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Dsds - Cry on my shoulder lyrics

to you If you need someone, you're feeling blue If ... wait for love, and you're alone If you call your friends, ... a storm and through a lonely night Then I'll show you

Bonnie Raitt - Cry on my shoulder lyrics

And things seem larger than they are But if you need to tell ... someone That's what I'm here for ... Cry on my shoulder I'll help you rise above Cry on my shoulder, my love

Overflow - Cry on my shoulder lyrics

you're falling apart Reached the end of the line Just looking ... place in an ordinary life No one calls you friend No one even ... want to feel loved instead of all the pain You no longer

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The dying of the light lyrics

keep on running but we can't get to the mountain. Behind the lie the ... been sinking like a flower in the fountain. When all the love ... i'm gonna need is heaven sent. Gonna try my best to get there

Nick Cave - The loom of the land lyrics

was the dirty end of winter Along the loom of the ... with sweet Sally Hand upon hand And the wind it bit ... bitter For a boy of no means With no shoes on

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The ballad of the harp weaver lyrics

quot;Son," said my mother When I was knee-high &quot ... You've need of clothes to cover you And not a rag ... have I. There's nothing in the house To make a boy's

Marvin Gaye - The end of our road lyrics

can stand Like a kid behind the wheel You've been reckless ... d surely tear it all apart The road has got to end somewhere ... Woman, woman, every road has got to end somewhere Now

Anubis Gate - The end of millenium road lyrics

Time has come to enter The kingdom of glory Journey we ... entrance Far into the future There foreseen: the ... early premonition End of all we know Dice with death

Lordi - The children of the night lyrics

hid them under the floor; for they being here made me sore And ... day I felt kinda hazy Now they still gotta be there, ´cos there not going anywhere Whith

The High Kings - The rising of the moon lyrics

all aglow I bear orders from the captain get you ready quick ... and soon For the pikes must be together by the ... rising of the moon Oh come tell me Sean O

The Dubliners - The rising of the moon lyrics

a glow I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick ... and soon For the pikes must be together by the ... rising of the moon By the rising of the moon, by the

Cage - The beast of bray road lyrics

scanning and scaring...THE BEAST! I spent my life ... My most recent attraction My craving for action On my ... from man it transforms To the Beast - The Beast of Bray Road Slashing, tearing, scanning

King Crimson - The court of the crimson king lyrics

rusted chains of prison moons Are shattered by the sun. ... I walk a road, horizons change The tournament's ... begun. The purple piper plays his tune,

Hideous Divinity - The alonest of the alone lyrics

for pain Feel nothing for them all For this hole in the ... me apart, yet spits me out Off the king's road I step on ... thorns aside Where the plagues rise From the dog's

The National - The geese of beverly road lyrics

ll take ourselves out in the street And wear the blood in ... sleeping car and whisper in their sleeping ears We were here ... we were here We'll set off the geese of Beverly Road Hey

Koffin Kats - The way of the road lyrics

in my pocket, were gonna have a time. Gonna wake up ... for my soul. Too bad for him there ain't nobody home. I'm ... somewhere out there. Burning the candle at both ends. It's the way of the road. Do what ya

Joe Bonamassa - The meaning of the blues lyrics

know what it means to walk alone? And what it means to be, ... you know what it means when there's no one to bring you good ... news? Then you know, you know the

Carpenters - On the balcony of the casa rosada/don't cry f.. lyrics

People of Argenitna! your newly ... elected president -- Juan Peron! CROWD Peron! Peron! .... ... .. PERSON Argentinos! Argentinos! We ... Fighting against our common enemies, Poverty Social

Freedom Call - The eyes of the world lyrics

the end of all creation The world is standing still ... Eternal damnation For all who have sinned ... Hear the clash up in the atmosphere There’s silence

Peter, Paul And Mary - The rising of the moon lyrics

then tell me sean ofarrell Tell me why you hurry, ... aglow. I bear orders from the captain Get ye ready quick ... and soon For the pikes must be together At the rising of the moon. Ah then tell me sean ofarrell Where

Silent Knight - The call of the crow lyrics

as You stand a mortal before the eye Keeper of justice, ... guardian of the free, the watch at your shoulder The ... master controlling your destiny Out of the ashes reborn like a

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The gates of the seven seals lyrics

there in the distance, the lightning strikes the Earth ... Full moon is rising, the thunder hits the world We're ... so close to the edge of our life Running high and

Manowar - The master of the wind lyrics

The Silence Of The Darkness, When All Are Fast ... Spirit. As A Sail Calls The Wind, Hear The Angels Sing ... Far Beyond The Sun, Across The Western Sky. Reach Into The

Emmylou Harris - The sweetheart of the rodeo lyrics

hear the sound of sorrow in the wind Blowing down from every ... ever been Calling me out on some road that just won’t end ... Where the sweetheart rides the rodeo again A thousand

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The madness of the crowds lyrics

the one who relys on promise Blind he who ... follows the path of vows Deaf he who tolerates ... words of deception But they who fathom the truth bellow ... Shout! Shout!The madness of the crowds hail insane The

Darkest Hour - The light at the edge of the world lyrics

the torchlight red on sweaty faces After the ... frosty silence in the gardens After the agony in ... stony places The shouting and the crying Prison and place and reverberation Of thunder of spring over

Silent Fall - On the top of the world lyrics

road is long Obstacles you'll have to ... head Telling you to carry on Disillusion will be part of ... It's time to fight Climb the steps one by one To reach the goal of your life Get up

Abney Park - The circus at the end of the world lyrics

and gentleman, welcome to the circus at the end of the ... world! Tonight, for your pleasure, we ... will laugh, and cry, and dance, and sing, but don ... t worry! None of it means a thing!"

Galneryus - The garden of the goddess lyrics

agony of human race, never leave like ... a shadow The end of life, now we can feel the ... time Throw the stone to lake of tears Can you hear the sound ... of sadness Remember now, the pain we took on the road #

Agnetha Fältskog - The end of the world lyrics

does the sun go on shining? Why does the sea ... rush to shore? Don't they know it's the end of the ... world? 'Cause you don't love me anymore Why do the birds go on singing? Why do the stars glow above? Don't they

Current 93 - The death of the corn lyrics

the marshes And through the filtering glades Through the ... corn And through the scything fields The summer ... sun Dances and rages The summer sun Flies burning

Dragonhammer - The end of the world lyrics

thousand sixty, year in the future The world is going ... towards destruction People are mad without the ... Loosing faith for religions Evil is fighting day by day

Fogalord - The scream of the thunder lyrics

to village, from town to town the news of the Fog Lord's ... return rose up, and then the rebellion started... guiding ... a storm of steel he gathered all the people to avenge

Nina Gordon - The end of the world lyrics

does the sun go on shining Why does the sea ... rush to shore Don't they know it's the end of the ... world 'Cause you don't love me any more Why do ... the birds go on singing Why do the stars

Gutter Sirens - The death of the day lyrics

with your look Warm touch, the joy of the moment, the spark ... forgive something, even million of faults You are the ... candle’s light, the warrior without a weapon

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The rest of the dream lyrics

in your parents' eyes When they made love in the dark You ... were the big surprise And the old man came through Gave ... very best for you And your mother's arms They kept you warm

Seventh Seal ( Ita ) - The ways of the world lyrics

the earth to the sky Make this scream get so ... Nothing's lost 'till the end Blind are the eyes of ... For its self-destruction Every day we leave our brothers Outside the door We let them die And we don't care about

Big Boss - The end of the world lyrics

place to hide, no placy to cry, no place for future, no ... place for sun, no place for moon, no place for love, no place

Eluveitie - The call of the mountains lyrics

swords in our hands Against the sea, with our backs to the ... walls Against distress, in the presence of our enemies ... Against the storms, roaring at our faces

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic ... sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the ... wheel of fortune that grinds your ... chest the fruit of the storm and the kingdom belongs

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - The end of the end lyrics

the end of the end It's the start of a journey To a much ... special No need to be sad On the day that I die, I'd like ... jokes to be told And stories of old to be rolled out like

My Dying Bride - The return of the beautiful lyrics

Oh beautiful earth For too long you have been silent Touch ... me once again The dark ground lies cold Et ... Hark Yes it is I The fever of mankind Urges

The Dubliners - The battle of the somme/freedom come-all-ye lyrics

the win in the clear day's dawin Blaws the ... clouds heilster-gowdie owre the bay But thair's mair nor a ... roch win blawin Thro the Great Glen o the warl the day

Awaken - The tale of the magic thursday lyrics

the ice car is gone The muses have flown November is ... dead The numbness remains Then April came shaking the rythm ... Of a disused melody Brightened the colours again Of a washed

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - The last of the unplucked gems lyrics

And this is what we think they mean It's hard to say, it's ... sad but true I'm kind of dumb and so are you When the mystique varies thus You can ... it's sad but true I'm kind of dumb and so are you The

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The carol of the birds lyrics

rose the eastern star, the birds came from a-far, In ... that full might of glory. With one melodious ... voice they sweetly did rejoice And ... sang the wonderous story, Sang, praising

Editors - The weight of the world lyrics

a light on those you love They will be there when you die ... Baby there’s no need to fear Baby there’s no need to cry Every ... in your life Will add up to one Every little piece in your

Bob Catley - The end of the story lyrics

think I saw a light at the end of the road I didn't ... this far I think I heard the sound of a forgotten song ... Making me feel like we belong Then I see that it’s

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

my young eyes and she is gone to where? where has her ... soul gone? body found yes but her ... always to live somehow as long as our eyes are still this ... scorched earth endless wheel of suffering great ocean of

Dan Fogelberg - The nature of the game lyrics

would go Sparks fly And the truth rings harsh and hollow ... It’s the same old song We’ve sung so long It’s the only dance we know Hard ... times When the threads of love unravel The arms

Elton John lyricsElton John - The weight of the world lyrics

and I'm staying up late And the rain hits my roof so hard ... You know I'm no longer thirty These days I'm ... happy to play One or two hands of cards I ... hate flies in the kitchen buzzing Disturbing the peace I've found Fortune and

Van Morrison - The beauty of the days gone by lyrics

When I went walking down by the take My soul was free, my ... When I walked down into the town The mountain air was ... fresh and clear The sun was up behind the hill

Alghazanth - The way of the scales lyrics

voice is fire and the wind is my herald Watch the ... burn as I start to howl There's a sense of loss in its ... from what weighs us down The quintessence of the thirst

Ancient Desire - The path of the dreams lyrics

deep forest /- where the way is/ leading us? Unknown ... us!(us) In own line end of the whole dusty road, but it is ... leading us to large mess crossroads - dark and treacherous the

Anti-nowhere League - The end of the day lyrics

him up, constable! (Order in court – has ... to say?) I’m so bored with the way things are, there’s too ... much of this bloody dark. We bring ... to Educate! This situation, it need penetration, and

David Shankle Group - The tolling of the bell lyrics

TOLLING OF THE BELL The path to unknown glory, the road to unknown fate The never ... or a snake Being doomed from the start, transgression a la ... carte Theories state the sadness to the human mystery

Dawn Of Winter - The oath of the witch lyrics

Pay no attention to these tears. They are the devil's ... tears. - Confess? Crosses burn my flesh ... I fear no damnation Deep within my soul I cry ... for black salvation Torture in my veins Pain

Thomas Dolby - The valley of the minds eye lyrics

dearest Josephine, Que le monde a change depuis ma derniere ... lettre. How the world has changed since last ... soir je prends ma plume, So tonight I take up my pen, non

Elysium - The feast of the dying sun lyrics

lamps! Do you feel the fear from them? Hellish ... lamps With the needles, trick or treat. You ... This feast in a toxic dream. They shed their tears for nothing

Five Finger Death Punch - The way of the fist lyrics

this shit down! Zoltan, open the sky! You want it, you got ... ve ever been No mercy, it's the way of the fist Strapped ... for victims Sick and tired of the whole f***in' world I

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