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Saxon - See the light shining lyrics

re dyin', when you're dyin' There ain't no use in cryin' I'm ... gonna keep on livin' till the light Shines down on you Burnin' ... I'm gonna show my hand make history Show me the way Show

Mason Jennings - The light part ii lyrics

regardless, in the evening A light is thrown by the setting sun ... It speeds along this vast familiar And silently ... crosses everyone It's the light that's changing It's the light that's changing It's the light that's changing It's only the light Across the gardens,

Rouvas,sakis - The light lyrics


Nevertheless - It's true lyrics

me who's right, who's wrong? It sounds like the same old song ... If it's compromise they want Then I don't belong ... We paint You in pictures well We praise You and

From Ashes To New - Through it all lyrics

not a day that passes by The pain has not amassed inside It’s breaking me down to the ... ground It’s like I crashed and died It’s hard to ... leave your past behind Especially when you’re last in line

Eloy - The light from deep darkness lyrics

of the depths of nothing In nobody ... s time The earth was created The first ... morning starts Sun appears in the sky Winds stroking waves ... shadows tumble down Eclipse the sun of life Herald the night

Ramones lyricsRamones - All's quiet on the eastern front lyrics

the watch the way i walk Can't you think ... too amped to sleep Lamp rays shining down Street lamps make the ... up and ready to go Lock the windows the gates on Taxi in

Catapult The Dead - All is sorrow lyrics

times a past held near Tortures all you are now Nothing ... comes from the well All's Become the death's plague ... us behind Lovers leap across the flames Taunting hopeless

Jackson Browne - The fuse lyrics

s coming from so far away It's hard to say for sure Whether what I hear is music or the ... wind Through an open door There's a fire high in the empty ... sky Where the sound meets the shore There's a long distance loneliness Rolling out

Dødheimsgard - All is not self lyrics

And I lost my way Something is missing All day long The light leaves lines of panic on the ... vine It doesn't matter how hard you ... try Wraiths astride tame tigers We're

Cheryl Cole - All is fair lyrics

the blinds, turn down the sun Better run and hide, ... here they all come With the hate in their eyes, And lies ... on their tongues So we stand and ... one Everybody wants to rule the world it seems If they fire

Freygolo - All is said and done lyrics

fight, one more defeat Another lie I believe in It's just ... a broken dream And I know it's over And I know it's lost ... Too late to try I know it's just like another waste

Seals & Crofts - The longest road lyrics

know the longest road is from the head to the heart. Better ... think loving me be hard. And the darkest shade is sometimes ... under the light. If it's right for you to see me,

Radical Face - All is well (it's only blood) lyrics

is well now Pay no mind All is well now I'm just fine I'm ... just fine It's only blood; I have plenty ... left It's only blood; I just need to ... rest I said I'd fix this That I'd set things straight

Sleep Serapis Sleep - Destiny is met on the path that betrays it lyrics

reality was born Where fates collide It ... binds us by its blood, Forever brothers in arms The ... moon is full, the air is cool, And we press on, as ... one, to take the world They said "It is written in the stars" But we write it

Elastica - The way i like it lyrics

i work all day just the way i like it sing a song with a subtle hand when i need ... to spike it and i'm living all right and i'm doing ok had ... who was made of sand and the wind blew him away but i

Black Sun Empire - All is lost (ft. thomas oliver & youthstar) lyrics

the leaves are falling from the trees around me And the ... dry and seas are lonely When the sky is red and the tides are ... turning We will stand in the arms of fire and burning

Bush lyricsBush - The edge of love lyrics

always felt that we both knew it was the end of things You're ... wind Now you are here, despite all the fears that we share ... within We're on the edge of love Dive in a

The Pigeon Detectives - Through the door lyrics

mind how i got all that money money doesn't buy ... a reason reason doesn't ease these troubled times in this ... when nothing seems to be worth living for truth will come

Robert Plant - Shining in the light lyrics

boat stealing through the darkness Will you bring to ... bring to me my only love? In the night the light of oneness ... And the one light guides you home And the

Dream Theater - The glass prison lyrics

REFLECTION Cunning, Baffling, ... Been beaten to a pulp Vigorous, Irresistable Sick and ... to let go I can't escape it It leaves me frail and worn ... Can no longer take it Senses tattered and torn

Kurupt - Light shit up lyrics

(Buckshot)] Yeah, true story know what I'm sayin' We got ... the Duck Down family keepin' it motherf***in' real (Wha, ... what, what) (This is what you get when you get this shit) (This is what you get

Leann Rimes - The light in your eyes lyrics

can take your dreams and turn them upside down Friends will ... when you're not around Reality can really cut you down to ... But don't ever lose that light in your eyes Don't ever lose

Bob Catley - The light lyrics

in the streets, where the rumours flew The Second ... know who" But still they doubt as they stare at the ... face to believe Deep in the woods, long after dark Falling through the stratosphere, shining like a star They shoot to

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Love is all (shine your light on me) lyrics

is all Love is all around you Love is there in ... flows everywhere. Love is old Love is older than you ... But the light shining through Makes me see Your love is all new. Hey Sha la la Shine

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Feel the light lyrics

quot;Feel The Light" Here I go Here I go ... now Here I go Here I go It’s better now Feel better now ... we fell under Did you expect me to reason with thunder I

Mc Erik & Barbara - See the light lyrics

life is tremendous maze I can't find ... my way without love So now I have to ... say It's simple just wait for the voice of your heart ... You can see the light which is shining in the night Can see

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

isle, a bright shining isle stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and ... grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - Small. A speck in the wide blue

Mike Oldfield - Sunlight shining through cloud lyrics

And I, I feel a shadow in its place. Was grace that ... did that grace appear the hour I first believed. And ... And I, I feel a shadow in its place. We're the sunlight

Carola - The light lyrics

aorund there's people walking in and out ... ain't always what you find All the time miracles will pass ... to get some Peace of mind Then you came into my life

God Is An Astronaut - Shining through lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (i...

Joshua Radin - The ones with the light lyrics

bus is here 'til 3 So we got an ... hour to see The ones tonight The ones with the light That keeps shining ... She makes her mark, it's clear Checks herself feeds

Defiance ( Usa ) - The chosen lyrics

optic illusions Try to foresee what is to be made&amp ... Chosen I may be the one Chosen I just might be the one to live I never heard ... a word they said But now I see the light shining Through eyes It

Another Tale - The light lyrics

that tale About a land beyond the pale Where the happiness has ... no price You maybe call it paradise But if you want to ... place You've got to stand the dark embrace Of the tunnel in

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Through it all lyrics

me what you find Back in the pages left behind Everybody ... s got a story Ours ain't no different ... from the rest Each step we take, it's ... just a test On this broken road to glory When

Mobile - All is forgiven (parts i-ii-iii) lyrics

a very sheltered life. For better or worse I've followed ... my dreams To the end of the line. I am gonna miss this ... played my parts and I rolled the dice. For better or worse I

Skylark - Light lyrics

Act 1- The mission Oracle: A prophecy was made ... that someday the time will come in which ... darkness will take hold of the world. But it is also written that one man will stand

Donovan - The light lyrics

Died ... and I sighed As the chains of the flesh left me ... As the moans and the groans Of the friend sent me ... On my way to the Land of the Dead I flashed ... that my

Mechanical Poet - The afterguide lyrics

sky, a snowy lane The dateless willows standing ... mourning train An angel's waiting on the crypt Goodbye, ... my little child A better world awaits you We’ve lost your

L'arc~en~ciel - The silver shining lyrics

want to sleep want to sleep with the silence you heal me ... again through the long and trying day you save ... me in the moun I'm just veiled in the ... silver shining asa no kagayaki wa

Sirius - The collapsing spheres of time lyrics

is calling beyond the stars... Through this silent ... unknown. I aim to swerve this starlit veil, to landscapes ... never shown (Never). The stars aloft show me an escape

Orphaned Land - All is one lyrics

re the orphans from the holy land, the tears of ... darkness we have prayed and swore to rise up once again We ... are the sons of the blazing sun Sharing our faith through the barrel of a gun

Celtic Woman - The light of christmas morn lyrics

of chill December sound The farewell of the year And ... evening shadows gather ‘round And cloud the soul with fear But rest you well good ... Christian men Nor be of heart forlorn

Jewel - The shape of you lyrics

Leaves are starting to fall I recall, last time you were ... melody that lingers still There's a hole in my heart and I ... ll carry it wherever I go Like a

Kamelot (usa) - The light i shine on you lyrics

a day is dawning I am sad but also ... strong This gift I've been given Tells ... me where I do belong Falling I'm falling down And you ... recall my strength Time will slowly

Dara Maclean - Step into the light lyrics

don’t want to go So what did it cost you when you gave that ... Hey, hey, hey, shackled by the shame But love can break the ... chains [CHORUS:] Step into the light

Steven Seagal - The light lyrics

s a hole in the light and you know there's one way ... Won't you go in before they keel away Day would forget the night Night would forget the ... Hope you can stay Well its rocky and its rough Its old

Skylark - The tragedy lyrics

are the Darkest Ages ever, all was in vain. No hope, no more wisdom on Earth. The evil ... overcome. We have to seek for another life far from here on ... the Princess Star. Because all that remains on Earth is:

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The day the light went out lyrics

would have believed That in the morning light would not be there The dark hung heavy on the ... air like the grip of a jealous man No ... place was there known to have been spared Then panic took control of minds

Carcer City - The truth pt. ii (everything is permitted) lyrics

eyes that only see in fractions, refractions With ears ... that only hear chain reactions in the air This body is ... a cage, these senses they decay The true nature of this place There's so much more

Common - The light lyrics

a luh, luh-luh, a love like this Gotta be somethin for me to ... write this Queen, I ain't seen you in a ... minute Wrote this letter, and finally decide to ... send it Signed sealed delivered for

Dark Quarterer - The blind church lyrics

was a light that wrapped My life and ... gave me a force to fight again There were ... voices from the sky That inspired me and ... up" And now I'm here, the blind church Condemned me to

Jackie Evancho - I see the light lyrics

those days watching from the windows All those years ... outside looking in All that time never even knowing ... Now I'm here, blinking in the starlight Now I'm here,

Grave Forsaken - Light in the shadow lyrics

Encroaching sin, wicked within Unspoken deeds, too dark ... driving me into hell The monster in me comes out to ... conceive Alone in my hell, there is one hope Master in

Nick Pitera - I see the light lyrics

those days Watching from the windows All those years ... Outside looking in All that time Never even ... Now I'm here Blinking in the starlight Now I'm here

Circle Ii Circle - The circle lyrics

the dead of the night There's something calling to me ... I can see all these visions Of insanity - Insanity ... There's no way to control it Feel adrenaline rise All these things that I see What are

Funeral - The elusive light lyrics

have gathered to honour those Who so ... passed out of time Flock together to preserve some warmth ... mankind So many have died for a cause A cause without

Mali Music - The light lyrics

1] Everywhere I go (man it's crazy) Everybody like ... (whoa) There go Mali Music and I'm like ... Didn't even know I made it yet for folks to act Like ... that ya'll (Favor) I'm so glad that song

Mandy Moore - I see the light lyrics

those days watching from the windows All those years ... outside looking in All that time never even knowing ... Now I'm here, blinking in the starlight Now I'm here,

Harry Nilsson - The ivy covered walls lyrics

behind the ivy covered walls We used to walk the Ivy ... leaguer walls We used to share an Ivy ... leaguer look But (we lost it with the chemicals that we ... took). Now the good books in the library

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