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Rush - Cygnus x-1 book ii: hemispheres lyrics

quot;Cygnus X-1, Book II: Hemispheres ... [I. Prelude] When our weary world was young The ... struggle of the ancients first began The gods ... of love and reason Sought alone to rule the fate of man

Rush - Cygnus x-1 book i: the voyage lyrics

In the constellation of Cygnus, there lurks a mysterious, ... invisible force: the black hole of Cygnus X-1.... ... Six Stars of the Northern Cross In ... for their sister's loss In a final flash of glory

Cult Of Luna - Cygnus lyrics

you see what's following you It has a ... its own Steps so quiet you can't hear it A parasite ... without a home It's got a smile, but you don't trust it ... Concrete reasons unknown Put it behind

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Carol masters lyrics

sits by the window Stares into the night Just waiting for a foreign sound from ... outside Far beyond the atmospheres, she is listening ... for a call To take her homewards to herself Oh I love you

Peroxwhy?gen - Placate lyrics

with the sky & those who see may never ... know me? They think I’m talking to myself when I believe ... in the powers that be? Higher & above the

Hawkwind - Kadu flyer lyrics

want to try, I want to be me I want to get ... high, I want you to see I want to fly, I want to be free ... I hit the trail from Kathmandu With a different kind of

One Ok Rock - Seken shirazu no uchuu hikoushi lyrics

to the sun and pass the stars Down to the moon and heading to Mars Smells like ... Now I’m out of orbit Watch the turning in my head ... you’re saying good-bye… I can’t just stay Take a breath and you can see it’s so real I

Peroxwhy?gen - Distance lyrics

Pushing comes to shove. Dreams of knowing you- Healthy un ... confused – Yesterday was your great escape! ... Compelled by your voice& how you loved to say. Daddy I’ll miss you&Mom please be safe-you know that I

Peroxwhy?gen - Humansgone lyrics

never serve him wrong. He played a game with you & now ... your humans gone. Never knew how this ... would end back then- I use to pray with ... you & now I just pretend. HEAVEN HAD IT OUT FOR YOU ALL ALONG- impressed by you over all-ALWAYS RIGHT YOU WOULD

Peroxwhy?gen - Metalbed lyrics

AWAY IN A HUMAN HELL- -THE CELL. Leave ... options open if you can to re-plan- Accomplish ... power to delete the pain! Clearing the path of futuristics ... sleight of hand- Keeping the mind from

Peroxwhy?gen - Metaphors lyrics

here we go. Skeletons hanging in- My closest haunted ... by you. Until I broke all their bones- Your ... hypocritical view Break my caring heart & I’ll

Peroxwhy?gen - Obsolete lyrics

in my ways I am changing- Every single move your ... making Sense of analyzed predictions- Far beyond ... I’ve been tortured with arriving- Thoughts that stop a

Peroxwhy?gen - Obtuse lyrics

letting them go- The lies have crippled me in to deep. ... Let’s shoot the shit- So we can burry it. Release the wrath ... Of all that’s negligent. Let’s shoot abuse- So we can burry it.

Peroxwhy?gen - Physicalelse lyrics

as ice-immune to the heat- My life found its way on ... to the moon- Myself has- Transformed by its light- ... cosmic ghost- My life said good bye- To what I’ll

Peroxwhy?gen - Presence lyrics

express my thoughts of you- & all the moments we have ... lived & made it through- I’m ... combining raw emotion from the right & ... wrong- To blend it in with all our possibilities holding

Peroxwhy?gen - Rebelyes lyrics

okay if we can get through this- Away from ... the world where it all won’t be missed- Unfamiliar was the sudden sound- Handcuffed face first on the ... ground! You can’t play with forever there’s no

Peroxwhy?gen - Reflection lyrics

Thousand Forty Six. Such a strange reflection to the man ... in a chair- He awaits & hopes the windows lying ... but he is there. Break of dawn the mornings passing like

Peroxwhy?gen - Scenario lyrics

that day in October- When forces ... me to bow down to her- With a feeling internal- Internally ... the melody went off- Planning its way to you- Sensing ... the melody swarming through- Everyone &

Peroxwhy?gen - Submission lyrics

you’ve got to see- What you do to them. Man you ... need to know- This shit has got to go. Son you need to ... chill- Before behavior steals. Your chance from under

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