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Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Stars lyrics

re asking yourself What's real What to do with these feelings That you have inside surreal Yeah yeah yeah yeah When you look deep into the pockets of the universe you never know what you find because stars don't shine in singular places open up your mind's eye and light

A Tribe Called Quest - Lyrics to go lyrics

Q-Tip] Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) uhh Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) ahh yeah, c'mon Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) yeah yeah Lyrics to go (lyrics to go) Goin on and on to the rhythmic variation Wakin in the morning I st

Skepta - Lyrics lyrics

off the stage! Move! They don't want to hear you! They don't want to hear you! What, is that what you think? Is that what you think? Oi blud, calm, calm, calm Lyrics for lyrics, calm Yeah, hear me on the radio, wah gwan? See me on the TV, hi mum Murk MCs when the mic's in

Andre Rieu - Stars and stripes lyrics

Stars and Stripes Forever Lyrics by John Philip Sousa - 1897 Let martial note in triumph float And liberty extend its mighty hand A flag appears 'mid thunderous cheers, The banner of the Western land. The emblem of the brave and true Its folds protect no t

Cowboy Junkies - Stars of our stars lyrics

of our stars. Dreams of my dreams. You come to me Singing '' the stars of our stars''. The stars of our stars Came up the first day. The moon did set. The sun comes up. And all the stars did disappear. Stars of our stars. Dreams of my dreams.

Hear N' Aid - Stars lyrics

Ronnie James Dio (Dio):] Who cries for the children? I do [Dave Meniketti (Y&T):] Some time in the night When you're feeling the cold [Ronnie James Dio:] Take a look at the sky above you [Rob Halford (Judas Priest):] Those are faces i

Laleh - Stars align lyrics

m walking in the town lika a ghost I'm walking lika I'm walking on water Remembering the dreams I broke I'm looking for a life without trouble It's a beauty when the streets are wet There's a sense of clean and change to it God, You know my life Will my stars align, will my

Powergod - Stars (hear' n aid cover) lyrics

cries for the children? I do Some time in the night When you're feeling the cold Take a look at the sky above you Those are faces in the light If the story were told They are calling you, calling you Yeah We are magic in the night We are shadow, we are light We are

Cheryl Cole - Stars lyrics

can all be stars Open your eyes, set your mind safe flight See your dreams come to life Open your mind, let your heart ignite And believe it's your time See your light through the dawn Picture you like a work of art If you dare take a fall We define who we really are I

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Stars dance lyrics

up to your dreams And watch them come true I'll make you whisper my name, i'll never leave the room Night and day, i'll be your muse No other girl can make you feel the way I do I can make the stars dance Light up the moon, I can make the stars dance If yo

Greyson Chance - Stars lyrics

to cry, as the doctor told me She was going to leave us tonight So I stifled my tears, now went into her room To my surprise she had a twinkle in her eye She said I know that I am leaving you behind But don’t worry I’ll be fine I will be high in the blue

Liz Phair - Stars and planets lyrics

my look at you The wide-eyed ingenue See me coming Whisper something Who are you Looking through the glass at me Like your gonna make it happen Let me tell you something true You know its just the same old story Stars rise and Stars fall But the ones that

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - Stars lyrics

Demi] Walkin' in, we causin' a frenzy Walkin' in, we causin' a... Knock 'em all out, beat 'em like Rousey We don't give a, we don't, we don't give a Rollin' so deep, but we ain't thirsty Rollin' so deep Talkin' trash, we keepin' it classy We don't give

Buzzcocks - Stars lyrics

wants to cry until the stars in his eyes are really dead (He cries until the stars in his eyes are dead) He wants to cry until the stars in his eyes are really dead (He cries until the stars in his eyes are dead) (He cries until the stars in his eyes are dead) He

C.allie - Stars lyrics

the stars Falling down You can want anything Anything What you can think Ooooooh, yeeeah... [Ref: The stars Is a magical thing It can Give you anything you can think Yeeeeeeeeah, oh yeaaaaa... The staaaaars Staaaaaaaaars... Can Give you anything

Alessia Cara - Stars lyrics

on my door, boy come home You stay in my head Lay in my arms, why won't you? It's been way too long What you waiting on? Cause I've been laying here Learning what the memories won't do See I need you and baby I need to Let down my guard and give you my scars Open up m

Generation X - Stars look down lyrics

a walk yourself, And come to me We're all alone, the nineteen eighties We could lie back And watch the T.V. Turn off the color, that's alright, by me, And you I know you got friends But I hope they don't know Washing your face by the light in the

Girls Love Shoes - Stars lyrics


Kat Deluna - Stars lyrics

re like a target off in the distance It's a long shot but it's worth a try Seems like forever since I've ever felt this Your energy is taking over All I want is to pull you close Baby, let it all go, we can let ourselves fall I know all you want is to pull me close Baby, let i

Lacuna Coil - Stars lyrics

it asking too much to be given time To know these songs and to sing them Is it asking too much of my vacant smile And my laugh and lies that bring them But as the stars are going out And this stage is full of nothing And the friends have all but gone For my life my g

Reece Mastin - Stars lyrics

t seem to take Your picture off the wall We've been apart For way too long And I never thought it'd be so hard I need the strength to carry on Here comes one more Sunset without ya Are you seeing what I see? [Chorus] Just like a spark A spark

Parade - Stars lyrics

1 [JESSICA] Boom boom, who just walked into the room, room Got everybody’s eyes on zoom, zoom And my name ring bells like ding dong Everywhere I go go I’m a superhero walking in slow-mo You know I even got my own theme song Bridge [ALL] Nanananana

Seals & Crofts - Stars lyrics

get a little to loose. They forget, they abuse. Well, people get a little too tight, and it ain't right. You're in your car, driving too fast. You're pushing hard, just trying to get past. Oh and they just don't care about the little white lies. Yeah, they'll unwind. O

Simple Minds - Stars will lead the way lyrics

the one who broke apart, I’m the one that’s free. I’m the one who fell apart, Yes I’m the one, that’s me. I’m the one who fell away, The one who didn’t care. But there is a long trail, Stretching now from here to there. Stars will lead the way,

Sixx:a.m. - Stars lyrics

you wanna go to heaven tonight ? Leave the evidence far behind Say alright, alright Do you wanna be my lover tonight ? We can leave everybody else behind Say alright, alright Do you wanna see heaven tonight? Underneath those lights you will look so beauti

Waltari lyricsWaltari - Stars lyrics

external light is still waiting the dark forms huge vault all around it becomes clear that my mind's full of fear i can't get no release for today behind the sun we are reaching insanity laughing inside why are we still here, space is so near we could drift

Cardiant - Stars upon your life lyrics

never wrapped my arms around you Never dared, to reach the sky it was too high Just like the stars upon your life. Followed you into darkness, didn't know, it's raining or cold You led, and I felt so blind. Never said what you wanted, or told what I could become How can

Fun. - Stars lyrics

old is getting old I often find myself here thinking About the birds, the boats, and past loves that flew away or started sinking And it's crazy here without you I used to think this all was ours We'd stay up late, debate on how we'd find our way Say it's all up in the stars

George Strait - Stars on the water lyrics

in Louisiana bayous by and by A peirot pole or your natural soul Keeps you tied to a tree high tide Beer joint lights come on And then crowd starts rollin' in Pretty soon you got stars on the water You got stars on the water You got stars on the water W

Air Supply - Stars in your eyes lyrics

are civilized and free from all confusion And yet we always worry for the things that we can't see But now to give your love away, a miracle in motion You know what seems invisible will never ever be disguised to me I start to lose control

Angel City - Stars lyrics

up, to the sunlight This place, seems so bright Echoes from the night before just leave me wanting more Oh life moves too fast but I'm caught in the past I can't move on And when day turns to night that's when I get the sight Of what should be With you (Look at the stars)

Anti-flag - Stars and stripes lyrics

with open arms and, with open hearts in the end they found their arms in shackles and their hearts torn out This country named "America", is built on graves of the natives who lived here before, genocide took place The word "America&

Austrian Death Machine - Lyrics to all of the songs sound the same lyrics

of you are starting to complain. Whats wrong guys? you think the songs all sound the same? Of coarse they sound the same, because they all sound BRUTAL

Austrian Death Machine - Lyrics to rubber baby buggy bumpers lyrics

s go Waaa-yeaah! How about this one? How about this one? Rubber baby buggy bumpers, yeaah Rubber baby buggy bumpers... Yeaaah! How about this one? How about this one? Rubber baby buggy bumpers, yeaah Rubber baby... Rubber

Lindsey Buckingham - Stars are crazy lyrics

woke up in the middle of the night With you on my mind With you on my mind I can't see you any more But it don't mean I'm blind Sometimes we fantasise Wondering if we could've tried Wondering if we died Wondering if the stars are crazy Stars are crazy Sometimes

Calvin Harris - Stars come out lyrics

in the grass, watching the stars come out. Come and get the dream. Ghosts right through the cemetery. Feel the morning rain, dancing 'round the colosseum. I can not explain something in your chemistry. Power to your brain. Power to the minds museum. Come and get the drea

Matt Cardle - Stars and lovers lyrics

all the tears could drown a fire The stars would fall and time would stop If I could reach a little higher If Jupiter was close enough, ohh I lost my place, I found the answer I heard it on, the radio If I return and take my chances If only I could let

Darius - Stars crash down lyrics

'til dawn You don't miss a kiss 'til its gone So just hold on We don't have forever for long I don't need to tell you what You already know I don't wanna say What my lips wanna show My heart's like dynamite Ready to blow Until the stars come crashing down Until the Earth s

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals - Stars lyrics

lit a fire with the love you left behind and it burned wild and crept up the mountainside. I followed your ashes into outer space. I can't look out the window, I can't look at this place. I can't look at the stars, they make me wonder where you are. Stars, up on heaven's bo

Hooverphonic - Lyrics to identical twins lyrics

wants him he's so popular I wish you were him you're the next best thing you're the shadow of what I know I never gonna get when you say love, I hardly know the difference it's close enough I can forget the distance hey identical twin

Bonnie Mckee - Stars in your heart lyrics

re just a kid, but you got nowhere to go Just waiting on your heart to call There is a rumble in the streets of soul And you don't care at all Empty holes and empty feelings abound And everything you got you stole I'm right behind if you just turn around I'll never let y

Megan And Liz - Stars (feat. one arm train) lyrics

look so lovely with your eyes on me I can feel your heart beat on mine You know I'm leaving, but I hope you see that We don't have to give this up We'll always have tonight, so don't say goodbye No matter where we are, we'll always have the stars

20 Minutes - Stars lyrics

stars fall I don't even know who you are Watching stars fall I don't even know how we could get so far We get so far... Watching stars fall down Probably you're talking to me But I can't I can't even hear a sound A sound... Watching stars fall I do

Skillet - Stars lyrics

spoke a word and life began Told oceans where to start and where to end You set in motion time and space But still you come And you call to me by name But still you come And you call to me by name If you can hold the stars in place You can hold m

Atb - Stars come out lyrics

me rise, watch me fall I'm not steady at all Sometimes life, hurts like hell I know this too well When it's dark, the stars come out And for a moment we are saved Yeah, when it's dark, in your darkest hour Stars come out Birds fly south, winter's blue I

Au Revoir Simone - Stars lyrics

since we met I simply cannot forget You are on my mind Yeah since the day we met I think I haven't slept More than an hour at a time You make wanna measure stars in the backyard with a calculator and a ruler baby I found a letter that describes how the moonlight will lead me t

Darlia - Stars are aligned lyrics

not make peace again, I’m tired of hearing amends They’ll never leave you alone I’m swimming deep again, I guess the rest just depends, on how you feel when you go While we watch you Yes the chants are on fire Ah, well maybe you’re wild Kiss the rock in the

Destine - Stars lyrics

day and I am slowly moving on to you Going nowhere became a way to pass the time It might be bittersweet, I try to shake it off my mind You know theres something that Id really like to say Oh all along I am tryin to turn the tide If only I knew of

Echo & The Bunnymen - Stars are stars lyrics

sky seems full When you're in the cradle The rain will fall And wash your dreams Stars are stars And they shine so hard Now you spit out the sky Because it's empty and hollow All your dreams Are hanging out to dry Stars are stars And they shine so cold I saw you climb

Funeral Suits - Stars are spaceships lyrics

night I dreamt of stars and spaceships Colliding over the holy land Villagers ran for their basements Scratching out each other's hearts Awoke to find the sun, comfort me Awoke to find the sun, comfort me Awoke to find the sun, comfort me Awoke to find the sun, comfort me Are

Hard-fi - Stars of cctv lyrics

every move that I make Gets recorded to tape So somebody up there Can keep me safe I'm going out tonight I've got my hair just right I'm always looking good For the spotlight Stick 'em up Give me the money A winning smile Up to the gallery I'm gonna get my face on the 6 'o

Paris Hilton - Stars are blind lyrics

don't mind spending some time Just hanging here with you 'Cause I don't find too many guys That treat me like you do Those other guys all wanna take me for a ride But when I walk their talk is suicide Some people never get beyond their stupid pride But you can s

Arrows To Athens - Stars lyrics

is tomorrow Just past the sunrise My fingers reaching out 'Cause we are believers The guards of the skyline The curse can't tie us down We've waited so long We waited long enough This is our right, this is our song This is our moment in his

Betsie Larkin - Stars lyrics

we’re changin’ You can feel it in the air It blows around us, it’s blowing away It blows around us, forcing us to change Watch you change We’ll be stars That burn away I hope I disappear to the same place that you will too We’ll be stars That bu

Edwin Colins - Stars in my eyes lyrics

I've a sorry tale to tell ya Forgive me if you've heard it before Y'see, I ain't got nothing to sell ya Though I've a few surprises left in store Well I told all my troubles to Marlon But Marlon didn't want to know Bout how I've picked every flower in my garden Now I'm gonna

Elephant Parade - Stars lyrics

a book last night about our galaxy It said we're all made out of stars So basically you're made for me We're all made of stars We're all made of stars We're all made of stars We're all made of stars Stayed awake all night Watched you in your sleep If we'

H-blockx lyricsH-blockx - Stars lyrics

days in a winter world Scatter deceptions in her eyes A glimmer of white has fallen On her smile, now she cries Sunny world has died these days Now I know, she longs for the days She now denies She has fallen from the stars And I don't know what it was Sugar b

Jus Jack - Stars lyrics

up to see the stars Thinking of you what we’ve been trough You’re not that far reach for you I wish you were the one So you can see the things I feel With every touch of you But how can I reach you How can I reach you How can I reach you With my hands up to the

Khalil - Stars lyrics

In my S6 yup,yup,yup sittin´ Hear that boom,boom bump,bump bass hittin´ All the girls rushin´, yup they be straight tippin´ Ah they straight tippin´ I said oh,no Couldn't believe when I saw that she was golo Had to call her over like beautiful you

Anita O'day - Stars fell on alabama lyrics

and magnolia, starlight in your hair All the world a dream come true Did it really happen, was I really there, was I really there with you? We lived our little drama, we kissed in a field of white And stars fell on Alabama last night I can't forget the gla

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