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Dagorlad - The warriors of the ancient battle of zuljin lyrics

he was, The man from the wood At the border of the ... plain of Vorneas, In front, over a distance, the ... Hill of Agony, With around, the legions of death, The sons of Zul'Dahr and the monsters

Cruachan - The first battle of moytura lyrics

came here when the sun was high. The sea was ... calm to meet them. From out of the wind above the hills. ... Come a fleet of godly men. Borne on strong ... winds from the otherworld. Shrouded by magical

Circle Takes The Square - In the nervous light of sunday lyrics

invoke the artists of this tragically seemless, ill ... fated tapestry, blistered fingers are tending their loom. ... She collects the strands to braid into life.

Dagorlad - The holy battle of vorneas lyrics

was a glorious day An army of dead men walking Thousands of them Wearing helmets And ... coats of mail Holding weapons, Swords, axes, ... Clubs, bow and arrow. Heading to the Hill of Agony To

Of Montreal - The hopeless opus or the great battle of... lyrics

s reminisce of our first dance together ... along the ocean floor. Your dress was ... made of egg shells. My hair was in a ... While we were hunting for the Marshmallow Coast. I played

Deströyer 666 - The eternal glory of war lyrics

I'm alone, and thinkin' of death Thinkin' about the ... world and when it will end Thinkin' of what is accepted and ... accepted as true They're all just lies! AWARE!

Dance Gavin Dance - The robot vs the heroin battle of vietnam lyrics

parts of victims organs) (they will give you better style) ... (attach the platemail to your insides) ... blistered by the fire (keep your victims confined) caught in the threshold

Folkodia - The first battle of moytirra lyrics

Firbolgs are marching With their heavy spears in hand To ... face the noble Dannan And fight for the fate of Ireland... The ... Tuatha de Dannan clash With the raging Firbolg host Iron

Folkodia - The second battle of moytirra lyrics

beasts are prowling the land With fangs a' dripping ... with the blood Of beasts and mortal men alike: ... These fiends have but one eye... The Tuatha de Dannan take

Fm Static - The unavoidable battle of feeling on the outs.. lyrics

s hard to fit in, When you're on the outside, ... Feels like someone's getting to my head, Was it somethin ... I did, or just somethin' I said? I'm not an idiot,

Ancient Wisdom - In the profane domain of the frostbeast lyrics

on paths unknown Through the godless realm, following the ... darkest pride Unveil Thy kingdom wide And the gate was ... opened My eyes, eaten by the frost Blinded by icewinds

Khors - In the cold embrace of mist lyrics

the cold embrace of mist Forest wardens are ... asleep, By the magic have been ceased, And ... it goes through ages deep In the cold embrace of mist I ... feel icy breath of North, I hear whisper of

Kelly Anne Kathleen (kathy) - In the morning (morning of my life) lyrics

the morning when the moon is on his face You ... will find me at the time I love the best Watching rainbows play on sunlights ... Pools of water ice from cold nights In the morning 'tis the morning of my life In the daytime I

Bal-sagoth - In the ravenhaunted forests of darkenhold whe.. lyrics

Words of the Forest-King on the Eve of the Nexus: I am the ... immortal King of the Deep Woods, Servitor of the ... Old Gods of the Forest... I hear the whispered words of the trees... Such ancient

Dissection - In the cold winds of nowhere lyrics

for my subconscious Lead me into myself A need to discover the dark A will to enter these ... to end this empty life In my dreams I saw my real side ... my visions oh so bright Watching eternity open as I turn out

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - In the cold light of morning lyrics

cold light of morning while Everyone is yawning ... You're high In the cold light of morning The ... party gets boring You're high As your skin ... to scratch and wave Yesterdays action goodbye Forget past

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

your spirit-form, Xerxes... for by mastering the art of ... traversing the mists you may effortlessly ... [XERXES:] Yes, master... and yet, there is one realm

Doomsword - Eternal battle lyrics

never thought The legends were true Now the ... hall open its gates To its dying son As one battle fades ... Another one soars I take my place, ... At Odin's side Blood runs fresh

Timo Kotipelto - Battle of the gods lyrics

raised to avenge, to make things right He could feel the ... anger running in his veins In a foreign land he began to ... uncle from his reign Learning how to fight using his might

Sacred Gate - The battle of thermopylae lyrics

quot;Go tell the Spartans, stranger passing by, that here obedient to their laws, we lie" ... (Simonides) In 480, before Christ's birth The Persian empire was the

Pyramaze - The battle of paridas lyrics

there was a war In the ancient land of Paridas The ... elderly foresaw A troop of armoured men would pass And ... take the place apart So Paridas would ... Every man and child Was trained to guard the castle walls

Evertale - In the sign of the valiant warrior lyrics

upon a time, far beyond in a distant land So my story ... shall begin Darkness and chaos and an ... evil awakes From legends out of fairytales From days ... forgotten, days gone by Once forsaken, despaired

Cryonic Temple - Eternal flames of metal lyrics

alone we stand strong Our Brothers in Arms make us go on ... Keepers of Faith will never let go ... we will explode We follow the road in an unbroken line we

Hexenhaus - The eternal nightmare - act ii lyrics

within a vicious circle Approaching ... the limits of pain Falling into the pit where death is calling Still roaming my mind ... Haunted by distorted visions Memories

Brave - The last battle...... lyrics

is a song for cross all the land the land of darkness the cruel search for light men ... and mens will fight dripping death to whet the ... bloodthristy the bomberboys starting climb into the sky This is a song,

Hate Eternal - The eternal ruler lyrics

out of exile Must I save thee from abolishment Hence ... utter chaos must ensue Nominated Czar Must I revive what ... Now among us, he is Now one of us, he is The bane of our

122 Stab Wounds - The torture art lyrics

Towards What He Lusts For The Grim Art on The Wall Makes ... Want More A Chamber Full of Hate Carpets Made of Human ... Limbs He Enjoys The Air He Breathes He Does No

Grave - Battle of eden lyrics

nature in the holy garden of delight, Spawn of purity and ... Weakened followers searching since the dawn of time, ... Slaves to the grind and the word of god. Charge!

Múm - The smell of today is sweet like breastmilk i.. lyrics

smell of today is sweet like ... breastmilk in the wind It's time the waves hold the water Or this could be the ... lost fight of the morrow Our dream has grown

Opera Ix - In the sixth tower lyrics

in darkness the vary eyes of the lord o birds of prey ... announces the passing of time With his piercing call ... The thick dark leaves of the forest dance in the wind and in worshipful adoration The

Edge Of Attack - In the night lyrics

creeping in the night Fill your head with ... fear Visions of a massacre Fill your eyes ... with tears Thoughts fly by inside your head Searching for ... or die is your fate Only asking why In the night

Nile - Enduring the eternal molestation of flame lyrics

not my Corpse Rot in the Necropolis Let not my crimes ... be raised against me Whilein the Earth Make my flesh and ... from thy breast Save me from the Ravages of Deacay The CrawlingFeinds Who Take away Limbs

The Boomtown Rats - In the pouring rain lyrics

s gonna catch their death In the pouring rain Everybody ... better hold their breath In the pouring rain Everybody's ... gonna walk on by Everbody hide away Everbody

Darkthrone - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the Goat in the Mirror Eyes Burn like (an) ... October Sunrise As Once they Gazed upon the Hillside ... Searching for the Memories... In the Shadow of the Horns

Gaias Pendulum - In the deep of gaia lyrics

your body And now is time of my journey Into the heart of ... the earth In the deep of gaia. I feel the last wind ... of the day The last ray of the sun I feel the touch of the

Barren Earth - The leer lyrics

Has Been Broken Blessed Is The Infernal Soul Dark Desire ... Has Awoken And I See The Angels Fall In The Moments Of Silence As The Wind Has ... Abated The Clouds Of Black Come In Sight Down

Children Of Bodom - In the shadows lyrics

cannot get up by the howling cry Just justify my longing to die, Bury me down at ... last, I think about it in the shadows and cry Can ... scissors heal a man torn of tears, A fading I fear inside. The reaper in sheet

Lorna Shore - The astral wake of time lyrics

I drift amongst the stars Lost in the astral ... wake of times Limitless as I may ... haunt my dreams Where is the part where close my eyes for ... good I denounce this f***ing life Let me close my eyes

Mistress - In the shadow of the horns lyrics

of the goat in the mirror As once they gazed ... upon the hillside Searching for the memories... Eyes ... October sunrise Only seen by the kings Upon the thrones In the shadow of the horns Of

Gloryhammer - The epic rage of furious thunder lyrics

Mighty city on the banks of the silv'ry Tay your sacrifice ... fateful day but now that the time has come to regain our ... we march to war with an army of eagles by our side Oh,

Circles Of Mind - The awakening lyrics

quot;We are the ones coming from a distant land guided by the Man who's hidden in the ... middle of the night. Feel now the awakening's getting deep inside your mind for those who'll then wake

Boards Of Canada - The devil is in the details lyrics

are, secure and protected In this, your special place ... Letting my voice flow into your mind You don't need ... as you go Suggestions are going into your unconscious mind

Nokturnal Mortum - The forgotten ages of victories lyrics

thunder of the drums is heard and cattle ... herds are driving back. Sunset is driving ... near, The heat of hoofs - all around melt away in the shaggy beard of great and

Beyond The Black - In the shadows lyrics

we’re standing here together At the crystal borderline ... memories are shattered Nothing’s left of what was mine I’m ... tryin’ to hold you But you slip

Judicator - The rain in the meadow lyrics

of sunshine through the haze in these melancholy days A mind ... who's blinded by the pathos til the nerve is ... star, but did I ever really shine? Blur the lines and pray,

Jupiter One - People in the mountain, people of the ocean lyrics

time ago We went down to Mexico And ... And so we prayed Under the sun We were bound to have ... some fun But then it rained Oh it rained All I'd ... dear But it was only a state of mind, you see And the people

Overkill - The goal is your soul lyrics

lifelong list of Sundays, wrapped up with a bow ... Justifies the greatest answers, that you ... may never know The fallen is the viper, reap now ... what you sow Screaming from the mountain tops, let his people

Iamx - The great shipwreck of life lyrics

Play with me, You can make the love and I'll make the money, ... Stay with me, Shut out the world, live underneath the ... you just be pretty. To the brave and the petrified, We

Death Of An Era - The warning lyrics

secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and ... we are as a people inherently and historically ... oaths and to secret proceedings. For we are opposed around

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - In the sweet bye & bye lyrics

that is fairer than day And by faith we can see it apart ... For the father waits over the way To prepare us a dwelling ... place there In the sweet by and by We shall meet on that

Age Of Heaven - In the mirror lyrics

through you When you feel the eerie atmosphere Driven by ... curiosity You press the handle and walk through And ... all over you Now you stop in front of the altar Under it

Van Morrison - In the midnight lyrics

the lonely, dead of midnight In the dimness, of the twilight ... By the streetlight, by the lamplight I'll be around In the sunlight, in the daylight

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - The crazy cries of love lyrics

stormy night Everyone was at the wing-ding They weren't the wing-ding type So they went up ... on the train bridge Where the weather was howling And oh,

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - The whole price of blood lyrics

crime a murderous wounding how could you allow it? ... after time that's been passing a law that was written in the blood of your victims ... born out of pure resentment and what of

Boards Of Canada - In the annexe lyrics

Lyric not available (instrumental

Ceremonial Castings - The black spell of destruction lyrics

my Sword the Making Of my Spell Literally Damkuna, ... Sheb Nigurepur, Dafast The World's Tragedy, Is Served at

Bishop Of Hexen - The somber grounds of truth lyrics

hours filled with a glowing light Now seem a distant ... sight As i wallow in the somber grounds of truth The ... eyes are cloaked by the void within A rough terrain

Bishop Of Hexen - The sombre grounds of truth lyrics

hours filled with a glowing light Now seem a distant ... sight As i wallow in the somber grounds of truth The ... eyes are cloaked by the void within A rough terrain

Coven - The white witch of rose hall lyrics

white witch of Rose Hall, The devil she could call. Mother ... Ruthford come one day, Into Montego Bay. The great ... had to have this man The white witch of Rose Hall, A

Edwin Colins - The magic piper (of love) lyrics

that I stay sober. No rolling in the clover, No Gretna ... trip over. No honeymoon in Paris, I only feel ... embarrassed For the cool cats, The charmed

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