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Sentenced - Cross my heart and hope to die lyrics

has felt so meaningless and vain that I´ve lost the will ... Love, your death Ripped my heart right out and since you ... away Life´s had nothing more to give Cross my heart and hope to die May my end come tonight Across the dark, into

Carcass - Cross my heart lyrics

cross my heart and hope to die It will only end in ... Then thankfully I am blind Cross my heart and hope to die Cross my heart, come cross the line

Marianas Trench - Cross my heart lyrics

I'm on another broken avenue My bag is ripped and worn Then ... so am I Take what you want to take What you wanna take ... the stupid things We'd go to sleep and then You'd wake me

Everything But The Girl - Cross my heart lyrics

and then Do you wash your hands of me again? Wish me ... anywhere but home Drunk and on the end of your phone ... From time to time Do you guess what's ... really on my mind? Guess that ''How you

Martika - Cross my heart lyrics

I can't explain Why just one touch from you Drives me insane ... Better believe it baby And I love how it feels Cross my heart Hope to die May ... me If I'm telling a lie Cross my heart I swear it's true

Eight Wonder - Cross my heart lyrics

my heart Hypnotised, with just one ... I can't explain why just one touch of you Drives me insane ... You better believe it Baby, and I know how it feels Cross my heart Hope to die May

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Cross my heart lyrics

been counting days and I’ve been being patient ... A little thing called love Crossing all my fingers Letting my ... heart linger Trying to get some help from up above And I don’t wanna jinx my luck

Sinitta - Cross my broken heart lyrics

like I was a fool about him My friend told me he would break ... my heart I just kept thinking that he ... really loved me And he'd never wanna see us break ... night I was talking With my best friend She said she had

Nevertheless - Cross my heart lyrics

them I'm sick of nodding my head At the things that I ... can't stand This is it Oh, my friends I've tried so hard ... But I cannot pretend Cross my heart Hope to make it out

Forever The Sickest Kids - Cross my heart lyrics

hate this town, gotta get outta here Got ... an eviction notice on my door My best friends think I ... m hopeless and a loser I can't quit rolling ... years keep rolling faster Cross my heart and hope When I die

Wolf lyricsWolf - Hope to die lyrics

that be Can you feel the hands' round your neck Let's ... dance around the fire And revel the beast Switch off ... your mind for a second And receive Let me in on your

Ian Hunter - To love a woman lyrics

love a woman Lost and lonely through the night My ... baby doesn't hear me right Cross my heart and hope to die The ... It's there beneath me deep and strong And when I speak it

Phil Ochs - Cross my heart lyrics

pretty pictures in the air And it tumbles in despair And it ... starts to bend Until by the end it's a ... gonna give all that I've got to give Cross my heart, and I hope to live I don't know But

Afflicted - Cross my heart lyrics

intolerance The fuel to your hate A lie repeated is ... believed And minds so weak will follow ... mass ecstasy Minds, empty and hollow You've built yourself

S Club 7 - Cross my heart lyrics

my heart We say Cross my heart I'll be We got it all And we'd be fools to let it go ... Cos I need you more and more You're my life and I ... For your love that you give And although my journey's long, I

George Strait - I cross my heart lyrics

eyes, you can feel it from my heart. From here on after let's ... the way we are right now, And share all the love and ... a lifetime will allow. I cross my heart and promise to

Miss May I - Trust my heart (never hope to die) lyrics

always trust my heart and never hope to die. Followed ... say is that I’ve made it too far to wish for the end. ... I’ve come too far just to let this go. No plan in my

Michael W. Smith - Cross my heart lyrics

waltzing on the waters Horse and carriage I am courting the ... wings Of visions unseen Cross my heart Only your love will ... do Cross my heart over you Cross my heart There is room

Never Shout Never - All mine lyrics

cross my mind when I’m sleeping I ... of you when I wake up I cross my heart and hope to fly away ... in the afternoon, when I keep my thoughts to myself You say

Lyrycyst - Cross my heart lyrics

m falling on my knees, to talk to the Son Holy Spirit ... rain down, take a moment and come To let 'em see what I ... see, and hear what I hear 'cause any ... moment rapture happens and the truth dissapears I don't

Diana Ross - Cross my heart lyrics

t give in Oh how you love to play I wanna understand I ... you I'm just a fool for your touch Cross my heart I wanna ... If you keep running away Cross my heart It's getting

Skepta - Cross my heart lyrics

Lights flashing in my eyes living for this moment ... promise you, I promise you, Cross my heart until the day I die ... I've been around the World and back screaming more money

City And Colour - Cross my heart lyrics

I'll cross my heart And hope to die Before I have a chance to lie To you my dear Oh I ... wrong See I've been known to fall in love But sometimes ... love just is not enough My heart will stray Before too long

Kiss - Saint and sinner lyrics

do as you please, you can go to hell You put my back against ... Well I'm not gonna fall on my knees, no not at all ... time So (baby) you can kiss my heart bye bye Next to you

B. B. King - On my word of honor lyrics

my word of honor All my love belongs to you Please ... see how true I'll be On my word of honor You can trust ... me with your heart And I pledge mine to you It's

Delilah - Don´t be afraid lyrics

the darkness turns to day, only you stand in the ... way, No stops when you're on a run, ... understand who you've become. You're ... everyone was saying he was too cocky, I noticed when you

Jane And Tarzan-toy Box - Superstar lyrics

with a big big house and a big big car, I am a ... superstar and I don't care who you are. I ... with a big big house and a big big car, I am a ... superstar and I don't care who you are.

A-teens - Cross my heart lyrics

Cause I've got something to say tonight Hear me oh ... the words are true You are my sun up in the sky A ... shoulder when I cry My candle in the night You are my

Silk - I didn't mean to lyrics

yeah 1 - I didn't mean to break your heart I didn't ... mean to do you wrong I didn't mean to lie to you I didn't mean to, ... I didn't mean to I didn't mean to sex off

John Grant - Where dreams go to die lyrics

beauty is unstoppable; your confidence ... that you know. I'm willing to do anything to get attention ... up I know it's what you have to do. I'd probably do the same

Mystery Jets - First to know lyrics

I know They don't seem to mind or if they do, it don't ... if you're alright I've got to be The first to know The ... first to know The first to know The first to know

Belinda Carlisle - My heart goes out to you lyrics

what you're going through My heart goes out to you There's ... nothing I can say To take your pain away I'm not ... sure what to do My heart goes out to you You know I

John Dowland - My heart and tongue were twins lyrics

heart and tongue were twinnes, at once ... conceived, Th’eldest was my heart, borne dumbe by destinie, ... The last my tongue, of all sweet thoughts ... bereaved: Yet strung and tunde to play hearts harmonie

Anna Graceman - Heart and hands-7 let lyrics

you need my heart and hands to keep you company? Do you ... need my eyes for directions? Do you ... every question that you make and a light to guide your way?

Mickey Avalon - I get even lyrics

my heart and hope to die A tooth for a tooth and an eye for ... I get even, even, even Cross my heart and hope to die A tooth for a tooth and an eye for

Celldweller - Heart on (seamlessr remix) lyrics

cross my heart And hope to die Stick a needle in my eye ... I cross my heart And hope to die Well I'm not sure ... now what's left to do Or if my actions are loud and clear to

Celldweller - Heart on (aesthetic perfection remix) lyrics

f***ing love you I cross my heart And hope to die Stick ... a needle in my eye /x2 I f***ing love you ... I've pinned my heart to my sleeve So that the whole

A Day In The Life - The girl that destroyed me lyrics

never lasted long enough to feel alright maybe tomorrow ... September, every night I cross my heart and hope to die take ... your picture from my mind and maybe this will be over. I cross my heart and hope to die take

No Secrets - No secrets lyrics

A little secret got out of hand I ran into him just by ... were talking then we started to dance The music banging' ... then he leaned in close My mind is telling' me that I

Jessi Malay - No secrets lyrics

A little secret got out of hand I ran into him just by ... were talking then we started to dance The music banging' ... then he leaned in close My mind is telling' me that I

Brie Larson - Hope has wings lyrics

me falling, Not sure how to begin, How to rise like the ... be soaring I just breathe and let myself believe, ... [Chorus:] 'Cause hope has wings, To carry you,

Cake Like - Mr. fireman lyrics

fifteen f***ing minutes ago! My apartment house is on fire! ... Bring your goddamn truck and some water! Ooo wow oh wow! ... "We're comin' in - stand back!" It wasn't me I

Bastille - Laughter lines lyrics

took me to your favourite place on earth ... To see the tree they cut down ... in circles round its history We brushed our hands right ... the future when we're older And we are full of stories to be told Cross my heart and hope to

Sky Ferreira - Boys lyrics

then-on I knew it was you (And it was you and me) I knew ... was you (I knew it was you and me) Suddenly I knew there ... was love (And it was love, in me) Then I

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Seal it with a kiss lyrics

you all tonight smiling and talking We can be polite ... here closer, don't be shy Cross my heart and hope to die ... Keep the secret me and you And seal it with a kiss Ooooh

Backyard Babies - Wasted years lyrics

You're diggin' holes so deep and wide I fear you're falling ... of you don't realize The enemy's inside Kickin' dust on ... higher ground Cross my heart and hope to die All those wasted

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - I know how to die lyrics

the word and I'll be yours, save me from ... sight, creeping up on you tonight. Can't see your face no ... sky. Might be gone forever and that's a long long time.

Celldweller - Heart on lyrics

high Arm wrestled twenty octopi I had a sword fight with a ... samurai And sang the sirens a lullaby ... I’ve pinned my heart to my sleeve So that the whole

A Heartwell Ending - From heart and soul to pen and paper lyrics

up emotions swell inside my head. Feelings never felt ... I'm even here I'll try, got to find a way outside, but ... nothing seems to open. So go, go away so I

Buck 65 - Blood of a young wolf lyrics

thousand horses, sable island, endless summer oh my god i ... m hot to steal, beside myself and friendless, number i a?int ... good amounts there?s work to do, hell to pay, memories and

Children Of Bodom - Follow the reaper lyrics

somehave called thee mighty and dreadful Thou Art Not So'' ... Loosing the war I'm feining to win Though I never tried to ... mothaf***in' shit is rotten to the core. The portal has

Altaria - Falling again lyrics

angel Far from praise and on your way You gotta stand ... the rain Another night to where you down Another thorn ... into my crown You are so far from ... reach And I'm in need I am not your

Mercenary - Firesoul lyrics

closer I dare you to fall asleep Cross my heart ... and hope to die within my sleep As I believe I'm being ... inside a dream I start to run, my legs are numb, I beg

Bastille - Love don't live here (ft. rory andrew, jonas .. lyrics

abandoned me, Love don't live here ... right away, baby. You abandoned me, Love don't live here ... here anymore, Just emptiness and memories, Of what we had

Lash - Ryn weaver - promises (lash remix) lyrics

meant to break my own promises (Promises, ... Again with excuses and generally wasting my time ... solutions, just seeking my peace of mind No hocus or ... pocus, my focus is drunk on the floor And mumbling something about, one

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Honest man lyrics

there's a hole in my chest Where my heart was ... The body refuses to die And the rain's coming down The ... pullin' in at the station And its wheels gonna take me home

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - Follow you lyrics

head is haunting me and my heart feels like a ghost I need to ... I'm still so far from home Cross your heart and hope to die ... Promise me you'll never leave my side Show me what I can't

Neck Deep - Over and over lyrics

I’ve been vaguely twisting my words, To protect myself ... failure, It’s just part of my nature to hide in my shell. ... I’m so sick of rain in July, And the fact that I’ll never get

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Ive been missing you lyrics

thought One big misunderstanding I see how things look ... t hide One big misunderstanding So I blew it again just ... like I always do It's too late for sorry, this much is

Rich Homie Quan - Ace hood - we don't ft. rich homie quan lyrics

you can't hit the blunt Just to tell the truth, we don't f*** ... or two Only smoke that loud, and not that reggie, mayne I got ... all my whips in all my bitches names Standin' on

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