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Daddy Was A Klansman Southern Democrat lyrics

Browse for Daddy Was A Klansman Southern Democrat song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Daddy Was A Klansman Southern Democrat lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Daddy Was A Klansman Southern Democrat.

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Marina & The Diamonds - Daddy was a sailor lyrics

was a minor And he gave me my black art Glittered ... rivers of black coal dust Tore our country apart ... Covered in coal dust Waking up too early in the

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Daddy was an old time preacher man lyrics

was an old time preacher man He preacher the word of God ... throughout the land He preached so plain a child could ... understand Yes, Daddy was an old time preacher man He

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Daddy was a sailor lyrics

was a sailor, join the Navy, see the world Daddy was a ... sailor, boy, he liked the pretty ... girls. Taught me how to dance, taught me that jitter bug ... groove Taught me how to make romance, my daddy taught me

Haggard - Daddy was her first man lyrics

sweet girl of eleven years Within her brain: The darkest fear caught by absolute disaster Her ... virginity - lost to the own father There he comes with alcoholic breath Now her mind

Anti-flag - Your daddy was a rich man, your daddy's f***i.. lyrics

you ever do is brag about your dad Well what the ... hell did he ever do? He had some money, I guess he was ... f***ing rich Yeah, well if you ask me I think

Gladys Knight - Daddy could swear, i declare lyrics

oh, yeah Yeah, oh my mercy Ooh, how I ... remember daddy He was strong and had A built in tan yeah And though he only stood About ... a five feet seven My daddy was a heck of a man Yes he was,

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Daddy's moonshine still lyrics

say my daddy wasn't much of a man For disobeying the laws ... of the land Folks say that my daddy wasn't fit to kill ... Oh and I know it was true what the people said Cause we'd all've been better of

Tracy Lawrence - When daddy was a strong man lyrics

man Rad at the store would leave a note on the door it said ... ran to the house, be back in a few leave your money on the ... counter it was twenty six cents for the

Paul Wall - "daddy wasn't home (mama raised me)" lyrics

Chorus] Daddy, daddy wasn't home, so momma raised me ... And I'm still mommas baby Daddy, daddy wasn't home, so momma ... raised me And I'm still mommas baby Daddy, daddy wasn't

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Daddy didn't love me lyrics

once when I was eight everything was going ... great until my father, he tried to kill me. By ... the time that I was nine, my daddy was doing ... time, and my mother had enlisted in the army. I

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Daddy lessons lyrics

Intro] Yee-haw Oh, oh, oh Texas, texas ... (oh, oh, oh) texas [Verse 1] Came into this ... world Daddy's little girl And daddy made a soldier out of ... me Oh, oh, oh Daddy made me dance And daddy held my

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - Daddy lessons lyrics

Intro] Yee-haw Oh, oh, oh Texas, texas ... (oh, oh, oh) texas [Verse 1] Came into this ... world Daddy's little girl And daddy made a soldier out of ... me Oh, oh, oh Daddy made me dance And daddy held my

Lecrae - Was it worth it (feat. derek minor & crystal .. lyrics

1: Derek Minor] On birthdays and Christmas I used to have ... time, looked him in his eye And thought to myself, what ... fool would ever miss this I ain't ask for you to sleep with

Richie Sambora - Southern belle lyrics

out of Macon in her daddy's Cadillac I hear sirens blowin', ... y'all, but I ain't lookin' back Just another mile and I'll ... be safe in Caroline Back at home alone again with Georgia on my mind Southern Belle,

Charlie Daniels - Southern boy lyrics

it's easy for a country boy to be ... When the honky tonks are jumping and the girls are ... looking good Yeah, I get excited and some ... think I'm rude It's the way my daddy raised me it's my

Shooter Jennings - Southern family anthem lyrics

s got a secret that she's dyin' to hide, two ... cousins got married on our daddy's side. They're a dark mass hangin' from our family ... tree. Instead of whiskey, Uncle Albert drank Kerosene. We're sullen

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Southern ways lyrics

I was 15 I dreamed of leaving my home I had to see ... the world And live like a rolling stone I heard California was paved in gold ... So I hopped on that train It didn't come easy But

Amos Lee - Southern girl lyrics

my sweet Well the time that was coming The road has begun ... to move beneath my feet Good things come ... to an end Well I hope through the ... pain The heartache and strain we can still remain friends

Ace Of Base - Southern california lyrics

the road to nowhere, every day was just the same So I took ... my belongings, and hitchhiked no more to blame ... To California, in the warm Summer of love All my life

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Southern accent lyrics

s a southern accent, where I come from The ... young'uns call it country, the yankees call it dumb I got my own way ... of talkin' but everything is done ... With a southern accent where I come from

Darius Rucker - Southern state of mind lyrics

was up in New York City just the ... week You should've seen the waitress face when I ordered ... sweet tea She said we don't have that here and I apologized

Rucker Darius - Southern state of mind lyrics

was up in New York City just the ... week You should've seen the waitress face when I ordered ... sweet tea She said we don't have that here and I apologized

Zack Borer - Southern swing lyrics

you tell, just when you had me wrapped up in your little ... to yourself, "I got it made?" I can just sit there ... without being afraid Times they go, and times

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Southern star lyrics

were waiting on the quay For their hero of the sea ... From the greatest of the sea A toast to freedom for ... everyone He talked of fear and the cannons roar Sent a

Boondox - Southern nights lyrics

Nights Are Sippin On Henny Southern Nights Are Rolling Up That ... Good Southern Nights Are Hot Sticky And Muggy ... Tucked In The Woods Southern Nights Are Pitchforks And Gravel Southern Nights Are

George Jones - Southern california lyrics

always said someday you'd go to live In Southern California And me I'd stay ... here in Tennessee You always talked about the better days In Southern California

Better Than Ezra - Southern girl lyrics

descending like the color of rain. July or fall, one thing ... will never change. Down and out, you found this city has you on your back. You long ... for her to take you away. And I... I want a Southern

Saliva - Southern girls lyrics

got Long legs, big lips A baby face and orange knee-high ... hips They got Meanstreak ten feet wide Halo above ... 'em and the devil inside They can ... milk your cow They can climb your tree They're

Brad Paisley - Southern comfort zone lyrics

your wheelhouse is the land of cotton, The first time ... you leave it can be strange, it can be shocking Not ... everybody drives a truck, not everybody drinks

Jimmy Buffett - Southern cross lyrics

out of town on a boat goin' to southern islands. ... Sailing a reach before a followin' sea. She was makin ... for the trades on the outside, And the ... downhill run to Papeete Bay. Off the wind on this heading lie the Marquesas. We

Devil - Southern sun lyrics

dawning of another day Hello,my friend I have ... but one to lead the way That has no end My journey ... through the desert Turning shadows into life You all

Cheap Trick - Southern girls lyrics

ve been north, I've been east to the california beach ... There's only one place i know where to find you And all you southern girls got a way with your words And you

Tim Mcgraw - Southern girl lyrics

I ain't sayin' them LA ladies don't know what they're ... doin' And I been in love with New ... York City a time or two I had some Seattle coffee, some ... Chicago wind Some Kansas wheat fields I'd love to see again

Maze - Southern girl lyrics

girl don't you know ya good to me and I dig you so ... t be right here if you hadn't been right there Southern girl your the one lots of ... The tenderness you give me I wanna take it everywhere I wasn

Bangs - Southern girls lyrics

ve been north I've been east to the California beach ... There's only one place I know where to find you And all you Southern girls got a way with your words And you

Everclear - Southern girls lyrics

been north, I been east to the California beach ... There's only one place I know where to find you And you southern girls got a way With your words and you

Anthony Hamilton - Southern stuff lyrics

re like a cadillac cool breeze in the 70's ... you and me holdin' hands talkin' family that southern ... thing I like you got that southern stuff I like it's like after

Indigo Girls - Southern man lyrics

man better keep your head don't forget what your good ... book said southern change gonna come as last now ... your crosses are burning fast southern man i saw

Josh Ritter - Southern pacifica lyrics

pacific, Red, white and blue. Where are we running ... to? Over the wide plains. Over the wide plains. Take me to some place new. ... Remember me to Roxianne. (You know she's still

Paul Oakenfold - Southern sun lyrics

by piece I release Once was mine Now undone Turned ... blue like new Orleans And went down like A southern ... sun I still feel you Beneath my skin I am tempted To

Cowboy Junkies - Southern rain lyrics

flies have quit their buzzing Even Bear has stopped his barking ... They all sense something brewing up ... the James and headed this way Bobby sips his morning

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Southern women lyrics

m the kind of man that loves all the girls From debutantes ... to honky-tonk queens I've tasted every brand all around ... the world But all I see are peaches in my dreams I'm talkin' 'bout, I'm talkin' 'bout

Alabama - Southern star lyrics

southern star, how I wish you would shine ... And show me the way to get home Well I'm blue ... collar branded and stuck in a mill Hard work is a way of ... live like I'm over the hill And too old to be wild and free

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Southern man lyrics

man Better keep your head Don't forget What your ... good book said Southern change Gonna come at last Now ... your crosses Are burning fast Southern man. I saw

403 Forbiddena - Southern cross lyrics

are standing here as true as you were born on this earth. ... Don't pin all your hopes and your dreams on somebody ... else's lives. The Southern cross is twinkling and watching us. Far beyond, so far

Tim Mcgraw - Southern voice lyrics

Williams sang it, Number 3 drove it ... Chuck Berry twanged it, Will Faulkner wrote ... it Aretha Franklin sold it, Dolly Parton graced it Rosa Parks rode it, Scarlett O chased it Smooth as

Glen Campbell - Southern nights lyrics

you ever felt a southern night Free as a breeze Not ... the trees Whistling tunes that you know and love so Southern nights Just as good even ... when closed your eyes I apologize To any one who can

Like A Storm - Southern skies lyrics

my compass home And find the footsteps I'll ... retrace Cause everywhere I go Brings me ... closer to this place Cause everything I'm looking for ... Is right back here where I belong And

Chamillionaire - Southern takeover (feat. killer mike, pastor .. lyrics

cocking, shots fired. [Chamillionaire] The sound of ... revenge, haha. Woo, tell em what it is mayne (tell em what it is). ... [Pastor Troy] Welcome to the New

Confederate Railroad - Daddy never was the cadillac kind lyrics

were poor when I was a young'un I don't remember ... ever going hungry Daddy made sure we didn't do without ... school with some of these fellas They had money and I was jealous I didn't know then what

Mason Jennings - Southern cross lyrics

woke up at 4:35 still jet lagged from another plane ride And opened my window over bondi ... beach Where all the stars seemed out of reach And ... recognized none but the southern cross Sitting on my bed with

The Almost - Southern weather lyrics

my faults are your song Then I will not ... be content to sing along If I'm the one that's making you so out of touch Then ... why don't you just go ahead and... Why don't you just go ahead and Blame it on this southern weather Blame it on anything

Cymphonique - Daddy i'm a rockstar lyrics

quot;Daddy I'm A Rockstar" Intro I won't stop, ... can't make me, you can hate, won't break me I just came ... to rock n roll... Party over here! Verse 1 Lil

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Daddy lyrics

was a cold night in December The ... snow lay on the ground She was coming home from school one ... the other side of town It was getting late, there was ... something wrong Then I heard the news A TV Flash and by

Elliott Smith - Southern belle lyrics

a southern belle Is all you know how to do That and give other people hell It ... s what they expect from you too ... But I wouldn't have you how you are I don't

Auburn - Daddy don't be mad at me lyrics

m sorry, daddy I'm sorry I'm sorry, daddy ... I'm sorry I'm sorry, daddy I'm sorry Oh ooh oh ooooh ... Lately, we've been spending time ... with eachother and baby I must admit I'm catching

B. J. Thomas - Daddy lyrics

sang about mama but I guess I forgot daddy ... So dad, this is for you Who's ... who used to tickle your toes And wrinkle his nose? Who taught you how a choo-choo goes

John Fogerty - Southern streamline lyrics

I'm on fire Old flame Sweet desire Comin' on ... Comin' on the midnight train Rollin' steel and thunder ... Bring my baby back again Roll on down the line

The Midnight Beast - Daddy lyrics

babies born in 1987 Into a family of love and care His ... mummy treats him like a gift from heaven His daddy ... shows him how to style his hair A few years later it's a

Prince - Daddy pop lyrics

Daddy Oooh, sock it to me ... See my brother talkin' plently head Steady ... could sleep in your bed Steady wishin' he was in your car ... Just a steady wishin' that he was who you are Pop Daddy - Daddy Pop Brother steady talkin' while The girlies

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