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The Moody Blues - Ride my see-saw lyrics

ride my see-saw Take this place on this trip just for me Ride, ... take a free ride Take my place, have my seat, ... it's for free I worked like a slave for years

Girls Love Shoes - Come get your ride lyrics

want it. You got it top down, downtown, cruising cause you gotta flaunt it You really ... like it now I got you saying yeah yeah yeah… Come get your ride Come get your ride Come see how fun it

Darren Hayes - Ride lyrics

on Baby baby come on Baby baby come on You only know one half of me Up ... until now it's all I let you see I used to reveal ... selectively But now I'm changing So baby come on inside Baby get on this ride Get closer to me Don't you know that It's time to

Nickel Creek - Ride cowboy ride lyrics

in the morning at the break of day You'll hear a big ... bearded cowboy at the chuck wagon say "Gather 'round boys, the coffee's hot on the fire There

T.i. lyricsT.i. - Ride wit me lyrics

Intro] Let's get it homeboy! Y'all already know what is ... man, this ain't nuttin new to y'all man! T.I.P., Pimp ... ya understand that? King of the South! Hey! Westside of

Blackeyed Susan - Ride with me lyrics

ll take you on an open road We say goodbye A long cold night ahead And then you ... I said walk with me Talk to me Take my hand To the ... man All the sounds What we found It's

Benny Benassi - Ride to be my girl lyrics

to be my girl Top on mine Push and shove Ride ... me all around All you can Rise above You gotta ... ride,…to,…be, You gotta love… me Come… right You

Mr. Criminal - Come and ride with me lyrics

Intro) Uh…..guess who’s back….its Mr. Criminal……. ... .another track for the ladies…ha-ha…..uh yeah…… ... (Mr. Criminal) Have you ever felt the touch of love?

Cheap Trick - Ride the pony lyrics

to me, I'm your boogie man Come to me, let me take your ... hand Smile, you waited for some floor Come to me, ... understand Baby, don't you want some more? I've got

Oliver James - Ride of your life lyrics

on a shooting star But dreams alone won't get you far cant deny your feeling anymore the world ... is waiting right outside your door what are you waiting

Colt Ford - Ride through the country lyrics

Intro] Thank Yall, How Yall Doin? Yeh, my names Colt Ford, I ... jus came here to do a little song for yall, bout where I come ... from, the way I see it, I brought my buddy, Mr. John

Nadia Ali - Ride with me lyrics

t you talk? You know I've heard it All before ... That I'm deserving of Something more You think I'm worth it But you're not the one ... willing to give it I don't need you to Make me a promise Although it'd be Some

Flo Rida - Come with me lyrics

met a lot of women on the road, My pimping is world wide, ... And everybody knows, uh, But something about ... her, Makes me wanna slow it, Spend a little more

Freternia - Ride with the wind lyrics

came on a cold winters night When the ... land was dressed in snow and ice Through a frozen ... landscape with snowcovered trees On horses as ... black as the darkest of night Ride with the wind

Joe - Ride wit u lyrics

say ride wit u, ride wit u, yea its 50 cent, yea ... and lloyd banks, yea, and young Buck, yea, and joe. G-Unit ... Baby I wanna rock 'n' roll with you, tear tha club up,

2 Pistols - Come on lyrics

a beast, yeah shawty I'm the bomb If you rock, rock with me, ... you know you got it goin' on I know you, you like rock, rock stars And you wanna ride in ... a rock stars car, so Come on, come on, yeah, come on, come on

Bay City Rollers - Ride lyrics

in My love I want you any way you are And get hold of me And take it oh so ... far And my love In my heart You're ... my mind apart I get crazy on you When something you grab

Brokencyde - Ride slow lyrics

Chourus): Ride real slow, make your speakers blow. (x6) (Se7en): Yeah. So hit ... me up, if your lookin for that kill. cause it.. I got that light white russian,

Morningwood - Ride the lights lyrics

our first love? We will always have Zack ... Rice We would both lift up our shirts Kissed him once you kissed him twice Tell me ... stories of myself That I don't remember I was too drunk

Blackfoot - Ride with you lyrics

m dyin' to get out of this town I'm never comin' back Gonna take you just as far as we ... can go No use in pretendin' We done ... all we can do Gonna live our dreams Just like a picture

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Ride or die lyrics

m rollin with Roc-a-Fella man Cause they got ... money man, heh heh Uh-huh, ... uh-huh uh UH, uh-huh, 'Hovah Yeah, Stevie J nigga Y ... all ready? Yo, yo How many y'all wanna ride tonight (ride tonight) How

Stacie Orrico - Ride lyrics

know how I got to be this way... Wanna know if ... you had it would you be the same... I can tell ... that you're tired of playing a losing game.. I ... m checkin' you 'cause I got love for you... I gotta let you

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Ride cowboy ride lyrics

quot;Ride Cowboy Ride" Ride cowboy ride. Through the back door to heaven. ... To the other side. I wanna know the ... danger of a kiss. At midnight. Ride,

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Ride into obsession lyrics

I show you the end You're damned Cause no one can ... maddened creatures Like you they all once reached out A ... war to win But I'm gonna burn this vision down

Kid Ink - Ride out (with tyga, wale, yg and rich homie .. lyrics

in at first had bad luck Got a whole lot, remember I ain ... t had none We done sold now everybody mad at me Tell ... 'em roll down now everybody smashin' Keep ready cause

Antonio,gabriel - Ride for me lyrics

work so hard (You know, Sometimes like...) Everywhere I ... go (Things don't always go your way you know) I pushed so ... I mean we struggle everyday, hoping things change) Ima keep

Antonio Gabriel - Ride for me lyrics

work so hard (you know sometimes in life) Cause ... everywhere i go (things don't always go your way you ... know) I pushed so hard (i mean we struggle ... everyday hoping things change) I'm a

Nb Ridaz - Ride with us lyrics

Chorus] Ride with us; take you to a level that you never ... seen Puttin' in work just to live the dream, for those ... that said we couldn't Live this life we

Saint Deamon - Ride forever lyrics

thunder will come With fire and lightning I ... m riding with deamons We're taking the road tonight Surrounded by hate ... From shadows we'll rise up We won't show you mercy There's no place

Justice Crew - Ride until the sun lyrics

m driving at the same pace Don't slow down while we're ... still young Broken lights and concrete, are ... frozen under our feet Let's fill them in ... while we're still young We were born two and I

Paper Tongues - Ride to california lyrics

40 dollar to the man who wanna go 20-20 to the sister ... with the ticket at the grocery store I wish someone would get mine If you got an extra dollar, can you lend it to

John Hiatt - Ride my pony lyrics

s skin, The sky was cold and lonely and closin' in ... All the trees look like stubble on winter's ... chin And I think I'll ride my pony There's a wreath of

Nocturnal Rites - Ride on lyrics

down over valleys and hills Onward they ride, always side ... by side The legend tells about the templars, The mighty ... men, who walk in the shadows There's blood on their

Sing It Loud - Come around lyrics

up and I'm trying My best to get down, come on girl Come ... around, come around I'll wait up all night ... just to see you move And for the past few days I've been

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Ride on a star lyrics

us ride on a star. Let us ride too far - be my lover. Let ... us Ride, Oh! Just for you and me the satellite came ... shining through. Can you tell me what it means. You

Majesty - Ride silent! lyrics

Strophe 1:] In the cold of the night, in darkness we ... hide. Waiting to come out and slaughter. Making no noise will leave them no choice. ... The can not run away. [Bridge:] All our warriors waiting deep

Pharrell Williams lyricsPharrell Williams - Come get it bae (feat. miley cyrus) lyrics

miss me? I miss all of y'all All of you girls ... standin' together like that I can't take ... it Women, I can do anything you like I can do ... anything you need And I got a better body Than the

Rob Rock - Ride the wind lyrics

the streets of Zion and all across the land You ... can hear the trumpets sounding Now hear the command ... Rise up in numbers and walk on the clouds We’ve got the

Gamma Ray - Ride the sky lyrics

too long I've been a prisoner here The hour has come to ... break out Shackled and chained almost goin' insane It's better to live on the run Set me free,

Metalium - Ride on lyrics

1: Hear the charming voice out in the night Sail on, don ... t go there you'll lose your life Bridge: They who ... are lost will find the spellbound sirens They who seduce

Amon Amarth - Ride for vengeance lyrics

his life's blood leaving I hold my son, my only son And ... his skin turns pale as snow Butchered he lies here ... in my arms Slewn by the men of the single god Hatred burns

Flowing Tears - Starfish ride (for a million dollar handshake.. lyrics

down to my echo mind Feverdreams of neurotic ... kind But I cannot feel you Head down and straight in ... line Feverdreams of a foreign tribe But I cannot feel

Snak The Ripper - Ride girl lyrics

if you stayin by my side, imma take ... you for a ride girl I know you feelin it inside, there's some shit you can't deny girl ... And if you stayin by my side, imma take

Krokus - Ride into the sun lyrics

come across the mountains He sailed across the ... sea Looking for adventure Riding with the ... free No stone was left unturned No forest unexplored And villages

Crystal Eyes - Ride the rainbow lyrics

blackened sky when the diamonds glow you taste the moonlight in solitude Far away ... from life's eternal decay The ... wheel of time aches in your restless heart The

Descendents - Ride the wild lyrics

you've messed around with all my friends and ... everyone you've seen you know you're tryin' to ride the ... wild when you mess around with me and all my friends

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Ride of our lives lyrics

s 10am, I catch the morning train, And there you ... are, you smile, with a seat you've saved, Saying "hey, ... i've been waiting for ya". We'd talk about our

Green River - Ride of your life lyrics

down... The ride of your life leads you down ... Speeding to a hole in the ground Your life is a blur, you ... have lost it inside Too late to be scared, it is your

M.o.p. - Ride lyrics

Firing Squad nigga. Teflon. Salute I got a ride You ... got a ride We got a ride that hit up from both sides ... (X 1.5) Yo it's the way of the world right And can't nobody change the way that nigga

M.o.p. - Ride with us lyrics

Squad! Uh, First Family Top notch nigga BD, uh ... [Billy Danze] I used to have so much confidence in ... myself But now my game is changed and my ... it was a missed deal And words won't express the way a

Anne Briggs - Ride, ride lyrics

Railroad Railroad bill ain't never worked ... and you know he never will riding the roads with railroad bill .44 ... pisol, long as your arm carried that damn gun

London - Ride you through the night lyrics

was I the one that showed you the night And you opened ... it up, you came on through So go on, close your ... eyes. I'll set you free You tell me deep inside. It's

Black Bomb Ä - Come on down lyrics

t stop this feeling upon me So real my heart is crushing I ... want it and baby you got it Let's get together in a ... fixed position Take my hand into the promised land This is my proposition in my condition yeah!

Ramones lyricsRamones - Come on now lyrics

on now Come on now We got no wheels to race Come on now ... Come on now Police are every place Come on now Come on now We got no ... skirts to chase I'm just a junk food

Julian Perretta - Ride my star lyrics

sun looks hot and the grass looks green ... and her face looks pale under my rainbow ... machine. So i took a bite from a honey tree ... stars turned angry as they looked down at me. She said,

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Ride sally ride lyrics

yourself down Bang out a tune on that grand piano ... Sit yourself down Lay languidly down upon ... that sofa Ooohhh, isn't it nice When your ... heart is made out of ice ? Ride, Sally, ride It's not your

Pretty Maids - Come on tough come on nasty lyrics

you could be mine Does it hurt baby Lay it on ... the line Jealousy burns yeah Don't hide ... your fascination If won't change the way you feel ... Come on tough, come on nasty Come on babe it's a

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Come into my house lyrics

into my Queendom (My Queendom), come one come all When it ... comes to lyrics I bring them (I bring ... spring I sing, in fall I call out to All the ones who had a

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Come into myhouse lyrics

into my Queendom (My Queendom), come one come all When it ... comes to lyrics I bring them (I bring ... spring I sing, in fall I call out to All the ones who had a

Alabama - Ride the train lyrics

Orange Blossom Special, the Walbash Cannonball The Chattanooga Choo-Choo this hobo's seen them all I ... watched the Santa Fe layer smoke against the sky And

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