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Metro Station - Wake up lyrics

don't wanna wake up without you now Even when the ... sky comes fallin' down Let's live forever ... Alway together I don't wanna wake up without you now I

Huntress - I want to wanna wake up lyrics

have dreams of what I used to be Lifetimes fail ... and fall I always leave them all behind ... I’m in pain but I hurt you worse Save yourself ... me, stop the torture and deceit Since the day I was born,

Ott - Wake up with you lyrics

you touch me In so many ways I can't explain And I can't imagine Living in a world without you there Now the day is ... slowly fading Tonight I'll make it clear I wanna wake

Ivy Levan - I don´t wanna wake up lyrics

too much last night bottles everywhere woke up in my shoes whats a girl to ... do oh I’m hurtin’ like a motha’ baby please I ... don’t wanna wake up no not today got all f***ed

The Downtown Fiction - Wake up lyrics

when I wake up I'm feel like the world is on a string ... And when I wake up I feel like I could do most anything ... And I remember that there's so much ... more to see And I remember that you're lying

Hanson - Wake up lyrics

up, tell me it's alright, Wake up, cause I just wanna hold ... you tight, Wake up, and tell me its alright Oh ... yeah, ooh It doesn't matter, You've got

Shelton Harris - Wake up lyrics

me why it's feeling like I fight for the right to be faithful Tell me I ain't earned ... this but I'm grateful Can't stand sitting back while I'm eating mine

Missy Elliott lyricsMissy Elliott - Wake up lyrics

Elliott] Eh yo Hov, tell em, hip hop betta wake up [Jay-Z] ... Yeah, turn the muhf***in music up Yeah, turn the ... muhf***in music up [Verse 1 Missy Elliott]

Mac Miller - Wake up lyrics

and ride with me Get high with me You lookin’ fly with me ... Go ride with me Just vibe with me Get high with me In ... the sky with me Go ride with me Get high with me Go ride with me [Chorus] They

Lil Xan lyricsLil Xan - Wake up (audio) lyrics

like I'm- Ay (ooh) F***ing around (yeah) Yeah (yea, ... Ay (what) Yeah, yeah Ay, I wake up I throw up I feel like I'm dead Ay, I wake up I ... throw up I feel like I'm dead Ay, I wake up I

Fergie lyricsFergie - Wake up lyrics

[electric guitar starts] uh uh ah-huh ... [Verse 1:] Give it to me now Well, why do i ... keep pulling out the roots in my hair? Im picking at my ... face, its obvious theres nothing there What do keep at the

Powerman 5000 - Wake up lyrics

up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Right Wake up Its time ... to go You better leave now Wake up Wake up Its time to go ... You better leave now Wake up Take off and go to

Dj Hip Hop - Dont wanna lyrics

you leave me here alone now I don't wanna hear you say ... That you know me that I should be Always doing what ... you say 'Cause I'm trying get through today And

I Am Ghost - Dont wake up lyrics

was alone wasting away, true son do not die I was the poison and you were ... the kiss angel take a breath now ... this ghost inside you hurts, and I never said goodbye Don't wake up (don

Shiraz Lane - Wake up lyrics

the power! The feeling I get when I look to the west ... There's history we can't forget Looking over to the east - so much ... blood is spilled with ease Why can't you see we

Pretty Maids - Wake up to the real world lyrics

take a trip down memory lane Back in the childhood days ... When everyday was an innocent game And life a fairy tale You’re a 21st ... century girl And hope is all you’ve got Place

Blowsight - Wake up dead lyrics

not take turns? It's something messy something good ... Something never understood before ... Why don't you learn? This is a travesty for everyone ... Learn and all your troubles will be gone Yeah, why don't

Korn - Wake up hate lyrics

got a f***ed up reason to live Who really gives a f***? ... We're gonna wake up hate We're gonna f*** you up I wanna break everything I wanna make it sting We're

Avant - Wake up lyrics

up in the middle of the night With my girl beside me ... feeling naughty Just watching her lay there Such a sexy ... She.. hand on the pillow Got me feeling to myself

C.n. Blue - Wake up lyrics

be no one else You need to find out You can’t be ‘Oasis’ ... You can’t be ‘BON JOVI’ You need to be yourself I wanna go, I wanna try “Why

Alice Cooper - Wake me gently lyrics

was scared to death Afraid to close my eyes And find ... that I was gone Like every other one Who left ... before the dawn I vanished in the air Am I still there Wake me gently If you can Wake

Kj-52 - Wake up lyrics

How long you gonna act like you gonna act Be how you wanna be So when you gonna see ... need to get the facts but you wanna laugh At what I'm gonna ... speak You steady sinking deep Plus ya sinking fast

Latif - Dont wanna be lyrics

be some few errors but here it is Baby We spent some time apart, You Know? Ain't ... even making communicating in the day And for real what ... for? (All I want is you, hope you feel it to) It was us when you were saying,

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Dont tear me up lyrics

is rich, but it's way too short You make a ... but you just want more I don't need the pain right ... here in my heart But I hate every minute when we're ... so far apart It was love in a minute, it was love in a

Keke Palmer - Wake up call lyrics

just givin' you a wake up call ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ... I'm giving you a wake up call Wake up, wake up Just ... to say that I love you And that I'm thinking of you Lettin' you know

Sammie - Wake up lyrics

it a dream? Or is it real Is it a dream I don't know ... Had a dream last night, I let you down (I let you down ... down) Never paid you attention when my boys came around

Nothing But Thieves - Wake up call lyrics

met when we were young I told you where to go You had ... me how to roll Step out, this town Has nothing that I wanna know These hearts are wireless This ain't no crowd

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Wake up and make love with me (feat. the bloc.. lyrics

come awake With the gift for womankind You're still ... alseep But the gift don't seem to mind Rise on ... this occation Halfway up your back Sliding down your

Qwote - Dont wanna fight ft trina lyrics

don't wanna fight, I don't wanna fuss girl Tonight I just wanna make, make love girl I don't ... wanna fight, I don't wanna fuss girl Tonight can we ... just make, make love girl LOVE LOVE LOVE [repeat]

Framing Hanley - Wake up lyrics

turn it around. There's something ... safe in the way you say, You don't ... like the sound of that again. I could be wrong, but ... there's a chance this little dance, It won't last

Jaded Star - Wake up lyrics

up wake up wake up Last chance to live the life ... you wanna Get up get up get up The time has come to face ... all your fears We live we die that is no lie So just be

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Dont call me up lyrics

was trying to forget you But you won ... t tell me how Lately I'm finding it tricky With your picture plastered all over town ... Friends pick you up in conversation Just to see

Kerrie Roberts - Wake up lyrics

coming up far too soon First cup of coffee at the crack ... of noon I'm moving so slowly Never know what ... s coming around Hit the ground running or just ... fall down I've got to get going Don't wanna live so

Mick Jagger lyricsMick Jagger - Dont call me up lyrics

was trying to forget you But you won ... t tell me how Lately I'm finding it tricky With your picture plastered all over town ... Friends pick you up in conversation Just to see

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Wake up america lyrics

Several moments of your consideration Leading up to the final destination Oh, The ... Earth is calling out I wanna learn what it's all about ... but Everything I read´s Global warming, going

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - Dont wanna be torn lyrics

it's the things I say Maybe I should think before I speak ... But I thought that I knew enough To know myself ... and do what's right for me And these walls I

Christina Grimmie - Dont wanna be torn lyrics

it's the things I say Maybe I should think before I speak ... But I thought that I knew enough To know myself ... and do what's right for me And these walls I'm building now You used to

Everyday Sunday - Wake up! wake up! lyrics

like I'm going through the motions in the dark In a world ... that leaves me with an uninspired heart All I know is I'm ... so tired Living life I barely feel Give me hope, give me fire Give me something

John Butler Trio - Dont wanna see your face lyrics

Where ya look good by being mean Yeah friend for ... another round bringing you up while laying it down Damn! like jumping into the ring just ... a sing but it ain't nothing Yeah man, foe or friend

Madchild lyricsMadchild - Wake up lyrics

up in the morning and I drink my coffee But now my girl ... knows I don’t talk talking Till I (Wake up!) She knows not ... to take it personal Until I’ve had a cigarette my mood is

Alex Goot - Wake up call lyrics

re my wake up call I checked out, I know I can't ... fall the way I fell before I'm finding it hard to admit ... that I miss you. And I'm coming undone you don't know what

Lil Twist - Wake up lyrics

Chorus) I said I'm so drill That's just how I live ... Got a mind so bright Like a painted light bell But ... the world sleeping on me Like they drinking nyquil Time

Blu Cantrell - Dont wanna say goodbye lyrics

1:] I can barely remember What it ... made me walk away But something inside my heart is telling ... me I still love you Now I'm walking all alone this ... cold December day I see you come to me but I can

Dannie - Wake up call lyrics

sleepless night again You feel that you still miss your aim Thought fills ... So you better got nothing to say Another sleepless ... night again You feel that you still miss your aim Nobody lives

Hed Pe - Wake up lyrics

see me - I see through you You say f*** ... me - I say f*** you You don't love ... me - I don't love you I rise above and I say &quot ... F*** You Bitch" I don't know how I find the

Notorious B.i.g. - Wake up lyrics

feat. Korn) [Korn electric guitar plays until 0:33] [Notorious B.I.G.] What you expected ... from his next of kin I'm loco bro, but ain't no Mexican I got nines in the bedroom

Quiet Riot - Dont wanna be your fool lyrics

ooh ooh I'm a victim of love When there's too ... And too many tears It's cold and dark When I'm ... the shadows Where no light shines Oh, I'm all out of love

Rare Of Breed - Rollin' (i don't wanna grow up) lyrics

on my big wheel Rollin' on my big wheel (I don't wanna) I don't wanna grow up I ... just wanna have some fun I can remember growin' up on ... three wheels neighborhood kids out so chill as I peel out

Bonfire - Wake up lyrics

feeds the hand - beggin' for bread Who tell me who ... Who heals the pain - when hearts feel so sad ... tell me who We're watching children die don't wanna

Korn - Wake up lyrics

the f*** up! Each day, more frightening All of us wanna die The ... pressure's tightening I don't even want to try ... Should I take all the stupid bullshit What makes them think they can get away with it?

Avantasia - Wake up to the moon lyrics

Ronnie:] You see the sun touch ... the horizon You know the future awaits And yours hides in the ... darkness [Tobias:] The stars are gonna line up in the night sky I see

Mr. Big - Wake up lyrics

go to school with your head held down You ... try to fit in but they push your out Too ... many people put your face in the ground You'll get them ... back you'll get them Even if you gotta wait it out the

Dj Harry - Wake up lyrics

really was all Drama's fault, I been had the mixtape done He ... s like yea that's cool, But I'm bout to go to the Bahamas I'm like Bahamas? Nigga we got

Gabrielle Aplin - Wake up with me [deluxe edition bonus track] lyrics

s hard to make a change Think of all the lies that we've ... been told Everything we have can all be gone ... before you know And all I wanna say Is that we've been

Tim Armstrong - Wake up lyrics

up You son of a bitch I wanna know who your with and Why ... do you roll in and out At like six in the morning? I ... say Wake up My love of mine Why do u spend your time

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Wake up mr. west lyrics

knew I was gonna see ya, I knew I was gonna see you again! I was gonna see you again ... book bag at? Always carryin' that lil book bag Nobody wanna see that God damn fourth

Pepper - Wake up lyrics

me the light when the sun goes down, ... goes around comes around. Give 'em a fight yes it's proper ... gloves are off and the talk is done, I see clearly now

Lostprophets - Wake up lyrics

are we lost or do we know Which direction we should go Sit ... around and wait for someone to take our ... Cause every day we're getting older And every day we all

Mallory Knox - Wake up lyrics

this is a heartfelt melody But you ... d never know it cause you're not listening ... And i know i know yes, yes i know it may sound troubling It'll never slow up so you'd

Bob Marley - Wake up and live lyrics

two, three, four! Wake up and live, y'all, Wake up and ... live! Wake up and live now! Wake up and live! Life is one big road with lots of signs, So

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