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Moby lyricsMoby - When it is cold i'd like to die lyrics

were you when I was lonesome? Locked away ... with freezing cold Someone flying, only stolen ... I can't tell, this light's so old I don't ... I don't want to swim forever When it's cold I'd like to die

Ricky Nelson - Is that how it is lyrics

I'd make a difference I promised that I'd make a change Is that how it is? Is that how it is, baby, with you? Is that ... how you want it to be? 'Cause that's how it is with me As I walked past a

Hurt - When it's cold lyrics

the sun is gone it's surely not forgotten It's ... to blossom So why does this way of life want more from me ... So why does it have to hurt when it's... So when the

Edge Of Sanity - When all is said lyrics

all is said and all is done. Beneath the ground, ... and man lies dead. When all the earth is a cold ... Bright things have birth when coo- ling sun and stone-cold

Gotthard - Where is love when it's gone lyrics

been dealt Why do we doubt, when we should turn our way ... There's only one shot, one chance It can be done ... within a glance Together we go, ... it's a walk on this wire I don't want to

Bobby Darin - When day is done lyrics

day is done The shadows fall I ... dream of you When day is done I think of all the joys ... Won't go love I know love Without you night has lost its ... charms. When day is done An' grass is wet with

The Kinks - When work is over lyrics

work is over he likes to hit the bars, And at the boozer ... can help ease the strain Of his boring occupation, Dull ... Drinking helps us to relax with the chaps, A double scotch

Barry Manilow - When love is gone lyrics

love is gone What good is candlelight Each lonely day ... a sleepless night No one is there to share the rising ... down And so it fades away when love is gone When love is

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - When it comes to us lyrics

turning up when it comes to us He is come and ... get you when you had enough You are gonna ... drop when it comes to us But we do it ... again Go and when it comes to us Way we dress

Cyber Diva - - it is - lyrics

you it's just another day full of ... same old sorrows Trapped within a world of injustice all ... around Why does this suffering invade our hearts ... and minds? It's something that keeps

Elton John lyricsElton John - When love is dying lyrics

say we bruise too easily I don't know if it's that way for me I've seen ... Fall in and out of love It's just the way it goes Word is out, silence seems so loud

Nordic Union - When death is calling lyrics

fears we hold inside of us It's black, the sky above Black ... world below Black, I'll fall when you follow It's black, I can ... Black, I close my eyes When death is calling It is a

Martin Jech - It is hard with god on your side lyrics

my name is too long to be said And my ... heart is too black to be saved But I ... once see the sky And I´ll do it with fear and God on my side ... Cos´ it is hard, and it is hard, yeah it´s hard to look

4him - It is well lyrics

a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll ... thou hast taught me to say, It is well, it is well with my ... trials should come, Let this blest assurance control, That

Tim Ripper Owens - It is me lyrics

bet you see nothing, because it is me If you think that ... bet you see nothing, because it is me It Is Me Look out ... bet you see nothing, because it is me You'll feel my rush when your time is near For it is

Mary Mary - It is well lyrics

is well with me It is well with me It is well with me It is well, it is well with my soul ... I do know that I can handle it If it's what you have ... allowed It is well with me It is well with me It is well with me It is well, it is well with my soul My heart

Byron Cage - It is to you lyrics

Is To You It is to You I give the glory It is ... to You I give the praise For You have done so much ... I will bless Your Holy Name It is to You Holy Father no one

Hate Eternal - It is our will lyrics

is our will! It is our will! To conquer ... us, you will not halt us, It is our destiny, it is ever so ... powerful, This mass that haunts us, We shall ... overcome all, Rise above we shall, rise above

Mudhoney - It is us lyrics

clear I got a point and this is the thrust I see the ... enemy and baby it's us Take a look baby deep ... bust You see the enemy and it is us It is us It is

Gang Of Four - It is not enough lyrics

d like to see something new It's all so familiar I wanted ... wonder if I've lived before this life Or seen it on television I can't stand the repetition It is not enough It is

Nahko And Medicine For The People - It is written lyrics

is written It is written It is written Gathering the ... Prepare my relations For spiritual battle, battle I have my ... my channel For medicate, resist, meditate Keep righteous

Newsboys - It is you lyrics

us here? We have come to this place To worship you God of ... mercy and grace It is you We adore It is you Praises are for Only you The ... heaven's declare It is you It is you Holy, holy is our

Punk Goes... - Hot n cold by woe, is me (katy perry cover) lyrics

yeah you P.M.S, like a bitch, I would know, And you ... over think, Always speak critically, I should know, That ... good for me. Cause you're hot, than you're cold, You're

Kix - Cold blood lyrics

"See you later" Shot down, I'll be back again ... Good love is all you need But you don't ... wanna know Cold blood is all you bleed When it

Shok Paris - Hot on your heels lyrics

Hot, Hot, Hot) (Hot, Hot, Hot) You think you're number ... rest But I got news for you It's time We put you to the ... You can't pretend Cause I'm hot Hot On Your Heels Cause I'm

Mark Knopfler - What it is lyrics

s Arms To Fall Into And It's What It Is It's What It Is ... The Government And Shovel Hot Food Down The Lights Are Out ... In City Hall The Castle And The ... The Moon Shines Down Upon It All The Legless And Asleep

Crystal Tears - When the night is cold lyrics

you in my room, your spirit everywhere I dream you ... to chain your look in me When the night is cold — I feel ... you holding my hand When the night is cold — I hear

Chapin Harry - It seems you only love me when it rains lyrics

at you-- What the hell is it all about You spilled your coffee Onto my sleeve And you said ... already grieved But that's when you let me Back into your

Alice Cooper - It's hot tonight lyrics

s hot tonight Too hot for talkin' It's hot tonight ... tonight I sweat no sleeping It's too hot tonight Dogs are ... My turn tonight To burn with fever I burn tonight I

Busta Rhymes - What it is lyrics

quot;What It Is" (feat. Kelis) Yeah ... nigga, yeah What you want bitches Keep it goin, c'mon ... Keep it goin, c'mon Keep it goin, c'mon C'mon, c'mon

Satyricon - My skin is cold lyrics

skin is cold and the birds fly free Over ... call, stand up or fall This world is yours, for you to ... rule This, the blood of sin Flows ... freely This, unstoppable force In the

Patty Griffin - Cold as it gets lyrics

froze in the mud I know a cold as cold as it gets I know a ... darkness that's darker than cold A wind that blows as cold as ... meet down below I know a cold as cold as it gets I fight a

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - When it's springtime in alaska lyrics

When it's springtime in Alaska, it's ... Pulled into Fairbanks, the city was a-boom So I took a little stroll to the Red Dog Sea ... loon (So I took a little stroll to the Red Dog Sea

Firewind - When all is said and done lyrics

away; fly with broken wings my angel Never ... stay; leave the cold leave the sorrow Hold on ... you're winding And I know when you're free, you will see,

Johnny Horton - When it´s spring time in alaska lyrics

Pulled into Fairbanks, the city was a-boom So I took a little stroll to the Red Dog Sea ... made a man's blood run cold When it's Springtime in Alaska, it

Hellhammer - When hell is near lyrics

last decision Bloody hell, sin to sell ... black mask Sold by Satan for its task Heavy ax falls on the ... s track Cryin' in fear, when hell's near Cold's ya breath

Anata - Cold heart forged in hell lyrics

seem to heal Something is missing Probably just the love ... I’m trying to compensate it with yours So i’m just f***ing ... over There’s no way to win this heart of mine Cold heart

Jettblack - When it comes to lovin' lyrics

head of the heap She's so hot she burns my blues away ... she'd make a grown man weep It comes to mind I think she ... name Like a forbidden fruit I had to taste You put her

Rakim - When i be on tha mic lyrics

(I'm internationally known) (When I be on the mic) (Hardcore ... (I'm internationally known) (When I be on the mic) (Hardcore ... So all hail the honorable) It's to my real ill niggas,

Sheard, "kiki" Kierra - It is what it is lyrics

tell me what's going on now, it seems like there's so much ... ask, "what happens when you die", that's when I ... go to a place that's burning hot". Then we got into this

Domain - When it comes to love lyrics

in my heart where it's cold and lonely Keeping the ... I wanna have you only This time no doubt about it This ... time - and when it comes to love I let go This

Kid Rock - When it rains lyrics

And the weight of the news, It nearly broke my back It was ... rose in the bible and placed it on my shelf Now when it ... rains, it pours Wish I didn’t know now the things

8ball & Mjg - When it's on lyrics

millennium poet Forever show it, can't blow it If you reap it, you sow it I, pay my, dues ... And it's the rules that I play by ... I I used to cook rocks, and hit the block And gun in the

Atb - When it ends it starts again lyrics

A world away On and on with every day We're alive And ... a feeling After the light is far behind Motion apart, and ... the long way I'll remember this Many an hour and all to fade

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - When time is stolen lyrics

your laughter riddled with tears When time is stolen it flies it flies it flies ... Lovers leave in disguise disguise disguise Weariness ... heavy and old heavy and cold. It is said to never look

Frightened Rabbit - It's christmas so we'll stop lyrics

s Christmas so we'll stop It's on with the lights to warm ... the dark It can cloak elsewhere As the ... Only good red eyes, red suits And faces will radiate And

Atlas Genius - When it was now lyrics

lost, lost in the pages of a cold read of disburst It's ... love Start low, lower feel it come Oh yeah we know what ... they want And it is what it was Until you let it go And

Genesis lyricsGenesis - It lyrics

its cold, it come slow it is warm, just watch it grow - ... all around me it is here. it is now. Just a little bit ... of it can bring you up or down. ... Like the supper it is cooking in your hometown. it

Genesis lyricsGenesis - It lyrics

its cold, it come slow it is warm, just watch it grow - ... all around me it is here. it is now. Just a little bit ... of it can bring you up or down. ... Like the supper it is cooking in your hometown. it

Damnwells - Like it is lyrics

baby Don't tell me like it is Just how it could be ... Like I want Not how it would be Don't tell me like ... it is Like it is Like it is Like it is December

Audrey Hannah - It is december lyrics

and I remember, your gentle kiss and your gentle touch, but ... now I seem to miss you much. Last year, same ... the nights had not been so cold. You were holding me and I

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - It is a party lyrics

You wanna' learn my songs, this ain't no journal It blemished my rhyme, because I'm ... in a made up cartoon Like witchel and hazel, boy, you're ... a new life or come equipped with the best Mark another one

Van Morrison - When heart is open lyrics

when heart is open And when heart is open You will ... a flower slowly openin' And when heart is open You will ... like a flower slowly openin' When there's no comin' And there

Lisa Chappell - When then is now lyrics

answer all my questions why When God is patient and so am I ... I’ll be happy When life goes simply from a to b ... And the pearly white flags are flowing free Hope

Isole - When all is black lyrics

I amm all alone When all is black I lay myself down When all is black I slowly ... close my eyes When all is black And prepare myself to ... die When all is

Kaiser Chiefs - When all is quiet lyrics

do? What you gonna do? When you are the last apple pie in ... about me Think about me When all is quiet, won't you think ... about -- Maybe I have missed the greatest day of my

Lords Of Black - When everything is gone lyrics

long can I still keeping my faith When every thing is falling ... down Visions of you Fall upon my eyes ... my way Chorus Everything is gone Find another reason to

Septicflesh - When all is none lyrics

they promised you the stars The ... happiness of your distant hopes But as you tried ... to catch the moon Its silver cape slipped through ... was the dawn of their mortality You are drowning from the

Anaal Nathrakh - When humanity is cancer lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

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