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Dance Like A Fool lyrics

Browse for Dance Like A Fool song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Dance Like A Fool lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Dance Like A Fool.

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Meghan Trainor lyricsMeghan Trainor - Dance like yo daddy lyrics

like yo daddy Dance like yo daddy Da-Dance like yo daddy ... Try not to dance too much Been working way too much, I need a day off ... Damn this beat go hard (so hard) And all I wanna do (wanna

Robin Gibb - Like a fool lyrics

many lovers, too many nights. Face in the ... mirror that keeps you alive. So close together, so ... far apart. I'm so afraid without you. Rain on ... never cross. Wind on the ocean, the feeling is lost. I

Far East Movement - Dance like michael jackson lyrics

like Michael Jackson (Freak, Freak y'all) Dance like ... Michael Jackson (to the beat y'all) Dance like Michael ... Jackson (Freak, Freak y'all) Dance like Michael Jackson (to the beat y'all)

Schuyler Fisk - Like a fool lyrics

heaven knows that I've been bad so many things that I ... regret now an empty side of the bed it's ... what I get that's what I get well I know I should

Joey Mcintyre - Dance like that lyrics

ve been all around the world And got to know a million girls ... I can see your face is from another place Baby you can take me there tonight Baby ... with you desert eyes From another time When love is

New York Dolls - Dance like a monkey lyrics

design's so intelligent Ain't no way that was an accident Come on shake your ... hips My pretty little creationist Oh yeah Ain't gonna anthropomorphize ya Or

Paula Abdul - Dance like there´s no tommorow lyrics

I wanna do is stay right here on the floor Get ... lost in the night And dance like there's no tomorrow Don't care about the sunrise Somebody ... please just hit the lights All I wanna do is dance like

Amy Diamond - Dance like nobodys watchnig lyrics

Oooh How come we feel so alone An endless road we're so ... used to travel But in the rearview mirror Things get clearer We start to know when it ... s too late Let go and make your own fate And just dance like nobody's watching

Incubus - Dance like you're dumb lyrics

Nobody gets whatcha got without gettin all hot ... With the boss' daughter Taking her out on the town, ... dizzy up, spin her round Makin out with her dress turned

Laura Marano - Dance like nobody's watching lyrics

it feels like everyone's eyes are on you What will they ... think you're so afraid to make a move You're second ... guessing every every step yeah You gotta go and find that

Ciara - Dance like we´re making love lyrics

Verse 1] Sweat dripping from my body, we ... both at this party So come and show me your moves I got ... some things I can teach too If you wanna see, oh ... You say you a need a shot of the Henny Then you

Charlotte Church - Like a fool lyrics

got worked up like a fool Now I need to wash myself ... with thoughts As pure as water I got worked up like a fool for you I don't need those ... flowers To make myself as pure as water Mountain water Flash my veins Flush me

Red Baron Band - Like a fool lyrics

i hear some strange voices In my head and ... colour music like snow of glass falling down over me ... I´m dancing like a fool in rain I´m singing a song about

Keira Knightley - Like a fool lyrics

take a chance from time to time And put ... our necks out on the line And you have broken every ... promise that we made And I have loved you anyway Took a

2am - Like a fool lyrics

wae mollatneuji Babocheoreom wae guedaereul bonaen geonji Babocheoreom ... deodige ooneun gaseumeh Eeje eejeyah arayo ... Nae sarangeun ojik guedae bbooningeol Nae nooni guedael chajado Gaseumi jakku

Epica - Dance of fate lyrics

darkness will reign and blind us all When darkness will reign and blind us ... all Allegiance will bind us if we do not ... fall We cannot tell when morning comes

BØrns - Fool lyrics

go walking each night Get a physical reaction When you ... re on the path and my mind Metaphysical attraction Call it a curse from ... moon Flowing in my bloodstream I can feel it like a

Cee-lo - Fool for you lyrics

Lo: AYYYYYYYYEAH! AYYYYYYYEEE! Whats that real, ... that deep, that burnin, that amazing, unconditional, inseperable LOVE! That feel like ... forever, that always emotional but still exceptional LOVE!

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Fool lyrics

was alone I told my mouth to shut ... up cos I was talking to myself like I always ... do when I'm stuck Well, I was crying You could be crying ... too I was screaming throungh the window, I

Blue - Don't treat me like s fool lyrics

s been hard wakin' up, wakin' up to the truth I've ... best to ignore it, wish the pain away But just like ... tomorrow, its coming round again. So darling, please don

Kenny Rogers - Someone must feel like a fool tonight lyrics

must feel like a fool tonight Knowing they let you ... they hurt you so. Now that you`re here in my loving arms Forget all your yesterdays Someone must feel like a

Jonathan Coulton - Dance, soterios johnson, dance lyrics

voice like honey, no-one else could fill ... his shoes The time and the weather, the headlines and the ... local news He lays it down with perfection and ... grace Done by noon, he goes home

Kevin Lyttle - Dance with me lyrics

Intro] Oh oh Na na na na Oh oh Na na na na na Yeah ... yeah, oh I see the way you lookin' Sexy and off ... there Dancing all night on the floor (all ... night on the floor) Come baby Show me how you You work

Diana King - Dance lyrics

da music hold u, let it control ... u Baby u don't hafta be so uptight Let it penetrate u, liberate u And you'll b ... doin' it, doin' it all night Don't b afraid, just

Canton Jones - Dance in the spirit lyrics

Verse 1:] Dance! I'm feelin' so high that ... it's amazin' I'm drunk in the spirit ... just like King David I'm gigglin' cause it ... feels so good Man, I will not stop this if I

Clawfinger - Fool in paradise lyrics

say that the toes that you step on While you're ... on your way up May be the same ones that you kiss going ... down Whatever it takes is what you're willing to do But what goes around will come back around There may be room at

Newsboys - Dance lyrics

got the memo Never got on board Couldn't get lost Cause I ... never explored Never took a swing Never held the ring ... Never drew a straw Never knew how to draw

Jimmy Buffett - They don't dance like carmen no more lyrics

crowds But I'm just an old man, I'd probably get sore 'Cause they don't dance like Carmen no more. She and old ... Cougie, my what a pair Doin' the Rhumba as no one

Nayer - Dance with you feat.pitbull lyrics

body. (2x) Close to the bar like boom  I don’t have to act like a star like you  3,4 ... bro’s and they all like uhh  I don’t have to .. like

Ben Rector - Like the world is going to end lyrics

we found out that the world was gonna end on ... Tuesday morning What would everybody do It's ... funny how the thought of that can make something real ... important And a lot of things pretty

Highlord - Dance in a flame lyrics

been trying, so hard To follow all their rules ... To be what the world wanted me to be Painful the ... struggle, it was tearing me apart from within All I got was a trembling shade Of the man I

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Like a good girl lyrics

I looked across To where she was before ... I didn't have long To wait around here anymore We went ... to a place That I hadn't seen before She worked ... me over Then she went away She looked to me like a

Inara George - Fool's work lyrics

can be hard, but it can be good to you Saving all ... your money like a fool But your know better It can ... be cruel Listen awhile, and I will sing to you Tear apart my body and you’ll see My

Miss A - Living like a fool (min) lyrics

jakkuman nun-mu-ri naneunji nan ajikdo keudaeronkeonji neol ... gaseume wahrag ankoshipeunde keudaen meolli ... it-jyo cham pabo-gateun sarangeul cham pabo-gateun sarangeul haet-jyo nan hanbal-jakukdo da-gakaji mothae eoneusae keudae meo-reojyeo-ganeyo

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Like i used to lyrics

know you expected me To act just like a schoolgirl ... Followed your rules Just like a fool Wrapped up in your ... world What's good for you Don't mean ... that's so good for me What can I do, but hang around And

Pegasus Bridge - Like dogs lyrics

just like the movie, you're waiting on me 'Cause I'll wait ... on you, if you'll wait on me These things take ... time, and we'll wait for it Like we were dogs, like we were

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Like a drug lyrics

ya, you got it, got it You got ... me feelin' crazy 'bout my body I, I cannot ... cannot stop it You got Me movin ... , got me rockin' rockin' Make me feel like I can make it

Omnia - Dance until we die lyrics

... We have all been livin' in a lie Makin ... money for the man 'Till the day that we die ... Mind-controlled by democracy But you're still a f***in' ... slave to the royalty You can't buy peace of mind in a

Monarchy - You don't want to dance with me (ft. britt lo.. lyrics

have got to keep my distance The pounding of my heart ... can’t be disguised I feel ... electrical resistance Oh how I want your touch ... I want your touch Hold all the crazy inside yeah

Joe Mcelderry - Smile lyrics

re better than the best I'm lucky just to ... in your light Cooler than the flip-side of my pillow ... (that's right) Completely unaware Nothing can compare to

Dave Matthews Band - Fool to think lyrics

at me dreaming of you All I could hope is to have you ... To have you walking with me Laughing so in ... love, we two Almost drunkenly I did imbibe ... of this Fantasy of you and me Was I a fool to think

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Dance with the one that brought you lyrics

he shines like a penny in a little kid's hand When he's ... out on a Saturday night He's a real go-getter and the best ... ll see But when I'm sittin' alone at a table for two 'Cause he's already out on the

Lil Boosie - Dance wit' you lyrics

1: Webbie It's a brand new year 2004 It's a brand ... new year ya'll already know We dont play 20's ... big chips, big dick in ya hoe Oh Yeah! Legal money no

Bootsy Collins - Dance to the music lyrics

I won’t never dance, never! Uh, and by the ... way, your hair is so strategically placed (aha) And your ... spirit could not be on a, a better face I’ve got a

Josie And The P****cats - Real wild child lyrics

I'm just outta school Like I'm real real cool Gotta dance like a fool Get the message that I wanna be a wild one ... Ooh yeah I'm a wild one Gotta break it loose Gotta keep it

Everlife - Real wild child lyrics

I'm just outa school Like I'm real real cool Gotta dance like a fool Got the message that I gotta be A wild one ... Ooh yeah I'm a wild one Gotta break it

Jonny Diaz - Fool for love lyrics

won't be the first It's been a beautiful curse Since the day that love was formed Can ... you see helen's face Though an outrageous case It was love

Lifehouse - Fool lyrics

my own arrogance has knocked me off my feet again ... When you know I'm crawling to you as fast as I can ... First teach me to walk and then I'll learn to dance

One Chance - Look at her lyrics

feat. Fabo) One Chance what's happenin' Oh Fabo What ... s happenin' Oh US US US US US US ... What's happenin' (Oh) Look at her (Oh) Look at her (Oh

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Dance the night away lyrics

the night away Dance the night away Dance the ... night away Dance the night away Babe, you know I hate to ... see you cryin' The last thing on my mind is to make

Raise Hell - Dance with the devil lyrics

know what I want to do and I don't care what they say ... I do what I want 'cause I'm the hunter and you are ... Come with me, come with us be a rebel ''Come with me and dance with the devil'' I

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Dance lyrics

you want to feel good, If you want ... to feel alright, If you want to shake your stuff, Get ... some rock 'n' roll tonight, Dance, 'til your shoes are hot,

Roxy Music - Dance away lyrics

it seemed so cool when I walked you home, kiss goodnight ... I said ?it?s love? you said ?alright? it?s funny how I ... never cry until tonight and you pass by hand in hand

Melanie Fiona - Like i love you lyrics

my first Next to your last Boy I couldn't have done ... no better I could dance with you forever And ... ever Baby I don't want to let this go In your arms is where I feel secure

Magnum - Dance of the black tattoo lyrics

every day the quiet dead Will follow in your ... footsteps They fill your dreams with awful dread And walk ... in silence through No holy names will comfort thee Or

Celtic Legacy - Dance on yer grave lyrics

gotta try to make the best of things Now that you’ve run and gone You ... went and messed around with destiny And really ... beside me now I’m feeling all alone And now the thoughts

Cobra Starship - Fool like me lyrics

Daddy always said 'You should'' stay away ... From a fool like me ''a fool like me'' And when your mama sees ... me callin' on your telephone The ... bitches hangs up on me Huh! Remember

Dagny - Fool's gold (feat. bØrns) lyrics

Verse 1: Dagny] Crawled up beside you And I was ... yours to hold Still learning how to But I was yours ... to love [Pre-Chorus 1: Dagny] I, I, I, I, I Painted

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - Fool like you lyrics

hear you breathing though you're so far away Can you just go where you ... re going to? I couldn't give a damn or two about a fool like ... you That's true Are you just too cool? No, you

Bracia - Fool for your loving lyrics

was born under a bad sign, Left out in the cold, ... I'm a lonely man who knows Just what it means To lose control. But, I ... took all the heartache And turned it into shame, Now

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