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Novaspace - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes, close your eyes tonight, close your eyes, close your eyes. Love me ... in the starlight, take me on the moon tonight, show me, what you feels like, can we´ll flying

Anita Baker - You can reach me lyrics

can reach me by rail way You can reach me by trail way You can ... reach me on an airplane You can reach me with your mind You can reach me by caravan Cross the

Ronan Keating - Close your eyes lyrics

ve been lost about a hundred million times I've been searching for some freedom in my mind ... Everyday feels like a battle deep inside Leavin' all the love and innocence

Nick Lachey - The way that you love me lyrics

m in to deep Swept away by the tide And I can't escape this ... feeling inside Baby, whatcha do to me Close my ... eyes and I can see Thinking 'bout you constantly ever since last night You came to

Breathing Theory - Close your eyes lyrics

all she wanted was to know that you were there And all she ... needed was to feel you in the air And nothing ever seems ... to take away her pain Cause you can never show her just how

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes I can see that you're cracking up In your eyes ... I can see that you've had enough and It pains ... my head In your eyes I can see that you're cracking up

L'ame Immortelle - Close your eyes lyrics

in the somber darkness Muted and blinded by desire Thoughts flow into Nothingness The mortal ... shell burns on the pyre Two bodies they float ... into one The world around us fades Like in the evening does the sun In

Sisqo - Close your eyes lyrics

Sisqo] forgive me, i'm guilty, i'm filthy baby cleanse me i'm empty, i'm ready to ... change no more lies no more lust f*** a slut ... thrust ain't worth us girl i'm ready to change so i'll no

Im5 - Close your eyes lyrics

in back when the beat drops make it hot girl ... Kiss me Come on girl, kiss me Kiss me Straight to your ... heart girl Just like in your dreams I knew from the start

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - By the way lyrics

had to catch my breath When I saw you there across the room ... Holdin her hand I’d have never guessed That ... starting over would look so good on you But here I am Still believing there might come a day

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - Can't stand in the way of love lyrics

stops... never Meant to be You and me Unconcious love Love is a attraction ... It's so hot What we've got Like a chemical reaction So ... how can it be so suddenly You treat me like a stranger Remember, remember when You told me I I made you feel so alive

Billie Eilish lyricsBillie Eilish - Billie eilish - you should see me in the crow.. lyrics

my tongue bide my time Wearing a warning sign Wait till the world is mine Visions I ... vandalize Cold in my kingdom size Fell for these ... ocean eyes You should see me in a crown I'm gonna run this nothing town Watch me make

Love And Death - By the way... lyrics

life, your death I've been contemplating And I ... let, you go As you disappeared I didn't see it ... standing there I didn't see it fall apart And everything

Anita Meyer - For your eyes only lyrics

your eyes only, can see me through the night For your ... eyes only, I never need to hide You can see so much in me, ... so much in me that's new I never felt until I looked at you For your eyes only, only for

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - If you can see me lyrics

could wear your new blue shoes I should wear ... old red dress And walk to the crossroads So take this knife And meet me across the river Just shoots and ladders

Tove Lo - The way that i am lyrics

proud to be a good one But the good ones always complain ... About the stuff they never did Don't make a think about the bad kind 'Cause the bad kind ... don't even know All the hearts they're messing with

Paula Abdul - The way that you love me lyrics

ain't the clothes that you wear It ain't the things that you buy It ain't your house ... on the hill It ain't the plane that you fly It ain ... t your black limousine It ain't your ninety-foot yacht It

Korsakoff - Close your eyes lyrics

Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Your Eyes Close Y

Tony Bennett - Close your eyes lyrics

play something dreamy for dancing while ... we're here romancing It's love's holiday And Love will be our guide Close your ... Eyes When you open them dear I'll be right hear by your side So... Close your

Elegy - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes, love will come your way Close your eyes tonight

Anita Baker - Close your eyes lyrics

haa, hey ha hey hey Stars up in the sky Said, "Your ... heart, won't lie hard to me" You speak, and dreams ... are real You're free to follow what you feel Close your eyes and see (Close) Life's no mystery (Life's)

Mr. Mister - Close your eyes lyrics

is a place is my heart for you Where no one's ever been This is a place I want to take you to I'm not afraid to let you ... in Now I watch the bright lights disappear Tonight the

Paradise Lost - Close your eyes lyrics

our saviour could not deny All born the same All born the same You won't hear the truth I can feel it, close your eyes I ... still see... You invent the proof I can feel it, close your eyes I still see... You

Eurovision - Max jason mai - don't close your eyes (slovak.. lyrics

save me Hey, where is the way to heaven’s hell That’s what ... I ask when I feel broken Look around what’s ... happening abounds And listen to the frequency of a

Lil Eddie - Close your eyes lyrics

on the corner Me and my teardrops At the same ... place we first met Thinkin 'bout that day how you made ... my heart drop You picked it up And now its back in my

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Close your eyes lyrics

play Something dreamy for dancing While ... we're here romancing It's love's holiday And Love will be our guide Close your ... eyes When you open them dear I'll be right hear by your side So... Close your

Scooter lyricsScooter - Close your eyes lyrics

we're on the run like everyday Another place to ... stay The time has come, we start it right tonight That's what I say Another chick ... to spend the night Then driving all day Check in, check

Ayane - Close your eyes lyrics

kawa e to nagare yagate wa umi ni deru kara mou sugu koko ... mo kisetsu ga kawari hidamari ni natte yuku te wo hiroge bokura wa yume wo mite ita nagai kono tabi wa tsu

Circa Survive - Close your eyes to see lyrics

you pass away in the wing fortress There's a time divider and a technical team will be At your services for ... what that matters When the mirror shatters it's harder for me to see If there are any

Jordan Knight - Close my eyes lyrics

live my days with the nights that we spent All the love we ... shared I put my heart on the side for a while Knowing you ... re not there I tried to carry on To face the

K.d. Lang - Close your eyes lyrics

I were near you would you feel me there? Could you feel me ... moving softly through the air? Lay me down and still your ... mind say nothing, nothing Now close your eyes. I

Thomas Anders - Close your eyes to heaven lyrics

and then I love you wake Watch you as you sleep ... And morning light around your face The rhythm as you breathe Once forever held me down ... Today forever sweet Heaven somewhere far beyond Beyond this

Extize - Close your eyes lyrics

I lie, sometimes I cry, sometimes I die, I’m going down Sometimes I wish, sometimes I switch ... sometimes I drift, I’m going down Sometimes I am, sometimes I jam, sometimes I dam, I’m going down Des fois je pris, des fois je ris, des fois

Pink Cream 69 - Close your eyes lyrics

t believe All that you dream is just illusion Don't believe ... You look for things not made for you You'll win in everything But don't live in confusion Some days will come alive And dreams will

Infinite ∞ - Close your eyes lyrics

dasi mannal georago Du soneul ... japgo soksagideon Dangsinege deo isang amugeotdo hal ... su eobseo Ireon nae mam algo inneunji Eodiseo mueol hago inneunji Hoksi nal ijeun geon

Afterschool - Close your eyes lyrics

gama saenggakhae maeumeul jaba do jeomjeom deo daga ... gago itneun geol eoneusaen ga ... salmyeoshi saegyeo jigo itdeon naemam neol bomyeon sum ... gilsu eobseosseo manheun nal

Aaron Neville - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes (close your eyes) Take a deep breath ... (aaahhh) Open your heart (open your heart), and ... whisper (I love you, I love you) Tell me you love me (you

Atomic Rooster - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes clear your mind and you'll find you're free Close your eyes clear your mind come on ... trust in me You're riding down the highway, you aint ... got no highway shoes But if you're born with nothing child

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes and you'll see an imaginary world Remember that ... when you open them up it will fade away. Hear the sound ... of the night, and when time passes by you will find yourself. When the sun shines your dreams will fade and it will

Alan Jackson - Don´t close your eyes lyrics

know you loved him along time ago And even now in my arms you still want him I know But ... darlin' this time let your mem'ries die When you hold me ... tonight don't close your eyes Don't close your eyes

Mandy Moore - The way to my heart lyrics

re the one You set my free When you're close to me All that I do Is think about a way To make you ... stay With me Baby I'm falling apart 'Cause you know the way to my heart Oh baby I

Rhodes - Close your eyes lyrics

I, maybe I am just as scared as you It ... s alright, stay by my side On the edge, on the edge ... of everything we know It's alright, just don't look ... down And I will hold on I'll never let go You're right

Minnie Riperton - Close your eyes and remember lyrics

softly through a meadow Laughing like a baby, breeze tapping ... Lightly at the treetops, whispering among the leaves You hear the magic song, that ancient poets sing It's sweet as

Aranda - The rest of my life lyrics

stumble home in the dark This waste has taken it's tole on ... me Another cut on my face that I can't explain Oh well what ... the hell Only thing that I been told Don't wanna leave you cold So what you gunna do

Barnes Dave - Close your eyes lyrics

future gets real tough And silence speaks too much. I'll ... reach my hands to you. I'll be all you need, close your eyes and just believe. ... Love, it can break your heart, But that's where true

Grouplove - Close your eyes and count to ten lyrics

we laid down in the sand You took my clothes off with your ... hands I gotta say you look real pretty All the way ... from New York City And the sunlight in your eyes Pins

Leatherwolf - The way i feel lyrics

can't see you You can see me Tell me what's real Or ... just set me free Nothing at all Will ever be the ... same When you need my touch Call out my

Linda Ronstadt - You can close your eyes lyrics

the sun is slowly sinking down The moon is surely rising This old world must still be spinning 'round And I ... still love you So close your eyes You can close your eyes

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - Close your eyes lyrics

sign. A summer night. She was standing in the ... rain. A first sign and her smile washed away all my pain. I ... sat beside her to explain just who I am. I asked her

Ciara - The way you move lyrics

Verse 1] He said 'Hi, my name is so and so Baby can you ... tell me yours? You look like you came to do One thing ... (Set it off)' I started on the left And I had to take him

Drew Seeley - Don't close your eyes lyrics

got a smile just the wrong side of happy too many times ... she has been let down I tried my best to reach her but I ... guess I'm just too late now she's

Majesty Of Revival - Close your eyes lyrics

quot;La Vie est belle" they say, but for those who's seen the sun - and I Saw a ... couple of them - in the sky, and second in your eyes ... I met you thousands of times in my mind, I thought, you're

Night Ranger - When you close your eyes lyrics

do you do when it's falling apart And you knew it was ... going from the very start Do you close your eyes...and dream ... about me? A girl in love with a gleam in your eye I was

Rainbow (korea) - Close your eyes lyrics

sillyeo odeon dalkomhan neoui sumgyeol annyeong ... sujupge dagagan sungan dalbiche burkge muldeun Oh love ... tteugeopge taeun neoui ipsul deo nunbusige dagaoneun

2am - Close your eyes lyrics

mezameru tabi ni kimi no nukegara ga yoko ni iru ... Nukumori wo kanjita itsumo no senaka ga tsumetai ... Nigawarai wo yamete omoi KAATEN wo akeyou Mabushisugiru asahi boku to mainichi no oikakekko da Ano hi miseta

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - Close your eyes lyrics

your eyes Let me tell you the reasons why Think you’re ... one of a kind. Here’s to you The one that I suppose is ... true Do what you got to do You’re one of a kind Thank god your mine. You’re an angel dressed in armor

Sheryl Crow lyricsSheryl Crow - You can close your eyes james taylor cover lyrics

the sun is surely sinking down But the moon is ... slowly rising So this old world must still be spinning´round And I still love you So close your eyes You can close your eyes, it´s all right I don´t know no love

Girl On Fire - Close your eyes lyrics

breath that you take from me A memory is sold I haven't ... lost myself I've lost the time that I have bought This is ... not our world This is not our world Close your

Liza Minnelli - Close your eyes lyrics

Say yes Life keeps happenin' every day Say yes When ... opportunity comes your way You can't start wonderin' what to ... say You'll never win if you never play Say yes There

Bigstar - Close your eyes lyrics

is for you my love I don’t wanna cry Please don’t ... hurt me anymore Don’t let the lies break ma love Girl, ... na neomudo apa Niga barampigo itdan geol naneun ara

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