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Elisa - Ti vorrei sollevare lyrics

che si riempe di te E l'attimo in cui il sole diventa ... prima che il tempo ci porti via ci porti via da qui Ti vorrei sollevare Ti vorrei ... consolare Mi hai detto ti ho visto cambiare Tu non

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - Ti vorrei rivivere lyrics

che rivederti ancora adesso qualche ... tu puoi non credermi ma non ti ho scordata mai, davvero. ... vedo non si è spenta più. Ti vorrei ti vorrei rivivere anche

Marco Masini - Ti vorrei lyrics

vado a lavorare in tram ti vorrei solo al ba, ti vorrei come ... una mamma in C.A.R. ti vorrei dentro i jeans, quarta donna ... del mio triste tris ti vorrei con la, ti vorrei che non ne

Fedez - Ti vorrei dire lyrics

sembra sempre in salita ti vorrei dire che va tutto benee.. ... quando la fortuna è travestita da sfiga ti vorrei dire ... e la speranza è svanita ti vorrei dire che va tutto benee.. ti vorrei dire che va tutto

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Humanoid (english version) lyrics

in too many worlds Position unknown Loneliness hurts ... reasons I'm done with questions I'm done with healing ... in too many worlds Position unknown Loneliness hurts

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Alien (english version) lyrics

face In the crowd A million times I'm drowning, I'm fallin'

Bentley Jones - 素直になれたら~final night~ (2011 english version) lyrics

now Throw it in Every time that you break down and cry ... each other’s arms But by the time the winter came It’d ... now that I can see Every time that you break down and cry

Sarah Brightman - Time to say goodbye (english version) lyrics

you met in the darkness Time to say goodbye Horizons ... don't exist anymore It's time to say goodbye When you ... me To see, for us to be Time to say goodbye Horizons

Georgi,susanna - Get a life(english version) lyrics

I think you're wrong this time, so I won't leave I'm ... I'm right Ah ah ah I, I'm getting a life Say that ... it's rough You think I'm wasting time that isn't mine I'm

Girugämesh - Pray english version lyrics

wonder how long will it take Till the freezing rain to stop ... are fading away Can you still hear what I say But I know

Illuminandi - Is qui est (english version) lyrics

there was When there was still room to fall? I’m no ... longer fighting, I‘m worth nothing more

Illuminandi - The rider (english version of “jeździec”) lyrics

you And my speech is getting heavier and heavier. Does ... know this, and no more revelations Neither eyes nor my ears

Illuminandi - The 40th day (english version of “czterdziest.. lyrics

ruler of this world One condition only will I give you Fall ... All that nonsense that you still believe in There is no

Joe Inoue - Closer (english version) lyrics

could recall The very last time you felt joy Or maybe you ... Everybody tells you from time to time To never give up ... Everybody tells you from time to time To never give up

Karpac Michal - Don't break my heart (english version ft. lan.. lyrics

cry The best doctor is the time But I cannot stand the

Neoton Familia - Santa maria (english version) lyrics

Water and sky, the flagship is going to take the lead Take us, please, to the fairly land, that nobody knows There is no more room, I have got all the man...

Nightwork - Global warming - i am gay! (english version) lyrics

I could wear my mothers bootie size and every boy on his ... feet had booties in this land on a bootie ... and two soldiers lying sweating in an Iraq dust Sun is

Nyusha (Нюша) - Angel (english version) lyrics

I think about you all the time Couse now I feel you’re ... I wanna be with you all time And I know that I will

Ommega - Gammapolis ii - english version lyrics

over people of gray, A perfection with worlds gone away,

Oomph! - Labyrinth (english version) lyrics

here can tell you which direction is the right one to take ... So for heavens sake Time and again you've kept me ... my personal plaything, The time will come ill dull your

Shakira lyricsShakira - Inevitable (english version) lyrics

you're gone At least I'm still breathing And you won't

Gery-nikol - I'm the queen (english version) lyrics

all you want - don't waste my time! You know, you know that I ... play I can show you the way, time to give in to me - Don't ... right now Light it up, it’s time to burn it down! No, there

Ani Lorak (Ані Лорак) - "i'm alive" (english version of "solntse") lyrics

oceans apart No longer tied to clips of your heart, I ... oceans apart, No longer tied to clips of your heart, I ... blowing - killing hope, but still I wait for true love.

Avalanch - Avalanch (english version) lyrics

is the sound It makes the time on a clock It makes a ... want to rise We'll make the time explode We'll make people ... Metallic energy, stopping, time Silence comes in the

Avalanch - Excalibur (english version) lyrics

upon a legend time Age of war and darkness ... Excalibur Thousand of haunting knights Tried to rest this ... of a king Thousand of haunting knights Tried to rest this

Avalanch - Rainbow warrior (english version) lyrics

hundred thousand men Are fighting hand to hand Rainbow ... He knows that there's no time No time for judgement day ... dies The fight is crue and tiring He can't stand sacrifice

Avalanch - Lucero (english version) lyrics

In front of me Her hair flies as the wind blows Like a cool breeze I sense her silhouette as she goes She walks right past me As my passion grows I hear h...

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - Je t'aime encore (english version) lyrics

teeth, little Jimmy is getting strong I'm learning guitar ... address How's life for you Time is my only caress Je t

Tiziano Ferro - Perdono (english version) lyrics

I'm gonna give you a rosa Continue dreaming of our everlastin ... friendship I still believe in me and you, my ... I'm gonna give you a rosa Continue dreaming of our everlasting friendship I still believe

Rie Fu - Decay (english version) lyrics

would suck up to you But I still believe in you When I ... oh all I did was flee till I found out there was ... now I see it was a waste of time The days go by you

Rie Fu - I so wanted (english version) lyrics

state Tokyo in the winter time, as I walk on by Hear the ... remains Tokyo in the summer time and night time blues Go ... hole Don't run to summer time, It's just nostalgia Don

Rie Fu - Money will love you (english version) lyrics

this way ? Going to parties, and waking up late in the ... now you're a star You're destined to discover, maybe today

Grailknights - Home at last (english version) lyrics

Hear the solemn Bell It's song of mourning and grief One of the bravest fell He died by the rocky reef The sky is darkens And it turns as black as night My road is l...

Hasselhoff David - If i had one wish [english version] lyrics

(Cello / Piano Solo Section) If I had one wish

Helena Paparizou - O.k. (english version) lyrics

you Oh oh There was a time we used to live Just to

Era Istrefi - Bonbon (english version) lyrics

blunt right Spending dough 'till we all go broke That is ... we pour some more Cause my time, has come and I'm bossin'

Kevin Lien - Weeding dress english version lyrics

all the times we´ve had I kept my

Kreyson - Fade out (english version) lyrics

while hours slip away No time for tears - get up and what ... like to And don't waste your time FADE OUT - dying FADE

Kreyson - Kreyson (english version) lyrics

around - their eyes dissatisfied Spidergod Kreyson ... thought out an evil plan Creating baby beasts and spreading ... no respite And since that time nothing has changed Once

Olivia Lufkin - Dress me up (english version) lyrics

Why are you looking at me like that? I do not feel a very good vibe Why are you pushing me away? Now It's not like I really want to stay Oh I, I might be...

Yuya Matsushita - She's a liar (english version) lyrics

She said "I'll be waiting for you." But you got

Miwa - Hikarie remix ~english version~ lyrics

heart will always be with you till the end. You were the ... heart will always be with you till the end. No matter how ... heart will always be with you till the end. You were the

Omega - Gammapolis ii - english version lyrics

over people of gray, A perfection with worlds gone away,

Pellek - Brave heart (english version) from digimon lyrics

your brave heart! In a lifetime, Not every day shows the ... sun casting its light. In a lifetime, ... to fall, Hold your umbrella tight. You have much to give.

Rammstein lyricsRammstein - Amerika english version lyrics

in America Coca Colla, sometimes war We’re all living in

Saratoga - No (english version) lyrics

Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not FOund Not F...

Shakira lyricsShakira - What we said - comme moi english version (fea.. lyrics

And everybody hurts sometimes I never meant to do you ... I wish we could go back in time See the world with ... But everybody hurts sometimes I never meant to do you

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - Duele el corazon (english version) ft. tinash.. lyrics

when I'm alone I guess it's time to let you know Si te ... a brother like me The situation with you and your man Min ... to I man Visit the island Satisfaction you want Gal you get

Vanessa Paradis lyricsVanessa Paradis - Marilyn & john (english version) lyrics

John... The sun... Admiration, vibration Just an L.A. ... alone On the wrong vibration Just a phon-call coin away ... called John Home... Admiration, frustration Just an L.A.

Laura Pausini - Ti dico ciao lyrics

Di bianche nuvole Ah, si. Ti penserò cosi Ti dico ciao ... fai lasciandoci In quell’ultimo battito Che d’ali diventò ... Amano , amano Dall’ultimo metro. Ti dico ciao E

Emma Marrone - Ti capita mai lyrics

un po'. Io che in fondo vorrei dorati me stessa per questo ... a rischio di farmi male. Ti capita mai di svegliarti nel ... le calde emozioni che provi ti lasciano senza fiato e nella

Tina Arena - Ti voglio qui lyrics

sei ma una cosa voglio da te ti voglio qui qui con me baby ... qui un po' di piu' ti voglio qui qui con me baby, ... i miei mali ma perche' sentirti Dio e creare anche me Vuoi

Vasco Rossi lyricsVasco Rossi - Ti taglio la gola lyrics

che scemenza è stato parlarti di me! tu che sei solita, ... solita sì! ti piace...Divertirti...SI'!!! Riconoscenza.. ... .. SOLITA... SOLITA... A FARE COSI' Prendimi l'anima ma..

Adriano Celentano - Cosi come sei lyrics

il tuo pane e se davvero ti sciogli al sole quando ascolti le mie parole, e se davvero ... Sei, quello che sei e toccarti io non oserei.... Dai mettiti comoda, non essere stupida,

Matia Bazar - Ti sento lyrics

idea ma due occhi invadenti petali d'orchidea se non ha ... anima Ti sento, la musica si muove ... che mi scoppia dentro, ti sento, un brivido lungo la ... se non ha anima ... anima Ti sento, bellissima statua

Lower Than Atlantis - English kids in america (alternative version) lyrics

Wha-wha-oh wha-wha-ohhh We're English kids in America!" ... Wha-wha-oh wha-wha-ohhh We're English kids in America!&quot

Mietta - Vorrei vederti felice lyrics

Vederti Felice Tu non sai quanto ... io vorrei vederti felice se questo e' quello ... Per quanto possa fare male ti prego dillo ora ma dammi un ... ultimo minuto di te Anche senza

Eros Ramazzotti lyricsEros Ramazzotti - Ti sposerò perché lyrics

E nessuno lo sa fare come te Ti sposerò perché Hai del ... vita insieme a me E poi mi attiri sai da far paura Fra il ... e il nero dell'abbronzatura Ti sposerò perché Ti piace

Francesco Baccini - Ti amo con l'eco lyrics

di gridare, non mi devono sentire piano, piano devo dirti ... che ti amo con le mani ad imbuto ... fiato, prendo fiato. Ti amo con l’eco (uo, uo, uo) ti bacio, ti bacio col riverbero

Riccardo Fogli - Ti voglio dire lyrics

Voglio Dire Ti voglio dire io che non trovo ... mai parole d'amore vorrei provare per te una vita ... a costruire e guardare avanti e dire e lì che arriveremo

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