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Miracle Of Sound - Dead space song - hell in the headspace lyrics

through the casing Carve to the core Burn out the virus Strip out the spore Contaminated There's nothing pure Reanimated I am the cure Break out your kill cutter Hell in the headspace Insanity it always finds me Keep running but it's rig

Famous Last Words - Hell in the headlights lyrics

the impact that took my life But what happened to the little girl still trapped inside? Did she make it out of there alive? Did she survive? The headlights showed me the light Lit the tunnel down the road to my demise All we went for was a little drive Who knew that it would be

Ice Nine Kills - Hell in the hallways lyrics

and terrorized The outcast knows no way to survive Plagued by fear, year after year Her cries for help fell on deaf ears Forever unknown and so alone Where the hell in the hallways always feels like home The girl that was lost The girl no one saved, wit

Dashboard Confessional - Hell on the throat lyrics

line of strands to mark the trail, No one said it would be easy I must admit I thought the risk was better waged in younger seasons, But all these years in the cold play hell on the throat Till everything I say burns like cinders, Well it's hard to belong

Van Morrison - In the midnight lyrics

the lonely, dead of midnight In the dimness, of the twilight By the streetlight, by the lamplight I'll be around In the sunlight, in the daylight And I'm workin', on the insight And I'm tryin' to keep, my game uptight I'll be around And your memory, I hea

Dying Fetus - In the trenches lyrics

abomination The last of a family of filth Procreator should have pulled out A f***ing waste of sperm Family scorned abhorrance Would've done the world a favor So much aggravation alleviated If you were aborted How pathetic can one be? Alwa

Nerd Out Music - Rainbow six siege song | rainbows in the dark.. lyrics

it cock it let it Blow Load it cock it let it Go Load it cock it let it Blow Load it cock it let it Go Get it where you fit it this is not our decision we going in and we killing better get in position listen This is not a drill it´s the real thing r

Sally Oldfield - In the presence of the spring lyrics

Light is on the land, no star is awake The dew is on my hand and the moon on the lake. Silent is the still night, no bird I can hear, But in the scent of the southern breeze, I know the spring is here. There's a mist on the hill, there's a warmth in the air And in the shimmeri

Grudge Connection - Dead space lyrics

congregations they know what to say congregations, corporations they know what you say Drop, the space Wait my grave Corporations, congregations they know what to say congregations, corporations they know what you say Drop, the space Wait my grave Probes!

Sick Puppies - Dead space lyrics

have a situation here It's clear It's not disappearing We keep f***ing what is pure No cure And it keeps happening Over and over again Over and over again We have a situation here (It's clear) (It's here) Dead space The only thing that's left to fear It's too late

Fear Of Domination - Dead space lyrics

am I so stuck in here Lost in space and time Keep running away from it The unknown enemy Still at the point of no return Bypass the rational thinking No reason No conclusion Or even beginning This is the new beginning It is so silent Dead in here

Beach House - Space song lyrics

was late at night You'd held on tight From an empty sea A flash of light It would take awhile To make you smile Somewhere in these eyes I'm on your side You wide eye'd girl You get it right Fall back into place Fall back into place Tender is the night F

Simple Minds - Song from under the floorboards lyrics

am angry I am I'll and I'm as ugly as sin My irritability keeps me alive and kicking I know the meaning of life, it doesn't help me a bit I know beauty and I know a good thing when I see it This is a song from under the floorboards This is a song from where the wall is

Dagames - Lost in the dark (outlast song) lyrics

Deep in the cataclysmic Entity that holds their remorse Mentally scarred by the Conducted experiments Controlling their arrogance You stopped inside this institude ...

Dawn Of Ashes - Carnal consummation in the empty space lyrics

worms searching for Omega's seed... This placid touch from the Devil's codex. The desert's curse of demon shades... Putrefied shadows from their sullen fury. They writhe corpses for their blood lust cancer... Nightmarish wasteland of the relic ra

Human League - The black hit of space lyrics

out all night, I needed a bite, I thought I'd put a record on I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label, and wondered where the light had gone It had a futuristic cover, lifted straight from Buck Rogers The record was so black it had to be a con The autochanger s

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - In the tombs lyrics

AM on a cold night I find myself, empty bottle in hand Out with a friend, we're singing alone About the things that are going wrong Singing out loud about this world The messed up life, the struggles we've fought I hear sirens, bright lights in my eyes Without warn

Annihilator - Hell is a war lyrics

in the darkness, sheltered from the rain My mom and dad are gone now, I'm alone again Is anybody out there? Does anybody care? I don't wanna live here anymore I don't wanna live See the people suffering, Watch the children die Doesn't it make you wonder wh

36 Crazyfists - In the midnights lyrics

ran with the dead and chased And chased my own shadow Built walls, walls of belief Reaction from the fall We are ones of will Desperate and dying I was, I was along For the ride, the ride of the unaligned I gave you every word to hold On a deathless night

Custard - Dead shall rise lyrics

in the woods on wicked ground There burns a fire White lines, a pentagram in sign Drawn by a necromancer Below his feet his sacrifice Waits for its destiny An evil knife ripped off his heart Still warm and pounding Before the night is over The dead sha

Fit For An Autopsy - Dead in the dirt lyrics

in the dirt leave me be Now I breathe the air that the demons breathe And they sing to me So don't pull me up From the bottom The filth I need to stay I've been to the surface Oh, and its just pushed me away Further from grace What a disgusting f

Rhett And Link - Dead ipod song lyrics

every electronic device There lies a seed Dormant and waiting to be Released Somewhere between eighteen months and two years It will sprout And begin to choke the life out And if you've got an iPod, You know exactly what we're talking about You pressed the power button A

Ayreon - The awareness lyrics


Hawthorne Heights - Dead in the water lyrics

medicine is blending in it's in the blood with oxygen I need this right now to figure myself out Cutting through the ribbons of self doubt I never thought you'd see me this way You are the worst and I am to blame Close the door, lock it tight They don't know your

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Song in the blood lyrics

are great puddles of blood on the world Where is it all going? all this spilled blood? Is it the earth that drinks it and gets drunk? Funny kind of drunkography then, So wise, So monotonous, No, The earth doesn’t get drunk The earth doesn’t turn as

Pixies lyricsPixies - Space (i believe in) lyrics

needed something to move and fill up the space We needed something this always is just the case Jefrey with one F, Jefrey took up his place Sat on a carpet and with tablas in hand took up the chase Jefrey with one F, Jefrey Now it occurred to me as he drove away

Deadnight - In the dead of night lyrics

of the dawn, open up their eyes Morbid human hunt, it shall begin tonight Exterminate the weak, kill everyone you see This is how it's done, no man will be alive In the dead of night the fires burn In the dead of night the hatred is born Darkness falls on th

Gothminister - Hell opens the gate lyrics

the valley Of faded grey souls The trees lay dead In the forrest where no-one goes The beast is served Hell opens the gate A stench fills the air And the sky's painted

Impending Doom - In the house of mourning lyrics

I saw the dead before the throne. Martyr! I saw the dead before the throne. Martyr! The ending is better than the beginning. What has been given will last forever Nothing added nothing taken away. In this time When injustice seems to prevail We are without failure.

Okkervil River - Dead dog song lyrics

bless him, has died and left this home The woodchucks running wild, the bushes overgrown Slip unseen into the skein of trees Slide through dusky grasses and scatter his ashes Oh, it is all over, he is never coming back There will be no more roaming He was only here for fourtee

Sathanas - In the circle of hell lyrics

sentencing the damned, for their past sin's and blasphemies Visions of a burning netherworld Souls are falling to their final stage of death In the circle - Gods of the dead take my side In the circle - Before the throne I shall stand In the circle - I am th

Armored Saint - In the hole lyrics

wind The war I'm burning out Is this the end The bombs are raining hell I see the real me Floating out to space Blown to bits Where's the human race Slave Well it's immortal right But I'll give it a try As they fly through the a

Bloodthorn - Hell on the eastern front lyrics

Senseless slaughter, encircled and besieged There is no escape, only death can set us free Defeat is now certain, there's no point to resist The entire...

The Bravery - Song for jacob lyrics

saw Jacob, he lay in the street He said the air out here is like amphetamine And I never ever wanna sleep again I wanna live till I die The took all his money and all that he had But he smiled with his eyes and his face was bright red And spit would run fr

Hell In The Club - Star lyrics

can hear my whisper in this room so cold I can hear my heartbeat that is knocking on the door Rain upon this place, shadows dance with pain Uh empty glasses, lipstick around Some do remember, some do forget Rain upon this place, rain inside of me [chorus] Becaus

Him - In the nightside of eden lyrics

we're standing in light of a frozen sun Cursing the gods we have at home Will you steal the fire from the sacred heart And bleed the blood of holy We've fallen in love with the serpent's song And feel nothing In the nightside of eden We're born again Dead

Downgrade - In the shadows lyrics

s me tonight Sometimes abusive feel And God will helps you out Sometimes you make it real And fallin' to the ground Somewhere abandoned are No one likes you right now These grugs are perfect You have to stop or die right now As I walked through The valley shadows of d

Eric Church - Hell on the heart lyrics

if, and's, but's or maybe's So you wanna be her baby I can read your face like a book Yeah it looks easy to love her but believe me brother It's harder than it looks She's as pretty as a picture Every bit as funny as she is smart Got a smile that'll hold you toge

Fleshcrawl - In the dead of night lyrics

over bodies - One by one They got sliced - By this bastard son Helpless victim of an unreal horror mind In one second takes you to the other side Is it just a dream - Or is it real Shaken by a shiver - Psychopathic ride In the moment when you hesitate

Foxygen - In the darkness lyrics

maybe late at night there's an elegant land in the darkness Oh maybe in the mind it's a hell of a time in the darkness Maybe in space there's an alien race I wouldn't be surprised So without further ado we'd like to introduce you to the darkness Oh yeah we've see

Deathchain - In the crypt of vengeance lyrics

my dreams of the black I'm dwelling within The place beyond my memories It's haunting me As I'm walking down the steps made of stone I remember The curse I was once set out to cast from below I know the doctrines of left hand path - those se

Hell In The Club - Don't throw in the towel lyrics

these days you're feeling broken down Feels like the walls are closing in on you In these days you're really out and down you just want to feel alright This is a song, it's just my way to say "believe in you" This is a l

House Of Lords - In the light lyrics

better keep on runnin' From the mess you made You can't lie it away It´s your way or no way, baby Go on and pull that trigger It's judgment day You're gonna pay There's no time to pray ´Cause your way is his way Monday to Sunday Tuesday to doomsday In the light he'll ne

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In the heat of the moment lyrics

nah nah nah nah nah nah They tell me you've touched the face of God . At the sound of a rope cracking on your neck. They tell me you never give it up . Like the song that was soul singing in your head So honey please don't let go or you'll fall into the dead of night.

Rob Zombie lyricsRob Zombie - In the age of the consecrated vampire we all .. lyrics

Intro] Think for yourself and question authority [Verse 1] Well, I've been stepping on the Devil's tail With my platform boots I'm ready to rail Got my chipped tooth and a dirty tongue Point me to the door while I'm still feeling young I swear I saw a dead girl late last night

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The (body song) lyrics

foot picks steps with leisured dread Receives instructions from your head It's the body song It's the body song The leg, a source of much delight Which carries weight and governs height It's the body song It's the body song The flesh we've got beneath our skin Is what we keep

Ice-t - The tower lyrics

m rollin' up in a big gray bus And I'm shackled down Myself that's who I trust The minute I arrived Some sucker got hit Shanked ten times Behind some bullshit Word in the pen the fool was a snitch So without hesitatin' I made a weapon quick If found a sharp piece of metal

Mob Rules - (in the land of) wind and rain lyrics

searching for the truth of time But does not find answers Watch out: high on the wire The world seems like bugs on the ground He´s blinded by the light of fire Goes deaf and dumb slightly Look out: Hear the echoes of your past See the mirror of your mask Feel

Queen - In the space capsule (the love theme) lyrics

entering our control range, approaching the Sea of Fire Bring it through safely. Land it Prisoners, march below me to the presence of Emperor

Scar Symmetry - The eleventh sphere lyrics

portals of silvery bliss Exit the flesh, leaving all of this I travel within, my eyes remain closed To this body I am but a host Disconnecting from the body Behold creation reversed Internal eyes are opening The material sphere bursts Nothing is, not

Aglarond - In the dead of night lyrics

Here in Dead of Night, I See your Shadow, Walking Through Gloomy Halls, I see you Disappear. Stand Here in Dead of Night, I see your Shadow, Walking Through Deepest Night, I see you Disappear. “Cold wind is Whispering Your Name, Through

The Do - Song for lovers lyrics

a song for lovers who don’t care if they don’t sleep If dragonflies with heavy hearts cut the air like darts Here’s a song for lovers who won’t ever have to weep Clear-sighted eyes and uncried tears all dried out in the sun You were far too young, dear to get so close to the clouds

Dream Theater - In the presence of enemies pt 2 lyrics

tired pilgrim Into the circle We have been waiting Everyone's gathered for your arrival All the believers Angels fall, all for you, heretic Demon heart bleed for us I've been waiting for you, Weary preacher man You have been expected Now we can begin Let t

Hutchinson Eric - In the first place lyrics

you had any idea what it was gonna take Would you have gotten started in the first place All these commitments you make they keep on adding up Because you got addicted from the first taste Ooooh Nobody wonders nobody really cares Ooooh About your intentions until you're gott

The Who lyricsThe Who - The song is over lyrics

song is over It's all behind me I should have known it She tried to find me Our love is over They're all ahead now I've got to learn it I'm gonna sing out chorus: I'll sing my song to the wide open spaces I'll sing my heart out to the infinite sea I'll sing my vision

Cauldron Born - The final incantation / in the dreaming city lyrics

circles etched upon the floor Hours of fasting and prayer Time to open the forbidden door Triangle of manifestation Call on the Legions Here they will be bound The Tetragrammaton spoken Bathed in blood spilled fresh Black book of knowlege bound in human flesh Ho

Factory Of Dreams - The piano in the sea lyrics

to everyone So lonely, No one exists anymore He sings its song Now vanishing In this sea of darkness Never giving up On his song He keeps playing, he keeps singing A song of hope To brighten this dark sea The song so faint But for those That still ca

God Forbid - The lonely dead lyrics

is to feel death crawling beneath your skin We must remember the dead I look down to the ground before me Worried no longer, we were free for the first time Now more lonely than we ever been Around the fire we wonder; if they are alone as we are The lonely dead lonely Alone is to f

Leaves' Eyes - Hell to the heavens lyrics

fading paper sheet Once plain white and unmeaningly Love left a printed trace Of something that may never be alive again Hell to the heavens It fills my mind with heat I raise my hands against these shutting gates Opening clouds above me My r

Emiliana Torrini - The boy who giggled so sweet lyrics

came with the breeze She told everyone, in the cold She would hold him and sing a song, Sweet little Anna, singing her sad, sad song, To her beautiful boy that giggled so sweet. The days went by until one little night, with this one little moon hanging in its black, Sweet

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