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Cold Wintercold Winters Night Nights Here In This Valley Here In This Light The Cars Passing By lyrics

Browse for Cold Wintercold Winters Night Nights Here In This Valley Here In This Light The Cars Passing By song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Cold Wintercold Winters Night Nights Here In This Valley Here In This Light The Cars Passing By lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Cold Wintercold Winters Night Nights Here In This Valley Here In This Light The Cars Passing By.

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Camouflage - Passing by lyrics

to the moon See the stars passing by I feel someone's near Even though I know There's nobody here... Passing by the sea Passing be the sea of light Like a stream Like a breeze There's your voice inside my head And in between The pressure increases I kn

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - Cars hiss by my window lyrics

cars hiss by my window Like the waves down on the beach The cars hiss by my window Like the waves down on the beach I got this girl beside me But she's out of reach Headlight through my window Shinin' on the wall Headlight through my window Shinin' on the wall Can't he

Gateway Worship - I hear the lord passing by lyrics

I hear the Lord passing by This could be my day of visitation Have mercy on me, Lord Hear my cry of desperation I hear the Lord passing by BRIDGE My heart, my flesh Yearn to be with You Open my eyes to see Your glory All the days of my life BRIDGE 2 This is m

Meat Puppets - Light the fire lyrics

stand to praise You But I fall on my knees My spirit is willing But my flesh is so weak Light the fire (Light the fire) In my soul (In my weary soul) Fan the flame (Fan the flame) Make me whole (Make my spirit whole) Lord, You know (Lord, You know) Just

Eddie Money - Passing by the graveyard lyrics

boy was genius When he played the guitar He lost control of it And took it too far Until one rainy night He never came home She waited in the front yard Standing all alone, all alone Standing all alone He was a fool He overplayed his role He couldn't stop

Gamma Ray - The winged horse lyrics

a land, far beyond the sun Rules the darkness, faceless magician Black towers which raise into the sky Castle of tears, shadows passing by Blood is covering the mighty walls Of those who lost their skin and bones No one ever saw the light Oh, slaves of

Angra - Passing by lyrics

you go tonight To break the sound of tears Life's fading To keep the world away Is not enough to ease the pain Time is passing by... Time is passing by; I see it in your eyes Fire burns inside A light that's caught between Night and day Sun's been

Jim Reeves - The shifting whispering sands lyrics

discovered the valley of the shifting whispering sands While prospecting for gold in one of our western states. I saw the silent windmills, the crumbling water tanks The bones of cattle and burrows, picked clean by buzzards Bleached by the desert sun. I stumbled over a crumbl

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The message lyrics

s like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep from going under It's like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep from going under Broken glass everywhere People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don't care I can't take the sm

The Decemberists - The legionnaire's lament lyrics

m a legionnaire Camel in disrepair Hoping for a frigidaire to come passing by I am on reprieve Lacking my joie de vive Missing my gay paris In this desert dry And I wrote my girl Told her I would not return Terribly taken a turn For the worse now I fear I

Shalom - Passing by lyrics

water flowing down the street on any rainy day. The stream of faces, which you meet and pass by on the way. Perhaps you give each face a thought before the end of the day. Because some memories, before they fade away they linger It seems we only met bowed hea

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Winters night lyrics

sky won't be blue again The scent of meadows forever gone Fading cries, a colden reign The magic land of sparkling snow... Enchanting beauty in its pride A mystic stranger, softest might A sad and colden nameless bride Never forgiving winter’s night The sky w

Pain Of Salvation - People passing by lyrics

Part first: awakening] Daybreak: A September sun emerges through clouds, chasing across the sky. Thoughts are evoked behind detached eyes but people are just passing by: With smiles for protection. Unable to see behind the creature that he seems to be. Once he was a

Roy Kim - 스쳐간다(passing by) lyrics

chamjimarayo yeope eobseum pogopeun geoeyo Geudae makjimarayo jigeum mannajago malhaejweoyo Ttakttakhae jyeobeorin uriui maltuneun Dwidolligieneun neomu neujeottnayo Eonje uri saiga ireoke dwin geol kkayo Eotteoke haeya halji eotteoke haeya halji eotteoke haeya halji Geudae naege

The Bravery - The spectator lyrics

birds are up when he collapses through the door Spilling out in constellations on the floor Soaked in liquor he's soft as bread ... And everything that's left of him to beckon to his bed He is a nocturnal always alone But you'll speak in secret

Mortiis - (passing by) an old and raped village lyrics

boughs and leaves and stone on ground. I feel a presence of evil, a silent sound. An evil place once lovely and fair. It's gardens are grey, sad voices of despair. A village old, pillaged and raped. All it's houses are rotten or burnt. Here a

Abysmal Dawn - The descent lyrics

I breathe this cold that confines me It is I who hopes to bring light to this valley of death Behind the shadow of lies Brilliant beams converge now to blind me I cannot feel shame nor regret but in the presence of death When the vultures arrive S

Blutengel - The watcher lyrics

watch you while you're sleeping Every night I'm here with you I try to protect you From the ghosts inside your dreams I try not to break the silence I am just the watcher Every night you're growing older And eternity awaits And the sun will r

Slough Feg - The final gambit lyrics

thought you'd conquered space But now your reign is through Dissect the human race Until they conquer you Fame is now mine Even though it's illusion Space and now time Has just reached its conclusion 2000 years ago My race created you W

Cathedral - The running man lyrics

Dorrian] Black wings wrapped around the sun Darkness guides your marathon Icy people everywhere Cold love and cold thoughts they share Live your life in a coffin How much death can you cram in Greedy man is wealth hungry Orgasms at other's

Annette Hanshaw - Here we are lyrics

hate to think what might have been if we had never met Why should I suppose that this could be? The weary days, the lonely nights, are easy to forget Since I am here, and you are here with me. Here we are, you and I Let the World hurry by Even while I wait

Banaroo - Light the fire lyrics

me how to light a fire How to make a brand new start Tell me how to feel desire How to mend a broken heart I have been so sad and so lonely I didn't know which way to go You showed me the seven wonders When my life was dark and cold Make me smile and send me a rainbow

Falconshield - This is war 5 (this is wardles) lyrics

LilyPichu ; Lulu] (Vroom, Vroom!) Hi! I'm Lulu, and I'm super pleased to meet you Faerie's on my shoulder he can't wait to make you meat, too (That tasted purple) Dispense with the formalities and schemes you may be contemplating Foes are turning furry in

Immortal Choir - The battle of moonstone lyrics

quot;Bloodthirsty soldiers against an obscure empire fixed in the middle of the forest. Carbines against ballistas, prison and sacrifice for those who didn't fall in the battlefield." Brave knights call your god essence Hide before the moon emerge Night h

Sirenia - The enigma of life lyrics

speaks the silence It speaks in riddles to my mind And time keeps passing by As I walk tearful through this life Dreams pass by silently, I see them waving back at me All hope is long since gone, I guess it really never was there at all A mirage passed on

Jule Vera - Light the night lyrics

through the waves with the sea breeze in our hair Looking for a place that we can't find anywhere Let's make this moment, so big we can't hold it With hearts so wild it's scaring me Standing in the dark woah, standing in the dark Come on we can light the night Run away

Chapin Harry - The parade's still passing by lyrics

got the news today That you refused to play Cause you never made number one But it's not just the words It's the deeds that are heard When all is said and done Kings take their crowns They melt them all down Trying to get the gold out You went to hell and Even when yo

Eagles lyricsEagles - The sad café lyrics

in the shiny night, the rain was softly falling The tracks that ran down the boulevard had all been washed away Out of the silver light, the past came softly calling And I remember the times we spent inside the Sad Cafe Oh, it seemed like a h

Ministry Of Magic - The sorting hat by riddle tm lyrics

thousand years ago this story starts There were four sorceres with strong and wise hearts Bold Griffindor from Wild Moor Fair Ravenclaw from Glen Sweet Hufflepuff from Valley Broad Shrewd Slytherin from Fen They had a dream to teach all that they knew Witches and Wizards

Van Morrison - The beauty of the days gone by lyrics

I recall just how it felt When I went walking down by the take My soul was free, my heart awake When I walked down into the town The mountain air was fresh and clear The sun was up behind the hill It felt so good to be alive On that morning in spring I want to sing this

Brian Doerksen - Light the fire again lyrics

t let our love grow cold Cause i'm calling out Light the fire again Don't let our vision die I'm calling out Light the fire again You know my heart, my deeds I'm calling out Light the fire again I need Your discipline I'm calling out Light the fire again I am he

Hillsong Kids - This is our god lyrics

grace is enough More than I need And your word I will believe I wait for you Draw near again And your spirit make me new And i will fall at your feet I will fall at your feet And i will worship you here Your presence in me Jesus light the way By the po

Lisa Marie Presley - In the ghetto (originally by elvis presley) lyrics

the snow flies On a cold and gray Chicago mornin' A poor little baby child was born In the ghetto And his mama cries 'cause if there's one thing that she don't need it's another hungry mouth to feed In the ghetto People, don't you understand the child needs a

All Time Low - Light the way lyrics

fire burns tonight lighting up the darkest corners of my mind so take a look inside and let these walls come crashing down here i stand pouring my heart onto your floor so lonely now i'm sleepless and i'm down won't you pick me up and put my feet on solid ground i scream this son

Bill Withers - The brighter the light the darker the shadow lyrics

the far horizon a shapeless darkness filled the sky And slowly with a faint whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable The nightshadow came crawling... The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn Upon the Hillside the Final stand, and they knew they

Mirah - Light the match lyrics

want to start a fire in your heart tonight Oh tell me why do I so yearn to cause trouble? I need you to be mine in the summertime When the days are long and the nights are slow and sweet But why do you turn and shield your eyes? Do I burn too

Eternal Reign - Gate to infinity + light the light lyrics

... + Take a look in the mirror, what do you see? What makes you stare as if spellbound? Such a sad sight, the fading glory Could this be the end of the story? oh yeah Shivers running down your spine, darkness shadows the light No one to hear your despe

Bloodthorn - The brighter the light, the darker the shadow lyrics

the far horizon a shapeless darkness filled the sky And slowly with a faint whispering, making the air putrid and unbreathable The nightshadow came crawling... The ground was covered by fallen men, their bodies mangled and torn Upon the Hillside the Fin

The Cars - This could be love lyrics

yea i got time oh yea i guess i'm doing fine till i met you in the dark i was chasing little sparks you were slinked and dressed in pink here with someone you wouldn't think is this the kill is this the thrill i'll wait until you say this could be love oh yea i got hope oh

Dark Tranquillity - In tears bereaved lyrics

oh web of stars that looms amid the sons of Earth Enfolds me in thine sylvan arms that unity's vehement charms befalls a weary son of Earth Beautiful, in tears bereaved in sylphlike sadness, left to bleed Bewailed upon a bed of thorns, impaled, a heart, on sorrow's

Hillsong Worship - This is our god lyrics

grace is enough More than I need At Your word I will believe I wait for You Draw near again Let Your Spirit make me new I will fall at Your feet I will fall at Your feet And I will worship You here Your presence in me Jesus light the way By the power of Your word I am resto

Airya - The last river lyrics

I decide to look around me Today I realize chains surround me I decide to set myself free I decide to let my life be I look the days passing by me I look around but I cannot see I hear all the voices calling me I hear, I pray, I cannot breathe Fightin

Good Charlotte - The young & the hopeless (remixed by mr. hahn.. lyrics

days made me, hard nights shaped me I don't know they somehow saved me And I know I'm making something out of this life they called nothing I take what I want Take what I need They say it's wrong but it's right for me I won't look down Won't say I'm s

Inxs lyricsInxs - Light the planet lyrics

ha ha, oh yeah, light it up There's no love where there's no life Where it's dark and we fuss and fight We've gotta lighten up, we've gotta open up Everybody gotta light the world up Any man ain't that bad, neither is being sad We gotta let it out, scream and shout Let

Quicksilver Messenger Service - The truth lyrics

time I try to tell where you're goin' wrong You run and hide your head and call me crazy, All I tried to tell you was that you could get it on If you just wouldn't be so lazy. Oh, what can we do, oh I tried to tell you, everything is true. I'm tryin' to te

Ramp - The last child lyrics

when you look at the sky Seeing the clouds passing by The sun so bright in your eyes What a beautiful sight We see this misery Green grass among the earth Birds singing soft melodies Memories of a happiness That's no longer reality Waiting till the day whe

Leann Rimes - Light the fire within lyrics

no fear when darkness falls 'cause there's a light that shines within us all although this world can turn so cold when we reach inside we find our warmth 'cause there's a flame that burns in every heart and it's the will we have that lights the spark [chorus] on

Coheed And Cambria - The light & the glass lyrics

the pen touches paper in the guidance of the words that you write. Memories roll in; of the things you once did and who you had shared them with is somebody thinking of you. Did I bother telling you this, with the words that cross teeth and jump lips? A poor choice

Flipper - The light, the sound, the rhythm, the noise lyrics

lights And the sound And the rhythm And the noise Hit my body Like a thousand dances Everyone knows Where nothing is something And our lives flash Before our very eyes Cause the lights And the sound And the rhythm And the noise Hit my body Like a million

Helloween lyricsHelloween - Light the universe lyrics

a house up the hill Lays a boy, he's sleeping still And the time's creeping by Till the world prepares to die Then again out of dust Will arise what ended last And the boy will awake Give his dream a little brake And the story now goes on and on and on As the old

Sacred Oath - The invocation lyrics

the night the unsuspecting souls play with fire Back into the woods where they began their moonlit rite Out of the night shadows kurk behind every turn Torches light the fire as their souls begin to burn Armed with candles,books,& crosses and so they

Beyond The Period - This is how argentina bled lyrics

the debris, the past pushes for being present. Yesterday terrorists are now supposed idealists, and those who fought them, slaughterers. Hemiplegic memory, one-sided memory, that only devilises the other one. In a warfare state, the only rule for a soldier is to survive an

Blood Red Throne - The light the hate lyrics

the mask I don't want to see your inside I will not kill you I will watch you die by your own hands They once called it spiteful malice Now, in anticipation of you being helpful You only destroy It is so Mind chaos The dying inside Your scars, gone Under your s

Deep Blue Something - Light the fuse lyrics

could still wait to see what happens But judging by the state of things Nowhere is peace in surplus, God knows. "I don't think that I can watch the news." Honey wait 'Cops' is on. "This isn't the world we ordered." I know, well Honey w

Grace Vanderwaal - Light the sky lyrics

the sky "Stars, they got nothing on Us I'don't think you understand Lets go out and do Something we'd never do Cause'I feel like I can do anything when My head is spinning And my feet off the ground When I can't stop dancing Like no

Iron Savior - The omega man lyrics

sun is up A lonely man Roams an empty city Omnipresent death is all around Riding on deserted streets In bitter solitude Silence all around Without a human sound The days passing by In dullness and pain His fatal creation Is all that remains He is the last man alive The

Asia - Light the way lyrics

give your innocence so easy All too soon you'll know Lose your fragile independence Then you're on your own No matter what it is Be sure it can be fixed Letting go of yesterday Might, just might light the way I keep on searching ever more For what

Grave Forsaken - Light the hall lyrics

life, i owe it to God, he is everything When i’m down he lifts me up, my stength from him Playing metal for my lords, i shall never cease For he is the kings of kings, that’s good enough for me Metal, metal, for the lord Metal, metal, scream for more Metal, metal, fill your soul

John P. Kee - In your name lyrics

s in your name that all demons shall fail It's in your name that I heed to your call It's in your name that all power is given I have authority in your name It's in your name that I shall walk the walk It's in your name that I shall talk the talk By y

Audrey Horne - This ends here lyrics

boys, anchors aweign Burn the map and let's be on our way We're gonna sail at break of day so drink away I will be the undertow Drag their crew down, rats and all We'll leave their bones for Davy Jones Down in the deep Thell them all: This ends here! Tell them we a

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