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Close The Damn Door lyrics

Browse for Close The Damn Door song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Close The Damn Door lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Close The Damn Door.

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Mike Posner - Close the door ft. clinton sparks lyrics

Clinton Sparks] Goodbye to the old me Goodbye to the ... seconds and hours Hello to the new me I like how this ... feels So close the door Close the door (Hey) Close the door Close the door (Hey)

Rufus - Chaka Khan - Close the door lyrics

That's for sure 'Til you close the door to giving To giving ... That's for sure 'Til you close the door to giving To giving ... 'Til you close the door to giving (repeat

Lunar Path - Close the door lyrics

t just walk away. Though in the end you can't be shifting the ... blame back and fourth. I close the door behind a life once ... again. I'll take the blame and turn the page to a

Deine Lakaien - The cabin door lyrics

stood on the deck all night long, all ... night long watching the gangplanks all night long, ... all night long while the parties lasted in lavish ... lavish staterooms the decks rumbling with guests

Shinee - 닫아줘 (close the door) lyrics

boil ttaen I think you are the one girl sashil neodo alji ... nal dada jwo Baby please close the door in your heart

Idlewild - Close the door lyrics

I'm the one who knows everyone bar ... told you once to switch all the lights off you never believe ... that stay near the windowthe window phone me at 3 or 4

Misery Index - The spectator lyrics

you were young, you took on the world, remember how you'd ... never comes in sight Til they close the coffin door ... screen on your wall, books on the shelf, you never have read,

Sirenia - The lucid door lyrics

my dreams A lucid door is fading as the walls close ... desire Wane...all the lights they seem to fade All ... so dim and all so frail They all seem to pass away I can

Edge Of Sanity - The dead lyrics

Necrosis, the tunnel of pain is in front. ... a life is ended, another is gone. Remember for the ... last time, then you'll be erased. Another ... journey has just begun. Close the open door, released from

Go Radio - Close the distance lyrics

found hope In the back of a closet Written by a child's hand ... so ageless It conquers the cost When did we all ... means stand aside Where did the heroes go 'cause tonight we

Lollipop Lust Kill - The open door (intro) lyrics

walked through the door and never came out and one by ... one we walked Through the door...after him..............and

Lisa Mitchell - The land beyond the front door lyrics

s a land beyond the front door Near where the bike leans ... It's like a good dream In the dark you hold me And we go ... knows And nobody sees The land near where the bike

Lapis Lazuli - Close the distance lyrics

breaking point I have seen the darkest side of me And i ... I must know Finally, I see the light at the end, this is ... where I make my final stand, the final push this is all that

Exile - The next door lyrics

life, it's my destiny! Cuz the fight inside of me, it's ... through somehow! Cuz when the road feels too long I'll ... Indestructible! The last man standing! I'm

Exile (eguzairu) - The next door -indestructible- lyrics

all my life it's my destiny There's a fire deep inside of me ... through somehow cuz when the road feels too long I'll ... on going Indestructible the last man standing I'm

Omarion - Damn lyrics

Tock One, and here comes the two to the three And four ... Girl yo` body sick, You the hottest thang on the floor. ... You bustin` through them Apple Bottom jeans And I

The Saturdays - Open up lyrics

CHROUS: Oh baby open the door, open up open up ... girl I ain't sleeping on the damn floor, so now open up the damn door I hear the tv so I ... know your in there You wanna punish me but

Molly Hatchet - Behind the bedroom door lyrics

got my attention, now I'm in the mood Love to see you shakin' ... don't you know? It's all in the name of rock 'n' roll Men ... feet Heads are turnin' on the street See you comin' for a

Public Enemy - Watch the door lyrics

the door, Chuck D, Public Enemy Paris ... needs somebody to watch the door as it's goin on Securin you ... - who's securin what?! Watch the door Now I'm down to do

Kurupt - The hardest mutha f***az lyrics

Some try to repeat my flow Others neva try cuz they know I ... told ya that the game don't wait I'm so tight ... that I can wait for the game Just about as tight can

Carlene Carter - The leavin' side lyrics

baby there's two sides to every story ... I've heard them one too many times Just ... at long last it's over Close the door and walk away On the leavin' side You can cry

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

Cause you know best Pull close the ones that leave you alone ... to hear Compliments yea the messages is coming clear ... love a funny thing? I knew there was something wrong I was

Memphis - The one lyrics

name is around As being the one Who's ending the race ... What I'm hiding The fear in my eyes No question ... All beautiful dreams When I close the door Angels are real

Sevendust - The wait lyrics

you from your hell I pray The page will turn A hand pull ... away Let it go, let it go, Close the door and let it be Out ... Let it go, let it go, And close your eyes and find a dream

Bonnie Raitt - Walk out the front door lyrics

and it walked out that front door with you My friends tell ... never, no, never held you close at night Every dream I had, ... that could see the light Well you went and it

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - The way lyrics

[Verse 1 - Kehlani:] You so damn important Everything you do ... it Behind it all, you are the motive Don't tell you enough ... I'll show it, show it He say the king where he come from

Machine Gun Kelly - The break up lyrics

I know I know you bought me the watch You ain't get it back ... though My name's on the back though I flipped the ... lock to the back door And took the key under the

Mors Principium Est - The unborn lyrics

the stench of the human flesh See the bodies ... so rotten The broken arms and the broken ... No chance to get away from them A lonely girl standing in the dust Her eyes are cold and

Carach Angren - The witch perished in flames lyrics

on her vomit in front of the gloating cannibal. She ... awakes in the cage. Something has changed. ... existence now balancing On the edge of a knife. As long as the voice keeps whispering She

Elysian - The climb from fear lyrics

look beyond your eyes So you close the door and love is left ... lain But now I've left the path I'm shunned away Take ... away the writings of my heart It's

Exumer - Waking the fire lyrics

from the emptiness inside strings and ... lust terror reigns sublime. Close the open door behind, I crush ... AND PAIN - WE'RE WAKING THE FIRE LIES TORTURE SUPREME -

Lacrimosa - The party is over lyrics

lost you in the morning When the snow felt ... in our world I lost you in the cold Between these shades ... Forget your face Behind the window Of this parting

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - The boat lyrics

a fine lift swimming you are the line If this was a new land, ... darling You'd be the find I wanted to keep you close Make you mine If this was a ... moon land, darling You'd be the find Wherever you go All the different places you know

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Open the gate lyrics

from a distance From beyond the fence you've made Hiding all ... you been invaded Is this the reason why you hide I know ... know so let me inside Open the gate up Open the gate up,

Fabolous - Do the damn thang lyrics

Look, I can see them niggas stuntin to this right ... 1-Fabolous] It's no love for the other side, f*** all the ... tricks Pop the glove on the other side, buck through the

Brainstorm - The other side lyrics

m on the road to nowhere don't know ... what is waiting there for me somewhere I see a ... white light I close my eyes, I'm sailing far away ... I had enough to fight another day I feel the urge to

Rza - The chase lyrics

ghost, escape, blazini, poof The Genie, disappear, cast out ... like they ain't seen me (yo) ... (Yo) ... Burst! Put the key in the ignition friction sparks my

Illnath - The creators biggest pride lyrics

and silently down 'Low the horizon in the west, where a ... small house lies... The puppet-man is ending his ... workday, as the starlight peak through the

2 Live Crew - Do the damn thing lyrics

{2x}: Mr. Mixx I wanna do the damn thaaaaAAANG! (Then do the damn thing!) I wanna do the damn thaaaang! (Then do the damn ... 1: Fresh Kid Ice I'm a bad motherf***er bringin' hoes to their

Olivia - You got the damn thing lyrics

You know you got the damn thing You got the damn ... like(oh yeah)you know you got the damn thing I like, like,i ... like (you got the damn thing) you know you got the damn thing I like, you know you

Saybia - The second you sleep lyrics

me naked by your side You close the door so I can't see The ... love you keep inside The love you keep for me It ... fills me up so I can't see The love you keep inside The

Hallows Eve - The mansion lyrics

walked into the room There came a voice saying aloud ... get out!" [Chorus] The spirits in my head said ... " I was not afraid of the dead I'd dealt with them

Innocens - The sinbook lyrics

stray into this hollow way The God ain’t send me though one ... How it goes – my shadow on the wall I don’t know how I can ... my steed Prepare to go and close the door Rest in peace, me,

The Red Cobras - The big bad lyrics

I'm coming home Goldilocks is there 'cuz she thinks I'm gone I ... surprise when I walk through the door My baby come and take me ... down on the floor [Chorus] Big bad (bad)

Koffin Kats - The experiment lyrics

much left to say and the hours roll by Time is not so ... thought but it's gone before the words The sun takes rise, I close the blinds I failed again ... today Enter the mind You might slip too far

Metric - The police and the private lyrics

wait here while I try to find the exit sign When will you ... we want Keep one eye on the door, keep one eye on the bag ... sure You're working for the police and the private, the

Bad Meets Evil - The reunion lyrics

f*** you up In fact, get in the backseat, like the rest of my ... smacks me And says I annoy the f*** outta her Get in the ... powder You slut, what? Shut the f*** up now, or get your

Bt The Roots - The unlocking lyrics

Yo whassup dude? [2] This is the Black Ill [1] Oh whassup G? ... yo [1] What? [2] We down in the studio yo [1] Word? [2] Yo ... WORD? [2] I called a couple other heads and shit y'know [1]

Joan Jett - The only good thing (you ever said was goodby.. lyrics

it Here we go I heard the back door slam an' you were ... for good an' I didn't give a damn Oh baby I knew I'd do just ... I looked around for my cash There was a couple twenty missin'

Chris Caffery - The fall lyrics

me Looking for love in the red light land Look but ... don’t touch, the art of man Doing my time in the world of make believe Mind ... ailing but I always saved the healing Minds were laughing,

Eminem lyricsEminem - The reunion lyrics

f*** you up In fact, get in the backseat, like the rest of my ... smacks me And says I annoy the f*** outta her, get in the ... powder, you slut, what? Shut the f*** up now Or get your

Method Man - The what lyrics

bitch Now I throw shields on the dick To stop me from that ... HIV shit And niggaz know thet like a Twinkie filling ... Playin the villian Prepare for this rap

Notorious B.i.g. - The what lyrics

bitch Now I throw shields on the dick To stop me from that HIV ... shit And niggaz know they soft like a Twinkie filling ... Playin the villian Prepare for this rap

Scotty Mccreery - The trouble with girls lyrics

trouble with girls is they're a mystery Something ... to figure out Just what them girls are all about The ... trouble with girls is they're so damn pretty

Jedi Mind Tricks - The president's wife (hidden) lyrics

Kidnap the president's wife without a ... plan. 2x Ya'll ever smell the stench of dead bodies? ... Kidnap the president's wife without a ... thugs who bust slugs in the lobby [Verse 1: Vinnie Paz

Jin - The good, the bad & the ugly lyrics

Verse 1] About they never talked about the guns ... or the drugs 'Till I saw the guns and the drugs There is ... tons in the hood I'll admit, I never ... , that's when egos crash See the two of them started when they

Manimal - The life we lived lyrics

is so quiet here Calm before the storm End of humanity? ... Unleash the demons of the dark This time I have lost, ... is gone I wake up and sense the fear When the hour struck

Insane Clown Posse - The show must go on lyrics

it out, man, ICP back in the haugh man Violent-J, man, 2 ... comes my wang I'm Violent-J, the southwest skitzo Born in a ... Dead-body disco. Rappin' to the hoochies Dirty old fat hoe's

Breakdown Of Sanity - The grand delusion lyrics

without heat can you here the clock? a life without dreams ... you won't find another world other than this one ... you consume what they urge you to guided by the

Emilie Autumn - The muse lyrics

heaven When I’m sitting on the floor At your feet. What am ... Between you and your mind The art you’ll never find And ... pen runs out of ink You’ll close the book and with me Leave

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