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Hatebreed - You're never alone lyrics

in vein Been overlooked and taken for granted Only you ... can end your suffering You must ... struggles that define us And the hardships we endure ... Your spirit can't be broken now You've come

Conflict - An option lyrics

is - I'm no saint, samaritan So here is my confession ... Frankly, I couldn't give a f*** ... Is certain groups can gob off, preach hate, killing ... here? Even in defense, we can't say a thing Without the

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Dragon age: inquisition ost - sera was never lyrics

was never an agreeable girl— Her tongue ... tales of rebellion. But she was so fast, And quick with her ... where she came from. Sera was never quite the quietest

Jay Sean - Never an easy way lyrics

in love with you You can try to be kind When you ... who loves you so There’s never an easy way to break a heart ... Never a tender way to tear ... When you’re leaving.. Never a gentle way to say goodbye

Morcheeba - Never an easy way lyrics

I'll say it, replay it, and try tomorrow I'll say it, ... replay it, and live with sorrow. You'd ... I learn by now, There's never an easy way, I get through

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - Happiness is an option lyrics

I talked to a flower That was almost dead My body a prison ... Why did I do it Someone want me not to But I still went ... remember, that happiness is an option) It is not easy But

Emmure - Mdma lyrics

I begin to feel. I don’t want this life, If nothing I ... f***ing best. But letting go was never an option. I’ve got ... you said. But letting go was never an option. I tried my

Rachel Macwhirter - Lost again lyrics

we'll live, which is strange enough to think. Everyone ... We were entertaining. That was never cast in doubt but never mind about that. We were

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Call that an option? lyrics

again Several hundred thousand deformations... Sink down ... disbelief that the meltdown and-the-leaks Are now perceived ... as historic/blips Call that an option? Whichever way, its

Confession - Heartless lyrics

turning back. Backing out was never an option because we're ... You believe in nothing, You never stood for something. You ... suffers to survive You never stood for anything. I will

Abacabb - Infection lyrics

We are a dying breed Humanity's reign over this world ... pass I am breathless but I can still ruin Numbers and ... Where will you be? Lay this land to waste Fear was never an option You're all that I have I'm

Any Given Day - Anthem for the voiceless lyrics

push you to the limit again Can you feel the shockwave Come ... Troublemaker - we just can ́t get enough The ground ... - we're tearing it down Bang your head and pump your

Hdk - Breakdown lyrics

seeds had been planted in advance. Still all this despair ... it's deadly. Love is a cancer, a liar. Weaving ... corruption through every organ. It's always been easy, too

Chamillionaire - Failure's not an option lyrics

it baby Still here, how many years I've been doin this ... uh) Now turn the speakers up and the beat stay knockin (hold ... baby) Pull up to the curb and all the ladies they just hop

Mayhem - Chimera lyrics

logically ill." What can be seen in the rear view ... mirror, expectancy was a Mephisto's gasp, Your ... past was never quite there, there was ... constituents of your substance, it does indeed exist in

Betraying The Martyrs - Love lost lyrics

this blood from my hands Today was the day that i ... slain a man, his name was love and i loved him more than anything. Forgive me father ... me my lost love, for i will never forgive myself. My mind

Man Must Die - Antisocial network lyrics

of the human touch all hail the voyeurist ... you are living out twisted fantasies Everything is for sale ... power in every way Exit human embracing the demon This

Dave Days - Never gonna stop lyrics

quit In the words of Mark and Jesse, I'm CEO BEEP! Got ... time machine rolls up Imma never gonna stop Imma lay low ... make it out on top Imma never gonna stop Imma fly to the

Silent Descent - Bring-in-sanity lyrics

wrecked and doing what I do best, Why ... within, Open up to weakness and let people help themselves. ... A fear of applying myself to anything that will push me,

Skywalker - Shere khan (feat. lukemo of clou) lyrics

me sleep till it's over I wanna be a part of this world. ... stronger 'cause giving up was never an option. This world ... t break me, This world will never break me down. This world can't break me. I still hope and try to believe. But when

Almost Kings - Never be quite the same lyrics

We gon' go back and forth with the games we play ... all around 'cuz I know it's changed And I know (I know) It ... ll never be quite the same We gon' ... flying by now way too fast And I know (I know) It'll never be quite the same Verse 1

Gym Class Heroes - Peace sign index down ft. busta rhymes lyrics

Class Heroes Cool and Dre (this is) You silly for ... up for it in passion No advance and plus we make it happen ... rags Hello high fashion Hands before you’s a man that

Jettingham - Never, never, never lyrics

you want me to spell it out You ... not coming Round back to you and your superficial girl crowd ... proud, loudly I'll confess my anger And madness, frustration,

Architects - An open letter to myself lyrics

face on Always the one with never enough He was the boy that ... broke your trust Because he was never around enough We sit ... around and hear these stories Wishing

Of Montreal - I was never young lyrics

was never young, even as a child. Said ... I was never young; I've always felt ... beguiled. Oh, I just never smiled, but you have a glow, ... a glow from an inner sense I'll never know.

Set Your Goals - An old book misread lyrics

hope handed down, spun all around, ... With ignorance from past generations. ... How many times and with how many rhymes? How many twisted ... every heart should pay, Another body and soul that isn't

Hardline - Never too late for love lyrics

sorrows With the pride that was lost as our passions were ... Gives us hope for tomorrow And we’ve been through it all ... still time for us Cause it’s never too late for love… I had a

Nena - Was dann lyrics

man nicht schlafen kann weil man traurig ist Und mitten in ... der Nacht denn, den man liebt, vermißt Dann stehst ... läuft nichts mehr Und was dann, was dann? Du weinst und

Miracle - Never gets old lyrics

can say we livin' a dream Don't ... wanna wake up from these memories ... And realise that it was never meant to be Cause real life, ... good times We were young and only looking for a good time

Andee - Never gone lyrics

s up with you and that Caroline girl Heard ... she was fine, is she rocking your ... no I'm not At first it was fresh, bet the sex was good ... s gonna start feeling like I was never gone Inside your

Jason Chen - Never for nothing lyrics

see you in the crowd And I’m losing my mind, losing ... out. Tell me where do we stand now? Baby, I’m dying, dying ... So if we’re falling apart now and we’re going down Baby,

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Never any good lyrics

was never any good at loving you I was never any good at coming through ... you cut me loose forever I was never any good Never any ... good I was never any good at loving you I was

The Blackout - Never by your side lyrics

Cos every war you fought was only for your ego + your ... to be forgiven by everyone And every word you hurled Would ... seems too far for us to go And we will hunt you down

Boy George - She was never he lyrics

such precision Longer legs than any girl i know Switching ... loneliness don't show She was never he For as long as I ... remember She was never off her gender categorically

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - God was never on your side lyrics

the stars fall down on me And the sun refuse to shine ... reason shine, Let the pious vanish for all times, God's face ... is, hidden, all unseen, You can't ask him what it all means

Alter Bridge - Never born to follow lyrics

million miles from the life Never to return She left it all ... alone She dropped out and just tore herself away She was never born to follow Dropped

B.o.b. - Never let you go (feat. ryan tedder) lyrics

can take these clothes off my ... back They can take my money Don’t care ... about that They can’t take my words It’s all ... i’ve got They can have this fame It ain’t

Colton Dixon - Never gone lyrics

It’s a shame I’m still standing here No I didn’t ... Now the lights are on See I was never gone I let go of your ... hand To help you understand With you all along Oh, I was never gone There’s space

John Denver - Never a doubt lyrics

was never a doubt, never a doubt in my mind, we were ... meant to be lonely. Never a doubt, I knew that I'd find ... you some day. There was never a doubt, after all of those

Jjamz - Never enough lyrics

a first love Slow summers and slow drugs I thought I ... too much The crew that we ran with Did plenty of damage ... We couldn't be touched And the party didn't end until

Anna Graceman - Never meant to me - graceman band version lyrics

make that shot Cause you never miss And I would lose ... I don’t even have a name And now I have realized That ... I’m done with you And all the worthless games you

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - I was never there lyrics

makes a grown man wanna cry? (Cry, cry, cry, cry) ... What makes him wanna take his life? (Yeah) His ... happiness is never real (real, real, real, real) ... And mindless sex is how he feels

Colt Ford - Never thought lyrics

Verse 1] Lord things have changed since we first met We ... regret It's hard to forget and even harder to forgive Torn ... between love and what I need to live Darling

Less Than Jake - Never going back to new jersey lyrics

say it right to you that I was never going to leave this ... place but now its ''I was wrong'' and ''I don't wanna ... it feels like things have changed Yeah well I could talk,

Mudvayne - Never enough lyrics

weary But I still walk My hands are sore and broken But I ... I still pour All I ever wanted to be All I ever needed ... to be Was whatever you wanted me to But you took that

Babybird - I was never here lyrics

won’t say goodbye, because I was never here. And I won’t say ... true, it wouldn’t be true. And the rain comes down, and ... one sees it coming except the animals. We rely on the TV so

Dear Christie - Never enough lyrics

lines in the … Slick tongues and pointy secrets Spitting ... sound me up in… I got a chance to make a change The words ... same I … this isn’t where I wanted to be I swear I’m

Harry Connick Jr. - Never young lyrics

ride in limousines But it means nothing I roll down the ... hard to remember Seems I was never young I wish you could have ... been right there My future was the end of time And all the

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Never far away lyrics

day I'd wake and ask myself "Was I ... you?" Foolish doubts and fears took me away I'm ... sorry now you never knew For so long, I've ... us, through loves open door And it's brought you back to me

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Never far away (with richard marx) lyrics

day I'd wake and ask myself Was I strong enough for you ... Foolish doubts and fears took me away I'm ... sorry now you never knew For so long I've ... us Through love's open door And it's brought you back to me

Carnifex - Never forgive me lyrics

me crawl into your casket and dream about the end. Lock ... me inside so the devil can’t get in. How many times ... until you see, Never forgive me. Let me crawl

King Dylan - Never walked on the moon (remix) lyrics

I've never broken records been ... m too slow get first I've never saved lives like smoke ... I've sunk no boats, never dove for treasures or ... pepper I just dream of grandiose endeavours I Do my

All Shall Perish - Never... again lyrics

You hear those cries of anguish Each time That you ... face the mirror And those deafening voices ... blames me But that's more Than I'm trying to hear So let

Babybird - I was never here (babybird version) lyrics

happy, happy having fun And the rain comes down And ... out of us We wet our hair And murder the raindrops Oh but ... We don't hear it coming And i won't say goodbye Because

Rebecca Lavelle - Never enough lyrics

was never time enough I can´t breath It´s too hard to ... think of love I can´t breath, I can´t breath Can´t let my words betray I ... I won´t talk Words will never be the way I won´t talk,

Nemesea - Never lyrics

my soul It overflows Too many times you called me names ... You fed me lies and played a game These words ... mind Sweet cold revenge Cannot kill the pain and Fear

Machinae Supremacy - Redemption was never really my thing lyrics

me back. You gave me a chance to make up for everything I ... ve done and I'm... grateful. But you ... forget... Redemption was never really my thing.&quot

Smokie - Never made in heaven lyrics

going when the party's over And the lights are going dim? ... Or will you be with him? I can't hold on any longer To a ... fading memory I can't fight any stronger Do you wanna make

Roadside Story - Never a real thing lyrics

have changed since last June. When you ... have been Besides your story was never a real thing Things ... have changed since last June. When you ... have been Besides your story was never a real

Tokio Hotel lyricsTokio Hotel - Never let you down lyrics

I'll never let you down, you down No, I ... ll never let you down, again ... see you Hello, hello, like I was never here Ain't got nobody, ... ain't got nothing I can feel Blackout, blackout, I

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