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Daybreaker [album Version] .. lyrics

Browse for Daybreaker [album Version] .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Daybreaker [album Version] .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Daybreaker [album Version] ...

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Catharsis - Не зарекайся (album version) lyrics

зарекайся верить в невозможность чуда, Никто не знает, что за поворотом ждет… Судьбы таинственные знаки есть повсюду, Обласкан небом будет тот, кто их поймет. Не зарекайся вызнать все глубины сердца, Чужие души, словно древний темный лес, Костер увидишь… но не даст тебе согретьс

Catharsis - Иной (album version) lyrics

Нет не свет… Странный отблеск немого огня. Он снова здесь, Снова жаждет решать за меня. Нет, не смотреть! В зеркалах угасает заря… Кто в них застыл? Кто живет в них - Он или Я? Стынет свет, слепит тьма, разрушаю, творя, Так дай мне силы… С тобой смогу коснуться с

Catharsis - Детям вольного ветра (album version) lyrics

слов – верно одно. Сотни путей – что тебе суждено? Сколько запретов, примеров и правил…Хватит! Враг смел и честен с тобой? Друг верит правде чужой? Ярким лучом или в серой толпе? Твой выбор! Можно отправиться в вечность Ангелом рая беспечным, Души объятьем св

Aesthetic Perfection - Inhuman (album version) lyrics

got a crush on a pretty picture She's got style when she wears a frown She's got m Well I'm going nowhere Oh please Proceed We're going down No hope No pain No loss No gain No heart No will No life No thrill One day I pray I'll be A human being Stay With

Art Of Dying - Build a wall (album version) lyrics

a wall from me Your words are mortar and limestone One wall’s okay You’re still easy to find Put up a second wall Corner yourself and hide I can come around meet you on the other side Tell me how how does it finally feel to be free Tell me

Art Of Dying - Completely (album version) lyrics

see an end Our sun will dive Blood alone won't bring you life Darkness falls Curtains rise You and I just can't survive Like broken glass I see through you I can't believe the things that you do With open eyes been cut before Now I see throu

Art Of Dying - You don't know me (album version) lyrics

think you know me Got me figured out Your casting shadows I'm casting doubt You think you know me You think I care You should spend some time (sometime) with the person in the mirror I'm a fist, I'm afraid, I'm a link in the chain I'm the worst of the best, but I'm in this race

Art Of Dying - I will be there (album version) lyrics

s leaving Somebody gives a damn Somebody's dreaming 'Cause somebody knows they can You can For all the times this world ain't fair I want you to know I will be there To watch you go, to let you know somebody cares I will be there To love you when n

Ayumi Hamasaki - Red line~for ta~ (album version) lyrics

wo tatta hitotsu dake no Inori ni kaeta bokura ga Ano hi, ano shunkan ni mita Kiseki wa maboroshi ja nai Dakedo kanashii kara Nichijou ni nagasareteku ne Omoidashite mite zetsubou wo kanjitara Kimi ga akirameyou to shite iru kyou tte hi wa Dokoka no dareka ga a

Bury Your Dead - Mosh 'n' roll (album version) lyrics

Instrumental) Bury your f***ing dead

Charice Pempengco - And i'm telling you (album version) lyrics

I am telling you I'm not going You're the best mom I'll ever known There's no way I can ever go No no no no way No no no no way I'm living without you I'm not living without you I don't wanna be free I'm staying I'm staying And you, and you You're gonna love me eeh.. eeh.. ohh.. ohh

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Life in technicolor ii (album version) lyrics

s a wild wind blowing down the corner of my street Every night there the headlights are glowing There's a cold war coming on the radio, I heard Baby, it's a violent world Oh love, don't let me go Won't you take me where the street lights glow? I could hear rain coming

Coldplay lyricsColdplay - Lost! (album version) lyrics

because I'm losing Doesn't mean I'm lost Doesn't mean I'll stop Doesn't mean I would cross Just because I'm hurting Doesn't mean I'm hurt Doesn't mean I didn't get What I deserved No better and no worse I just got lost Every river that I tried

Coldrain - Fiction (album version) lyrics

d do just anything To get what she desires But all she really wants Are the things that she can see The inside of her heart is so dark Fiction You live inside a world where you are loved But sooner or later you start to fall down Fiction You've tol

Diaura - Jikai (album version) lyrics

mae kimi to donna asu o egakou azayaka ni hora hajime kara sadamerareta "ima" nanoda to shitemo habataita toritachi ni hakanai inori o takushite hajime kara sadamerareta "ima" nanoda to shitemo Jesus Ch

E Nomine - Wiegenlied (album version) lyrics

Blick schweift hinaus zum Waldesrand. Dort spielst du mit ihm. In meinem Gesicht das Entsetzen stand. Dein einst so treuer Spielgefährte und Wegbegleiter war wieder da. Ich wusste nicht weiter. Wir hatten den kleinen Hund doch kürzlich begraben. Es fiel dir so schwer, ih

Endless Heights - Dream strong (album version) lyrics

feet still grounded, trapped by these walls enclosing me. My feet still grounded, but yet our hearts still beat. Let’s be realistic and prepare to crush another child’s dream. Reality and our preconceived values have been ripped by greed. We all learn a

Farewell My Love - Mirror, mirror (album version) lyrics

in a web of reversed lives And my reflection is the one that's on my side Now lies the choice between regret and time Belief is fading and I can't ignore your signs So close your eyes and wish I'd mock the weak Ones who live in fear, avoiding wh

Helia - Memento mori (album version) lyrics

to forget bygone days, ignore the here and now. Afraid about the future. Nothing at all in hands. Glory's the worst of liars deceiving with her promises She drags you up to the top Each passing day, you forgot. Wasting time's your blame death is here, not more far bu

I Declare War - As they burn alive (album version) lyrics

s a lovely night for something to go wrong. Can't you see those clouds? They are spelling disaster. This will be your last night on earth. This night will not be forgotten. Until everyone lies dead. As the angels lay broken beneath the ashes. M

I Declare War - Through the eyes of the killer (album version.. lyrics

a cold and silent night, something strange grasped the air, reeking of the smell of death. Stalking his victims. Hoping. Preying on the weak. Surrender yourself, it's over. You won't feel a thing. Death is upon you. It's far too late to save her now. He strikes again

I The Mighty - Andrew's song (album version) lyrics

always told me to write a song about Andrew... Little did you know that it would be about you. And I think he knows I won't see him come Monday, when we meet up again to tie our own noose. His head at rest on my shoulder, in that place you used to call you

I The Mighty - Playing catch with .22 (album version) lyrics

ve been thinking back to when we used to share a drink on midnight walks When you'd pretend your winter breath was cigarette smoke in your lungs I'd fight the urge to give you all the worst advice about the ones you liked (You called it chemistry, I called it earning bragging righ

I The Mighty - Slow dancing forever (album version) lyrics

night I had the most vivid of dreams... Emily came through my window and she hugged me. I felt every hair of my neck stand up. Every inch of her cold to the touch. She told me to miss the flight for her funeral... Sobbing into my chest, begging me not

I The Mighty - The hound and the fox (album version) lyrics

sleep for the sick! Been stayin' up too late... Draining out the chemicals, trying not to make mistakes. Little do they know that any given day, I'll expose all their hypocrisies... Express my inner rage. Oh tell me this: If you can say it to the publ

I The Mighty - The lying eyes of miss erray (album version) lyrics

like you already know I'd love to have your name and a moment alone. You whisper that you'd have no other way. So I take you by your waist and head for the door. But then you stop and look me up and down as if to say: "Boy you better prepare yourself, for

In Fear And Faith - Live love die (album version) lyrics

my God, something's gone terribly wrong, and I can't find a way Can someone... My heart is racing faster Save us from... We've tried so hard and lost control Of everything we've loved and owned! So this beautiful dream has become a never ending nightmare. A stranger haunts us

In Fear And Faith - Silence is screaming (album version) lyrics

don't betray me I'm down on my knees. You can't turn around and walk away. Let me die another day. I've come too far, to let this all end. You needed to know, you need to know. We'll never change. And for a voice that never speaks, I hear you so well This

Jackob's Dream - The violent truth (album version) lyrics

now I'll take you to a realm yet unseen Deep in the forest to a crimson tree This is the place where a Lion died His sacred pact with humanity This blood has a power to heal your wounds To break the spell of the curses chains Come bathe in the Lion's blood The bleeding tr

Jackob's Dream - Wisdom (album version) lyrics

is a journey that you must take my son. Take care and live it well, because there's only one. Remember there's a purpose that you were meant to be. You have a heart, you have a mind. You are humanity. Listen! Challenge will come. Storms will rage against you

Kill Hannah - Get famous (album version) lyrics

you haven't got any sense and a sick ghastly pallor well the poor kid never had a chance and people heard that you're dead but you haven't you haven't left the city yet oh, get famous, get famous, get famous oh, so even if it takes every white blood cell

Kill Hannah - Hyperactive (album version) lyrics

the sun went down and before he knew what's going on a kiss storm like a meteor shower her lips got hyperactive so hold her down so hold her down so hold her down so hold her down after the chandeliers went out in the big grand hotel downtown on her wrist like

Kill Hannah - Nerve gas (album version) lyrics

here in the ballroom as the dancers twirling everything to the marching drums Lying here in your yard alone as all the old war pilots have done It's how that little bird heart got so cracked up I can't sleep deep tonight Oh no, I can't for

Kingdom Of Giants - Guns and girls (album version) lyrics

source of pain is all that's left of you. This misery is all because of you. End this life Not that you would care. Take these dreams Watch your f***ing step. I won't be walked upon, Watch your step and I'll watch mine 'Til the day we take our own paths. Held down b

Kingdom Of Giants - Who i once was (album version) lyrics

we need to reach the sun. Awaken the Vesper, Let the midnight hour come to a stand-still And you will see me for what I am inside. A creature, a monster, I'm anything but ordinary. You will see for what I am inside. A creature, I'm a monster. I c

Light Up The Sky - Bring it on (album version) lyrics

on the f***ing noise Why don't you feel the same My love I can't explain I will remove the chains of doubt upon my name Enough is enough I just had enough My heart can't take much more of your heart lacking love I've tried to reason, I'm trying to s

Mono Inc. - An klaren tagen (album version) lyrics

klaren Tagen Ich habe alles gegeben und habe alles versucht ich habe alles gelernt bekam von allem genug Ich habe alles gesehen Frieden und Krieg Hoffnung und Leid Rom und Paris Ich habe alles gesehen doch das weiss ich nicht mehr Und an klaren Tagen weine ich ein kle

Sirenia - The path to decay (album version) lyrics

brings nothing for the same Keep searching new days on the horizon While time just seems to slip away I’m leaving no trace along the way Seems like I’m falling deeper, Deeper inside myself Feels like I’m growing weaker, Much weaker each day Along the p

Anthony Green - East coast winters (album version) lyrics

who walks down my path... Anyone who walks down my path after it snows and cover up their footprints. Every time you shut my in I shiver in the cold, Every day I stay in bed I get a little worse. Anyone who walks through my door is already done. Is already don

Attila - Sunsets and death threats (album version) lyrics

through the city leaving worries behind. How can you be insightful when you don't use your mind? You're trying so hard to stay ahead of the pack. We're living for the moment and we're never turning back. Your words spill forth, they hold no value,

Behemoth - Slaves shall serve (album version) lyrics

shall serve as the crowns are falling As the apocalypse is nearing Slaves shall serve as the inferior Life force and as undead rivals Father ov Terror! Aba ol-Hol Enter the pylon Through the galleys ov past Catacombs ov night Into the starry womb Slay,

Bleeding Through - I dream of july (album version) lyrics

mourning, a midwest gloom above. the word on the other end, the news of death of hope. life slain by love, I don't think we will live through this. life slain by promise. one last message of the voice of him, the voice of hope. but there was no hope, every secon

Bleeding Through - Just another pretty face (album version) lyrics

with all dissolved memories of one. why did you care, when you never cared before? why'd you care, you never cared. why'd you care, when you never cared before? I've become an instrument of your twisted flashbacks, still you condemn me for my mista

Bleeding Through - Turns cold to the touch (album version) lyrics

surface of a broken hand, a credent hand with nothing left to hold. face turns cold to the touch. my face was white, laying on the cold tile floor, the floor. when I entered your room last night, your face left me as a coward. now I'm left with nothing but

Bleeding Through - Shadow walker (album version) lyrics

coward, does it make you feel big and strong to watch her cry out and bleed? See the fear in her eyes, won't you kill the weakness in yours. Motherf***er, vengeance comes soon. You won't stand in front of me. I'll avenge my family. Been waiting these four years to destroy yo

Changin' My Life - Full Moon - New future - album version lyrics

hitotsu kawaranai mono zutto egaiteta yume ima no jibun wa dou utsuru no? ano koro no chiisana hitomi ni nee ano hi kuyashikute nakikuzureta kara sou kitto ima no watashi konna fuu ni tatte irareru n' da toomawari shita kedo ne Let's sing a song! kon'ya wa utau yo kimi no tame

Fightstar - Cross out the stars (album version) lyrics

woke up cold November, It takes a lot to show my face around here. I've only myself to blame. I tried not to lose, What I tried so hard to show to you How long, can I wait here? I'm wrote on by your words I'm broken, yet we're still burning Just hold on till the end. I c

Fightstar - Mono (album version) lyrics

time can break us down And not keep us around I wont wait I wont mind Not this time I've started up the clocks It's time I left behind And everything we've lost, disappears I'm calling, I'm calling out For answers on the long walk home I've started u

Fightstar - Paint your target (album version) lyrics

hide it everytime you miss, Impatience waits around for me, You dance under the question mark, Without even trying. I'm just not sure it's gonna work, I'm just not sure it's gonna work. You can burn it all, Rally around the table if you want to, Just to argue out the la

Fightstar - Fight for us (album version) lyrics

hope you stay awake and live through this, these smoke filled rooms won't clear, and you'll see the hearts that will break if you walk away and just leave us here... To bury this mess Maybe one day you will come and fight for us, Maybe one

Fightstar - Hazy eyes (album version) lyrics

smash my heart with your words. It won't break, It won't break, This anesthetic won't work, It just hurts me. I wish I knew where I came from, I wish I knew where I'd been. I don't, Need you, I don't, Need you. The lights are going down, Look at us we'

Fightstar - Lost like tears in rain (album version) lyrics

m not from around here I'll hold onto you but I cant hold on to this day it's all gone Waiting always untouched open It came down to save us and end us all Cause I'm under the outside And over all Cause I'm a thousand miles away And I'm out of oxygen An

Fightstar - Until then (album version) lyrics

ask. It doesnt make sense. This talk of revoloutions well, I won't wait. A Kiss Kiss I know it feels right, You'd be leaving me Leave me but I know it seems right, You'd be leaving me No Way No way No way When I'm trying hard To communicate It j

From Atlantis - The lost ones (album version) lyrics

s no need to bear my cross, but bare in mind I've been restless for days, and there's no signs of slowing down You're doing such a damn good job Of keeping me awake at night I'll cross my heart and hope to survive I've been trying to accept myself But the w

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