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Coldrain - To be alive lyrics

dead silence surrounds me Why am ... I hesitating again? My heart is full of these words ... Drowning inside But I can't let them out So I look into this mirror Hope to find

Journey - To be alive again lyrics

time...where it takes you You know it's time that can break you We get caught ... in the moment ... Just sleepwalkin' most of our lives In ... mind (when you need it) With a song (to help you believe it)

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - To be alive lyrics

know you don't believe it Like I believe it ... Oh no, it's not your fault You sit alone inside a ... room Wait for the world to come to you They never do

Brandon Heath - Its no good to be alone lyrics

re leaving you a message on your telephone ... Everybody's wondering what you're doing home Yeah, we ... re starting and you're missing the party ... Can you hear it playing your favorite song?

Hanson - Dying to be alive lyrics

heard you crying Somebody stole my soul How could I be ... dying I turned 20, five days ago (bridge) Were all ... just crying out Somebody save me please I wont sit around just thinking about

Chastain - Lucky to be alive lyrics

tendencies seems a passion for pity's the disease ... Wake the dead, inform them, cause they haven't got a clue ... Get a life, stand up man and fight that fight Without

Skillet - Good to be alive lyrics

all you got are broken dreams Just need a second chance ... And everything you want to be Gets taken from your hands ... We hold onto each other All we have is all we need Cause one way or another We always make it you and me This

Patrick Hernandez - Born to be alive lyrics

were born to be, alive We were born to be, alive Born, born to be alive (born to be alive) You ... we're born, born, born, born to be alive People ask me

Kottonmouth Kings - Great to be alive lyrics

pills for thrills, I've made mistakes. I was hopin' anything would kill my pain ... (kill my pain). I had some tainted love, I felt betrayed. ... I know eventually I'm gunna break (gunna break). And in

Neil Sedaka - It's good to be alive again lyrics

was destroyed the day I lost you, I had no reason to go on. The moment you ... walked through the door and left me I thought that all ... in life was gone. But then I went out

Andy Grammer - Good to be alive (hallelujah) lyrics

ve been grinding so long, been trying this shit for years ... And I got nothing to show, just climbing this rope ... right here And if there's a man upstairs, he kept bringing

Imelda May - It's good to be alive lyrics

quot;It's Good To Be Alive" My thoughts are ... dark and empty, I'm now crying out ... loud Don't know what am I asking for or if an answer can be found The loneliness is

Cheap Sex - Lucky to be alive lyrics

Your World Is Caving In The Moment You Blink ... Eyes. One Second You're On Top Of The World The Next Might ... Be Your Time To Die. Life Slips Through ... Your Fingers And Showers Down In Glass ..

Jason Gray - Good to be alive lyrics

on, is this really the life I am living? 'Cause I don't feel ... like I deserve it Every day that I wake and every breath ... that I take you've given Right here,

Him - Too happy to be alive lyrics

still breathing This can’t be love Baby, we’re trying ... Shed a few tears more Oh, we keep on ... running Just to get caught And we know this is Exactly

Manfred Mann - It's good to be alive lyrics

I see the morning sun Catch the shadows on the ground ... Then I know it's good to be alive Flowers open all around ... Silver raindrops on the ground Then I

Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Good to be alive lyrics

ain't trying to think about all my problems I'm living now ... I'm living now I can't sit and worry about the future I'm ... living now, I said I'm living now So put

Lady Antebellum lyricsLady Antebellum - Good time to be alive lyrics

find us a couple of glasses Gonna pour us a bottle ... of wine There ain't no better way to get this Long ... week behind us I put my dancing dress on Just let the

Dj Rap - Dj rap - good to be alive lyrics

t crucify if I feel alive It's a natural high and ... I'm satisfied Absolved from sin I called the ... devil from within He told me live my life Don't let

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Good to be alive lyrics

is like a hurricane It brings the wind, it ... brings the rain Mud and bone, and tangled vine ... Pick the grape and drank the wine Laissez Le Bon ... Temps... Bon Temps Roule Breathing in and out another day

Slash's Snakepit - Good to be alive lyrics

told me you're an orphan The same old standard line ... Then when we moved in together All you did was moan and cry Talkin' like you'd make it On life's big movie

Hezekiah Walker - Glad to be alive lyrics

I'm glad to be alive (2x), it's one more day ... He's kept me hallelu. In this world of pain and grief. I am living in ... complete peace; I'm glad to be in that number one more day,

Metal King - The best reason to be alive lyrics

essence pass through your veins The ... light which allows to see from beyond The ... intense feeling that give shelter to your spirit ... A strong vibration, a maniac experience that you enjoy day after day The best reason to be alive, the best reason to be alive Pur

Robert Plant - If its really got to be this way lyrics

it's really got to be this way I will take it - I don't ... know I'll just carry on day to day Till I make it on my own ... by I'll forgive you girl, by and by And I'll forget you

Snak The Ripper - Alive ft. jaclyn gee lyrics

LYRICS: SNAK VERSE 1: Man I can't remember nothing, last night was a blur, I aint ... even feeling uptight of what might of occurred, probably ... acting kinda rowdy all hype and obsurd, I don't really

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Alive lyrics

goes slowly now in my life Fear no more of what I'm not sure ... Searching for your soul The ... strength to stand alone the power of not knowing ... go I guess I've found my way it's simple when its right

Guy Sebastian - Alive lyrics

this time barely just getting by, I would ... crawl even though I could fly, ... Mister play it safe, I was too afraid to fail, just waiting ... to exhale, Oh it's like I lost my way but I found it again after

Divinefire - Alive lyrics

His footsteps It's not an easy way to go I'll never stop ... fighting I'm a messenger in these times ... Loud and proud I'll bring the fire ... I'm living on the edge I want to be alive I'll never

Black Bomb Ä - Be alive lyrics

Within my mind I'm free I'm alive Don't want sects Don ... t want lies Just break the wall between you and me Color ... Enjoy my mind I know mom says : "Don't speak to strangers" One against one

Jimi Jamison - Alive lyrics

I don't see tomorrow What would be left to say? So many precious moments Got lost along the way But love is all ... that matters It's all we leave behind So hold on to each

Rise Against - Alive and well lyrics

s the time to rearrange your life live for ... outside of your own mind we all dream the same dream ... everynight to burn the world that you call ... civilized alive and well i live to be alive i

Toni Braxton lyricsToni Braxton - Sposed to be lyrics

never hafta check his story Or worry bout him when he ... s gone 'Cause even when he's not at home ... He's right where he said he'd be Never go to be ... frustrated And I never ever ever hafta fake it 'Cause when it comes to

Buzzcocks - Alive tonight lyrics

ahh, ahh - tonight Ahh, ahh Object movers have done ... nothing on me Take me to the party I just want to feel ... free I won't pass the bastard? nightmares into another

Reece Mastin - Alive lyrics

woah Don't know how many times I would say that I ... d never succeed But I always knew something more was ... out there for me It's a fine line to walk between

Gemini Syndrome - Alive inside lyrics

stand on the brink You stand on the precipice And you can't stop looking down You're ... starting to think And hating the prejudice Even ... though no ones around You want to fly But

Hey! Say! Jump - Be alive lyrics

yubi wo narase kono machi ni hibike Goban gai wo ... nukete kumoru basho ga bokura no subete Ashita no koto wa mitenai darou itsudemo sou sa ... togatten darou Semai sekai de ikiteiru kokoro butsuke aragau namida Tokai no sumi

Royz - Alive lyrics

breaking Yonaka no kono yume mo tameiki mo ... Soro soro miakita monda  konareta monda Nano ni ore wa mada sugatteru Haita teki kanjou ron Korogatta kan wo ketobashite Nozomu sekai wa kore

Iameve - To feel alive lyrics

a dream, the tree of life Covers ... me and dulls my eyes I fall asleep a thousand nights before ... I wake Rising towards the sun A voice whispers ... I’m the only one Who will teach us how to keep The vows we

Kyla La Grange - To be torn lyrics

God, I'm stuck. They are hell bent on us, and I've ... got nothing to offer you. My skin trembles, ... it wants to be used. Oh God, I'm thrown. ... I am only happy on my own. My heart grows

Frou Frou - Its good to be in love lyrics

don't know where to start Say I'm tired or throw a party ... These cucumber eyes are lying the more that i smile ... about it And all of my clothes feel like

Mikaila - Its all up to you lyrics

we talk about the future You run away ... Why do you always see the danger You're so afraid I'm ... not the one you should fear Cause I'll always be here Show

Morning Musume - Be alive lyrics

wo mamoru hoshi wo mamoru kyou wo ikiru asu ni ... tsunagu itsuka arasou koto nai yasashiki jidai ga kono ... sekaijuu tsutsumikomu sa kinen no are wo nakushite

Pennywise - Its not enough to believe lyrics

day the sky went black it came it Came without a warning ... No time to turn your back it's right Outside your ... door We all just close our Eyes while ... the world is burning While all the hypocrites Are always

Al Jarreau - Its not hard to love you lyrics

in my car, it's rainin' hard I've gotta get to ya baby ... Traffic's movin' slow, it's stop 'n go And I keep dreamin' ... 'bout ya baby,yeah Now when I finally get my

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - Its so hard to say goodbye to yesterday lyrics

do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times that made ... us laugh Outweigh the bad. I thought we'd get to see ... forever But forever's gone away It's so hard to say goodbye

Rascal Flatts - Its not supposed to go like that lyrics

found his daddy's gun And Joey had never seen one Real cowboy all dressed up As ... he held it in his hand Said, "You be good and I'll ... be bad" Then he pulled the

The Posies - Its great to be here again lyrics

's easy livin' in the house of your ... dreams Wall to wall with every trophy you don't ... need All the players say the damndest things Making ... time for the camera 16 minutes can bring Hands

American Head Charge - To be me lyrics

you any idea What it's like to be me Watching you succeed and move forward All my wasted time, tensing in anticipation My thought process ... Full grown and worthless Safe when nobody is in your heart now Take everything you can get your hands o

Björk - Its not up to you lyrics

wake up And the day feels Broken I tilt my head I'm trying to get an angle ... 'Cause the evening I've always longed for It could still ... happen How do I master The perfect day Six glasses of water Seven phonecalls If you leave it alone

Love - Nice to be lyrics

my mind begins to roam A fantasy of which I will condone ... Seeing, being, goodness , a warmth to be alive It's nice to ... be Timelessly I play around in space A galaxy of

Erasure lyricsErasure - Be careful what you wish for! lyrics

to be alive It's a struggle to survive From the dark of ... night Will I reach and feel the light Will I ... choose my fate In the twinkle of an eye ... From the firmament Your ideal will come to life Rumours

Loudness - To be demon lyrics

no nagare no, otoga kikoeru midori semaru, ... shizukana kuni… Who Are You? doko e yuku no? ... nemuri kara sameta ima yukue shirazu, mayou kokoro ... toritome mo naku hitotsu oboeta, aikotoba kitto yasashiku, kuchizusamu dakara

Conflict - To be continued... lyrics

I stand alone again In my endless search for ... freedom? Challenging their might, defeated ... Falling helplessly away Crawling from the wreckage ... future? I feel the coldness as I step out into their darkness So I stand alone the

Tuomas Holopainen - To be rich lyrics

night, silent years The cold heart haunting ... still Sleepless watch of the night And her face

Cranes - To be lyrics

again There's time my friend ... ... And time will never end You ... ll be free my love You'll be free my love Do you see our ... .. honey Honey ... honey Can you see our love? Do you

Ayumi Hamasaki - To be lyrics

ga toorisugiteku ki ni mo tomenai doushiyou mo nai Sonna ... garakuta wo taisetsusou ni kakaete ita Mawari wa fushigi na ... kao de sukoshi hanareta basho kara miteta Sore demo waratte itte kureta "Takaramono da" to Ooki na nanika wo te ni irenagara ushinatta mo

Ceremonial Castings - To be one with storm tears of fire lyrics

Is Calm Before The Storm Nigh Has Fallen & I am ... Written In The Sky The Storm Is Thy Redemption of Faith ... Now & Again I will Fall From Grace & The Sky Rains Tears Of Fire Darkness

Devilyn - To be awaken in the nightmares lyrics

quot;...Nobody can say what will happen in a while But ... still there are some stories Which are repeated ... corpse lies on the bed There is chiling silence all around The mouth distorted

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