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Ancient Dome - Collision + devasthate lyrics

... + There is no war to end all wars There is no war in the name of God There’s no salvation, no justification There is no glory in killing someone Try to find the truth behind this lie That only shows you what power claims Rush for control, the money tal

Brad Paisley - Collision of worlds (feat. robbie williams) lyrics

the first sign of morning light ol' glory's in the sky Across the pond, it's afternoon, and the Union Jack flies high We're on our first cup of coffee We're on our third cup of tea And we can't pretend to live on different planets, you and me In this c

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Collision of worlds lyrics

the first sign of the morning light Old Glory's in the sky Across the pond, it's afternoon And the Union Jack flies high We're on our first cup of coffee We're on our third cup of tea And we can't pretend to live On different planets, you and me In th

Paradox - Collision course lyrics

we just some kind of puppets on a string Enslaved to be tools of presidents and kings Players in a show that runs almost for free Only to the costs of those whose straings are weak It's a tragedy (tragedy) - neglet the domination Like a parody (parody) - a fiendfish agitat

Intense (uk) - Collision of destinies lyrics

m ready to bring The message to the king Who can deny me? We seek his return As our country burns Will he kill the flames? Feel his father's eye Guidance from the skies You now have your call Your people wait Accept your fate Don't betray your ancestry

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Collision course lyrics

lives seem set on a collision course A history we cannot change or will not change The years and happiness mean everything and nothing If we cannot fit the final piece into the puzzle We have to strive to push the boundaries further We have to strive to push

Nightrage - Collision of fate lyrics

collision course of the deepest kind Emotions of your inner light A fate worse than death! On the most magical night of your life The motion of the sinner's pride And the love that we have lost This is our last hope This is our last search As it was always there A h

Dayseeker - Collision.survive lyrics

single mistake has resulted in my body breaking through the windshield My eyes are open, and it feels like the first time I've ever seen the earth for what it could it be No promise to wake in the morning, how many seconds have I wasted and thrown away? Every minute is a cha

Disciple - Collision lyrics

calm that comes before this rage Love that conquers all this hate The sweating hands that hold on tight Far too late to stop this slide Strip this away if it's what it takes I'm ready to break Lean forward I'm bracing for collision Run faster I'm chasing Your

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Collision lyrics

My mission When the dawn breaks With a handshake Relaxed and feelin' great Screeching...head on I'm needing a head on All the day's plans All the shaking hands Beepers and suntans Screeching...head on I'm needing a head on Collision My

Jhameel - Collision lyrics

the way you move to the way i kiss killin’ me your lips got me feel so crazy darlin’ groove to the rhythm of the night to the feeling that is right that’s the way i like it darlin’ when everything in my head is you don’t know what to do but to watch you mo

Fission - Collision and collapse lyrics

of symmetry Increase of energy The structures of downfall are expanding It's like an endless curse Throughout the universe, Every process is colliding Break down, crack up, crumble and explode Cave in, crash, collapse and corrode A subverting force From a burn

As I Lay Dying - Collision lyrics

you understand my meaning Hidden in the roses around my eyes I want you to know how much it means To have you in my life Your love brings me close again In this instance this single moment When our worlds collide The wire of eternity twists around us I can feel this

Ballistic - Collision course lyrics

with speed race to attack Armies to converge Rushing to the flash zone Bombing of the black stone Land lays scarred and burned Darkest side of humanity I lay scourage to the world, you shall die I want a third world war Cultures in the frey, no preachers le

Saves The Day - Collision lyrics

years and now I feel like completeness has set in 'cause it's something to keep time with time and I know it's not true that I can't keep on like this 'cause I know I feel right and I don't think I miss a thing and I remember when I heard that song sing, "if t

Plan Three - The collision lyrics

in the tunnel seems so dark We've been fooled from the start. Some are weak and some are strong. now prepare for what's to come yeah yeah Time is running out And noone seems to care (it's just too much) Too much is never enough We'll nev

Hawk Nelson - Head on collision lyrics

was a simple boy, he just liked to have fun He never wanted to be just like his dad was He was a dreamer but he had never had none Who made the most of his life but never had one He was a single boy he could never slow down He always wanted to leave but didn't k

New Found Glory - Head on collision lyrics

ve been waiting for a good day I've been holding back long enough I've been hurting to tell you some things It's not the falling of the temperature That's making all our bones run cool It's the breeze you make The presence felt when you're around me And it f

Bic Runga - Beautiful collision lyrics

a beautiful collision Things that go bump in the night With such beautiful precision Fate could create you and I Do you know what it means To abandon your dreams? To leave with the storms rolling by How the clouds on this day Come to take you away Til you're gone go

Creation's Tears - Another collision lyrics

it comes again Another collision Life changing decision Why can't you see The magnitude Of what it's doing to me You're taking it lightly Here it comes again Another collision Life changing decision Why can't you see The magnitude Of what

Mad At Gravity - This collision lyrics

move along There's nothing to see here Just flashing lights that simmer In pools that catch their crimson As the spectacle unfolds On tiptoes, bells, and whispers This collision's reality Is made to match mine Just move along The party is ove

Illogicist - The same old collision lyrics

for a reason to hate me You try to find a non-existent proof To condemn and prosecute the way I face the dark without being overcome from my own life This is the same old collision Between who lives and who tries to kill Humans that fight to di

Zz Top lyricsZz Top - Decision or collision lyrics

s so fine, makes me lose my mind, I wish to apply my manhood. I'll be glad to go to her pad and Maybe the whole band could. I got to make a decision To avoid a collision. She's so tuff, my knee's a little rough From crawlin' on across her floor. If

Muse lyricsMuse - Neutron star collision (love is forever) lyrics

was searching You were on a mission, Then our hearts combined like A neutron star collision I have nothing left to lose You took your time to choose Then we told each other With no trace or fear that... Our love would be forever And if we die,

Planetshakers - Glorious collision lyrics

a tragedy, oh it’s overtaken me I never thought that this could be I’ve got no one left Tears flooded in my eyes, I couldn’t even recognize The One who caused the dead to rise was right in front of me What a glorious collision when You came You tur

Apocrypha - Withering scorn collision lyrics

do enter my house But hand in your sword Your questions, they intrigue me The answers I can give you Yes, I am going to hell Gehenna, if you insist It may shock you for being the only place And I will meet you there Your master is symbolized By light, the same

God Is An Astronaut - Worlds in collision lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

A Static Lullaby - The collision lyrics

motion she swipes past your face With a blur that bleeds into one embelish her with beauty and Embellish her with sight and sound The stylish way to make someone You love hit the ground She swept me off my feet this time she swept me off my feet this time Pray, says the needle to

Jerry Harrison - Worlds in collision lyrics

map the area Of yesterday's agreements Remember the divisions of east and west When three worlds fought for your heart And everyone is a collaborator There are only levels of co-operation And there comes a time When what was wrong becomes righ

Accept lyricsAccept - Dead on lyrics

through the universe - on collision course A meteor from outta space - gonna smash the earth Head down to the trenches - to watch the bloody war Nothing's gonna stop - the metal dinosaurs Runaway train lost control - a thousand tons of steel Overheat

A Skylit Drive - F*** the system lyrics

world is not in your hands F*** the system A systematic position We've lost our minds Oh, how we love it Give it to me, give it all to me Give it all you've got, give it all you've got girl Give it to me, give it all to me Keep up with me Lay back and let go

Forbidden - Over the middle lyrics

your ass off the turf Don't try to fight it, it ain't gonna work F*** no, it isn't, no way I'm missing This time your going down Fusion, a megaton load Release of anger I'm cleansing my soul bout time I did collision you're hit You need to get knocked out

Ross The Boss - Dead mans curve lyrics

ride the death machine down to dead man's curve At super overdrive, acceleration force I am the speed patrol, transcendence on my mind I take the challenge and I leave the world behind Run for termination at the speed of sound Down in Dead Man's Curve A cry for liberation, a col

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - Cemetery drive lyrics

night, walk the dead In a solitary style And crash the cemetery gates. In the dress your husband hates Way down, mark the grave Where the search lights find us Drinking by the mausoleum door And they found you on the bathroom floor I miss y

Puscifer - Agostina lyrics

ocean, choice and chances Future love and light Infinity have, many a faces I see them all tonight In you Our intersection Our Devine collision In you Our intersection Our Devine collision Welling waves of tears In recognition of, what patience will provide

Digital Summer - Breaking point lyrics

up, listen to me I’m sick of everything I think it might be time To kill the chaos killing me 'Cause something’s just not right I think I’m losing my mind (Get back!) I’m ready to go (Get back!) I might explode (Get back!) I’m telling you I’m

Marmozets - Collisions lyrics

take a look, take a look At the mess that we've made Picking up all the precious things we left behind We shot ourselves here again Leave our bullets in the ground They won't disappear, disappear while we're still breathing They will not disappear while we're breathing On

Sick Puppies - Deliverance lyrics

for another line Cause you throw them at me all the time Gotta get away from all her lies And I gotta get away from mine Tell me where to go When fate won't deliver Cause I can't forgive her When I let her know This pain I've been living Will

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - Party at the end of the world (live demo) lyrics

Verse] Life at last Into the front and out the back of your collision In your heart, set free And I'm not backing your decision to get clean In your mind, I'm not afraid of your condition And let go, and let go I'm not afraid of you, yeah [Chorus] Here we are, here we a

Betzefer - F***in’ rock ‘n roll lyrics

enchanting feel Of everything sliced, Anatomic waste, Anything gazed upon Will seek that part in me That redifines, When edge And mainstream Collide, Bite on your tooth hard You can't stop the belief It's getting strong in many, Can't kill the old ri

Klaxons - Extra astronomical lyrics

catastrophe Orbiting machines Entropy evaporates Absorbing the obscene Re-occurring collision glowing Glowing collisions re-occurring Approaching systems now visible Heading for nowhere near home Approaching phobos now visible Stresses to systems are known Extra as

John Mark Mcmillan - Monsters talk lyrics

want to talk to me No quarter drawn by lawyers on a crimson sea Weep like willows, break like waves We are fragile creatures on collision With our judgement days Nightbird says she knows my name But she don't call it out to me Beneath the rubble like the

Owl City - Hospital flowers lyrics

survived a dreadful accident In the car crash of the century My shattered hopes collapsed on cold cement But in the back of the ambulance, I'd never felt so content A high speed collision gave a new sense of sight to me And now my vision can

Shah - Through inside lyrics

enigmatic branch of you is conceived in the depth of your psychospace. Your personality decays layer by layer refracting your inner world. And there appears new dreadful reality. Lugubriours universe Echo persistance illusion Saint temptation memories In the

Accept lyricsAccept - Like a loaded gun lyrics

m victimized and tantalized Brutalized and chained They'll devastate - intoxicate They're driving me insane - forever They regulate - investigate Complicate my life Everyday insanity There's nothing going right - I mean forget it I've bee

Antestor - As i die lyrics

hands in the open wound The knife clutches near The blood of my veins spread out My flesh become soiled This desperate act of loss The pain of knowing why My mind slips into a blur Upcoming questions... as I die Forever in search of the truth I find myself

Apostasy - Soulgrime lyrics

everything is nothing, collision of life and death Beyond and here, far and near everything always ends the same Another day, you're wishing to die Another day, of cold inside Another day, with you're rotten soul Another day in this spiral down down! Wake up and paint the gloo

Delain - Tell me, mechanist lyrics

me, Mechanist, is it true? Does none of it bother you? Once upon a time Upon a time behind us The mechanist inclined Clockworks of time define us Who you are, who you are Merely springs that tick The time of things away The cry, from the b

Elliot Minor - The broken minor lyrics

ve broken down, We're fading out. And you fall on your knees, And stand defeat. Just when it feels like hell is freezing over. Hold on, embrace, the symphony. Lets play the very first line It feels much better And its all in time It's coming together When the drums come in An

Enrique Iglesias lyricsEnrique Iglesias - Can you hear me lyrics

You Hear Me! I remember that I can still feel you Sometimes I’m blind but I see you You are here but so far away The times when you wanna.. Im missing you Makes me feel like I’m spinning Sometimes you get what you gain I’m on a coaster-collision Am no

Indirections - This separation lyrics

nights are cold and bitter, My heart has been surrounded by the winter, But the light you bring me thaws out my darkest of feelings, This road is a lonely place but I keep riding on to see your face, Months turn into years with your body and soul having doubts and fears, W

Korn - Uber-time lyrics

up approximately three hundert eightyfive tons of lunar dust In addition to recording the collision The Shepherding Spacecraft will fly throug The regolith plume thrown up by the collision Shepherding Spacecraft will utilize its specialized senso

Lorde - Bravado lyrics

my life, I've been fighting a war I can't talk to you or your friends It's not only you My heart jumps around when I'm alluded to This will not do 'Cause I was raised up To be admired, to be noticed But when you're withdrawn It's the closest thing To a soap wh

Raign - Heaven help me lyrics

my eyes Your burning light Open my eyes Your burning light There something in the air tonight I feel it in my bones it's over Written in the Stars Of darkness comes to light Walk along and feel alive It's colder when we go into the fire Come a little close hold me throu

Asm - Can you hear me lyrics

You Hear Me! I remember that I can still feel you Sometimes I’m blind but I see you You are here but so far away The times when you wanna.. Im missing you Makes me feel like I’m spinning Sometimes you get what you gain I’m on a coaster-collision Am

Blackbear - Deadroses lyrics

not okay, With the distance that’s been growin girl, I’m not okay, I love you never show it, And I’m not afraid, Of the future what it’s holdin, Girl I’m not afraid, Let me shut my eyes I’m zonin, Turn the radio down, And lay you down too, I could be the one for you, Tur

The Cardigans - I need some fine wine and you you need to be .. lyrics

good dog, stay, bad dog, down, roll over Well here's a good man and a pretty young girl Trying to play together somehow, I'm wasting my life, you're changing the world, I get drunk and watch your head grow It's the good times that we share and the bad times that we'll have It

Chamber Of Echoes - Make my love mechanical lyrics

CHAMBER OF ECHOES “Make My Love Mechanical” Songwriters: Korolenkov, Klaryssa Here lies my body Left here all shoddy Your enemies Stole all my memories My eyes opened...

Dog Fashion Disco - 100 suicides lyrics

you in hell my love under a palm tree sucking from a bamboo straw patiently waiting for me all night and everyday i'm in a galaxy far far away reborn unable to die i've commited 100 suicides reincarnation inside an asteriod field alien skies raining stars sever the

Essence - Dark matter lyrics

polar region of titan Atmospheric haze of frozen nitrogen Liquid hydrocarbon lakes Still horizon on a core of silicate Radioactive decay of subatomic particles Initiates the process known as hydrogen fusion All light is but a specular reflection On a natural satellite so dense

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