

Becoming The Archetype - The ocean walker lyrics

WALKED I walked Across the ocean To the island Of the DEAD ... I CLIMBED I climbed the mighty tidal-wave All other ... in a world of SILENCE The TSUNAMI and the HURRICANE

Chamillionaire - Deep off (feat. bun b, the mddlfngz) lyrics

[Verse 1 - Bun B] It's the return of the trill niggaz, ... dressed in all black and got the hood on smash (smash) I Roc ... ya like Dame Dash (Dash), one shot,

Nightwish - The pharaoh sails to orion lyrics

see my face no more! for in the day Thou see my face Thou ... Orion Nautical ascension to the firmament Ship-shaped ... barrows open my heart to the wisdom of this land Sailing

Savatage - The ocean lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental ...

U2 lyricsU2 - The ocean lyrics

grey Dorian Gray Just me by the sea And I felt like a star ... I felt the world could go far If they ... listened to what I said The sea Washes my feet Washes

Architects - The distant blue lyrics

distant blue, that's me and you It was ... from there that we all grew Framed in ... built from flesh and bone Their bodies made a mountain, a ... ladder to the stars When they reached up to the sun, it

Brenda Lee - The angel and the little blue bell lyrics

Christmas time in the steeple high The bells would ... proudly ring To tell the world of the joy and cheer ... bring But one little bell in the steeple high Could only pain

Andre Rieu - The beautiful blue danube lyrics

so blue, so bright and blue, through vale and field you ... silver stream through all the lands you merry the heart ... beautiful shores. Far from the Black Forest you hurry to the sea giving your blessing to

Blue Effect - Sun is so bright (i like the world) lyrics

with you my dear friend For the Beatles knowing "it's the end" Sharing with you ... be so wonderful But I felt like falling fool I am young and

Jimi Blue - Like this lyrics

Yeah ah ah I Like it like this J.B. ah, come on now ... I like it like this, I like, to touch you when i kiss ... your lips. I like, to watch you when you shake

Rush Of Fools - The only thing that's beautiful in me lyrics

like the ocean waves You crash on me ... Just like a tidal wave You ruin me ... Just like a hurricane You devastate ... needs to change You are the only thing that’s beautiful

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - The summer lyrics

I could bottle up the sea breeze I would take it ... loose through your garden So the hinges on your windows would ... rust and colour Like the boats pulled up on the sand

Punk Goes... - The reaper by pierce the veil (blue Öyster cu.. lyrics

times have come Here but now they're gone Seasons don't fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the ... sun or the rain..we can be like they are Come on baby...don

Entombed - The ballad of hollis brown lyrics

Hollis Brown He lived on the outside of town Hollis Brown ... He lived on the outside of town With his ... children are so hungry That they don't know how to smile

Marcos Hernandez - The way i do lyrics

my neck When we whisper in the night Didn't wanna want ... thought I could love you the way I do. Your touch, your ... skin, can't believe the way you let me in Don't rush

B*witched - Like the rose lyrics

be So tell me do you feel the way I feel Baby like the ... be afraid No no Turn another page The story will never ... Keep this loving feeling deep inside Can't you see that

Kamelot (usa) - Like the shadows lyrics

quiet childhood I recall a mother's smile Nothing needs to be ... understood, I am free In the deep of a distant forest I ... lose my sense of time Where the words of the wind is honest,

Blue October - The chills lyrics

Leave everything behind Like the useless things Boxes ... labeled memories The sudden health emergencies ... tried forgiveness, I faced the past, It's what I witness

Day6 - 태양처럼 (like the sun) lyrics

maeil achim nuneul tteul ttae jeil meonjeo tteooreuneun ge nae meorissogen ojik neo hana ppuniya neol manna maju bol ttae du nuni maju chil ttae eolguri hwakkeung...

Atmosphere - Like the rest of us lyrics

years Lookin' at myself in the same dirty mirror So it ain ... t like I don't comprehend Open that ... lady She went vegetarian for the baby Third trimester, I see the kid kick She showed me

Juanita Bynum - Like the dew lyrics

the dew in the morning gently rest upon my ... heart Like the dew in the morning May it rest upon my ... reign, move, yes, rest Like the dew in the morning

Case Studies - Like the sea lyrics

of smashing a stone into another man's face. There was ... my chest. And as I hoisted the stone above my head with ... he was warning me. And at the foot of my bed he sat smiling

Eyes Of Azrael - Like the wings of butterfly (feat. martin Čup.. lyrics

in the mud, cannon shots flying ... Cowards die many times before their deaths. In peace nothing ... Modest stillness humility, the blast of war blows in your

Laura Mvula - Like the morning dew lyrics

love is like the morning clouds Like the ... that goes away Our love is like the morning lights Like the ... morning dew,that goes away Like morning Nothing lasts but

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