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Prince - Crystal ball lyrics

lover, my baby U ever had a Crystal Ball' Expert lover, my baby U ever had a Crystal Ball' Ooh, expert lover, my baby Ever had a Crystal Ball' Expert lover, my baby U ever had a Crystal Ball' As bombs explode around us and hate advances o

Bts lyricsBts - Crystal snow (japanese) lyrics

tsumoru yō ni tashikamete iru yo kimigakuretamono ikite ku yūki arayuru jikan koete deatta nda sorede How do we do? hataseru? kono futashika jōtai Love omottayori sekai wa hayakute How we gonna change it? We don't know yet demo kitto… [Eh] ai, bokura no mun

A Pink - Crystal lyrics

uh~woo~ yeah~ Oh love of my life i wanna wake you up Shine a light nuga mworaedo neon like star Neomu nuni busijanha Garyeojin sairo sinbiroun shine a light Boran deusi soksagideusi nareul bichuneun geol Neon naui vitamin neomu banjjagineun geol Nunb

Crystal Ball - Crystal ball lyrics

the night is falling The truth seems unreal Can you hear the calling? Much too loud to conceal Do you trust the warning? Of the gypsy queen The cards you're drawing What do they mean? No matter what they say It's all in your hands Crystal b

L.a. Guns - Crystal eyes lyrics

crystal eyes she gazes Like a desert flower In the morning rain She's well aware of every promise made She's a child of light in a world of pain Oh let her be free, Holy Zion Give us eyes to see Something to rely on Crystal eyes, I still love you

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Crystal sky lyrics

wish it would snow Wish it would snow so we could start over I wanna lay down Wanna lay down in white blanket fields This time of year’s so beautiful I miss you more than usual I wish it would snow So we could wipe out where we went wrong It’s all I ev

Running Wild - Crystal gold lyrics

of drinking water They privatize it all the way The want control right completely They want you body, mind and soul Perfidious plan to hide their action They come along in suit and tie Spitting lies Crystal Gold - they wanna take away your freedom Natural right to live,

Golden Earring - Crystal heaven lyrics

fantastic story around your figure, Is rolling now, through my mind. I've never heard such lovely stories, Since I came here to find your kind. I left reality in a hurry, I could escape just in time. Ah, Crystal Heaven seems near to me, I, I fe

Keane - Crystal ball lyrics

is the man I see where I'm supposed to be? I lost my heart, I buried it too deep under the iron sea. Oh, crystal ball, crystal ball, Save us all, tell me life is beautiful, Mirror, mirror on the wall. Lines ever more unclear, I'm not sure I'm even here, The mor

Manilla Road - Crystal logic lyrics

all the sorcery that we have told to thee They call us demons from Hell But they refuse to see being of Satan's league They'll never drink from The Well I'm not burning, look inside Crystal Logic's what you'll find God's Magik shines so bright with Sword of Fire and Light The

Mitchel Musso - Crystal ball lyrics

be waitin in time you got me, you got me trapped inside a crystal ball. And when I see you I start to roll, you’ll be waitin in time. You keep rockin on the bus. I'mma give out to and she want you. And you can be my girlfriend. Prayer at the sunset. You can be the teacher, tea

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Crystal river lyrics

river Got a woman On the other side Crystal river Got a woman On the other side And nothin' Can touch me here Nothin' Can touch me here Nothin' Can touch me here On crystal river I love her I swear By the diamond sky I love her I swear By the diamond sky And nothin' C

Carpenters - Crystal lullaby lyrics

to the song he sings Can't you see his music brings her Crystal sleep As her heavy eyelids fall He's taking her to where the dolls rule the world And in that land of make believe Is where he'll leave her sleeping Softly warm In a crystal lullaby He's wea

Overkill - Crystal clear lyrics

that pierce your tender flesh And a silent scream of your new faith, profess I am a piece of eternal satisfaction I am the serpent wrapped around your feet Deep inside your burning Virgin ear Oh, to stop the yearning, now Crystal clear Crystal clear

Befour - Crystal wonderland lyrics

with me take my hand In that crystal Wonderland Feel the magic of winter tonight Follow me Hand in Hand In that crystal wonderland Frozen Hearts cannot break I'm your guide DAP DADAP DAP DAP DADAP DAP DAP DADADAP DAP DADAP DAP DAP DADAP DAP

Buzzcocks - Crystal night lyrics

read the news you saw the headlines I know your secret do you know mine Somebody said they're getting closer I guess we don't have all that much time They're lighting bonfires in the distance You know somethings in life will never change So please don't say there was no warning J

Crystal Tears - Crystal tears lyrics

ve been crying crystal tears Like teardrops they're falling down Innocence disappears As your heavy heart falls to the ground This heavy heart falling down And it's still crying but there's no one in sight 'cause there's a young man calling out How is it possible there's childr

Helalyn Flowers - Crystal bullet lyrics

was living in a little box Sorrow made Broken up just like you When there comes the rain I won't turn around I'm afraid, away All that I ever wanted to play I am frozen like an angel I can feel it on my own Like a crystal bullet trapped in

Nothing’s Carved In Stone - Crystal beat lyrics

primal instinct I wouldn't fake it I don't have to hide it I wanna let go of that now Wish I could be free I'm the reliever You know that your instinct has the drive to lead the way Diamond Shock of crystal beat I can feel the heat How

Mike Oldfield - Crystal gazing lyrics

for a spark, it's a moonlight show. Reaching through the dark. Do you have to go? Try to put a message through to your sweetheart. Won't you like to know the secrets of the heart? [ Chorus ] Crystal gazing, crystal gazing. What you gonna find

Remedy Drive - Crystal sea lyrics

Sea Crystal Sea Crystal Sea Crystal Sea Crystal Sea Crystal

Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - Crystal dance lyrics

sorrow is running from out tearful eyes Flowin? down in many rivers Turning to one in a neverending stream On its way down to the wide and endless ocean of tears The ocean of time lets all rememberance to our crystal dance die The time of waiting that has changed us?

Elton John lyricsElton John - Crystal lyrics

re caught up in a web, you and I Since Crystal came between us The knots of friendship seem to be untied And it hurts me most to cheat and that's no lie She can swing us both forever In the long run she's the one who must decide And if she leaves me handle her with care Don't hu

Echo & The Bunnymen - Crystal days lyrics

am I Whole at last with a golden view Looking for hope And I hope it's you Splitting my heart Cracked right in two The pleasure of pain endured To purify our misfit ways And magnify our crystal days Where are you In shadows only I can see Looki

Noodles - Crystal plum lyrics

there are nothing in my place go tell my friends down, don't make me down I'm calling the sun it you are my favorite 感 情 は 青 い フ ル ー ツ の よ う だ ね drawing, 未完成で そう 思うままに もぎ取ってしまいなよ I don't want to change your life I'd understand, it's y

Pink lyricsPink - Crystal ball lyrics

m drinking wine and thinking bliss Is on the other side of this I just need a compass And a willing accomplice All my doubts have filled my head Cascading up and down again Up and down around again Down and up and down again Oh I've had my chances and I've taken 'em all Just to

Epica - Crystal mountain (death cover) lyrics

from blind faith Passed down from self-induced fantasy Turn a page to justify Conjuring power - it opens wide On seventh day, Is that how it's done? Twisting your eyes to perceive all that you want To assume from ignorance Inflicting wound

Athena - Crystal eyes lyrics

through your crystal eyes I fly in the wind of your lies, the wind brings me back by the sea, where the foam of the waves melts with dreams. Crystal drops play with your candid lips while your bitter tears voice whispers "I must leave

Hüsker Dü - Crystal (mould) lyrics

looms overhead Airplane flies overhead Important man sits by the window Sucked out of the first class window Images run by, thousand miles an hour But the time seems far away Folding clothes in a folding closet Folding money in a resume It's

Raury - Crystal express lyrics

is in the moment And life is incoherent Life is a thing that you chose to have inherent You came here for a reason But you cannot remember it And you might be frustrated You might be confused and hyperventilated Worried about the future Pull up

Adrenaline Mob - Crystal clear lyrics

watch the waves upon the water, searching for a reason But I know it isn't there (Know it isn't there, know it isn't there) And so I struggle with the meaning, despite of all this feelings I know it isn't fair (Know it isn't fair, know it isn't fair) So I lay awake, ho

Crystallion - Crystal clear lyrics

goodbye, welcome the new You are the last, you know it's true Like a gust of wind, so strong And you know you don't belong Break the chains and just let go Shackles of the past – no more Follow me, swim with the tide Climbing to the stars tonight Waiting for a miracle (wai

Extreme lyricsExtreme - Kid ego lyrics

down Hey kid, I'm talkin' to you What am I supposed to do You know that you're something special That's something you already knew Hey kid, got something to say But you won't listen anyway I am only tryin' to help you But you get further eve

Buggles - Kid dynamo lyrics

today you might be riding The engines of progress Working in the major factories Call me if you ever feel like letting go I still remember the days of Kid dynamo, kid dynamo Kid dynamo, kid dynamo Bowowowowowo wa-ah ow Wowowowowowo wa-ah ow Spr

Rory Gallagher - Kid gloves lyrics

me... They sprung me out of Quentin, I'm back on the mob's payroll. They can buy my body, Sure they can't buy my soul. I'm working out of Stockton, I'm weighing in at two-o one. But there's a man in the front row, Sent down from the mob w

Counting Crows - Kid things lyrics

s there that makes you want to be lonely What's there to keep you sitting at home He'd always say no no no as if he wanted you to be hungry Well the same things you're missing Could get you into something else Better leave when to stay is only Nothing but bei

Death From Above 1979 - Crystal ball lyrics

my heart bruises Everybody loses Oh! I can't stress enough And on the weekend Everyone's my best friend Oh! I don't believe it If I can see the end I can't see the beginnin' There's no crystal ball To see the happy endin' I know I can't say That this will last

Domain - Crystal stone island (warpath part ii) lyrics

up on the hillside I was standing in the rain, I was waiting for a sign to come Longing for an answer, I was asking once again, wanted to know, what was about to come. Absolute darkness, no stars, no moon around I was looking down the waters edge I saw the waves,

Death - Crystal mountain lyrics

from blind faith Passed down from self-induced fantasy Turn a page to justify Conjuring power - it opens wide On your seventh day, Is that how it's done? Twisting your eyes to perceive All that you want To assume from ignorance Inflicting wounds wit

Iron Mask - Crystal tears lyrics

you see all this violence? Do you feel this suffering in your heart? All this bloodshed on TV screens, It makes me think that hell is just here on earth Could we be all united? The endless wars are killing the innocents Are you going to let them do it? Don't you see that

Masterplan - Crystal night lyrics

- why do we turn away When they shout that hymn Marching so brave Their hearts beat on holdly right Their souls belong to those of the weak Walking so blinded Surrounded by brown coated lies Hear propaganda which says Bleed for the mast

Mastodon - Crystal skull lyrics

a truth Prevail and ride Into the black hole Searching the crystal Making the veins bleed The source of consciousness Alive Crystalline resonance Into the black hole Searching the crystal Making the veins bleed A deep breath before the plunge

New Order lyricsNew Order - Crystal lyrics

re like crystal, we break easy I'm a poor man, if you leave me I'm applauded, then forgotten It was summer, now it's autumn I don't know what to say, you don't care anyway I'm a man in a rage (just tell me what I've got to do), with a girl I betrayed Here comes love,

Overwind - Crystal prison lyrics

1: How do you feeling tonight Inside my crystal prison? There’s no better place to be found There’s no any reason. Verse 2: It’s a rite of passage tonight You are queen of the my kingdom Do you really feeling alright When y

State Champs - Crystal ball lyrics

Verse 1] When it all began, was it time that we asked for? Or was it anything to feel complete forevermore? Wanna see myself like I used to back then But every time I turn around I’m in LA again Don’t take this for granted, that’s not how we planned it I know, we’re tearin

John Cougar Mellencamp - Kid inside lyrics

press my face to the window I ran my fingers through my hair I watched my life go around in a circle And I realized that no body but me cares And I saw the hurt of my system And I felt the madness of our faults conforming And I walked around your h

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - Kid in love lyrics

know that we just met Maybe this is dumb But it feels like There was something From the moment that we touched 'Cause, it's alright, it's alright I wanna make you mine The way you lighten up the room Caught the corner of my eye We can both sneak out the

Rush - Kid gloves lyrics

world of difference A world so out of touch Overwhelmed by everything But wanting more so much Call it blind frustration Call it blind man's bluff Call each other names Your voices rude Your voices rough Then you learn the lesson That it's cool to be so tough

Crucified Barbara - Kid from the upperclass lyrics

was fighting for you So hard to understand 'Cause baby you don't shine When you're crying like a dog, beg me to forgive A lie behind every corner To make me sleep at night Don't you think that I've noticed Everything about you is changing Boy

Elvis Costello - Kid about it lyrics

saw no tears in her eyes Say you wouldn't kid about it She's telling all of those lies She swore she'd never told before But I doubt it So he bit his tongue And tried hard to capture his breath When she said I waited all my life For just a little death Say you

Juelz Santana - Kid is back lyrics

ja, I think juelz is back in town [CHORUS] Juelz back and he's better than ever This is crack and it's better than ever Get, get back 'cause whatever's whatever Hey ya'll, hey ya'll the kid is back [VERSE 1] I'm back and I'm back and I'm back and I'm back in af

Amos Lee - Kid lyrics

kicked around so long You're starting to get used to how it feels The taste of blood that's in your mouth There's still somehow it always heals Don't know how you keep on getting up From all those ghostly blows And all that pain that lingers Deep down

I See Stars - Crystal ball lyrics

can't run, you can't hide I can hear every single thought That you tried to hide I look in the mirror and a stranger stares on back at me If these walls could talk They wouldn't speak the best of me, the best of me Turn it around on me just to

Moonspell - Crystal gazing lyrics

as a feeling pure, This vitreous second sight Without hallucinating, hating, Captive of a future bright Fortune telling- Honours for madmen only! Through the looking glass, And when the glass looks back. Why is everything to be denied? That could m

Phora - Kid on the block lyrics

I used to wanna be the toughest kid on the block Till I found out the toughest kid always gets shot I used to wanna make a mill pushin that rock Till I found out the big timers always got caught I used to wanna be the OG tellin a tale Til I found out they only up dead or

3rd And The Mortal, The - Crystal orchids lyrics

gave you my word And the shafts of light Opened the sky But as your shadow rise Passing colours in your mind I bow down silently I gave you my love As the rusting trees Sprinkled blades on the ground And as your shadow rise Passing colours in your mind I bow

Satsuki - Crystal lyrics

yume wa owari o tsuge Mabayui hodo ni chiribamerareta keshiki Itoshii anata e kotoba o tsutaetai Setsuna o irodotta koi wa ai ni kawaru Aoi kodoku wa mou kieteiku kara Azayaka na sora e negai yo habataiete inori Ima, kokoro tsuyoku itsumademo anata no soba ni E

Caliban - Crystal skies (feat. jamie graham of heart of.. lyrics

I'm lost and down again Then I just want to get away So depressed with all the pain I'll come back another day A trip to nowhere (nowhere, nowhere) Echoes in my head Now I'm here - Now I'm there Looking at the world from down here (down here) Lost in a haze - let me disappear

Crystal Clear - Crystal dreams of mystery lyrics

am a flower, a child of the fire That runs through the world and never dies I am the daughter of air and water A child of the earth and the sky No one can take mind No one can bring you down No one can take your mind Somebody must tell you that you're wrong Gonna fi

Derdian - Crystal lake lyrics

march advances for death and cruelty Black mountains placed herself against our tiring walk The land under our feet begins to tremble now (Is it)the fury of the gods or what? And we continue our journey to the viking land We cross the mountain and we're blinded by

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