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Lincoln Brewster - On our side lyrics

in this moment We find a mercy that ... s made new Our fears we surrender For all our hope is found in You On Your word we stand You're ... to the end We believe our God is on our side Now and

New Kids On The Block - Time is on our side lyrics

round the world. Time is on our side, girl, you're my one ... ever be just friends. Time is on our side, girl, let's show ... the whole world, love is the answer and time is our

Donnie Wahlberg - Time is on our side lyrics

round the world Time is on our side, girl, you're my one ... to ever be just friends Time is on our side, girl, let's show ... the whole world Love is the answer and time is our

Jonas Brothers lyricsJonas Brothers - Time is on our side lyrics

words, empty promises Show me that, im not cut ... time fix it now, before it isn't right pick up the clock ... do it just believe that time is on our side empty promises

Kreator - Satan is real lyrics

Destroy us Let the clarion listen Among the wolves We'll ... no man shall survive In this graveyard of desire In due ... time you'll realize Satan is real Satan is real Horror

Cake - Satan is my motor lyrics

ve got wheels, Of polished steel, I've got tires ... mind that can steer me, To your house, And a heart that can ... Red flowers, My intentions are good, And earnest, and

Sabbat - Satan is beautiful lyrics

rules hell's domain, a chief satanist Rules supreme, turns the ... new page to doom His 7 legions, play with war, his command ... It's golden ecstacy for demons In night, connecting to

Gojira - Satan is a lawyer lyrics

talks, he's so correct, he is respect He learned how to ... the hair so clean The moon so far, fire so weak All ... stars Images, colors, like wrong perfection Wash my brain,

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - On our way lyrics

and you, we're different Don't always see eye to eye You ... we even fight That don't mean that I won't need a ... oh You and me, we're in this 'til the end, oh I think

Basshunter - On our side lyrics

on our side, love on our side That's what makes you ... feel Love on our side, love is on my mind And ... I can find your heart is beating next to mine Love on

Emmylou Harris - On our last date lyrics

over our love affair Too late now I ... find I care His sweet love no more I’ll share ... Now he’s gone I’m alone I was wrong should have ... known Took me home on our last date I search for a

Modestep - On our own (ft. culprate) lyrics

can do this on our own No looking back, time to ... go So we can do this somehow We can do this on our own We can do this on our

Chiddy Bang - On our way lyrics

the camera roll, cause we on a holiday It's that feel ... and the hatin' gets fewer We on a holiday, this is what I ... gotta say Them haters wish I would crack, just like a

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - On our way lyrics

you do. You say we’re gonna run away Put on your ... summer day Flying around on the highway. Spin me round ... kiss me in your chevrolet. I love you more

Shenanigans - On our own lyrics

heart has fallen, the train is calling, and you can't find ... out what we are missing, and people change, we ... all rearrange, and this is what we've seen. Check the

Egyptian - On our own lyrics

on to what we feel Don´t cheapen those legs ´cause ... To fit the idea that life is changing Take it all back ... ´cause you love your sister And you know that we're

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Is this our last time lyrics

Missy Elliott] Yeah!....OK! ... amp;amp;b Yep thats me We gon' do it one time like this Oh ... ..oh...come on [Verse 1 Missy Elliott] I remember when

Beck - Debra lyrics

Oh yeah, come on) I met you at JC Penny I ... think your nametag said Jenny I could ... that Zankou Chicken 'Cause only you got a thing That I ... you And you know what we're gonna do I wanna get with you

Ghost B.c. - Satan prayer lyrics

in one god do we Satan almighty The uncreator of ... heaven and soil And the unvisable and the visable And in his son Begotten of father By ... be unmade Who for man and his damnation Incarnated Rise

Enforcer - Satan lyrics

now is here No tomorrow, final ... of death across the land Satan Satan Satan Satan Let me ... be one with your force The final hour is ... getting near Extinction of the human race Destroyer

Angelmaker - Satan force: 666 lyrics

exact my revenge And bring your high and mighty world into a ... as they run back to you We don't run from fear when death is ... natural F*** you all This is a patronizing fate for all

Deathstars - Track, crush & prevail lyrics

bones are broken and we lie here on the floor The rats are ... some more We must pursuit this virus in the clinics of ... chains We crawl on ripped joints with fever in

Entombed - Satan lyrics

lurks in the heart of man Satan is a friend of mine Satan is ... a friend of mine We lurk for Satan Is a friend of SATAN ... ain't nobody as evil as Satan- He's a friend of SATAN

Night Demon - Satan lyrics

and Hell Inverted crosses on the walls A fallen angel ... up to you Says follow me your master calls His name is... ... SATAN He rules the underworld SATAN He's coming for your soul

Graveyard - Satan's finest lyrics

I think the horned man has done his best The first one is ... booze, your life it drains Takes you to ... prison, criminally insane Satan's finest, well, that's for

Kelly Rowland - Train on a track lyrics

I wonder) If he knows I've been ... watching him (And I wonder) If he knows I can feel ... him (And I wonder) In my dreams and when I ... lovely breeze With such harmony A train on a track

Cher Lloyd - Dub on the track (feat. dot rotten & ghetts) lyrics

m the kinda girl to put dub on the track I'm a machine, ... m hard to swallow but a spoonful of sugar might make it go ... Pick up the beat, put your money on me I'm not the

Cher Lloyd - Dub on the track (ft. nicki minaj) lyrics

I'm the kinda girl to put dub on the track I'm a machine, ... I'm hard to swallow but a spoonful of sugar might make it ... Pick up the beat, put your money on me I'm not the queen,

Cher Lloyd - Dub on the track (solo version) lyrics

la la la la Ima im beast on the track. Laying beats down ... put the vibe on the map try cut me up, try ... knock me down but you ain’t gonna take my crown let me be

Running Wild - Satan lyrics

is on the city, street lights are ... Master of Night Praying his sacred laws, no chance for ... and gods Never gives, your soul he takes, just show 'em ... the way to hell Satan! Six sixty six is his

Iron Curtain - Satan's race lyrics

chains Stand up and ask your turn Because you gonna lose ... control Yeah! Surrounded by ... evil force There isn't point of return Take ... part without disguise The devil will find you if

Lil' Flip - On point lyrics

- Lil' Flip (Lil' James)] You on point James (I'm on point ... I got skills) Then lets put our brains together and make some ... with a drill Keep the crowd on their feet like Vince Carter

Scheepers - Back on the track lyrics

on the track - There's no looking back ... the enmy - My worst enemy Is me We all should learn to ... shovel In money brings no luck at all Time ... to sumbit - Learn to live your life There's so much you can

Editor - Back on my track lyrics

Are You Feeling Sad Life Is Hard, Look What I’ve Got You ... Back Now I See You Down On The Ground You Go Beyond The ... What You Feel I Have New Track And New Thrill Ain’t

S Club 7 - Our time has come lyrics

t you know our time has come Our time has come Let's party on ... tonight We're moving on Going strong With new ideas ... We're turnin' back We're on the track Going down our way

Samael - On the rise lyrics

the rise, galvanized on the way to the top every day ... that we drop is a seed that we plant for the ... life that we want it'll grow on our backs to keep us on the track for if we wanna shine, we

Agnes Obel - On powdered ground lyrics

back and forward, but all is melting like the snow Taking ... we thought was left to know On what we treasure falls a ... where we will never know Don't break your back on the track Don't break your back on the

Europe - Danger on the track lyrics

waiting For me to share your life Cause I told you when ... ll be my wife. But someone was waiting In the shadows ... of the night Someone was waiting It just didn't

Flame - Soul on the track lyrics

me a beat, I'm gon melt it I'm on this track so ... that yo boi off the meter This aint MTV but I give you all ... Maui Fever Take a second, feel my heat, and you get

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Light on (bonus track) lyrics

the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the ... light on Leave the light, leave the ... light on I'll leave the light on ... the light, leave the light on Leave the light, leave the

Cinema Bizarre - Bang a gong (get it on) (bonus track) lyrics

and sweet Clad in black don't look back And i love you ... got the teeth of the hydra upon you You're so dirty sweet ... and you're my girl Get it on - Bang a Gong - Get it on

Danko Jones - My time is now (bonus track) lyrics

m gonna try, do everything I wanna ... do I'm gonna do everything I always ... wanted to I'm gonna live when I look my fears ... right in the eye I'm gonna learn every day that I'm

M83 - Until the night is over (bonus track) lyrics

in the rain I'm not strong Anymore I'm just waiting ... in the rain) I'm not strong Anymore (and I'm lost)

Wu-tang Clan lyricsWu-tang Clan - On the strength lyrics

God it's like this If we don't manifest our power to the ... in what we doing Cause this is for he babies (indeed) That ... s why it's on the strength Everything is on the strength Simultaneous

Bullet - Get on [bonus track] lyrics

I swing by down was only just walking in the park ... You bring me baby, longer the power Rocking in the ... evening when the sun is down Me and the dog, guess

Jedi Mind Tricks - On the eve of war lyrics

[Verse 1 - Vinnie Paz] This is raw, all across the board, ... Heavy metal rap, with a four four banger We can settle ... to the best of them, like Christopher Wallace And bring

Liquido - The joke is on you lyrics

a mojo my chimney-stack is burning all the way I`m on your track I`ve got nothing to say ... relaxed so call me back and don`t say you ain`t got no tracks

Marky Mark - On the house tip lyrics

Ashey Ace house music in your face grab yourself a ... partner find a space on the dance floor here's your ... , I'm pumpin' funky lyrics on a funky track ashey ace

Edenbridge - On top of the world lyrics

spark Tired out I was in this cascade When truth began ... to dawn on me Backing the wrong horse one decade On ... endlessly A tug-of-war in this grand charade See how the

Kontrust - On the run lyrics

all I possess and all I want is on my back Never ever and ... would stop and leave my track You try to get, to get, to ... come to, to get on the throne I can do the same without

The Academy Is... - Weve got a big mess on our hands lyrics

curse Where everything I do is flipped And awkwardly ... re seldom known and barely missed I always put myself In ... destructive situations I need oxygen To be

Casbah Club - Our time lyrics

up in the battle zone Led to believe it’s all for ... good of the home Collect your medal walking out the door ... Made the insane mistake choosing to be born We

Destruction - Our oppression lyrics

and rules without a meaning only created to be an obstacle ... in our life Democracy to live free ... easy to buy makin' decisions without asking for our opinion Blinded by lies, hypnotized

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Our love is over lyrics

things have happened to tear our love apart But when we got ... or realize the end would soon be near And there'd be no ... over but we chose to carry on There was no more love just

Kate Rusby - Our town lyrics

nothing good ever lasts Go on now and kiss it goodbye But ... hold on to your lover 'cause your heart's bound to die Go on ... now and say goodbye to our town, to our town Can't you

Mudhoney - Our time is now lyrics

time is coming Here comes our time Our time is now This is our time They say ... that time is tight Well, we're tight ... though walls Still they don't know Our time is

Noble Beast - On wings of steel lyrics

Blazing with heavenly fire Our heroes have entered the fight ... Our forces are all in position They anxiously wait for the ... awaits those who fall Your rule we're defying Our will

Astronautalis - Secrets on our lips lyrics

say it's over, we can't go on like this, The moonlight ... ardent, and the sun returns our sense. But we ain't much for ... orders, we can't go on like this, But we can live forever,

Buzzcocks - Get on our own lyrics

I saw you yesterday On my way home Baby I craved ... you today So I decided to phone So why don't we get ... together soon And er get on our own Just think of what me

Tracy Chapman - Our bright future lyrics

my father what of your sons? All of your children Even ... the ones Sent out to martyr To ... opposed to bombs Led on led on To take the path ... Where our bright future Is in our past To our father

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