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Behemoth - Ov fire and the void lyrics

[Max Stirner] I the Sun ov man The offspring ov the ... to this world I son ov perdition From sheer ... To explore the starry nature ov my rage I pulse ov

Cephalic Carnage - Ov vicissitude lyrics

our lungs Mass calamity Overshadowing atrocities of our ... Take our final breath Ov Vicissium Ov Visissium Ov

Nordheim (can) - Ov frost and ice lyrics

The kingdom of mine is built ov frost and ice Landscapes all

Fish - Cos'e che vuoi da me lyrics

su le mani di più su le mani così più su, dai! Domani so ... questa sera in queste cose sono esperta in materia ... andiamo a bere qualche cosa al bar e tu mi segui vado

Dannii Minogue lyricsDannii Minogue - Cos you’re beautiful lyrics

to see You thought that was over, I just wanna see you face ... cos you're beautiful, So ... beautiful cos you're beautiful YOU ARE YOU ... me what you're waiting for. cos you're beautiful So

The Hollies - 'cos you like to love me lyrics

be good to me come and make love to me Stay stay 'Cos you ... like to love me And just me and nobody ... else And I like to love you And just you and nobody

Cliff Richard - Cos i love that rock 'n' roll lyrics

t somebody tell me where? 'Cos it used to be when I was ... don't feel right to me 'Cos I love that Rock'n'roll too ... ever waving goodbye Yeah I love that Rock'n'roll too too

Behemoth - At the left hand ov god lyrics

Outside! Outside desert ov restriction In act ov ... rebellion On the sea ov motion Stability ov matter ... beauty By the mighty chant ov every breath In serpentine

Behemoth - Sculpting the throne ov seth lyrics

shores Thee arrive Thou art ov gods yet supreme above them ... mocked and blessed speak ov me not as one speak ov me ... not as none speak ov me not at all for I am

Behemoth - The seed ov i lyrics

the top ov the highest mountain Prior ... weapon is silence I, bringer ov light to burn this goddamn ... storm crushing dismal shores ov Acheron My weapon is

Antropomorphia - Gospel ov perversion lyrics

through echoes ov terrestrial flesh Temple ov ... wounds Grotesquely disharmonized Ravenous....erotic desire ... :Chorus: Salacious sounds ov mournful suffering Rapturous

Behemoth - Transmigrating beyond realms ov amenti lyrics

all horizons To seek nature ov things Retreat within ... the primal breath Slaves ov the dead gods Martyrs ov the ... now Engulfed by the wake ov a million years Welcome to

Behemoth - Defiling morality ov black god lyrics

profane kiss Oh Isis mother ov all Thy lips like morphine ... heart Release me! This cosmos is way to small Come down ... And consecrate my engines ov life! And so I chant that

Behemoth - Blackest ov the black lyrics

beyond all paths ov man I drew my rules ... fury to unleash upon men Ov khaos I am, the disobediant ... ninth I fell, from grace up above To taste this life ov sin,

Behemoth - Slaying the prophets ov isa lyrics

empires burn Conquistadors ov the promised land Like the ... sons ov Anak They shall rise from ... shalt restore the splendor ov Sodom Personification ov ... Great architect Charlatan ov fairy tales Thou hast failed

Behemoth - The harlot ov the saints lyrics

Ho Drakon ho megas Whore ov abominations I invoke theel ... The harlot ov the saints The source of ... Enter! In the great hall ov fire and ice The rose!

Behemoth - The reign ov shemsu-hor lyrics

I: The forbidden legacy ov a fallen race] ... [Chapter II: Invocation ov the watch gods] O Mighty ... intoxicate with Thy self love O Mighty Sentinel! Thou

Behemoth - Horns ov baphomet lyrics

Touching the forehead ov god Hark! I was not, I ... quot; So spake the wisdom ov snake "Hold up ... amp;quot; Sayeth the law ov the brave Beyond all I am

Behemoth - In the absence ov light lyrics

never outweighed the gravity ov hell So I keep praying for ... rocks To foster the symmetry ov worlds I had a vision ov the ... Never found on either side ov the moon It wields composure

Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy - The pregnant of despair (lord of shadows #2) lyrics


Hell - End ov days lyrics

old the tales unfold, the end ov days compel The lessons they ... faithful needs must fear Above a blood red sea a blood red

As They Burn - City ov pyramids lyrics

I am the dead holy guardian angel master Of my divine nature, counselor of my will I tasted pleasure and enjoyed it. I enjoyed what you banned. I ...

Black Tongue - In the wake ov the wolf lyrics

low. Horned crowns and cloven hooves; the unthinking ... low. Horned crowns and cloven hooves; the unthinking ... two. Horned crowns and cloven hooves The unthinking

Fergie lyricsFergie - David guetta chris willis ft fergie gettin ov.. lyrics

back then There's no gettin' over No gettin over' There's ... just no getting over you. Wish I could spin my ... again There's no getting over There's no gettin over

Immortal Hammer - Temná legenda pohanských mečov lyrics

Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nenalezeno Nen...

Max Milner - Max milner &meanwhile in tinseltown - fall ov.. lyrics

fall over my feet as I look for you ... are glued And if I can't move it's hard to see another ... point of view I raced over to see you But I won't ... ratty hair And no I won't move because I'm feeling just to

Behemoth - Decade ov therion (live) lyrics

seize our bodies Into the cosmic dance of four scythes The

Christ Agony - Psalm ov livia khao'tsu lyrics

You would be too beautiful to die in my arms But what can you do, when the body is weak and mind too sick You cannot desire warmness When you feel only t...

Christ Agony - Temptation ov lost lyrics

So cold without you So empty... Only lonely memories Reamaining in the mirror Tatooed with looks You wear a smell of yearning Driven by memories You w...

Enthroned - Oracle ov void lyrics

Lost and blind through desert sand. Enlighten by the secret eye, Pale horns shining through dense black corridors, A sacred fire burning, A sacred fire burning ins...

Rotaru Sofia - Пішов Іван (pišov ivan) lyrics

Пішов Іван полонину косити, Пішло за ним дев’ять дівок сушити. Та й накосив дев’ять валів в один день, Не посушать дев’ять дівок за тиждень. Ой, на горі сн...

Mouse T - Is it cos i'm cool? lyrics

it ‘cos I’m cool Is it ‘cos I’m cool Why you dress like ... or you just a fool Is it ‘cos I’m cool Why the school kids ... got it wrong again Is it ‘cos I’m cool Take a piece of me

The Hollies - You love 'cos you like it lyrics

love 'cos you like it You like it ... because you're loving me You touch 'cos you ... you're touching me You kiss 'cos you like it You like it ... you're kissing me You hold 'cos you like it You like it

Gabriella Cilmi - Love me cos you want to lyrics

And don't patronize Just love me cos you want to And not ... me something to hold on to Cos they're the ones who're ... now the rest is up to you Love me cos you want to And if

Kindla - Pozwól ze cos powiem lyrics

Cię Ref: Pozwól ze cos powiem Kilka prostych słów ... Ref: Pozwól ze cos powiem kilka prostych słów ... nie uciekaj już Pozwól ze cos powiem kilka prosty słów

Luca Carboni - L'amore che cos'è lyrics

nella tua vita dimmi a cosa stai pensando vedi com'è ... momento Amore amore che cos'è questa porta che si è ... che ci trasporta chissà dove ci porta Ma l'amore che cos'è? bravo chi lo sa capire

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Just cos you got the power lyrics

strapped up tight, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That don ... a dog to walk upright, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That don ... get my sleep at night, Just 'Cos You Got The Power, That don

Elisa - E scopro cos'è la felicità lyrics

quando sorridi scopro cos’è la felicità Vedrai e ... e mentre sorridi scopro cos’è la felicità C’è un

Pmmp - Lörpötys lyrics

lauta. Liru laru loru, moni turha poru ratki riidaksi ... suuttuu. Liru laru loru, moni turha poru ratki riidaksi ... sano rokka. Olet aika kovanokka. Liru laru loru, moni turha poru ratki riidaksi

Shinhwa - Venus lyrics

isseo [MinWoo] Your my love-ov-ov-ov-ov-ov-ov Venus ... sipeungeol Just say your love Neol jabgo jabgo sipeun mam ... Just say your love [JunJin] Your my love-ov-ov

Imperanon - Jos jotain yrittää (harva meistä on rautaa) lyrics

Harva meistä on rautaa, niin moni taipua saa Moni omillaan ... Harva meistä on rautaa, niin moni taipua saa Moni omillaan ... Harva meistä on rautaa, niin moni taipua saa Moni omillaan

Antropomorphia - Temphioth workings lyrics

the calls ov the averse eye Luciferian ... light ov darkness The abysmal depth ov subconcious paths Embodiment ... Breed within me oh serpent ov black :Chorus: Sub

Antropomorphia - Tevfelskvnst lyrics

Beyond the shadows ov the Grave From the river ov ... desolated beauty in a cascade ov abomination :CHORUS: ... Hallucinogenic forms Seas ov eroded bones Pathogenic

Behemoth - Pan satyros lyrics

light follow'd I ye path ov a'yin, where ye all ... eye rests across ye cascade ov sensations and ye ... consciousness ov body volcano ov emotions am ... I ye ring ov saturn - two thousand years

Behemoth - He who breeds pestilence lyrics

Sartre] Inflict the seed ov Eve upon me The heritage ov ... to deprive me from my odium ov chaos They threw my wretched ... body into rivers ov purgatory For such is a

Behemoth - Here and beyond lyrics

we to the days ov our beginning To the City ov God clothed with the mists ... I saw the phantoms ov Golgotha Legion Legion ... Fed on dust ov dead Anoited by the grey

Behemoth - Libertheme lyrics

Lead: Seth] In my church ov disbelief It canst get no ... from black to grey In church ov indifference So innocent in ... [Lead: Seth] In my church ov liberation When doubts and

Antropomorphia - Crowned in smoldering ash lyrics

from this carnal garment full ov wretched, cancerous devouring ... light A desirous carrier ov a venal melancholic lie ... intense exultation Vermin ov the womb Lamb ov deceitful

Dizzee Rascal - Fickle lyrics

real deep thur the depths ov my mined, Dig real deep ... thur the depths ov my mined, Dig, dig, dig ... real deep thru the depths ov my mined Lord knowz what il

Antropomorphia - Carved to pieces lyrics

On remains ov blood and bone I thrive ... divine Let the tongues ov murder be my guide :Pre ... shrines Rejoice in depths ov flesh Nihilistic hand ov

Antropomorphia - Inanimatus asqui anima lyrics

ash Smothered is this swamp ov flesh Unraveled visions ... Once Alive! ­The Rape ov Kore!­ The blade, Her ... rope, Her neck, The specter ov death Alive no more. This

Behemoth - Amen lyrics

Mary, full ov disgrace The Lord has ... Cunning as shroud ov Turin On the autopsy ov god ... Maria Credo undone Bitch ov a sybilline vulva Usurpress ... vows Centuries wept because ov thee… Where art thou now in

Behemoth - Ora pro nobis lucifer lyrics

The fall and torment ov shame I'll smite heaven's ... Immaculate divine Satan ov elohim None dare to stand in ... your way Thou bow to none Ov eden's feculence Conjure

Behemoth - Pazuzu lyrics

BIT LITUM Hark the howl ov pestilential wind! Atem, ... devourer ov life forever blackening! ... by the Assyrian wind Semen ov Hanpa has vomited Thee forth

Behemoth - Shemhamforash lyrics

Genet] Consumed by tongues ov fire Burning like Phlegethon ... to ash Extinguishing light ov hope Bringing the end ov the ... days Words ov my gospel scattered

Behemoth - Furor divinus lyrics

slave to gravity Bleed dry ov tears Weep with blood Leave ... I crept under the shadow ov purity In my hour ov pious ... Behold the anathema ov benediction Sacrilege in

Behemoth - Conquer all lyrics

Self! cast out ov Thy Elysium with blood ov ... nazarene I write the story ov man 2000 years is nothing ... foul angelic choirs! None ov thy empty gods, shall ever

Antropomorphia - Morbid rites lyrics

- ov the blackest crafts Black ... :Chorus I: Serpent harlot ov the death Rites ov ... paleness Burning loins ov wickedness Resplendent - ... Odious essence Veils ov carnal rot Quench the

Antropomorphia - Nekrovaginal secretions lyrics

Pacified gazing eyes Echoes ov her mourning Morbid touch ... full ov dark desires The pale skin ... Deathless sleep Enslavement ov the freshly pale Robed in

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