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Dad Country Song lyrics

Browse for Dad Country Song song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Dad Country Song lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Dad Country Song.

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Jake Bugg - Country song lyrics

sing you an old country song, from the heart So I can cry your name and call you when I’m sad When you have gone, run so far from me in the trees so far Walkin’ down that old country lane, drops of rain Call upon the ones who call your name Will I see you again and plea

Set It Off - Dad’s song lyrics

you believe in happy endings? Or the mendings of human hearts? Oh I believe in both I'm certain Because these curtains are state of the art If you'd occasionally happen to spy on me You'd think I'm having one sided conversations But I hear him talking

Seether - Country song lyrics

I can't stand to look at you now This revelation's out of my hands Still I can't bear the thought of you now This complication's leaving me scared Stay when you think you want me Pray when you need advice Hey keep your sickness off me Trying to get through Blame all yo

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Country song lyrics

made his way to the border In the shadow under the trees Down by a stream in a hollow Turn your head feel the breeze And the red Queen was waiting for the news For the white King to move And the balance hung upon the head of one who tried To stay wi

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Good country song lyrics

in my daddy's truck Eight years old and acting tough He smiled at me and said, "You shift the gears" He would search that FM dial And I would count down every mile Til the station out of Tulsa came in clear It was old Thomas Conley on the ra

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - The country song lyrics

oh Uh oh Oh shit Motherf***er! I'm gonna start dancing! Take off your pants dad Your penis is the biggest thing My Butt's ever had Because I would know It feels good Shut your f***ing face Uncle f***er

Tyler Ward lyricsTyler Ward - Girl in a country song feat. megan nicole (ma.. lyrics

I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feet And it's gettin' kinda cold in these painted on cut-off jeans I hate the way this bikini top chafes Do I really have to wear it all day? (Yeah, baby) I hear you over there on your tailgate whistlin' Sayi

Roy Orbison - Tired old country song lyrics

day, another night Another tired old country song You know, I sing of love delight But I know it's all wrong The life I live out on the road Is one I swear no one could love Yet I feel I must go on And sing this tired This tired old Country song I move ar

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - The last country song lyrics

a roadhouse just outside of town on a two-lane blacktop Where all the folks come to hear country music play And every year the city's gettin' closer, Lord knows it won't stop And old Hank the bartender gave us the bad news today, yeah he said CHORUS: This land was our land bu

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Country girl (shake it for me) lyrics

girl Go on now You know you’ve got everybody looking Got a little boom in my big truck Gonna open up the doors and turn it up Gonna stomp my boots in the Georgia mud Gonna watch you make me fall in love Get up on the hood of my daddy’s tractor Up on the tool b

Alan Jackson - Gonna come back as a country song lyrics

me just say for the sake of conversation If there’s such a thing as reincarnation But don’t you go crying for me when I’m gone Cause I’m gonna come back as a country song I’ll be playing all night in every honky tonk bar In the middle of a

Problem - Real country song lyrics

kids, this is my Farm welcome My name is f*** me I'm last real cowboy I introduce my horse, his names is blow me and my ponny I will show you what we do every day Comon blow me blow me yeah it's very nice feeling Samburiny tamburiny I don't fee

Paul Brandt - Country girl lyrics

s been in 4-H since she was nine years old. She wears overalls and has a heart of gold. She likes ATV'S and trucks, and fishin holes, but she's got a tender side. She don't let nobody tell her what to do She thinks Jimmy Thompson's smile is kinda cute She loves her mom an

Elton John lyricsElton John - Country love song lyrics

was a doll but it don't solve All the mysteries Hanging with the guys, making with the eyes Playing hard to please Back in '63, she was made for me We were having fun Wasn't long before I could not ignore She's about hanging out Campus queen dreams shattered years ago

Neele Ternes - Dad lyrics

never told you how How much you mean to me What in the world I would do I just never made it through to you Ohhh to you There goes a day There goes a week So many goals I had to reach The more I did the less I cared The more I missed the love you shared If

Lenny Cooper - Country folks anthem (feat. charlie farley) lyrics

the simple life, three sixty-five, a jacked up truck and buckshot tires. A cold budd light and a big bonfire we just, drink and smoke and then terrorize. Tell the lies, tell the lies, you better them guys, tell them guys, as long as I'm

Jason Michael Carroll - Waitin' in the country lyrics

o' clock smokestacks 15th, check's fat Hacked off, backed up Hurry up and wait on the interstate Irate, tailgate tight Yeah, nothin' but brake lights High rise concrete, painted up city street Fed up, red tape, add another lane Make it more insane, more strain Starbucksed up Man, I kn

Tim Minchin - Three minute song lyrics

people rang me up a coupla weeks ago, Yeah I've got people, and a phone, and a grasp on the passage of time Yeah they rang me up, said, "Tim, will you go on Ruth Jones' show?" They want you to sing a song, it'll be fine, fine, fine. But the problem with my p

Keith Urban lyricsKeith Urban - Song for dad lyrics

I've been noticing I say the same things he used to say And I even find myself acting the very same way I tap my fingers on the table To the rhythm in my soul And I jingle the car keys When I'm ready to go When I look in the mirror He's right there in my eyes Starin' bac

Elvis Costello - Country darkness lyrics

tattered document A mystery you can solve Some burnt out filament Flies buzzing around the bulb Country Darkness He thought of traveling Heard an approaching train Drown out his desperate pulse A song with no refrain Country Darkness

Tony Bennett - Country girl lyrics

girl, country girl I beheld her in meadowland Bowing and reaping and singing a refrain Oh, what a melancholy strain The valley echoed with a ring No nightingale could ever sing So plaintively as the country girl I was spellbound and curious Why such a sad song? Perh

Light & Love - Country boy lyrics

I can't be alone Singin' I can't be alone Singin' I can't be alone Out of my world I'm looking at the sky All the sounds of the colours are flying up and down to the ground But now the clouds are getting together I'm not losing my dream Dream about you and me s

Black Country Communion - Song of yesterday lyrics

Hold, True Passion For many years, I would listen The heavy weight upon my chest Like a wailing wall Code of silence of a dying heart Don't know where the end Begins and the truth starts When the hammer falls It falls on you I sit here waiting, waiting I pull back the

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Country girl lyrics

in love with a country girl, morning sunshine She was up from a nether world, just to bust another soul Her eyes were an endless flame, holy lightning Desire with a special name, made to snatch your soul away, yeah We sailed away on a crimson tide, go

Jebediah - Country holiday song lyrics

and take a drive out of the city Packed some smoke and some wine in an esky Got to get the hell out of the suburbs Hit the open road where the air's pure And if the sun doesn't fall on your shoulder As we make our way south past the beach Then I could die a million

Big K.r.i.t. - Country shit lyrics

Intro - Ludacris] Yo, I've been waiting to tell them about this country sh*t I'ma learn ya! You ready? Luda! [Verse 1: Ludacris] Let me tell you about these old-school Chevy's Cadillacs, SS Impalas, if you smoking then We got more sacks than Troy Polamalu Your partners

Nightwish - Song of myself lyrics

nightingale is still locked in the cage The deep breath I took still poisons my lungs An old oak sheltering me from the blue Sun bathing on its dead frozen leaves A catnap in the ghost town of my heart She dreams of storytime and the river ghosts Of mermaids, of W

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Country is as country does lyrics

can live in a mansion or a double-wide Eat sushi raw or my catfish fried Wherever I am, then that's where I belong 'Cause I'm quite content with who I am And if you ain't, well, kiss my ham Country is as country does and I'm country to the bone Country is as country does It's

Goldfinger - Dad lyrics

I hate to tell ya Sometimes I wanna slap you in the face But Dad, I gotta tell ya If you were gone I'd miss you from this place Don't go away again I just wanna be your friend And if I don't say this now I'm gonna be sorry Don't wanna make this same mistake again Dad, I

Billy Ray Cyrus - Country as country can be lyrics

grew up on Jones and Tammy Wynette Blue collar dollars and the sun on my neck Nascar and earnhart, still miss number three Hey, I'm just as country as country can be Wide open spaces fit me like a glove Still live for my truck to be covered in mud I got hard work

Blur - Country house lyrics

so the the story begins City dweller, successful fella Thought to himself oops I've got a lot of money I'm caught in a rat race terminally I'm a professional cynic but my heart's not in it I'm paying the price of living life at the limit Caught up in the centurie

Eddy Arnold - Song of the coo coo lyrics

will get a song of the coo coo who will get a bark of the dog Who will see the stars who will point to Mars who will taste the smell of the fog Who will pick the strings of the banjo who will feel the heat of the sun Who will whisper words like I love you when

Nelly lyricsNelly - Country ass nigga ft. t.i. & 2 chainz lyrics

You know what I found out, (A Yeah Boiiii) Sometimes no matter What you do, (A Yeah) People still look at you One way, (A Yeah Boiiii) At the enda the day, Chorus: Take away the Money, Take away the Fame, Strip me to ma Draws, And you

John Denver - Country love lyrics

tears are lonely signs that point to broken hearts Broken lives and families that love has split apart Children who miss Daddy, Mommies on the run The pleasure that is painful and hidden from the sun Nashville hearts are lonely words that speak of love gone wrong

Donovan - Song for john lyrics

re my singer Lemme be your song Celestial bodies They get along And I just want to sing along You're my single Lemme be your chart If you never make the hit parade You're number one in my heart As long as I can play a part Vegetarian by choi

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Country cousins lyrics

Intro: Raheem DeVaughn] Down cousins.. across the border I got cousins.. country cousins I got cousins.. country cousins WHOO! [Talib Kweli over Intro] Yo son, what the deal son? What's really hood son? (what's really hood?) Word is bond, shit is real, shit is

Gwyneth Paltrow - Country strong lyrics

know you see me Like some wide eyed dreamer That just rolled in off a dusty mid west bus Yeah, on the outside I look fragile But on the inside is something you can’t crush Cause I'm country strong Hard to break Like the ground I grew up on

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Country boy lyrics

boy ain't got no shoes country boy ain't got no blues Well you work all day while you're wantin' to play In the sun and the sand with a face that's tan But at the end of the day when your work is done you ain't got nothin' but fun Country boy ain't g

28 Days - Song for jasmine lyrics

For Jasmine I look into your eyes, and i see i see a part of me you're better than i'd ever hoped you be and when you smile you light the room you love me, and you make it clear i wonder what i did to deserve to have you near Sorry i had to go away no please don't misconstrue

Hermes House Band - Country roads lyrics

heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River Life is old there, older than the trees Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze Country roads, take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, Mountain Mama Ta

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Country day lyrics

day A day in the unknown A gentle breeze gently blowin' Country day We're Mr and Mrs Smoke and thing are finally clickin' Still having trouble with the things that aren't meaningful But ya really clickin' Our dreams are where we at What we can see and touch With

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Country man lyrics

need hands,rough not soft to come and warm you up up in that cold hayloft. Let me hold you little darling in my big strong arms, can`t get these kind of muscles anywhere but a farm. Hey i´m a contry man a city boy can´t do the things i can, i can grow my own groceries and sa

John Denver - Country roads lyrics

heaven West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains Shanondoah River Live is old there Older than the trees Younger than the mountains Blowing like a breeze Country roads take me home To the place I belong West Virginia mountain momma Take me home countr

Fiddler's Green - Country of plenty lyrics

country of plenty, a country of bloom Together we rise with a glance in our eyes We search for a place you won't find in this life We won't give up seeking, we live in a fool's paradise! Been travelling for years on the streets of this world We stopped at strange plac

Brantley Gilbert - Country must be countrywide lyrics

up south of the Mason Dixon Workin', spittin', huntin', and fishin' Stone cold country by the grace of God I was gasin' up the other day An old boy pulled up with a license plate From Ohio; thought "Oh, good Lord, he's lost" From his Wranglers to

Nappy Roots - Country boyz lyrics

Hook: All] We just some country boys - country walk, country talk Don't bring it round here 'less ya know fa sho' it's jumpin off We just some country boys - country walk, country talk Don't bring it round here 'less ya know fa sho' it's jumpin off [B. Stille] Uhhh.. th

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Country lanes lyrics

warm is my morning sun, red is my rainbow Soft is the cool summer breeze when I saw your face I saw the light in your eyes so dark and demanding Like a light in the storm Whenever I cry my friend You're always away and so I pretend If I could live the dreams that I s

Boondox - Country life lyrics

Verse 1:] Country Life Front porch livin swiggin wiskey and mescaline Swinging fly swatters catchin trails from that ketamine We on some otha level country like a Muthaf***a As the way I'm living shit they ain't no otha muthaf***a Give me mosquitoes and a moon-li

Den Svenska Björnstammen - Country lyrics

tror jag tog dig för givet, för tidigt Stod på perrongen alla gånger Skruvar ned till ultrarapid Så jag kan känna hur det biter Hon sa' mig glömmer du aldrig, alltid Jag lyssnar noga, ögon strålar Men du lämnar mig om nätterna I alla fall i tankarna Och vi t

Hasselhoff David - Country roads lyrics

Heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah river Life is old there, older than the trees Younger than the mountains Blowin' like a breeze Country roads take me home To the place I belong West Virginia, mountain momma Take me home country road

Ky-mani Marley - Country journey lyrics

go... I really wanted to take you with me On my little country journey But you have to understand, oh why And not sit alone at home and cry, And cry, alone at home and cry Even though you're not here by my side Truely you're always on my mind So I just called

John Michael Montgomery - Country thang lyrics

it on to me. We're backwoods Dixie, flat woods pickin', Shotgun wavin', long-neck drinkin', Huntin' and a-fishin', workin' and a-wishin' for the weekend. We say: "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am, Sir, can I lend a hand?" Take a stand for som

Nazareth - Country girl lyrics

are a girl from the country Your eyes remind me of the sun You came to visit in the city And won the heart's of everyone You are a girl from the country Your hair is colored like the corn I have never been outside the city I am no friend to

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Country girl lyrics

was born in the country, I was raised with the sun The flowers were my pillow when the day's work was done Down in the valley shone the bright neon signs The call of the city life kept going through my mind Oh yeah, the days of my childhood would soon be lef

Emily Kinney - Dad says lyrics

am giving up one of my dreams today I found out I can't always get my way And sometimes a dream isn't worth what you pay So I'm giving up one of my dreams today When we are children, we look to the sky We want everything, I'm afraid to ask why And I saw the

Van Morrison - Country fair lyrics

stood and watched the river flow We were too young to really know In the country fair Oh, in the country fair We laid out in the long green grass And never thought that it would pass In the country fair In the country fair On an old, on an old open day On an old

David Hasselhoff - Country roads lyrics

Heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River Life is old there, older than the trees Younger than the mountains, blowin' like a breeze Country roads...take me home To the place...I belong West Virginia...Mountain momma Take m

Indigo Girls - Country road lyrics

to the highway won't you lend me your name your way and my way seem to be one in the same momma don't understand it she wants to know where i been i'd have to be some kind of natural born fool to want to pass that way again but you know i could feel it on a country road sail on

Justin Moore - Country boy lyrics

ve skipped town at the stroke of eighteen To take hold of a world I had only dreamed The city life had me intrigued Fast cars and women like I'd never seen But I'm still a country boy I haven't been back to the farm I got a tattoo on my arm I break some laws bu

Chase Rice - Country boy's kryptonite lyrics

couple Pocahontas legs peakin’ out a swimmin’ hole Solo blockin’ shots under that soccer goal Cheerlead her pop-poms on a Saturday night That’s a country boy’s kryptonite A little caramel colored honey, whiskey in a glass Couple bucks down and a couple bears back Don’t it get

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