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Blaze Bayley - The truth is one lyrics

down the path of your life conditions ... up to everyday's contradictions To find the inner ... quietsource of your bliss All you need to know is there Assume the legacy of the

Jarrod Alonge - The swimmer by amidst the grave’s demons lyrics

water and I gasp out for air The life in my eyes begins to ... feel my own skin Drowning in the undertow I’ll never make it ... to revive me I can’t breathe The weight of the world is

Is Tropical - The greeks lyrics

so throw your hate away The Greeks have got him With their tales of lust and myths of ... grief Lights from the big wheel Casts shadows that ... dance around the fair Time for consulting,

Charice - The truth is lyrics

almost said the words last night I told ... myself the moment wasn’t right No one ... wants to be the one who says it first But I been ... so long it hurts CHORUS The truth is That I love you

The Academy Is... - The phrase that pays lyrics

eyes can't believe what they have seen. In the corner of ... of my memories. Oh Doctor, Doctor, I must have gotten this ... of questions, And I want them answered on the spot, right

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The ballad of sacco &vanzetti lyrics

masses yearning to breathe free The wretched refuse of ... your teeming shore Send these, the homeless, tempest ... to me." Blessed are the persecuted And blessed are the pure in heart Blessed are the merciful And blessed are the

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - The phuncky feel one lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen Verse One: B-Real Well I'm the Real one, yes the Phuncky Feel One ... Cypress Hill has come, any quest/just ask them ... Cause we are answerin, any brothers that've been On the dick

Sarah Brightman - The war is over now lyrics

statues are falling Like feathers of snow Their voices are ... calling In a whispering world Waiting for the ... morning glow Heaven is calling From a rainy shore

Imagika - The sky is falling lyrics

see abused people lying in the street I feel them coldly ... through me And as I watch their lives slowly Fade away I ... turn away only to see that Chorus The sky is falling

Bright Eyes - The city has sex lyrics

city has sex with itself i suppose ... as the concrete collides, the scenery grows and the lonely once bandaged lay fully ... exposed having undressed their wounds for each other and

Alter Bridge - The end is here lyrics

to find Luck turns Will the fallen ever reach within And ... rise again For the rest of my life I will find the answers That were always ... here I will find the meaning this time I will fight the

Britt Nicole - The sun is rising lyrics

life has cut too deep and left you ... hurting, The future you had hoped for is ... now burning, And the dreams you held so tight have ... lost their meaning, And you don't know if you

Twenty One Pilots lyricsTwenty One Pilots - The pantaloon lyrics

died When you were nine They said he had Lost his mind ... soon You should never trust the pantaloon Now it's your ... turn To be alone Find a wife And build

B. J. Thomas - The word is love lyrics

and feeling lonely Had become ordinary I was ... always glad to see a day go by The darkness just got deeper ... The mountains just got steeper ... But when I heard the Word it changed my life The Word is love The Word is

Peter, Paul And Mary - The song is love lyrics

know you won't be thinking this applies to you, But it's ... have had to sing your song alone, Not believing anybody could ... you Let me say it now while the meaning is new But wouldn't

Galadriel - The grave is the last lyrics

: They appointed their words for the truth Which ... everyone must to take for own When (the) mind (will) rise against their arogance Then (the) body ... will leave (the) world in the flames I hail you all down

Majesty - The day when the battle is won lyrics

giant sent by the dark lord of the night He is ... in fight with the rider He's made of stone, he ... s got the evil inside He's killing for ... his provider The Thunder Rider can't defeat

One-t - The magic key lyrics

Listen up) Till my days Change ... my ways This sudden end to my days Makes ... me wish I'd changed my ways Spent ... more time with the posse One-t, nine-t, bull-t, me From

One T & Cool T - The magic key lyrics

end to my days Makes me wish I´d changed my ways Spent ... more time with the posse One-t, nine-t, bull-t, me From ... life seems so small what´s the meaning of it all? Miss the

Hall And Oates - The sky is falling lyrics

will tell Give some new meaning now What it really takes ... survive Time will prove That my fears, all were coming ... true Now that you’re leaving my life

Hall & Oates - The sky is falling lyrics

Time will tell Give some new meaning now What it really takes to ... survive Time will prove That my fears, all were coming ... true Now that you're leaving my life

Oroku - The end is near lyrics

world is not ours to exploit, and I'm ... sick of this These borders are drawn in blood ... and I wish we were all free Life has gone past the point of return

Phora - The white owl lyrics

got my game from the man who lived his life on the ... Gave me some advice so I listened when he talked he said ... life cause time never stops one day we all go Whether you

Berlin - The world is waiting lyrics

never laughs, never feels the sun And when you ask her how ... she is Tired and broken She ... works alone, eats alone, drinks alone at night She has a family far away And she

Elvenking - Under the tree of us'dam lyrics

harmony:] "March to the tree" Step by step, ... we walked the elfdom as far as the pass of ... in our swords We've reached the elfic mighty oak, over hills

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The future is now lyrics

tomorrow glass will grow On the freedoms that divide us They’re coming after me ... at your door? A thought that starts a riot They’re coming ... after me) NOW Life is not the same I am one But sparks

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

And make human statues cold The stars shine so clear in a ... formation which Scares tells that death is near Something ... malicious and vengeful is out there It must be as the wise man

Shaggy - The train is coming lyrics

SHAGGY] MMMM This girl got me waiting and the ... time has come for a decision to be made OH YES OOH ... WELL Tell them Ken Boothe [Ken Boothe] I SAY THE

Sheppard lyricsSheppard - The best is yet to come lyrics

a different place Where love is not illusion based And fear is just a word they can define ... ve heard hope and happiness Is found in every beating chest

The Dubliners - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go ... slowly drifting by In the park the lazy bees Are ... droning in the flowers, among the trees And the sun burns in the sky Now the sun is in the

Intruder - The sentence is death lyrics


Luke Kelly - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go ... slowly drifting by In the park, the dreamy bees are ... droning In the flowers among the trees And the sun is in the

Last Kingdom - The world is dying lyrics

am looking down upon the world There is nothing left ... to see I see the burning of the horizon There is nothing ... here left for me The fall of the Earth has begun

Gordon Lightfoot - The soul is the rock lyrics

soul is the rock and the rock will not be moved ... Nothing is disputed, yet nothing is disproved And the seeds of the ... earth that were planted long ago Still

Anita Meyer - The one that you love lyrics

the night has gone now the night has gone away doesn't ... seem that long we hardly had two words ... me in your arms for just another day I promise this one will

Broken Arrow - The gothic line lyrics

our life fade away We feel the breath of the wolf One light ... lefter, creeps on the snow Now we've got to be ... strong Hear the nazis get near Fire! Do it again

Five Finger Death Punch - The tragic truth lyrics

m drowning in the bottom of a bottle. Running ... man I swore I'd never be. No one ever has to face tomorrow. ... But I'm the one that has to face me. It's the

Garbage - The trick is to keep breathing lyrics

s not the kind of girl Who likes to ... tell the world About the way she feels about herself ... doesn't want to fight against the tide And lately I'm not the only one I say never trust

Impending Doom - The son is mine lyrics

I'll fight for your affection To set me apart To find ... who I truly am The son is mine Power corrupts ... definitely Conceit is a mask to insecurity Your

Lady Pank - The zoo that has no keeper(fabryka małp) lyrics

throat is bare, there's a sense of danger; I ... feel a hand, And the hand is strange. The hand is dead, ... Where am I now ? What is this crowd - Of creatures

Omd - The boy from the chemist is here to see you lyrics

your life in hope and fear, That each small sin and imperfection is buried deep beyond detection. But one by one the ... ghosts return, and each selects it’s place to burn, Into

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go ... slowly drifting by In the park the lazy breeze Are ... joining in the flowers, among the trees And the sun burns in the sky Now the sun is in the

Flux Of Pink Indians - The fun is over lyrics

fun's over, start digging The fun's over, stop eating The ... fun has finished, start struggling The fun ... start digging Enjoyment is over, begin to hide Dreaming

Illnath - The blood is the almighty sin lyrics

sun is setting And night comes ... crawling back Out of the shadows deep Comes a ... creature of the night And now the stars are ... shining bright Hunting the innocent He draws their

Revive - The truth is lyrics

With an emptiness inside That I've tried to satisfy Many ... Searching for some kind of meaning In this world that's so ... deceiving [Chorus] But the truth is There is none like

Anneke Van Giersbergen - The best is yet to come lyrics

hold you tight and Squeeze the truth Out of you. Before ... Let me remind you, Ray, that You’re amazing, You just ... Stop running away. ‘Cause the best is yet to come, You

Beck - The horrible fanfare/landslide/exoskeleton lyrics

of ancients The nations repainted The chain ... gang chatelaine Changing the station The theme song ... playing The anthem of normal The horrible ... fanfare The horns get distorted On a public

Jeff Buckley - The sky is a landfill lyrics

around the park Joining hands in ... silence Watch the evil black the sky The storm has ripped the shelter Of illusion from our ... brow This power is no mystery to us now.

Coolio - The devil is dope lyrics

you free your mind your ass has got to But you're caught up ... in that same ol' patent and trap that ... out to be a trick Imagine this you got no family, you got no

Dynasty - The time is over lyrics

to go out Looking at the time going by ( Will there ... be time for me) Oh! My time is over The life I had in the ... me I was trapped in my addictions But the dose is over

Moloko - The time is now lyrics

me you care for me You're the first thing And the last ... I feel Sunshine On a promise A day dream yet to come ... Time is upon us Oh but the night is young Flowers

Periphery - The price is wrong lyrics

me out, And put a stone on my head Or throw me on the tracks Where the steel can ... kill me quick The sound of emergency Is ... stapling a fright upon their ears I'm feeling

Playahitty - The summer is magic lyrics

summer is magic, is magic oh oh oh The summer is ... to imagine, imagine oh oh oh The summer is magic You are ... tight Finally she's yours The summer's giving you more And

Sevendust - The end is coming lyrics

see the last parade unfold I try to ... understand (the meaning of it all) If silence ... becomes us, then who will save us from the ... us all NOW TRY AND RUN (The end is coming) So run, keep

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - The road to mandalay lyrics

me from drowning in the sea Beat me up on the beach ... What a lovely holiday There's nothing funny left to say ... This sombre song would drain the sun But it won't shine until

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - The desert is in your heart (with sophia arva.. lyrics

Part :You move the veil from your face And ... escape from the world that is hurting You feel oppressed ... when you know That the words are killing the meaning

2 Boys - The girl is trouble lyrics

as seen as pretty as well a ? is confidential so were you ... beat as sondre has spell a giving me ? you ... to you and doesn't show the girl is trouble trouble

Fall Of Troy, The - The circus that has brought us back to these .. lyrics

the kids in the back deny it?! Will the kids ... in the back deny it?! Our heads are ... hearts in flat lines Will the kids in the back deny it?! ... Will the kids in the back deny it?! And blurred

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - The sinister show lyrics

you Through storms and rain, that’s what we do Another jet, ... another bus Our on the quest, just for the rush Way ... up high in the clouds Of thunder, lightning

Ace Frehley - The acorn is spinning lyrics

Vinnie I got this new fighter from the Bronx ... no you can't lose with this one You want a piece of the action or what Jake Lamato eh ... See if Luis wants in I'll talk to you

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