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Day After Day I Heard Your Voice lyrics

Browse for Day After Day I Heard Your Voice song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Day After Day I Heard Your Voice lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Day After Day I Heard Your Voice.

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Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Day after day lyrics

know me, just look in my eyes I shed my skin, got ... a new disguise My heart still beats and I'm still the ... same Do you know my name It's everything you've ever

Hooverphonic - Day after day lyrics

lives in a house That reflects her ... state of mind,mind Organised chaos In this labyrinth ... she hides,hides She got locked up years ... ago All these voices whisper All these voices whisper

Savatage - Day after day (badfinger cover) lyrics

remember finding out about you Every day my ... mind is all around you Looking out of my lonely room Day after day Bring it home, baby make ... it soon I give my love to you I

Elnur & Samir - Day after day lyrics

(Aaaaahh) You can feel me in your mind, With every ... you take. Burn the earth with flame of sins, I’ll make ... you feel dismay. (Ohhhh) Our feelings

Alan Parsons Project - Day after day lyrics

at the sky And picture a memory Of days in your life You knew what it meant ... to be happy and free With time on your side Remember your daddy When no one was wiser

Badfinger - Day after day lyrics

remember finding out about you Every day, ... my mind is all around you Looking out ... from my lonely room, day after day Bring it home, baby, ... make it soon I give my love to you I

The Downhill - Day after day lyrics

m gonna be here I'm gonna erase your fear And ... never hear you cry I'll be the one to stay and say ... that all is right But these things I feel ... clear to see Ref. That day after day Your life slips

The Pretenders - Day after day lyrics


Texas lyricsTexas - Day after day lyrics

day I'll have to face the truth I ... will I know I'll find it hard to wake up And say ... these words to you So did the days drag on for you ... Was I gone for too long There's

Dio - Distraught Overlord - Day after day lyrics

aisenai - sô omotte ta - kono koi wo ... shiru made wa Anata wo omou - ... ana sore dakede yasaragi wo kanjiteta Osae kirenai - ... namida ga arure de shite yuku Yasashii soma tsukuri

The Downtown Fiction - Your voice lyrics

go, don't you know” She said “you're never gonna get her” ... (get her) Well I smile, for a while Cuz I'm sure ... that I know better I think I'm falling in love But baby

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Day after tomorrow lyrics

got your letter today And I miss you all so much, here I ... can't wait to see you all And I'm ... counting the days, dear I still believe that there's gold

Blue Öyster Cult - After dark lyrics

s that in the corner? It's too dark to see. What's ... that noise I'm hearing? Who's that calling me? ... Long ago and far away I heard your voice Once I heard you

Saxon - Voice lyrics

called my name Deep in the coldest blackest night ... You saved my life I heard your voice deep in the night But in my nightmare I start to ... scream In my nightmare this is no dream Who called my

Blitz - Voice of a generation lyrics

is the voice of a generation Of unemployment and ... aggravation Life's too short for wasting time Because of this I'm wasting mine I just can't go on

Lolo - Heard it from a friend lyrics

Verse 1] Day after day I see less of you Seems like ... you might be telling everyone a story ‘I didn’t ... last week’ And everyone said that they saw you there Sitting in the corner looking oh

Angela Aki - Your voice lyrics

spaces here Are filled with hungry souls Looking to ... pack Life's gaps and holes All ... eyes are on me I'll do what I do See if I am heard Or ... by a few "This time it'll be much different" I tell myself each time Can

Avantasia - Your love is evil lyrics

after day I see her smile, if you could see her through my ... You wouldn´t call her a little boy´s fever dream. How ... can you tell my feelings wrong, how can't you see it's growing strong Silicone

George Jones - Day after forever lyrics

you think, you can depend on me Your ... right, you can If you think, that I'm in love with you ... Your right, I am But nuthin' lasts forever All good thing's must end And it's only,

Bethany Joy Lenz - Day after today lyrics

I want to live the city life This small town could eat ... me alive I gotta pack my things and go where the railroad ... too poor to send me away But I've been saving up on most

Oxymoron - Day after lyrics

hangover fades and the fog gives way again ... you shun ... the light, your limbs so heavy sweet memories ... of the previous night return ... out on the piss you spent your last money

Anya - Your voice lyrics

hear your voice... your voice... in my head Like the ... rain i wash away my tears There is ... no cure for broken heart like this I can get away cause ... you're still running through my mind When you

Lunafly - Day by day (eng) lyrics

m singing in the rain To keep my hope alive Coz ... I'm dreaming that I'm sinking again I'm singing in the ... rain What a feeling I know I gotta fought with my head again It ain't easy you know, to

Den Harrow - Day by day lyrics

the morning when we see the light I can see my feelings ... growing every day. After loving half way through the night ... I can feel my heart beat in a special way. Visualize a

Nico - Your voice lyrics

voice will frighten my horse Your voice will frighten my horse ... Am I the target moving closer to your choice ? A ... certain familiarity lies in your tone of voice Oh no no no

Save The Cookie - Day by day lyrics

am singing with the angels an anthem of your glory day by day everything I need is to know that you are ... listening and show me that you're smiling down on me. Voices echoing deep inside my soul singing songs that I have never heard I part my lips and without

Mad Caddies - Day by day lyrics

situation brings me down again Boredom wraps it's arms ... around me My inhibitions were thrown out the door ... so long ago Now I sit here and I can't breathe I feel I'm going nowhere fast I ask myself how long this is

Kim Walker-smith - Your voice lyrics

Your voice speak to me The words I ... long to hear With Your hand guide my way Through my ... night till darkness fades I just want You I just want ... You I just want You With Your hand guide my way Through my

Dreamshade - Your voice lyrics

t wait up for me my dear 'cause I ... m not coming home tonight I know you will have fear but ... this is what you have to fight My own solution is an ... evolution in my state of mind I want to avoid this disaster My own solution is an

Romeo - Your voice lyrics

eolgul ni useum geu moksori eojjeol su eopseo beolsseo ... achimijanha ijen iksukhae yojeum ttara wae jam ... mot deuneun nal ppuniya tto niga saenggaknaseo geurae ijeun geora mideo wassneunde

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Day by day lyrics

by Day Im falling more in love with you And day by day My love seems to grow There ... isn't any end to my devotion It's deeper, dear, by far Than ... any ocean I find that day by day You're making all my dreams

H2o - Day by day lyrics

s a new day, not like the old days What else can I say, that's ... not been said Each day I rise up, thinking I've wised up ... I realise that I don't know shit Don't know

Leap Year Soundtrack - Day to day lyrics

left home and I went out on my own I don't ... care if I'm welcome anymore I'm day ... to day I'm hanging on today, today I'm day to day Now ... I'm left with our hapless memories Can't

Niil' - Day by day lyrics

i'm still that man Killed inside Tryin' to forget The ... problems of my life Walking in the rain Like a fake blind Maybe i'll turn right here ... or there... Day by day, day by day I'm still weak Maybe

5th Dimension - Day by day lyrics

by day Day by day Oh Dear Lord Three things I ... Follow thee more nearly Day by day Day by day Day by day ... Oh Dear Lord Three things I pray To see thee more clearly

Blur - Day upon day lyrics

on this empty day It's just the same as any day ... An' although I got nothing to say I'm going to say it anyway Day, day upon day, day upon day Day upon day Day

Clc - Day by day lyrics

myeot beonjjae sae oseul garaipgo hwajangdo haebogo cheot insamareul sudo eopsi ... sujubeun nae maeum ajigeun jogeum seotuljineun ... mollado eorinaicheoreom deultteun nae maeumi

D - Day by day lyrics

by Day, Asu wa kyou yori sukoshi. Heiwa ni narimasu ... you ni. “Yume de yokatta” sou ... omoeru hi to “Yume nara ba yokatta” ... toiu hi. dōnimo deki nai gekidou no nagare wo mi ni

Feeder - Day in day out lyrics

queuing up the tills Wishing for our lives to change ... Just a piece of something new A taste would keep us ... sane Hypocrisy in every day Drills a hole deep in our

Generation X - Day by day lyrics

by day - look what the papers say Day by day - look what the papers ... say Stranded in the jungle Trapped inside ... the tube [You] hate your next door neighbour Cos he's

Girls' Generation (so Nyuh Shi Dae) - Day by day lyrics

dalkom han haessal Shing geureo un fruit hyang ... anja Geudael tteo ollimyeon Nado mollae seumineun ... miso Joheun ilman saenggil geot gata Nugudo manjilsu

Nina Hagen - Day in, day out lyrics

in - day out, that same old voodoo ... me about That same old pounding in my heart, whenever I think of you And baby I think of ... you, day in and day out Day out, day in, I needn't tell

High4 - Day by day lyrics

TVman bara bwa dwibakkyeobeorin nae natgwa bam jigeumi ... myeot sinji oneuri myeochirinji siganeun nal dugo heulleo ga ... nal dugo tteona ga ibyeolhan dwien nae sarmeun The

The Hooters - Day by day lyrics

me what you can tonight Time is all we have to play Tell me ... you can't live without me Tell me every day by ... day by day Nothing lasts forever, only fades

Judy Garland - Day in day out lyrics

in, day out That same old voodoo ... me about That same old pounding in my heart, whenever I think of you And darling, I think of you, day in and day out

Roman Lob - Day by day lyrics

miles away I can't believe And I'm alone For many ... years Not a bit from you And no more breath ... My heart beats Into your chest Please tell me why

Miss May I - Day by day lyrics

I will fight for this I will fight for what I worked for ... Carry! I can't carry your weight Carry your weight anymore ... Protect! I've protected the family Now I will protect myself Give! I

Myname - Day by day (feat. d.o.) lyrics

unmyeongiran noma hanbeon haeboja. ... amuri sedeorado naneun jiji anha. amuri nareul ... ttaeryeodo nan ulji anha. amuri butjabado nan ... meomchuji anha. geurae unmyeongiran

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Day in day out lyrics

In Day-Out Stay-In Fade-Out Day-In Oo Oo Day-Out Oo Oo Oo She was born in a handbag Love left on a ... doorstep What she lacks is a backup Nothing seems to

Alex Goot - Day to day lyrics

look outside and I realize The day is beautiful If ... not for the sun I believe I would die Somewhere ... between now and the future Is where my life begins I’ll

Annisokay - Day to day tragedy lyrics

is it, what is it that you think you need? In this dream I ... ll have of you A lot of serious damage will be freed We ... all walk through this world alone With the feeling that your life is incomplete We all keep

Aaa - Day by day lyrics

mo mienakute hitonami no ugoki de toki wo shiru Ashibaya ni ... doko he iku ore hitori atemo naku Kono koro ja ... sameta me de machinami wo nagamete mo Kono yo no

Career Soldiers - Day to day war lyrics

m running in circles, cycles I can't break I've come to ... accept failure as my only fate Sometimes I think I'm just as fake ... As everything, everything I hate I keep saying happiness is around the bend But I'm kidding myself because the

Enuff Z' Nuff - Day by day lyrics

the way You lounge around in T-shirts. It's not the way ... You smile when you sleep. I'm getting older, And you're ... getting better. And everyday I wonder if you keep, The

Seventh Wonder - Day by day lyrics

cannot look back memories I lack of my yesterday As I ... serve the shame Nothing left to blame tears fill my ... eyes Caught in this pain I'm feeling Pouring rain hits

Seventh Wonder - Day by day (acoustic) lyrics

cannot look back memories I lack of my yesterday As I ... serve the shame Nothing left to blame tears fill my ... eyes Caught in this pain I'm feeling Pouring rain hits

Architects - Day in day out lyrics

years I' put into this It could take a second To tear ... work And we won't get these days Back again (back again) I can't understand why I've ... been put here I'm stuck in a world of sympathy With

Basement - Day by day lyrics

wish I could change the way things are and the way things ... are going to be, but I can't and that's hard. ... Please say you'll live each day and you won't give in. I

Darkflight - Day in, day out lyrics

to recognize a dream from reality stuck frozen on the bed a ... smell of chemicals and sweat following the ... repeating patterns of failed life strange shapes occurring

Peppermint Creeps - Let your voice be heard lyrics

do you thing whatever we need to do ... Remember this life is all about you Get on your ... feet its time to take a stand Its a ... revolution all across the land So don

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