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Country Songs With A Dog And Highway lyrics

Browse for Country Songs With A Dog And Highway song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Country Songs With A Dog And Highway lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Country Songs With A Dog And Highway.

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Heart - Dog and butterfly lyrics

I was with the old man Stranded again so off I'd ran A ... young world crashing around me No possibilities of ... getting what I need He looked at me and ... smiled Said "No, no, no, no, no

Kim Mitchell - Dog and a bone lyrics

s pretend you are my Cinderella, and I am the hero We have a ... castle and [?] We ride into the sun ... Let's pretend I am a big bad sailor A rolling thunder

Descendents - Dog and pony show lyrics

night of maybe and almost Abandoning a land of passin' ... ghosts Just a lot of sad people forgive them Lord ... They don't care what they do Or who they do it

Marcy Playground - Dog and his master lyrics

little boy, see the Johnny and Janes Hey little boy, you ... see them all go insane Look and see Spot run 'Cause he ... pissed in their hallway Run spot run Run away from

Flogging Molly - With a wonder and a wild desire lyrics

with a wonder and a wild desire I will crawl ... from under every weight With a wonder and a wild desire ... Bless the day it was I shared your name Yesterday

John Denver - Country love lyrics

tears are lonely signs that point to broken hearts ... Broken lives and families that love has split apart ... Children who miss Daddy, Mommies on the run The

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Doing it to country songs lyrics

alarm clock is a radio 95.5 gets me ready to go ... I'm heading to my job, drinking ... coffee strong And I'm doing it to country songs Around oh, 5:30 my buddies and I Hit the watering hole 'cause our whistles are dry

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - Country on the radio lyrics

ever wondered why country songs say the same ol' thing, Like a broken record skippin down on ... main, Pretty girls, pickups and cut-off jeans? You know

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - Country boy lyrics

boy ain't got no shoes country boy ain't got no blues ... Well you work all day while you're wantin' to play ... In the sun and the sand with a face that's tan But at the

George Jones - A few ole country boys (with randy travis) lyrics

Randy) Not too many years ago When dreams weren't comin' ... true I'd reach for inspiration Sometimes it would be ... you. I'd hear you on the radio I sure did like your

Phish - Dog your dog (dog log) lyrics

cross the lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn Walkin' ... cross the lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn I've ... been walkin' cross the lawn I've been walkin' with a dog dog dog Walkin' cross the lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn, lawn I've been walkin'

Macabre - Dog guts lyrics

Jeffrey Was A Boy He Didn't Like His Toys ... Instead He'd Dissect Roadkill Because That's What He ... Enjoyed Roadkill, Roadkill Jeffrey Used To Bring ... Home Roadkill, Roadkill Young Jeffrey Loved To

Nappy Roots - Country boyz lyrics

Hook: All] We just some country boys - country walk, country ... talk Don't bring it round here ... 'less ya know fa sho' it's jumpin off We just ... some country boys - country walk, country talk Don't bring

Blur - Country house lyrics

City dweller, successful fella Thought to himself oops I've ... got a lot of money I'm caught in a rat race terminally ... I'm a professional cynic but my heart's not in

Drake Bell - Highway to nowhere lyrics

amp;quot;Highway To Nowhere" I'm tired of all ... your excuses I'm tired of all your lies Your filthy ... schemes and abuses Ooh, I've finally grown

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Country is as country does lyrics

can live in a mansion or a double-wide Eat sushi raw or ... my catfish fried Wherever I am, then that's where I belong ... 'Cause I'm quite content with who I am And if you ain't,

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Highway unicorn (road to love) lyrics

-Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)-- We can be ... strong, We can be strong, Out on this ... lonely road, On the road to love We can be strong, ... We can be strong, Follow that unicorn, On the road to

Willie Nelson - Country willie lyrics

called me Country Willie The night you walked away With the one who promised ... you a life of joy You thought my ... life too simple And your was much too gay To spend it

Boondox - Country life lyrics

Verse 1:] Country Life Front porch livin ... swiggin wiskey and mescaline Swinging fly swatters catchin trails from that ketamine We on some otha level country like a Muthaf***a As the way

Eve - Dog match (dmx) lyrics

DMX] Ugh! (Whoa) Ugh!(Woo!) Ugh! Ugh! (Arf! Arf! Arf!) Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Now ... for every real dog There's that bitch that's behind him That bitch that when that nigga

George Jones - Country christmas lyrics

our little country settlement there's harmony a ... the hills of silent night All the shinny decorations on ... the big tree in the church yard Will make the folks for

Promoe - Dog day afternoon lyrics

morning, boys and girls. It's a new day, what we call the morning after. ... Ain't nothing changed, though. Still the same ... war, yer' head feelin like it exploded last

The Dead Brothers - Somewhere between dog and wolf lyrics

our again wanna lov best Thunders know witch ... way to go The day is long over not tourmously ... So stuck you between Dog and Wolf Stuck you between Dog ... and Wolf Sun as the rendez-vous With up with the moon Moon does'nt know

Jethro Tull - Sleeping with the dog lyrics

love is like a candle: you light it up at night ... Her heart is like a pack of cards: one chance to ... Sometimes I do. She's got a tongue like a viper, but she

Kottonmouth Kings - Dog's life lyrics

s Life (low) Wise man he once told me aint worth a roll When our wheels keep ... I don't know The life I lead is the life of a dog I may ... have fleas but I run our yard I see those clones looking

Paul Simon - Rene and georgette magritte with their dog af.. lyrics

and Georgette Magritte With their dog after the war ... Returned to their hotelsuite And they unlocked the door Easily losing their evening ... clothes They dance by the light of the moon

Bruce Hornsby - Country doctor lyrics

south county Over where the paper mill runs Lived a man, a ... young coutnry doctor With the perfect wife and sons ... Well he worked his days And Sundays he'd pray And

David Lee Roth - Hot dog and a shake lyrics

see ya shake and shimmy 'cross the burger ... shop floor I never seen a woman move so slow I'm dyin', ... french-fryin' By the seat of my pants Take a bite of

B. J. Thomas - Songs lyrics

I don't understand them Never can and never ... think I should They don't mean the things they say Or say ... the things they mean You got to try and find the

John Hiatt - My dog and me lyrics

marked our trail Up the back bone ridge How many times ... can one dog pee She keeps me high as an ... eagle When i'm on the skids I ... guess you gotta come down eventually [Chorus

Falkenbach - Time between dog and wolf lyrics

of birds for sake the barren lands i'm following suit with ... idle heart and empty hands however strong a rock, ... time and tide will grind it down to ... sand and the ground wears its burial gown with

Ani Difranco - Dog coffee lyrics

counter-culture she is walking through the park First ... light ugly and more muscular than the dark Pushing poems ... at the urban silence Drawing portraits of the passers

Jethro Tull - Songs from the wood lyrics

me bring you songs from the wood: to make you ... feel much better than you could know. Dust you ... to toe. Show you how the garden grows. Hold you steady as you go. Join the chorus if

Gene Simmons - Dog lyrics

Verse] That's right You know I kinda ... love ya (yeah) All the way to the bitter end Because ... you're breaking my balls You're making me crawl ... On all fours again (Aw) [Chorus] Yeah I like

Glen Campbell - Highway man lyrics

was a highwayman along the coach roads I did ride With the ... sword and pistol by my side Many a young maid lost her baubles to my trade Many a ... shed his life blood on my blade The bastards hung me in

Grandaddy - Stray dog and the chocolate shake lyrics

guy turns off the factory lights So the robots have to work in the dark And ... there's a car load of kids with beer and cigarettes Burning ... out and doin' lawn jobs in the park And

Migos lyricsMigos - Highway 85 lyrics

it back to the north side Migo N.W ... A nigga Woke up quick at about noon, just thought that I ... had to be on the north soon Hop ... in my Beamer to see my moms, my mom started trippin' but my [?]

Neil Diamond - Songs of life lyrics

From quiet steeples to distant valleys Along the ... hillsides of lovers' hearts Of lovers' hearts Come ... sing you songs of life And they will keep you From

Tweed Deluxe - Country boy blues lyrics

rode the late train into town just the other day To see what went on, in the ... city The country land's getting sadder and sadder ... every day, ooh There's no work for me

Fences - Songs about angels lyrics

this life can be such a devil So I wrote the songs about angels I took my coat I ... went to the city I drank and I dropped and isn't it ... For you I would do anything I think that death is coming around I like

Ice-t - Dog 'n the wax lyrics

Intro: Ice-T] Suckers step back, reacting his attack Evil ... E is the place, cold dogging the WAX!! [Dave Storrs ... ! WORD!! [Verse 1: Ice-T] All punks go for your mothers,

Morgul - The dog and the master lyrics

can smell your fear You reek of insecurity I ... know what you crave, what you need I can be your dreams I'll wander behind your ... eyelids like a grain of sand This path leads to hell

The Dubliners - And the band played waltzing matilda lyrics

I was a young man I carried me pack And I lived the ... of the rover From the Murray's green basin to the dusty ... outback I waltzed my Matilda all over Then in 1915 me country said: "Son, It's time

Carach Angren - ...and the consequence macabre lyrics

came home with trembling bone and spoke: "Evil roams ... the sea!" I caught a glimpse of something I ... describe as witchery. They must think

Phora - With love lyrics

I think back to the times I never had ... shit Joey had a 9 under his mattress and He cocked it back and said "I'll take that ... risk Being broke dawg I hate that shit See, I've been

High And Mighty Color - With you lyrics

Kinou to mata chigau ashu wo anata to sugoshite itai to ... omotta Tatoe subete no kotoba ga kiete ... shimatte mo anata ni tsutaetai koto ga aru yo Boku no

Prince - With you lyrics

ve held your hand so many times But I still get the ... time I've kissed your lips and laid with you And I ... every moment we spend in each other's arms I guess my

Anna Tsuchiya - S.ex. (seamo with anna tsuchiya and shikao su.. lyrics

koto wa nuki ni Ore no buki ni ... kuitsuku kimi wa sugoku bukimi Soro soro hajimeyou karada yose ai otagai ... hajikeyou Hayaku kimi no naka de abaretee toki ni kimi no

Jamie Grace - With you lyrics

left brain is racin' free And ADD's been chasin me all day Wait, what did You just say ... (okay, okay) See I misplaced my master plan Courtesy ... of my attention span But I'ma be okay Just need a little

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - With you lyrics

you, life moves so fast with you, everything's a mess ... you think you could be less capricious I'm not you, I don't ... have no death wish Slow down slow down

Rilo Kiley - With arms outstretched lyrics

miles to the promised land And I promise you I'm doing the ... best I can Don't fool yourself in ... thinking You're more than a man 'Cause you'll probably

Vince Gill - With you lyrics

can just see us now You and me paintin' the town ... Forever just foolin' around With you Just think of the ... things we'd do Baby just me and you My heart can finally

Go! With Fourteen O - Made a gun with my fingers and shot at my fri.. lyrics

and dad, what a suprise! Made it. maybe. Mom and dad, what a suprise! Made it. maybe. ... Bang bang, you're dead! You have to lay down for ... ten seconds! Bang bang, you're dead! I made a gun

Immortal Guardian - ...and the symphony starts lyrics

the earth and the sea Water without fluidity Existence of chaos surrounding Being most ... high creating Gave structure to the shapeless ... earth Flatten the plains, carve in the valleys Water to

The Kixx - With you chris brown cover lyrics

you [x5] Girl.. With you [x5] [Verse 2] Oh ... girl! I don't want nobody else, Without you, ... left then, You're like Jordans on Saturday, I gotta have

Norma Jean - And there will be a swarm of hornets lyrics

built this destruction with my own hands With my hands I ... will help pull it down. And like the worker bees, ... silenced by that swarm I'll make a new home

36 Crazyfists - With nothing underneath lyrics

should've called out, made amends, broken hearts breathe ... unison. I was trying to gather mine. All my tragedies are my enemies, all my enemies ... are mine. And we carry on, just to lighten the load. Never had I been such

Kalmah - With terminal intensity lyrics

child was born into this world With ... great emotion he was loved The evil seed slept ... in his body Spreading its roots before the ... glory The hell was risen when he was twelve

Nf lyricsNf - With me lyrics

tonight's show Next up, we have one of the greatest You ... be losin' it They don't make medicine for as Sick as my ... do you think you're foolin' with I been doin' this ever since

Setherial - With veins wide open lyrics

vains wide open I become the ... enchanter of death Summoning demonic spectres ... With my last and final breath My departure from this ... life Opened the pathway to infernal fields Within

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