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Manowar - The master of the wind lyrics

The Silence Of The Darkness, When All Are Fast ... I Live Inside A Dream, Calling To Your Spirit. As A Sail ... Calls The Wind, Hear The Angels Sing Far Beyond The Sun,

Cirith Ungol - Master of the pit lyrics

you never kneel To the Master of the Pit Violently stirring their brew of corruption ... Lords of the dark summon certain ... Pray you never kneel To the one who calls you slave With

Pulp - Master of the universe lyrics

am the Master of this Universe And I've got ... so big, it hurts Raise your eyes ... and graze your knees Oh, for your master is displeased Because you ... and cracks Your bitter laughter breaks his back I am the Master of this Universe I

Pulp - Master of the universe (sanitised version) lyrics

am the Master of this Universe And I've got ... so big, it hurts Raise your eyes ... and graze your knees Oh, for your master is displeased Because you ... and cracks Your bitter laughter breaks his back I am the Master of this Universe I

King Leoric - Master of the kings lyrics

denies it, the dragon's mighty breath ? Burning so bright and causing pain and death. ... On his hoard he is lying, defending with his life. ... And if someone is trying his life's balanced on a

Morgana Lefay - Master of the masquerade lyrics

much to me I was born out of chaos of time So I knoe what ... suffering means Rage - I am black inside my soul ... Don't you know that I'm hiding inside you? I am the master of disguise A new wind of

Sick Puppies - Master of the universe lyrics

you want to know how far to go to hell Just ask me If you ... want to see the view from your knees Come ... down and join me I'm the final straw The nail in the

Custard - Master of the dice lyrics

ahead - right through your eyes Await your last ... - pay for your lies Once again you betrayed me Play for ... your soul play to be free Get away You can´t win this

Dark Horizon - Master of the bright sea lyrics

in a stone I found the ancient rhymes Signed with ... and remained in time Tales of a brave man who saved my life ... and his endless fight He was left alone the

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Master of the wind lyrics

bonus track] In the silence of the darkness when ... I live inside a dream calling to your spirit As a sail ... calls the wind, hear the angels sing Far beyond the sun

Charlie Daniels - Jesus is the light of the world lyrics

a clear night, many many years ago Two ... weary strangers moving slow Were looking for a place ... to stay But there was no place Though they ... many miles So Mary being great with Child Lay down on the sweet smelling hay. Then a

Dio - Master of the moon lyrics

then you dream Of a world with only windows Inside you ... can hide you You know And then the night You're just another empty shadow No questions, ... Turn around and when you face the sun We can make you be like

Heaven´s Guardian - Master of streets lyrics

you, tell me the truth... Do you have the ... same memories? behind these streets, Feel the embers ... burning your heart, A huge spark! It burns your engine

Phil Ochs - The ballad of the carpenter lyrics

was a working man And a hero you will hear ... Born in the town of Bethlehem At the turning of the year At the turning of the ... year When Jesus was a little lad Streets rang with his name For he argued

Arthemis - Master of the souls lyrics

started years ago When my spirit got into A ... dreadful world of lies and sorceries Turning ... my blind faith straight to Hell A mystical ... substance Gave the power to my hands To kill,

Grand Magus - Master of the land lyrics

the search goes on inside Deep within my ... scorn Let me be reborn Into glory ride Make me master of ... the land Master of the land Master of the land Answer the call

Hawkwind - Master of the universe lyrics

am the center of this universe The wind of ... time is blowing through me And it's all moving ... relative to me It's all a figment of my mind In a world ... that I've designed I'm charged with cosmic energy Has the world gone mad or is it me? I am

Nostradameus - Master of the night lyrics

so many years I've been looking for a way to understand All ... who tells me what to do They says "that is right ans ... that is wrong no matter what you do"

Avantasia - Master of the pendulum lyrics

the one who‘s stretching out his hand Is it it or is ... won‘t lose hold Take on to the pendulum and sway Like a ... mistletoe I‘m clinging to the cold, yeah I am the

Dawnrider - Master of the black lyrics

Pendras] I caught you for a reason My master ... wanted you Now I will bring you to him And I know what ... for A hundred bloody nights [Pendras] He will

Airya - Master of the rain lyrics

and we can't control Our ghosts are day by day with us ... Only power over nothing, This was left to our souls ... If you can't feel bigger Then, save our souls! Because

Lord Fist - Master of the witches lyrics

You're searching for lonely place You're ... searching for peace There's a place in your head ... Where you'd like to stay Kingdom of metal dreams Shining

The Agonist - The mass of the earth lyrics

my very best I went far but got stuck there I picked up the pieces, I was your vigilant ... soldier but the mass of the earth just weighed too ... opinion? How can fact be right and wrong? The familiar

The Boomtown Rats - The end of the world lyrics

it strikes you as seeming a little absurd I'm here to ... announce the end of the world It'll happen sometime ... between now and high noon It doesn't give you

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

I looked into her young eyes from eighty years she ... looks back into my young eyes and she is gone to ... where? where has her soul gone? body found yes but her

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The end of the line lyrics

Chemical affinity. Reign, legacy, Innocence corrode. ... Snuff reality. Scorch, kill the light, Incinerate celebrity, ... redefined, Death, contagious deity. Hooked into

Martin Carthy - The dominion of the sword lyrics

by your pleading, law lies a-bleeding Burn ... And throw away your reading Small power the word has, ... us Not half so much privilege as the sword does It'll the foster the master, plaster

Dio - The end of the world lyrics

I could sleep at night Then somehow I'd see Why ... everything's wrong Or maybe it's just me Does ... place that I'm in Why I might be alone Imagination is a

Fairyland - Master of the waves lyrics

Of The Waves The mist is rising over the ocean ... s waves Together we leave the shores of hell behind us to ... find our destination The sun is hiding behind the

Inquisition - Master of the cosmological black cauldron lyrics

mystic black force Lord of the black holes open your gates ... I worship dominate with fury Master of cosmos, king of all kings ... Valley of the shadows boil from fire Rays

Manowar - The power of my sword lyrics

on bended knee conquest by the rising sun I'll wait for ... flame and blood at hand glory and a broken sword. I ... m the master of the world I have no fear of man or

Satanic Warmaster - The sign of the master lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found N...

Escape With Romeo - The visions of the holy ghost lyrics

never spoke with god but always missed him in ... ve took were those that were given cruising around in an ... with a heart that's full of fear Now the wind blows

Gwar - The litany of the slain lyrics

we begin our litany Of people killed by mostly me Goatie the load, he's first in ... not far behind Ripped an arm off Melvin Fleebish Mutant ... Uncle Knobby crushed by engine Pretty Pookie anus-bending Anton Reemcobb he expoloded

David Shankle Group - The magic of the chords lyrics

MAGIC OF THE CHORDS Her verse is formed ... by the light in her eyes She’s taking ... control, moving my soul with her bridge of sighs Her chorus is love’s

Matt Redman - The way of the cross lyrics

me the way of the cross once again Denying myself for the ... love that I've gained Everything's You now, ... everything's changed, It's time You had my ... all. (Yes,) I resolve to give it all Some things must

Melodysheep - The good of the one (spock tribute) lyrics

Does the good of the many, outweigh the good of the one? I would accept that as ... well as an alien half. Submerged, constantly at war with ... each other. I survive it because my

Municipal Waste - The thrashin' of the christ lyrics

serve? A lie absurd called the holy word Jesus Christ you ... re out of luck Let's thrash that f***! ... Can't they see what its come to be? ... Preachers drowning in a sea of pity But when we rise from the cloud of lies We'll crush the church and take back our

Silent Knight - The call of the crow lyrics

as You stand a mortal before the eye Keeper of justice, guardian of the free, the watch ... at your shoulder The master controlling your destiny ... Out of the ashes reborn like a phoenix

Battlelore - The curse of the kings lyrics

Bonus track] Once great kings of the Secondborn Cheated their faith with the Rings of ... Nine for mortal men Turned them into the shadows of immortal

Behemoth - The dance of the pagan flames lyrics

cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me receive ... will born inside you stronger than sounds of bells ... instincts will wake pagan brothers of our blood professing to the majesty of

David Shankle Group - The tolling of the bell lyrics

TOLLING OF THE BELL The path to unknown glory, the ... road to unknown fate The never-ending story, a prophet ... or a snake Being doomed from the start, transgression a la

Domine - The chronicles of the black sword lyrics

Doomed Lord Dreaming (instrumental) II) ... Stormbringer 'My name is Elric And I ... bear the Black Sword This is the ... Tale of Elric Before he was called

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons lyrics

the full moon rised In the sky, it awakes Master, bring out the dark Forces upon me ... I live for dying And to kill Watcher, open ... the Gates of Death Reach for the

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons (part 2) lyrics

the full moon rised in the sky, it awakes. Master, ... bring out the dark forces upon me I ... live for dying and to kill Watcher, ... open the Gates of Death Reach for the

Jag Panzer - The setting of the sun lyrics

I do I am a man; I am a god A pauper just like you ... All is well with the setting of the sun All is well with the ... setting of the sun Cause to fight, cause

Mean Streak - The end of the rainbow lyrics

hide in the shadows when I should be in the light I travel the cold and ... lonely night I stand in the doorway when I should be on ... my way I guess I will wait another day

Pagan Altar - The rising of the dark lord lyrics

beasts of Hell just lick his hand All ... creatures from forgotten lands Long lost worlds ... with spires of gold Where the land was cleft and auroras ... skies all streaked with green A landscape fit for a

Auroral - The hands of the moon lyrics

my darkened mind blows out the fire The immortal flames ... with the northern will of the night Three shadows of ... silent wings fades to the landscape of frost Cold

Battleroar - The tower of the elephant lyrics

darkness falls on the city of the thieves and starlight kisses ... the golden domes He walks the streets of Arenjun Through the shadows of the Maul Beyond the temples of richness filled

Cruel Force - The return of the darkness and evil (bathory .. lyrics

Whispered by a Witch in the dawn Summon the darkness ... pure evil and death And gather the legions of scorn The ... your soul scream in vain Tonight the Hellfire shall burn

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - The sound of the sinners lyrics

the floods of God Wash away sin city They ... say it was written In the page of the Lord But I was ... looking For that great jazz note That destroyed ... The walls of Jericho The winds of fear Whip away the

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - The way of the world lyrics

I don't wanna shoot no gun I don't wanna drop no bomb ... hurt no one I don't wanna fight no battles I don't wanna ... understand What we're fightin for No, it ain't my war

Agnetha Fältskog - The end of the world lyrics

does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea rush to ... shore? Don't they know it's the end of the world? 'Cause you ... t love me anymore Why do the birds go on singing? Why do the stars glow above? Don't they

Angela - The end of the world lyrics

ni Mada mienu mirai no nami ga ari Ikite iru ikutsu mono ... nai Tatoe kyou de kono sekai ga owarou to shite ite mo Kimi ... o ai suru darou Komorebi ga yasashikute Demo sore wa

Antimatter - The weight of the world lyrics

me, I'm in a sea of beings And there's no deny - the ... waves are holding me under I'm drowning in a ... expressions over and over again I'm trying to scream

Editors - The weight of the world lyrics

a light on those you love They will be there when you die ... Baby there’s no need to fear Baby there’s no need to cry Every ... life Will it mean something to someone? You’ve used my

Burning In Hell - The end of the world lyrics

I feel In my heart, a lot of pain, in the name of Gods my ... follow his own way BRIDGE Now I understand why I must ... not ever trust in a strange Because these can be your

Bush lyricsBush - The mirror of the signs lyrics

you what i’ve been thinking maybe we could get along ... see yourself through the mirror of the signs it’s ... alright to lose your mind in a world of paradise yesterday before

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