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Cover Me With Your Blood Oluchi lyrics

Browse for Cover Me With Your Blood Oluchi song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Cover Me With Your Blood Oluchi lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Cover Me With Your Blood Oluchi.

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Michael W. Smith - Cover me lyrics

in the flood You're there with me You're there with And in ... in the sun You're holdin' me You're holdin' me Yeah ... You cover me with your love You cover me with You cover me with Your love You cover

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Cover me with kisses lyrics

la la la I want a movie moment We're so in love it hurts ... us A billion watt smile Cover me with kisses Sweet sweet ... kisses Come on over and kiss me all over I'm gonna be here

Alkoholizer - Pay with your blood lyrics

For economy rise Think at your loyal Think at your affairs ... You can conquer all Play with your army You can just shed blood Pay with your blood!!!

Ryan Cabrera - Hit me with your light lyrics

me with your light I'm lost without your help me find the ... way it was Can anybody hear me Crying out for love me like ... baby I can only dream Hit me with your light Will you

Delain - Hit me with your best shot lyrics

me with your best shot Give me all that you've got Hit me ... Now for the love of God Hit me with your best shot It was ... the wrong place, the right time? Bittersweet surrender I

My Bloody Valentine - Feed me with your kiss lyrics

what you can't Hey, what's come down over me It's the way ... might go real far So feed me with your kiss Oh, come lie ... down close to me Do what you dare, oh, I don

3-11 Porter - Surround me with your love lyrics

Can you hear me Please don't go Where are you ... has an ugly face Surround me with your love Understand me I ... need you now Surround me with your words Understand me I need your love I need your love I need your love Hello I'm so lonely And

Candice Accola - Hit me with your best shot lyrics

you're the real tough cookie With the long history Of breaking ... hearts Like the one in me That's OK, Lets see how you ... do it Put up your dukes, Lets get down to it

Amy Grant - Fill me with your love lyrics

are wasting away Just souls without purpose They wonder in ... darkness Without a thought for the day ... just a window Through which Your sweet love light can shine

Atlantic Starr - Shower me with your love lyrics

heart is filled with so much love And I need someone I can call my own To fall ... is too short to live alone Without someone to call my own I ... for you, you will care for me Our love will live forever

Pat Benatar - Hit me with your best shot lyrics

you're the real tough cookie With the long history Of breaking ... hearts Like the one in me That's OK, Lets see how you ... do it Put up your dukes, Lets get down to it

Samantha Fox - Suzie, don't leave me with your boyfriend lyrics

that a girl ever had But something I tell you's gonna make ... you mad You introduced me to the boy of your dreams ... of you Don't leave me with your boyfriend Suzie, can't you

Him - Disarm me with your loneliness lyrics

it hurts And said Disarm me with your loneliness Just ... like always before Deceive me out of my emptiness Telling me how you love You keep on ... tempting me To go on what ever the cost

Kix - Love me with your top down lyrics

I'm lookin' for a hustle with the top pulled down Roll the ... in deep and I'm breathing with my face Yeah! Rock me! ... Roll me! Love me! Love me with your top down! Rock me!

Jo Dee Messina - Cover me lyrics

I can count on you To catch me now I'll just let go One ... thing is true you won't let me down With your arms around ... to Cover me With the sweetest touch I've ever

Nightwish - Come cover me lyrics

wet a widow`s eye Cover the night with your love ... red sweet taste of mine Come cover me with you For the ... thrill Till you will take me in Come comfort me in you

Candlebox - Cover me lyrics

me When I walk alone Cover me When my stance it stumbles ... homes Cover me Well trip on through the ... sands of time And cover me Cause Ive been branded Ive

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Cover me lyrics

to breathe We better take cover Will you cover me Way up ... here with Northern lights Beyond you ... and me I dreamt of us in another ... fade away I'm not going down with you Not today The air is so

Mae - Cover me lyrics

is right. And everything comes together. And everything's ... done tonight. If you cover me. But the music's much too ... sound. Too loud, will you cover me? But the emptiness I've

Riot ( Usa ) - Cover me lyrics

i see such misery. It hurts me when you go. Yea how i need ... to feel you close to me. This was all i ever needed ... was all i ever wanted. Cover me, cover me Into the night

Björk - Cover me lyrics

i crawl into the unknown cover me i'm going hunting for ... mysteries cover me i'm going to prove the ... this is really dangerous cover me but worth all the effort

Crimson Thorn - I ask lyrics

forgive me for my sins cleanse me of my ... I worship and praise your holy name I ask for ... ask for wisdom in all things cover me with your blood, and fill me with your spirit make me your disciple I thank you for your love, your grace, and

Audio Adrenaline - Pour your love down lyrics

us is just too great draw me close let me know You're ... we sing is to bring down Your glory show us your face ... (chorus) pour your love down and cover me pour

Eyes Set To Kill - Cover me up lyrics

me up with black sheets black out my ... fire and get to me punish my soul seeping ... battles i lose so smother me in this thick smoke let ... fire burn im trapt in flames let light take over me

Noodles - Cover me shakespeare lyrics

god, true lord we're your child? are you think what same to me I've such dreams I ... all things story is you & me. come on, make me happy

At The Gates - Blood of the sunsets lyrics

sets in a sea of love Stab your demoniac smile in my brain ... Seduce me with the blood of the sunsets Lock me out ... and love I'm drunk on the blood of the sunsets I watch

Coven 13 - Kiss me with blood lyrics

all alone I can't find my home My life's been a long time ... Through the darkness Kiss me with blood Kiss me with sin ... don't you do it again Kiss me with life Kiss me with death

Dying Fetus - Your blood is my wine lyrics

In My Eyes, The Window To Your Soul, A Vision Of The ... And Decieved, You Fall Onto Your Knees, Give To Me The ... A Lust Dream Of The Damned, Your Body Now Forgotten, It's Safe

Last Tribe - Blood on your hands lyrics

for my soul He will show me if I'm willing to pay The ... spirit inside me is fading away The price is ... soul away You don't scare me with those evil eyes I can

Pallas - Blood & roses lyrics

keep your picture in my head Way you ... move way you smile But blood lies all around Rose lies ... on the ground Choose a moment to leave the room Cut this

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Your favorite dress lyrics

Tracy] I know that you like me, kiss me with your eyes ... closed Kiss me with your eyes closed, kiss me with your eyes closed Kiss me with your eyes closed I know that's your favorite dress, set fire to

Emerald Sun - Blood on your name lyrics

and honesty survives It's time to brand it in their brains ... Try to hypnotize me with your lies Burn me! - From the ... I'll arise Hate and fear become allies All these years

John Frusciante - Blood on my neck from success lyrics

feels bright I've got blood on my neck, From success ... Scared! What they want from me They... A suit that date ... Like you... I've got blood on my neck, From success.

Midnight Sun - Your blood burns in hell lyrics

familiar with that wicked face I have seen ... it many times In my, dreams. In my ... A face that haunts me in my dreams. You're soft, ... the throne. Face off, show me what's behind the mask I

Sleeping Romance - Free me lyrics

And offer it all to these moments, Now don’t try to ... deceive the time You know I don’t want to ... head impedes my flight Free me! Please try to prevent my

Acid Drinkers - Fill me (in 100%) lyrics

struck few years ago Fill me, I want to be fat As if I ... were pregnant rat Make me a happy bastard With his ... belly like a pot Cover me with your ocean Blow me with your

Make Me Famous - I am a traitor lyrics

come cover me with your hands that hurt We, we ... place in the way we could With memories of you and all that ... that i would (2x) Sometimes I see your smile Your

Make Me Famous - I am a traitor. no one does care (ft. johnny .. lyrics

come cover me with your hands that hurt We, we ... place in the way we could With memories of you and all that ... thought that I would Sometimes I see your smile Your

The Mission - Love me to death lyrics

me come inside your ivory tower Let me come ... inside your hallowed walls God, it's ... heaven in here Fix me with your hand of praise Fix me with your touch of precious thrills Your fingers dance across my skin

Severe Torture - Your blood is mine lyrics

of god, I'll slay you It's time for reality And for mankind ... to see There's no truth in your words The scars on your ... crowned to bleed Sent to your final destiny All the days

Hillsong United - Your love is like fire (this means love) lyrics

am desperate for Your touch A glimpse of Heaven ... through the glory of Your Son In a moment You can turn ... There's nothing greater then Your love that hold's my life Your grace and mercy that has

Front 242 - With your cries lyrics

questions Queer responses with double meanings Disordered, ... from distant, dismal polar climes It makes you feel glad It ... It makes you fill the air with your

Koda Kumi - With your smile lyrics

ga meguru jikan ga Kitto dare ... kimochi towa setsunaku Unmei wakarerare naka tanda ... komi ima suru Dakishimeru kara Wasurenaide uta ni ... sugoshita toki wo Unmei sore wa umareta Toki sada merareta michi datta Deaeta

Asgard ( Ita ) - With your shield or on it lyrics

far from our helpless home Faster than wind we rode and ... the enemies They raped our women, killed our sons Raid and ... ruins, once I called my home Embers still burning, a

Journey - With your love lyrics

day... To be standing here with you There's no doubt: I know ... .. I feel blessed to hold your hand There's a room in my ... opened before [Chorus:] With your love I'm not alone...

Blaqk Audio - With your arms around you lyrics

You were crushed just like me Still you sway, gracefully ... Cutting right through me, I feel your beauty As I see ... endlessly longing for Someone from somewhere To show

2 Live Crew - With your badself lyrics

Ice Hey pretty lady, what's your name and number? Whenever I ... and that's no lie Just give me a chance and let me try You ... a blessing in disguise Time stood still when I saw your

Johnny Powers - With your love, with your kiss lyrics

your love, with kiss You give me somethin' ... I-I-I-I can't resist Yeah, with your love, with your kiss ... oh yeah Well, you treat me like a fool But I still go

Bowling For Soup - Me with no you lyrics

don't ya mind the pieces of me You see scattered on the ... this all around I'm not home but I'm sitting here in my ... went away When you took your keys out you took a little

Planetshakers - Your presence lyrics

for You Lord You called me to Your side With all of my ... I'm desperate for more Your presence is my life The cry ... to be where You are I love Your presence I love Your

Sade - Your love is king lyrics

love is king Crown you with my heart Your love is king ... Never need to part Your kisses ring Round and round ... Touching the very part of me It's making my soul sing

Alizzz - Your love lyrics

me with your love, with your love Hit me with your love, with your love Thought I had ... drunk but I want more Hit me with your love, with your ... love, hit me Hit me with your love, with your love, hit me

Jaded Heart - With your eyes lyrics

you talk like a stranger to me? Maybe I'm wrong with my ... But I will find now somehow I won't see Try to ... convince me that there is no And you ... Is just nothing between me and you And it's been so

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Seal me with a kiss feat. de la soul lyrics

If I just got one chance With you tonight Then baby we ... understand this is not just your average girl From around ... there You know how to make me go Wild, Wild, Wild, W-Wild

Miranda Lambert - Me and your cigarettes lyrics

you something you can do with your hands Makes you look cool ... you’ll probably regret me Me and your cigarettes ... call it a bad, bad habit Your momma told you you could end

Jennette Mccurdy - Me with you lyrics

people are down and now Some people are lonely now Some ... just need a vacation Some people can't fight a smile ... Some people it's been a while ... I've been singin' There's somethin inmy head and it goes La

The Black Keys - Hold me in your arms lyrics

Nothing you say could make me turn my back Well I see you ... and you see me too Moon is rising, night ... will be here soon Follow me, and lay down in my room

Architects - Blood bank (bon iver cover) lyrics

issue Bonus Track] Well, I met you at the blood bank We ... colors Matched any of the names we knew on the tags You ... said, see look that's yours Stacked on top with your

Oceans Red - Blood lyrics

feel like you're God But something will be taken away ... Would you escape your fears And your weakness? I ... want to be first in this game Oh I can feel the air is

Barry Gibb - Cover you lyrics

the stroke of twelve She came in the back door You could ... us, we wait, we wait I'll cover you, girl I cover you Cover ... you with... Cover you with kisses Shower you with love

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