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Overkill - Keeper lyrics

I feel the pressure rise My heart beats through The shadow of your hallow eyes, at any cost When I steal into those eyes Your sun beats through To take me by complete surprise, and is all lost And when I fear, what I hear A voice cuts through the shadows Like a ra

Argent - Keeper of the flame lyrics

me, hear me This is what I am when we're together For we are born alone, seen to stumble Pass the early days in pain and pleasure Oh maybe I was lost and sometimes was confused But I was just a boy then And I was living, forgiving, making music Making love with equa

Heir Apparent - Keeper of the reign lyrics

..And the poor shall kneel down at their Master's feet And dedicate themselves to please... Raging rivers run for the lucky one For the Keeper of the Grail And the lower men, subjects of the King On their hands and knees remain Raging rivers run for the honored one For th

John Butler Trio - Keeper lyrics

quot;Keeper won't you let me in My soul is tired and worn thin And all I want is a place to lay my head So keeper, keep me a while", I said 'Cause all I want to do is escape this mind So keeper, can I leave that part please behind 'Cause I don't want to think about life

Lonewolf - Keeper of the underworld lyrics

s the keeper of the underworld A dark place without an age Where we're keeping all our hopes And where we dream of better days... And we are bound to its soul Legions far beyond our control A secret place where we are free Where hope reigns instea

Midnight Sun - Keeper of the gate lyrics

away in a ancient land A king ruled, with a strong hand. But evil forces spellbound his knight. He was bound to lose the fight From the hellhole a deadly roar. A wicked beast, rotten to the core A fight began swords in the air. Merciless slaughters hat

Altaria - Keeper of mystique lyrics

were young and innocent, Playing with the fire. One sensation. Honour, might. Living in desire. Came to go and come again, Crossing every border. Bless your crimes, day and night. You let temptation lead the way to promise lands. And the flames are burning higher,

Gothic Knights - Keeper of the gate lyrics

starlit sky Was blackened by the light of the moon An ancient time When creatures roamed the dark hours Dragons ruled the skies Serpents filled the seas Witches and warlock Planed evil seeds He is trapped behind the gates of eternity Falling through dimensions that no one

Grave Digger - Keeper of the holy grail lyrics

1] The Grail is veiled in mystery Ancient books of history At Last Supper with his discipleship Jesus raised it to his lips And when Christ was crucified A lance was stabbed in his side The Grail collected the pouring blood Thus blessed by the Son of God A cu

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Keeper of the seven keys lyrics

the people Hold each other's hand And fill their hearts with truth You made up your mind So do as divined Put on your armor Ragged after fights Hold up your sword You're leaving the light Make yourself ready For the lords of the dark The

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Keeper of the seven keys-live lyrics

the people Hold each other's hand And fill their hearts with truth You made up your mind So do as divined Put on your armor Ragged after fights Hold up your sword You're leaving the light Make yourself ready For the lords of the dark They'll watch y

Butterfly Boucher - Keeper lyrics

ve been laying low, taking it slow Put the game in the side What's there to hide Tell me that you need me Tell I'm a keeper Tell me something I don't know Think before you say it Say it if you mean it Mean it because it doesn't show What a pleasant surpri

Deadnight - Keeper of souls lyrics

of evil with pestilence he rides Leading his army of ghouls Warriors of armageddon draw near Spreading their vengeance with fear With scythe in hand he rides across the land Burning the houses of god Spreading the ways of satan from below Slashed by the blade as he reaps

Lana Lane - Keeper of the flame lyrics

here under the stars We've come so far but now the oxygen Is getting very near the end No time to lose anymore Now lost and amazed Smoke through the haze Surrounds us everywhere Heavy is the cross we bear Too many moons out of phase Where's the cap

Magnitude 9 - Keeper of your soul lyrics

say you`d give anything to know You say you`d live anyway to go you`re reaching for the stars, careful what you wish for what`s the price you`ll pay, it may come to you Who`s to say, if you had the chance, you would Would you be content if you realized you coul

Golden Earring - Keeper of the flame lyrics

mother, gotta understand, That mother mother we've got murder on our hands. Your sons and your daughters Rapin' eachother on the steps of a church, They no longer depend on The cry of a wolf in a lightnin' storm The scream of a hawk, Anxious to get airbo

Operadyse - Keeper of the flame lyrics

burning eyes shine in a dark cave in ice My sword and soul will be in flame And now... Ancient might of the ice Your blue fire in hand Tears and fears of the world I'm going to fight for your pain And flying proud, to be in golden words Reach the skies The

Indigo Girls - Keeper of my heart lyrics

you I would tattoo me with lines crossing into a hand and a heart that would never bleed With the twilight and the horse drawn on my arm Standing for an addiction pray we go unharmed Here is my love and anger you see now These are my gods, these are my scars Here is

A-ha lyricsA-ha - Keeper of the flame lyrics

it up for rock'n roll Give it up for rock Give it up for how it made you feel Give it up for vinyl days Kicking back from school Turning out to make it real sweet Give it up for rock'nroll Give it up for bob Give it up for how it made you see Gi

Sencirow - Keeper of souls lyrics

s a man with an unknown destination With a secret task He's a man who seems so unobtrusive A life behind a mask He walks on earth since its creation From the beginning of all time A wanderer between dimensions A watcher of all life Destined to walk alone Forevermore

Jackob's Dream - Keeper of the crown lyrics

and mortar Mixed with blood Keep an ancient tale Of the tower And the secret Of a mother's prayer For the throne Men once fought For the right divine In days of old When blood was spilled To seize the kingdom The victor to the throne The vanquished to th

Blackmore's Night - Keeper of the flame lyrics

was a legend of old In the time of days long ago The clattering beat of a horse on the street He appeared from the fog like a ghost... I could feel him heading this way A storm was filling the air If the truth would be told when the winds blo

Jacobs Dream - Keeper of the crown lyrics

and mortar Mixed with blood Keep an ancient tale Of the tower And the secret Of a mother's prayer For the throne Men once fought For the right divine In days of old When blood was spilled To seize the kingdom The victor to the thron

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - Comfort you lyrics

of havoc in the sea People rushing endlessly Sometimes I think it's just their way Of capturing a better day You keep rushing home baby For your dose of reality I'll hold out my hands to you You do what you need to Ohh, whoa I will comfort you (I will comfort you) Ohh,

Poco - Keeper of the fire lyrics

called the keeper of the fire Holy smoke I hope he ain’t no lier I’ve heard tell that while we’re sleeping All is well and safely keeping We’re only seeking Then it came a mornin’ we were feelin’ Just the same Caring less...let it turnitself to rain Easy summer, and w

Feeder - Comfort in sound lyrics

fall right in and suffer the sins Try to pull things 'round when the air starts to thin We nurse regrets, restricted in our own belief A new disease We shake new hands, the victims of fate We tread new ground, misfortune conveys You tear yourself apart, wish

Van Morrison - Comfort you lyrics

wanna comfort you I wanna comfort you I wanna comfort you Just let your tears run wild Like when you were a child I'll do what I can do I wanna comfort you You put the weight on me You put the weight on me You put the weight on me When it

Manic Street Preachers - Comfort comes lyrics

someone to nurse me Reach out for the first person I see Comfort's the helpless sole vanity Caressing the broken heart of me The difference between love and comfort Is that comfort's more reliable and true Brutal and mocking but always there A crutch for enmity's saddest glare

Phildel - Comfort me lyrics

like a snowflake on the road, Heavy like your footprints in the snow, Turning like a wheel that moves the soul, Burning like a star that guides you home, Will you comfort me, Cos my hands are open, comfort me, Will you comfort me, Like someon

Anni-frid Lyngstad - Comfort me lyrics

two three four It's in strange situations That dreams are laid Just a look And they taunt you again You think how it felt Then the memory fades As you enter The once promised land He squeezes Then lets go your hand Comfort me, comfort me He s

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - Comfort and joy lyrics

rest ye merry gentlemen, Let nothing you dismay. Remember Christ our savior, Was born on Christmas Day. To save us all from Satan’s power, When we we’re gone astray. Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy, Oh, tidings of comfort and joy. God rest ye

Feist - Comfort me lyrics

you comfort me It doesn't bring me comfort actually When you comfort me True life in haiku And balances of phrase Out of the blue And meaning shown to you Where does sadness see? The mirror has a mirror in his teeth That's what sadness sees Big sky, tiny bird And when

Deb Talan - Comfort lyrics

everyone has gone to sleep And you are wide awake. Theres no one left to tell your troubles to. Just an hour ago You listened to their voices, Wilting like a river over underground. And the light from downstairs Came up soft like daybreak, Dimly like the heartache of a lone

Eskimo Joe - Comfort you lyrics

owwww I will come, come to comfort I will come, to comfort you Ohhhhh ohhhhh I will come, come to comfort you I will come, come to comfort you Ohhh ohhh

Tim Mcgraw - Comfort me lyrics

me my lady Don't let me sleep Open my eyes To the wonders you keep Let me look at you See how you shine I'll fall in love Like I've done every time Lay me in soft green grass Down where the river runs Under the mountain caps Gold with the setting sun Wal

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - Comfort lyrics

spent our days in contemplation Too much too soon and though it hurts to let it linger on and on You're all I need What will my heart allow When loneliness holds me down So move closer and comfort me now Move over if you care for me But I guess you can't come out for a wh

Shadow Gallery - Comfort me lyrics

look into your blue eyes deep pools I had no idea I know hunted down from coast to coast Circumstance prevailed it was hard on us both. I've run hard, I'm so tired from the chase So desperately I'm aching The waning of the starlight Embers turn to ash as I fade. And now you're ne

Grand Funk Railroad - Comfort me lyrics

found after losing my way, Safe and sound after many a day. I was lost in a world of madness, Please take me from all of this sadness. CHORUS Comfort me, in whatever I do. Comfort me, and I'll comfort you too. Follow me, 'cause I'm trying to love you. Can't figur

Hysterical Naked - Comfort thee lyrics

back at the day she should've never come my way from your bitchin' I couldn't sleep middle of the night and you start to weep It took a while to see the bright side that comes at a higher price it took you a while to learn to laugh but still you did I can see it

Reef - Comfort lyrics

me. Hold me 'till I sleep. Stay with me. Come on won't you please. Loosen up your love. Say you'll stay with me. Mixture is my song. Come in let's be there. Stay with me 'till I sleep. Female comfort's what I need. Ask for help won't you please. Female comfort is what I need

Andem (Андем) - Keeper of swords lyrics

расплата, когда два брата, Сбросив оковы, сойдутся в бою! Долгий рассказ – повесть о битвах. Знак в поздний час, страх позабытый… Станут слова вновь кровью алой, И эпилог будет началом. Час судьбы начинает отсчет: Что с собою новый день принесет? В страхе люд ждет от бога чуд

Scelet - Keeper of light lyrics

far away on the other side Heal soul that's breaking No east sunrise So far away the pain will be no more Here you nowhere meet war Strange feelings growing cold in the night Only tonight we can go Find tomorrow on the battlefield Only today falling heroes

Annotations Of An Autopsy - Keeper of the plaguelands lyrics

am the ruler of these plaguelands; my reign drives fear into the heart of any man None will appose me; these corpses are mine. Their blood forever stains the land for the ravens to feast Their corpses are mine, none shall leave None shall leave. I am the ruler of these plagueland

Tonya Graves - Keeper ft. support lesbiens lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Manticora - Keeper of time - eternal champion lyrics

as a soldier was all to easy for me - To eradicate and annihilate fit my identity Raised as a fighting machine, to destroy the enemy threat Suddenly and with no sense you came with the bloodshed Sons and daughters of war, I have witnessed a creature I can

No Omega - Comfort lyrics

false view of the world Watch my fragile body fall to the floor Conform to the same pattern I hope you never see what I see You want More, more, more But same planet, same scheme Same flaws My head is open My thoughts are free Conform me Tell me lies Hold me Comfor

Cake - Comfort eagle lyrics

are building a religion We are building it bigger We are widening the corridors And adding more lanes We are building a religion A limited edition We are now accepting callers for the pendant key chains To resist it is useless It is useless to resist it His

Matthew Ryan - Comfort lyrics

was sitting in hell's kitchen contemplating murder Contemplating murder Contemplating the great escape When you walked in looking like crap But satisfied I swear that you looked satisfied and I hated you for that Well someone once said if you never look back T

Conditions - Comfort far away lyrics

to go As the day comes to a close Here's where I fear I am losing all control I stay in this town Where I've wasted countless days As I close my eyes I feel comfort far away When I sleep, when I dream Does somebody Take control of me When I slee

Naturally 7 - Comfort you lyrics

set of footprints in the sand And you wonder where I am. Cause it was hard for you to see That the man you saw was me. Cause if you fall I'll catch you Cross my heart You wonder why I have to That's my part Don't worry you're not alone Ain't that what I told ya

As I Lay Dying - Comfort betrays lyrics

sat and watched As I nearly destroyed myself Never had I felt so betrayed That you would sacrifice my life For no more than comfort And now your love means nothing to me You are a coward, the antithesis of a friend Take action before there is No one l

Echoboy - Comfort of the hum lyrics

inspires me not your leafy silent village streets roadsigns are all masterpieces dig until we find the route to beat electricity turns me on not your frozen antique candle lit dreams bow down to the traffic lights i'm burning up in the acid hearted sun as we lie beneath the pylon

Basement - Comfort lyrics

me up, Put me on your shoulders. Sing to me, To help me get to sleep. The picture frame, Has seen far better days, But on the wall it's going to stay

Right Said Fred - Comfort me lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Everyday Sunday - Comfort zone lyrics

sitting here again Another Sunday morning Trying to figure out just who to be I can’t keep going on like this I’ve got to break away CHORUS Whoah, whoah Everything I’ve said is over Whoah, whoah I can’t take this any longer Whoah,

Heartstrings - Ost - Comfort song lyrics

seulpeohajiman malgo gwaenchanh-a nunmul heulliji malgo jigeum bureuneun nae noraega jakeun wiroga doegil barae utseobwa apahajiman malgo gwaenchanh-a sesangi neol himdeulgehaedo i sigani da jinagamyeon modu da neol ihae halgeoya utseobwa ne gyeot-e ittjanh-a saranghae nae ma

Anthony Hamilton - Ol' keeper lyrics

I can't just keep watching you all the time and everything, I mean hey. If you were mine, maaan... you'd change your ways. Wouldn't be all that going out staying all night long, not letting a brotha know where you are when you coming home. Things would change, things would surely

The Band Perry - I'm a keeper lyrics

eyed Susans Standing in a domino line Falling in and out of love all the time They'll break your heart just to see a boy cry But not me I am a brown eyed loner I march to my own drummer I'm a piccolo owner and the labor of my mother's love Honey you'd

Bay City Rollers - Who’ll be my keeper ? lyrics

around in a racing car Talking on the telephone Sitting in the back of a limousine Driving to my plastic home. Feeling low, feeling high Feeling down, touch the sky Feeling down then get high and get higher. Who'll be my keeper ? Who'll be my sleeper ? Who'll be my keeper ?

Erika Eigen - I want to marry a lighthouse keeper lyrics

want to marry a lighthouse keeper And keep him company I want to marry a lighthouse keeper And live by the side of the sea I'll polish his lamps by the light of day So the ships at night can find their way I want to marry a lighthouse keeper Won't that be okay? We'll

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