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R5 - Could have been mine lyrics

of trying, you think I'd have a clue But all that I've been looking for is you, yeah And ... and you're moving on to someone else, not me And now my ... memories are haunting me If I had said what I felt

Koke K - Could have been lyrics

could have been this. It could have been that. It could have been this. It could have been that. It should have been ... this. It should have been that. It should have been

Corey Smith - Could have been friends lyrics

were over for sure She must have known that one day the ... heartache would end I'd come to terms with the past and ... palm of my hand Wishin' we could have been friends We took a

April Wine - You could have been a lady lyrics

have been alright, could have been here tonight Could have been ... sweet as wine, could have been a lady I could have been ... alright, could have been here tonight Could have been

Belle & Sebastian - It could have been a brilliant career lyrics

a stroke at the age of 24 It could have been a brilliant career ... stroke at the age of 24 It could have been a brilliant career ... her strategies Filling time in on Safeways on Saturday

Kittie - Everything that could have been lyrics

yourself, anymore It's time to get out of here Just take ... again And everything that could have been A burden I still ... holding onto everything that could have been Even though you're

Dio - I could have been a dreamer lyrics

never coming back And everytime there's sunshine I'm blind, ... And everyone that I know is me Everyone that I know won't ... see I could have been a dreamer I could have been

Gladys Knight - It should have been me lyrics

the aisle And as he passed me by He turned to me and gave me a smile Then the preacher, ... "You know that it should have been me" Instead of her

Everything But The Girl - Never could have been worse lyrics

day she love you more but you couldn't care less, you left me ... open mouthed and I couldn't eat a thing. Oh ... size of your fists. Oh, could have been better, Never could have been worse. Dead

Vince Gill - We could have been lyrics

at work I overheard a name I knew it wasn't yours but ... it touched me just the same It felt so good to have you ... my mind I guess I'm the sentimental kind I wonder who you

Journey - It could have been you lyrics

d reach out, you'd be gone Moments that still take my breath ... loving you You don't need me, no... [Chorus:] I can't ... a street of broken dreams It could have been you my love (where

Novembers Doom - What could have been lyrics

Always dreaming of what could have been Who will be there ... Deeper scars then any wound could be Cold is the way, and it ... dark We'll never know what could have been As we try to

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - What could have been love lyrics

wrong Am I the one to blame I gave up and left you for a ... train Now that train has come and gone I close my eyes and ... in my bed And I still dreamed of that day What could'a been love Should'a been the only

Joan Armatrading - It could have been better lyrics

very sad last night You came by I was so glad though ... cloud to pass over Then I could show my love You could have made me laugh if you'd stayed

Billy Ray Cyrus - Couldve been me lyrics

mailman didn't bring it to me But I see the whole thing in ... up I told John he must've been crazy 'Cause you were just ... to say I do He just gave me a wink and said all he could

Kirk Franklin - Could've been lyrics

could've been me With no clothes no shoes and ... Yeah (Yeah) Yeah (Yeah) It could've been me Without your love ... Lord tell me where would I be Yeah (Yeah) ... Yeah (Yeah) It could've been [Verse One:] Me in the cold

Kenny Rogers - That's the way it could have been lyrics

excited when you asked if I could go But mom said I'd have ... to ask my daddy I met him at the front door, so ... and faded jeans, you came for me And the gingham dress

Matthew Mcginn - It should have been me lyrics

s a corner in your mind, a memory so deep A place you hold ... inside your heart, I could never reach. A side of you I ... never get to see; It should have been me. There's a shadow

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - And all that could have been lyrics

in the snow You won't find me here Ice is starting to ... I know you tried to rescue me Didn't let anyone get in ... of all that was And all that could have been Please Take

Bonnie Raitt - I could have been your best old friend lyrics

give out more Than you ever have returned Lately I have tried ... it When your soul is dry Sometimes loneliness can feed it ... I knew why you won't comfort me I thot that I could count on

Silent Fall - This could have been lyrics

could have been a normal day As I live ... re crossing everyday This could have taken another way But ... never prevents You just have to be on time For the rendez

Callenish Circle - What could have been lyrics

thought you Would leave me Still chasing time, so ... My understanding is killing me I know you had to Follow ... your heart Don't look at me now It's for your own good

Neil Diamond - It should have been me lyrics

you now and then 'Cause I remember when Love was new and ... Don't want to say good-bye to you again My love It ... should have been me That's holding you instead

Lauren Christy - Could've been lyrics

ve been a politician Tell people ... intellectual vision Hell, I could lie to you Could've been the ... Would anybody really care Could've been, should've been Could've been me somehow Could've been, should've been Could've been me Well I'm not gonna get

Funeral - What could have been lyrics

of hopelessness... Leaves me freezing Where you once ... If only for this very moment warmth was in our

Megan And Liz - You could have told me that lyrics

time around You think maybe it could be different Start off ... than before But stupid me I thought you had changed ... But now I see You and me Are not meant to be You could've told me that Maybe a year

Brooks Elkie - He could of been an army lyrics

could have been an army The way he broke ... through my lines He could have been a hurricane The way he ... blew my mind He could have been an angel He made me feel so

The Lighthouse Family - I could have loved you lyrics

too many things have come between Where we are now, ... where we, could have been Sometimes a chance, comes ... truth, shines through I could have loved you... Chorus

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Been you lyrics

Blink of an eye, no goodbye I had a notion deep as the ... a permanent stain wishing I could just wash away, away Prayed ... wasn't vain Who was to blame for all the pain? For all the

Kurt Cobain - Been a son (early demo) lyrics

could have known [?] is the same She could have seen the sun ... and drain She could have known and [?] the sky She could have see the [?] before [?] ... She could have Cheer me She could have Stay the same She could have Stay the same She could have Stay th

Thomas Anders - It must have been the mistletoe lyrics

must have been the mistletoe The lazy fire, ... feeling everywhere It must have been the pretty lights That ... we would fall in love! It could have been the holiday, The

Neil Diamond - Me beside you lyrics

ve been me beside you, baby Could've been me beside you But I ... Isn't it kind of funny, baby Isn't it kind of funny, Two ... Sayin' it's kind of funny, baby But it's the kind of funny

Aimee Mann - Could've been anyone lyrics

s so hard not to blame you it's hard not to put ... all the blame on you 'cause you knew from ... I'm sure there were even moments when you thought You ... might someday finish what you'd begun

James Morrison - Person i should have been lyrics

I painted black Just needs some colour I’m gonna live my ... the other Person I should have been I ain’t tapping out, ... twisted dream That’s kept me living I pray to my soul To

Sia lyricsSia - You have been loved lyrics

shut me up, yeah and you filled my ... Oh you, you will be loved by someone good Yeah you, you ... will be loved by somebody good You have been loved ... beer with you Oh you, you have been loved by someone good

Course Of Nature - Could ive been lyrics

I've been Something more than what I've become Really wonderful than some ... and I started thinking It could be my mind That's got me all ... how I start believing We could share our time that means

Mandy Moore - Could've been lyrics

flowers that you gave me Are just about to die When ... I think about what could've been Makes me want to cry The ... words you whispered Didn't mean a thing I guess our song

Melissa Etheridge - I could've been you lyrics

take a look at the sky Sometimes your heaven seems so far ... Don't you think I bleed the same blood I, I could've been ... you You could've been me One small change that shapes

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Could've been you (feat. r. kelly) lyrics

She's a reflection of me, So you know she the sh-t, ... know a b-tch usually don't mean nothing to me, That's ... I go up she go down, She couldn't listen now she ain't

George Gershwin - Could you use me? lyrics

some pity on an Easterner; Show a ... sympathy. No one possibly could be sterner Than you have been with me. There's a job that ... I'm applying for - Let me put it to you thus: It's a

Evan And Jaron - Could've been james dean lyrics

in a row I spend more time getting dressed than Where ... Shaking out their hands Some to say hello others Stay as ... With an old bum who says He could've been james dean Now the

Will Smith lyricsWill Smith - Could u love me lyrics

Uh, uh, yo Would you love me in the shack in a shanty town ... Would you love me if my pants was hand-me-downs ... One: Will Smith] Often times I hear a phrase when I'm out

Prince - U got the look (feat. sheena easton) lyrics

World Series of love Tell me, have U got the look' U ... pretty girl Look so tough, baby U got that look Color U ... peach and black Color me takin' aback Crucial, I

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Me and my monkey lyrics

was me and my monkey And with his ... face) He said 'Son, you ever been to Vegas?' I said 'no' He ... the bell boy if he'd take me and my monkey as well? He

Sheena Easton - All by myself lyrics

I'll be sailing away How could you leave me now, without ... a word, to carry on All by myself, all by myself Love ... maybe I won't make it this time But if you were with me now,

Sheena Easton - You make me nervous lyrics

kind Hesitation's holding me back from you, fascination's ... drawing me near There's a strange ... and fear, oh oh You make me nervous, making me nervous

Schultz Mark - I have been there lyrics

fingers Of her brand new baby girl Her husband takes her by the hand So unsure about the ... And they pray, Lord all we have to give is love Then they

Nomy - Beyond all fear lyrics

You shine like a star If I could give you time what would that ... meen You could have stay here everything could've ... been fine If I could set you free what would that meen Then you would live

America - You could've been the one lyrics

your face You can't even see me at all Oh, you look like an ... you had your chance You could've been the one Tonight you could've been the only one For the

Boyce Avenue - Glycerine lyrics

It's not my kind Not my time to wonder why Everything's ... away I don't want this Remember that I'll never forget ... at Don't let the days go by Glycerine Glycerine

Spoon - Lines in the suit lyrics

a straight line when a man comes around And he got lines in ... I've got nowhere to go Tell me something I don't know He's ... to know The picture has come down I'm taking it off and

Ben Haenow - Man in the mirror by michael jackson lyrics

to see their needs A summer disregard, a broken bottle ... to change his ways And no message could have been any ... then make a change I've been a victim of a selfish kind of

Bush lyricsBush - Glycerine lyrics

it's not my kind not my time to wonder why everything's ... away I don't want this remember that I'll never forget ... at don't let the days go by glycerine I'm never

Kongos - If you could lyrics

gets you feeling down It's been a week since you went to town ... It's getting late so why haven't you called your friends ... Why haven't you made amends It's not the way that

Boyzone - Must have been high lyrics

And I must have been high And I must have been ... of every reason Excuses I could give But all it took was one ... break your heart (And I must have been high) I thought it

Willa Ford - Jokes on you lyrics

it Then I woke up and I came down It was only a dream ... around not around) you had me feeling I was crazy ohh with ... out a doubt baby Every time you sold me one of yours lies

Konrad Mil - Careless whisper (inspired by alan walker) lyrics

As the music dies... Something in your eyes, Calls to ... screen, And all its sad goodbyes. I'm never gonna dance ... again, Guilty feet have got no rhythm. Though it's

Dokken - Lesser of two evils lyrics

many days come and go Can't find a reason ... through my mind Brings me down for the hundredth time ... Has it all been said and done I try to ... find some piece of mind Searching

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - We could be the closest of friends lyrics

We had so much together baby What got into us How could ... just call it quits We should have called the love We could have been the closest of friends

Louise - Woman in me lyrics

on yourself The way you love me like nobody else And that's ... enough That's enough Could have been moon light Could have been music Could have been

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