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Country Songs With A Onomatopoeia lyrics

Browse for Country Songs With A Onomatopoeia song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Country Songs With A Onomatopoeia lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Country Songs With A Onomatopoeia.

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Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Doing it to country songs lyrics

alarm clock is a radio 95.5 gets me ready to go ... I'm heading to my job, drinking ... coffee strong And I'm doing it to country songs Around oh, 5:30 my buddies and I Hit the watering hole 'cause our whistles are dry

George Jones - A few ole country boys (with randy travis) lyrics

Randy) Not too many years ago When dreams weren't comin' ... true I'd reach for inspiration Sometimes it would be ... you. I'd hear you on the radio I sure did like your

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Country on the radio lyrics

ever wondered why country songs say the same ol' thing, Like a broken record skippin down on ... main, Pretty girls, pickups and cut-off jeans? You know

Boondox - Country life lyrics

Verse 1:] Country Life Front porch livin ... swiggin wiskey and mescaline Swinging fly swatters catchin trails from that ketamine We on some otha level country like a Muthaf***a As the way

Willie Nelson - Country willie lyrics

called me Country Willie The night you walked away With the one who promised ... you a life of joy You thought my ... life too simple And your was much too gay To spend it

John Prine - Onomatopoeia lyrics

Forty-five cents Sixty-five agents sitting on a fence ... Singing, hey brother Look what we got for you We're gonna ... rope off an area And put on a show From the Canadian

Aaron Lewis - That ain't country lyrics

a sad state of affairs I'm in Cause I'm trying ... where I just don't fit in Cause the country, if you call ... it that, from off the road Ain't country just because I'm

Kurt Nilsen - Country music lyrics

got the roll of the beat of the drums And the base ... comes blasting on And the light that blinds your ... eyes And the guitar soundin nice And the girls ... that are front row Well, their

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - Songs that make a difference lyrics

Babe, do you remember Back in nineteen sixty-nine? We ... gathered round the room You sang yours and I sang mine We ... took turns with the guitar In the front and center seat Shel and Kris and Dylan And a couple off the street

John Denver - Country love lyrics

tears are lonely signs that point to broken hearts ... Broken lives and families that love has split apart ... Children who miss Daddy, Mommies on the run The

Aaron Lewis - Country boy lyrics

I grew up down an old dirt road in a town you wouldn't know ... My pops picked the place up for 1500 bucks back in ... 1964 My grandfather was a drinker back in the day he

Billy Ray Cyrus - Country music has the blues lyrics

I sure miss ole Waylon And Paychecks paid his dues Chet Adkins on that red guitar And ... Carl Perkins Blue Suede Shoes ... Well ya just don't hear ole Hank that much Without Cash we all loose Maybe that's why country music has the blues Roy Acuff and miss Minnie Pearl Is

Brad Paisley - Country nation lyrics

work in the factories and the fields Assembly lines and coal mines and the steel ... mills That's what we do but there's more to us ... than that If you wanna know who we are, it's on the

Mirah - Country of the future lyrics

is it the carnival I can't hear, it's too far away But love ... with me you'll always stay No matter which street you ... walk upon It's the same sun on us shining But see

Big K.r.i.t. - Country shit lyrics

Intro - Ludacris] Yo, I've been waiting ... to tell them about this country sh*t I'ma learn ya! You ready? Luda! [Verse 1: Ludacris] Let me tell you about

Hetalia Character Songs - Country from where the sun rises zipangu lyrics

hani hoheto chiri nuru wo hi no ... izuru kuni zipangu Nagai rekishi no naka ni wa hiki ... komotte ita toki mo aru Minasan yori wa unto jiisan touyou ... ni ukabu watashi America san no muri nandai ni hibi

Nelly lyricsNelly - Country ass nigga ft. t.i. & 2 chainz lyrics

You know what I found out, (A Yeah Boiiii) ... Sometimes no matter What you do, (A Yeah) People ... still look at you One way, (A Yeah Boiiii) At the enda

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Country is as country does lyrics

can live in a mansion or a double-wide Eat sushi raw or ... my catfish fried Wherever I am, then that's where I belong ... 'Cause I'm quite content with who I am And if you ain't,

Fiddler's Green - Country of plenty lyrics

country of plenty, a country of bloom Together we rise with a glance in our eyes We search for a place you won't find ... t give up seeking, we live in a fool's paradise! Been travelling for years on the

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - Country cousins lyrics

Intro: Raheem DeVaughn] Down cousins.. across ... the border I got cousins.. country cousins I got cousins.. country cousins WHOO! [Talib ... Kweli over Intro] Yo son, what the deal son? What's really

Nappy Roots - Country boyz lyrics

Hook: All] We just some country boys - country walk, country ... talk Don't bring it round here ... 'less ya know fa sho' it's jumpin off We just ... some country boys - country walk, country talk Don't bring

Billy Ray Cyrus - Country as country can be lyrics

grew up on Jones and Tammy Wynette Blue collar dollars and the sun on my neck Nascar and earnhart, still miss ... number three Hey, I'm just as country as country can be

Blur - Country house lyrics

City dweller, successful fella Thought to himself oops I've ... got a lot of money I'm caught in a rat race terminally ... I'm a professional cynic but my heart's not in

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Country day lyrics

day A day in the unknown A gentle breeze gently blowin' ... Country day We're Mr and Mrs Smoke and thing are finally clickin' Still having ... trouble with the things that aren't meaningful But ya really clickin' Our dreams are

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Country girl (shake it for me) lyrics

got everybody looking Got a little boom in my big truck ... Gonna open up the doors and turn it up Gonna stomp my ... boots in the Georgia mud Gonna watch you make me fall in

Luke  Bryan lyricsLuke Bryan - Country man lyrics

need hands,rough not soft to come and warm you up up in that ... cold hayloft. Let me hold you little ... darling in my big strong arms, can`t get these kind of

Lenny Cooper - Country folks anthem (feat. charlie farley) lyrics

life, three sixty-five, a jacked up truck and buckshot ... tires. A cold budd light and a big bonfire we just, ... drink and smoke and then terrorize. Tell the

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Country boy lyrics

boy ain't got no shoes country boy ain't got no blues ... Well you work all day while you're wantin' to play ... In the sun and the sand with a face that's tan But at the

Ky-mani Marley - Country journey lyrics

go... I really wanted to take you with me On my little country journey But you have to ... understand, oh why And not sit alone at home and ... cry, And cry, alone at home and cry Even though you're

Nazareth - Country girl lyrics

are a girl from the country Your eyes remind me of the ... sun You came to visit in the city And ... won the heart's of everyone You are a ... girl from the country Your hair is colored like the corn I

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Country girl lyrics

was born in the country, I was raised with the sun The ... were my pillow when the day's work was done Down in the ... valley shone the bright neon ... signs The call of the city life kept going

Brantley Gilbert - Country must be countrywide lyrics

up south of the Mason Dixon Workin', spittin', ... huntin', and fishin' Stone cold country ... by the grace of God I was gasin' up the other day An old ... boy pulled up with a license plate From Ohio;

Elvis Costello - Country darkness lyrics

tattered document A mystery you can solve Some ... burnt out filament Flies buzzing around the ... bulb Country Darkness He thought of traveling Heard an approaching

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Country calling lyrics

this city I'm so tired of leaving, tired of breathing dirt ... Well I packed all my things today Oh God! I ... could not stay! Country calling, yeah I got to leave LA.

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Country dreamer lyrics

like to walk in a field with you, take my hat and my ... off too. I'd like to lie in a field with you. Would you ... like to do it too, may? Would you like to do it

Justin Moore - Country boy lyrics

ve skipped town at the stroke of eighteen To take hold of a world I had only ... dreamed The city life had me intrigued Fast cars and ... I'd never seen But I'm still a country boy I haven't been

Chase Rice - Country in ya lyrics

got that LA look with the Hollywood swag California tags on the Cadillac I got ... the FLA dirt road attitude I'm a talk with a drawl boy through and through

Shaman's Harvest - Country as f*** lyrics

you gotta bad attitude and a graveyard mind. Got shitty ... ink from doin' time. Trailer park living is how you ... think. And your welfare check is how you drink.

Colt Ford - Country kids lyrics

Round here we was raised in the church We worked ... when we was hurt And was proud of our dirt God came ... first and He still does Some things ... will always be just like they was Life

John Denver - Country roads lyrics

heaven West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains Shanondoah River Live is old ... there Older than the trees Younger than the ... mountains Blowing like a breeze Country roads take

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Country in my soul lyrics

I like a little Captain in my coke. You know I ... like a little good time in my smoke, ... With a pair of tan legs hangin' off the tailgate, ... Underneath the bridge down Harrison Road, I like fried

Chris Norman - Country girl lyrics

too big You never get too heavy You never get too cool That you stop payin' your dues ... Oh yeah! What can a poor boy do? You better go back to your mama She'll take care of you Lost your wife

Gwyneth Paltrow - Country strong lyrics

me Like some wide eyed dreamer That just rolled in off a dusty mid west bus Yeah, on ... the outside I look fragile But on the inside is ... something you can’t crush Cause I'm country strong Hard

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Country strong lyrics

Diesel Power cap pulled down low makin that ... bacon, row by row can't get them muscles at the ... YMCA it's from choppin' cotton, ... cuttin' corn and slingin' that hay been heavy liftin'

Tracy Bonham - We moved our city to the country lyrics


Paul Brandt - Country girl lyrics

s been in 4-H since she was nine years old. She wears ... overalls and has a heart of gold. She likes ATV'S and trucks, and fishin holes, ... but she's got a tender side. She don't let

Glen Campbell - Country girl lyrics

five o'clock in the late afternoon sun's gettin' drowsy above me Tonight I walk neath ... the sparkling moon with the girl who is happy to love ... me She's my sweet country girl and she's all that I

Den Svenska Björnstammen - Country lyrics

tror jag tog dig för givet, för ... tidigt Stod på perrongen alla gånger Skruvar ned till ultrarapid Så jag kan känna hur ... det biter Hon sa' mig glömmer du aldrig, alltid Jag lyssnar noga, ögon

Hasselhoff David - Country roads lyrics

Heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah river Life is old there ... older than the trees Younger than the ... mountains Blowin' like a breeze Country roads take

Hermes House Band - Country roads lyrics

heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River Life is old there ... older than the trees Younger than the ... mountains, growing like a breeze Country roads, take me home To the place I

Human Nature - Just my imagination (running away with me) lyrics

Each day through my window I watch ... her as she passes by. I say to myself, "You're such ... a lucky guy." To have a girl like her Is truly a dream come true. Out of all the

Primal Scream - Country girl lyrics

too big You never get too heavy you never get too cool That you stop payin' your dues ... Oh yeah! What can a poor boy do? You better go back to you mama She'll take care of you Lost your wife

Shawanda Crystal - Country christmas lyrics

pop the popcorn and we string it on the tree Apples nuts and candy oh what a ... Christmas feel Daddy play the organ and we'll all sing ... Silent Night We'll have a good old country Christmas alright A good old country

John Cougar Mellencamp - Country gentleman lyrics

gentleman walked a crooked mile Got our money ... in his pocket Did it all with a very handsome smile Now he ... s livin' it up in a great big office He ain't a-gonna

Van Morrison - Country fair lyrics

stood and watched the river flow We were ... too young to really know In the country fair ... Oh, in the country fair We laid out in the long ... green grass And never thought that it would

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - Country lanes lyrics

warm is my morning sun, red is ... my rainbow Soft is the cool summer ... breeze when I saw your face I saw the light in your ... eyes so dark and demanding Like a light in the

June Carter Cash - Country girl lyrics

I'm a just a country girl That's one thing sure as shooting ... I hate those folks that think That they're so dagburn high fluting Now I'd ... be the same in Hollywood Or right in

David Hasselhoff - Country roads lyrics

Heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River Life is old there ... older than the trees Younger than the ... mountains, blowin' like a breeze Country roads...take me home To the place...I

Indigo Girls - Country road lyrics

to the highway won't you lend me your name ... your way and my way seem to be one in the same ... momma don't understand it she wants to know where ... i been i'd have to be some kind of natural

John Michael Montgomery - Country thang lyrics

it on to me. We're backwoods Dixie, flat woods ... pickin', Shotgun wavin', long-neck drinkin', ... Huntin' and a-fishin', workin' and a-wishin ... for the weekend. We say: "Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am,

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