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Clipse I lyrics

Browse for Clipse I song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Clipse I lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Clipse I.

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The Clipse - Breakfast in cairo (feat. kurupt, noreaga) lyrics

ll never catch these fugitives, this high speed With hoppin' water, see-thru blue on jet skis They twist trees, bend in they head to run my single Mean while we minglin' chicks that's bilingual Haters be like we sick of them, niggas in the whip sippin' gin Sw

Dj Drama - Cheers ft. pharrell & clipse lyrics

Ft. Pharrell & Clipse Cheers Ft. Pharrell & Clipse Cheers Ft. Pharrell & Clipse Cheers Ft. Pharrell & Clipse Cheers Ft. Pharrell &

The Clipse - You don't even know (feat. kelis, pharrell) lyrics

can run with you? (Yeah) I know you don't know me But um, don't you notice, like Everyone keeps on looking at us (come on) You know why (come on) Let me tell you why, Oh! Seen set, yeah, my team set Niggas bleem so hard they say we seem wet Safe in the club, neve

The Clipse - Feel like me (feat. pharrell) lyrics

we lovin' this I got it baby Ain't nothin' but a par-ar-ty On my laced out chicks, par-ty All my niggaz in the six, par-ty Clipse comin' wit' the hits, par-ty Yo, the flow echo, grab a ho, won't let go Chick shake her ass, Kalipso, I'm drinkin' on the world S

The Clipse - Taiwan to texas ft. pharrell lyrics

Trak, Star Trak - Star Trak Star Trak, Star Trak - Star Trak Star Trak, Star Trak - Star Trak Star Trak, Star Trak - Where you at? Star Trak, Star Trak - Star Trak Star Trak, Star Trak - Star Trak Star Trak, Star Trak - Star Trak Star Trak, Star Trak - Where you at? From Taiwan t

Royce Da 5'9" - Mr. baller (feat. clipse, pharell williams, t.. lyrics

man, we don't take our chains off...nah We're here to make noise! We're here to make noise With VA and Detroit boys We're here to make noise We're here to make noise! Nigga, we're here to make noise With VA and Detroit boys Twin Nina Ross sisters Promise to

The Clipse - Virginia (ft. pharrell) lyrics

ready to do this, nigga? You ready to come down here? It's Virginia, nigga... We do this in broad daylight... It's a whole different degree of homicide, nigga... You ready? I'm from Virginia, where ain't shit to do but cook (Talk about, what?) Pack it up, sell it tri

The Clipse - Grindin' (feat. pharrell williams) lyrics

.. I go by the name... (I'm yo' pusha) of Pharrell from the Neptunes... And I just wanna let y'all know... (I'm yo' pusha) The world is about to feel... Something... (I'm yo' pusha), that they've never felt before C'mon From ghetto to ghetto, to b

The Clipse - Hear me out (feat. pharrell) lyrics

be the first one to bust, first one you lust Experiential flows, that make our souls touch When it comes to heat, 40-cally chrome clutch Out the burning at 'cha teal-blue and guild up Sorry no introduction, I was speedin' First name Terror, first half the Clipse that leave you bleedi

The Clipse - Hostage lyrics

Yo Pharrell, get the f*** up Get the f*** up right now Huh? Yo, it's your day date and we go this nigga tied down, right now Yo, wait til' I get there Dawg, you ain't gonna make it out of here bitch F*** what you thinkin' nigga? Hold him up yo, ya'll ready to do this nigga Why n

The Clipse - Bodysnatchers (feat. magnum) lyrics

yeah.. What y'all wanna do? What y'all wanna do? C-L, I-P, S-E, N-E-R-D What y'all wanna do? My coke money's in cleaners Give it a fresh rinse That bitch wit the tech, first line of defense Pullin' up in the Ac' black shit wit dents Test her aim, w

The Clipse - Cot damn (ft. pharrell, ab-liva & rosco p. co.. lyrics

damn, it's a new day Cot' damn, but the nigga wanted money Hoooo, hoooo, hoooo Cot' damn Uh, they just can't understand or phathom my demeanor Unapproachable appearance to how I pack the ninas Out of two, Clipse they say Malice the meanest Got love for guns and caine, let n

The Clipse - Mr. me too (feat. pharrell) lyrics

know we back right? Clear the streets out Come on with it Ha ha Star Track Niggas just hate us, I'm doing deals like the majors Ice Cream Sneakers, I signed my first skater So you can pay three and buy yourself some bapestas Bulletproof on the T-shirts because they hate

The Clipse - Popular demand (popeyes) feat. cam'ron & phar.. lyrics

Mami you miss me don't you? Haters wish you? could hit me don't you? Heh, you should call me uncle I understand I'm back by popular demannnd That new C-L fly Outside of Popeyes eating chicken and fries Yeah come holla at ya uncle I understand I'm back by popular d

The Clipse - When the last time (feat. kelis & pharrell wi.. lyrics

Get down!) Niggas and bitches (Get down!) You are now listening to... (Get down!) The real... (Get down!) And that would be... (Get down!) Clipse, the Neptunes... (Get down!) And the new label... (Get down!) Staaaarrr Traaaak... Top down, chrome spin

The Clipse - You can't touch me (feat. lee harvey, nako) lyrics

niggaz It's not a game, Star Trak It's like that, what, check it Yo, yo, yo It's the final curtain, we black mask and black turbans Lightin' up the sky in a black surburban We on the late night streetsweep, hit at least three The price you pay an

The Clipse - Got caught dealin' ft. pharrell lyrics

got caught dealin, at the age of one-five Had all my bitches stealin, just tryin to survive And it was business as usual if one of mine had to die Cause f*** dat yo, I gotta make sho my dough multiply Crimes I commit heinous, y'all niggas is brainless You tied up at gun point,

The Clipse - Grindin' (feat. baby, lil wayne & noreaga) lyrics

back y'all... What's the size of them rims on that car NIGGA? (GRINDIN') Can they see that chain from a far NIGGA? (GRINDIN') Whatcha game be like? (GRINDIN') Whatcha chain be like? (GRINDIN') So whatcha name be like? (GRINDIN') Ma, it don't get more ghetto than thi

Drake lyricsDrake - Do what you do (feat. the clipse nickelus f) lyrics

TALKING:] I do this for ya'll man Malice, Nickelus F, it's the REMIX! [VERSE 1: Malice] [BACKGROUND:] R-E U-P G-A-N-G R-E U-P G-A-N-G [CHORUS:] Stance on lean, leg up on the wall My people they chill, why you haters wanna ball I'm satisfied with a little, why y

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - Where you at (feat. freeway and clipse) lyrics

yeah Woo! Uh, it’s going down, niggas! Yes! Khaled! Free! Uh, uh, uh It’s that slow flow, F-R double-E, nigga See them p**** niggas but you can’t see me I’m sunk in the seat Clutch my hammer close, I’m controlling the V And love the cities o

Birdman - What happened to that boy lyrics

[Baby (talking with echo)] Aye, Aye, Aye, Ya Tot' 'em up, light it up nigga Birdman motherf***er Clipse, VA, NO nigga What you smelt Coke'll leave plastic Get off t...

Ginuwine - Hell yeah remix lyrics

Chitti bang bang like a pow Everybody up in the club gettin wild Drinks everywhere the crowd is real loud Looks like we gonna be for a while I'm so drunk I'm droolin at the mouth Tryin to get someone to take me to my house So Where my car keys and

Chamillionaire - Scratch that lyrics

1 - Chamillionaire] Uh, I heard there was a funeral for Auto-Tune I'm glad that I'm livin, some of y'all is doomed Talkin 'bout death, I'd be honored to Death of DJs yellin over all the tunes Thought he was the man but that boy a coon And I'm so street smart they call me &quo

Kelis - Good stuff (ft. terrar) lyrics

I'm telling you boy You're wasting your time on her The good stuff's right here I seen you when you walked in Stealing all the light You're the type of guy That makes them fly girls fuss and fight They can't love you more Not the way you're wishing for They go about it all wron

Notorious B.i.g. - Just a memory lyrics

feat. Clipse) [Diddy] Its Bad Boy bitch Scram Jones... the Clipse... B.I.G. Let's go [Biggie] Niggaz in my faction don't like asking questions Strictly gun testing, coke measuring Giving pleasure in the Benz-ito Hitting fanny, spendin chips at Manny's Hope you c

Chamillionaire - Hip hop police lyrics

Go , Go , Go , Go , Go Keep runnin' homie Go, Go , Go , Go , Go , Go They on the trail [Chorus]: With so much drama in the industry Hip Hop Police are listening Be careful or you'll be history Looks like another unsolved mystery It's murda, murda, murda

The Clipse - Footsteps (feat. kobe) lyrics

Follow the leader exhaust pipes and breathers, The flash from the barrel turns bullies to believers, The time of the life make the bitches wanna keep ya, This is my reali...

The Clipse - Kinda like a big deal (feat. kanye west) lyrics

the casket drops Third times a charm right? Hehe ha Come on! I'm kinda like a big deal It's unbelievable u see my warning gives u big chills The flow runnin on Big's heels My life after death, Big ain't get to see how this feels Third time's a charm ba

The Clipse - Ain't cha (feat. re-up gang) lyrics

you tryna get some good fame ain't cha? Hmmm, you tryna slang in tha rain ain't cha? Hmmm, you tryna save for tha Range ain't cha? Hmmm, you tryna perfect ya aim ain't cha? Hmmm, you tryna get a big chain ain't cha? Hmmm, with the medallions and the

The Clipse - All eyes on me (feat. keri hilson) lyrics

keeps that dirty money, I'm talkin' fast cash, I'm talkin' razor shaving, I'm talkin' duffle bags, I'm talkin' you can count it papi its all there. I'm talkin' hooking up that slumdog millionare, I like the fast girls, who like them fast cars, Who rather sell it to ya than ask for mo

The Clipse - Champion lyrics

Hey Hey I'm a champion, shorty I'm a champion I've been around the map now I'm on my victory lap. Hey Hey See I'm a champion shorty I'm a champion While other niggas crashing em, hey I'm just steady mashin em. Tell em what you told me [8X] Ok They see I'm shining dog, y

The Clipse - Chinese new year (feat. rosco p. coldchain) lyrics

m at your door, your eyes are like why are you here Judging by my steel I got something to do here Give up the money or the angel cries two tears Front of your crib sounding like Chinese New Year Brat, brat, brat, brat, brat, brat, ka-ka-kat, kat Brat, brat, brat, brat, brat, brat,

The Clipse - Comedy central (feat. fabolous) lyrics

uh, uh, uh, uh, uh Say dog, let's not get involved You don't wanna tango, I'll dress you in a halo Cock the gauge, polka dot ya braids Face you in a chrome fo', that'll lock ya legs And you can't move, I roll big and I can't lose They watch so hard ain't

The Clipse - Counseling (feat. nicole hurst & pharrell) lyrics

Yo... Look at that ass just bouncing Oh god I need counseling Images in my head steady hounding Oh god I need counseling You don't want to bring your chicks ...

The Clipse - Dirty money lyrics

wattup ma I got a pocket full of stinky's Let's go spin these right quick, what's that? All my fly bitches like (Dirty money, dirty money) All my stripper bitches like (Dirty money, dirty money) All my college hoes like (Dirty money, dirty money) Don't i

The Clipse - Door man lyrics

doorman, tell'em line up the cris, I put my money on the roof and crush this bitch, you niggas keep wavin' them wrists, I put my money on the roof and crush this bitch, ye ain't got money like this, I put my money on the roof and crush this bitch, so

The Clipse - Ego (feat. pharrell & kelis) lyrics

sir.. Don't let 'cha ego trick yo ass 'Cause this motherf***in' tech will get yo ass "Yes, the semi-automatic tech is know to jam..." But if it don't, that's yo ass my man Don't let 'cha ego trick yo ass 'Cause this motherf***in' tech will get yo ass &

The Clipse - Fam-lay freestyle (feat. famlay, pharrell) lyrics

ain't nothin'' y'all can teach me I been locked up more times than Sweet Pea See I'm from Norfolk here's a coffin if ya slee-py Turn ya children into orphans tryna sneak me Or tryna creep me, the realist shit I ever spoke So I'ma spit it when I fin

The Clipse - Let's talk about it (feat. pharrell & jermain.. lyrics

- ask any nigga Rapper or a hustler, who rocks is bigger? The rapper! Naw, dawg, go figure With the V12, I make that straight killa I flood the block, I hug the glock I have a whole neighborhood that seen a thug to stop (Stop!) Cause I show 'em what Waco see,

The Clipse - Life change (feat. kenna & pharrell) lyrics

night what I seen made my life change Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Yeyet yet yet I move on, Yeh yes I move on, Yeh yes I move on, Yeh yes I move on, (hear me out now) Where I'm from see us guy d

The Clipse - Ma, i don't love her (ft. pharrell & faith ev.. lyrics

wanna love you girl Just wanna love you girl Please let me love you girl Just wanna love you girl C'mon, I wanna love you girl Just wanna love you girl Let me love you girl Let me... When we met I was talkin' that game Parkin' that thang S

The Clipse - Momma i'm so sorry lyrics

Vice, all my cocaine gringos, ya know Miami Vice, Pusha spit this shit for y'all, here we go Youngin' don't make my cells rise, I shoot you out ya chuckers Pusha hear the whispers of all you mothaf***ers Papa said stay free of them suckers Minus the wicked jumper, street ba

The Clipse - Never will it stop (feat. ab-liva) lyrics

will it stop, The 50 in the duffel won't crush, It settles to the bottom like dust, F*** what ya heard, You ain't countin' paper like us. A million in the ceiling I can touch. Go-getter. I come from the corner like most niggas, Now from afar, I toast niggas, roast

The Clipse - Nightmares (feat. bilal & pharrell) lyrics

m having nightmares, ooh My niggaz say I'm p-noid, they say I'm just p-noid I'm having nightmares, ooh My niggaz say I'm p-noid, they say I'm just p-noid, oh no I'm waking up in the middle of the night My heart beats pumping like something ain't right, oh what's goin' on W

The Clipse - Power lyrics

you think you got the power You ain't got the power You don't tell me that it's okay I tell you that it's okay You don't got the power You don't have the power bitch, what Yo, yo Everybody freeze, do what I say, do as I please Commander every ship I s

The Clipse - Prayer lyrics

m sayin life is crazy right Shit is real wild Like the realest shit ever, you know Hold up, I'm comin, just let me bless this real quick, hold up God, I ask that you continue to watch over us I ask that you continue to bless us in the countless ways that you've done so I ask tha

The Clipse - Ride around shining (feat. ab-liva) lyrics

I want to do is ride around shining while I can afford it Plenty ice on my neck so I don't get nausious Float around in the greatest of Porsches Feel like a chuck wagon cause I'm on twelve horses And the three behind mine they be the click So much ice in they Rollies, the shit don'

The Clipse - Showing out (feat. yo gotti & pharrell) lyrics

I'm major, that shit nothin Young nigga, old money, benjamin button Seein through ya pokerface, that nigga bluffin Ladies goin gaga for a nigga tryna f*** him Nickel plate tuck it, hesitate nothin And I got the AR, why I like to bust it? Why I need

The Clipse - The funeral lyrics

they gag me bound me hollow point round me (I feel ya) Dump me off the side of a bridge and drown me (uh huh) Spare my family the details on how they found me (yes) Vigil by candle light and gather round me (farewell) And talk about how I would lounge with fly women

The Clipse - There was a murder (feat. kobe) lyrics

wake up-wake up in the morning, 'Cuz them boys come knocking in the morning, Then I have me girl go flush in the toilet, Them say did someone get murdered on the corner? Them say did someone see me, seen someone get shot, Them say they saw me dere... My nigga they w

The Clipse - Trill (feat. pharrell) lyrics

got jewels, plus wheels Pullin' up in your grill, I'm so trill Your girl want Cosmos, Cristeels And she feelin' around for them pills Bitch I'm trill, bitch I'm so trill Nigga I'm trill, nigga I'm so trill I got my steel, I'll peel Pulling up on yo

The Clipse - Wamp wamp (what it do) feat. slim thug lyrics

I showed up, pimpin' ya curled up I head straight to the bar just to post up I roll the dro up, my cup mold up Bitch don't just stand there wit ya nose up C'mon wamp, wamp, what it do? What it do? Ha, wamp, wamp, what it do? What it do? Wamp, wamp,

The Clipse - We got it for cheap (intro) lyrics

him, as soon as you hear him Upon my arrival, the dope dealers cheer him Just like a revival, the verse tends to steer 'em Through a life in the fast lane like German engineerum No serum can cure all the pain I've endured From crack to rap to back to sellin' it pure For ev

The Clipse - Wild cowboy (feat. markita) lyrics

- you ain't dealin wit no child's toy I'm a wild cowboy (yo I'm a wild cowboy) Yet you walk around town with them real aisle toys Your best bet, recognize my style boy Cause I'll tap your back (and let that be that) If I had a nine or a twenty-two,

The Clipse - Young boy (feat. pharrell) lyrics

You out of line), mmm I'ma tell you what I'm talkin bout (You out of line), when I was a young boy (You out of line), my mama always told me don't take no shit (You out of line), motherf***er hit you then you better hit 'em back (You out of line), so w

The Clipse - Freedom lyrics

every line written, And all I have given Music's been nothing more than a self made prison I've taken inmate losses at the hands of this one My pen's been the poison to family and friendships Now is time to mend shit, Time to bring closure to The c

The Clipse - Gangsta lean (feat. pharrell) lyrics

somethin' to roll Somethin' gangstafied Gimme somethin' to roll Somethin' gangstafied Gimme somethin' to roll Somethin' gangstafied Hey hey Star Trak, Star Trak Now let's smoke and ride Oh girl ya taste is Sweet like mornin' dew I would go crazy girl If I cou

The Clipse - Grindin' (feat. pharrell, sean paul, bless & .. lyrics

s the size of them rims on that car nigga huh? (Grindin!) Can they see that chain from a far nigga huh? (Grindin!) Whatcha game be like? (Grindin!) Whatcha change be like? (Grindin!) So whatcha name be like? (Grindin!) Ma, it don't get more ghetto th

The Clipse - Hello new world (feat. pharrell) lyrics

new world, here we come On them twinkie trains, with the hood screaming, "We're on our way" Can't forget where I come from So I extend my hand to my man screaming, "I'm on my way" Yes, I rap, but best believe Them things sti

The Clipse - I'm good (feat. pharrell) lyrics

Ay, Ay, Ay...Yeah! Yeah...Hahaha.... Ay, Yeah...Yea Yeah...Hahaha...Ow! You can find me in the streets Even in a drought, my mattress is full Why shouldn't I be out? Ay buddy I'm good. What that tell ya? I'm good. What they tell ya? I'm good. What she tell ya? I'm good.

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