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Exploding Beauty - Climbing up higher lyrics

go, dont wait, try to take all the chances one step, foward, and you´ll see all the ... glances Dont care, about everyone´s apprehension ... just go, your way across all hesitation Dont let your

Radiohead - Climbing up a bloody great hill lyrics

He's got to let something Start hitting through the wall ... Dreaming about something Means nothing at all We'll put ... him on the TV And make lots of videos You can

Radiohead - Climbing up the walls lyrics

to the lock in your house That keeps your toys in the basement And if you get too far ... see my reflection It's always best with the covers up I am the pick in the ice Do not

Radiohead - Climbing up the walls (fila brazillia remix) lyrics

to the lock in your house That keeps your toys in the basement And if you get too far ... see my reflection It's always best with the covers up I am the pick in the ice Do not

Radiohead - Climbing up the walls (zero 7 remix) lyrics

to the lock in your house That keeps your toys in the basement And if you get too far ... see my reflection It's always best with the covers up I am the pick in the ice Do not

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Climbing up the walls lyrics

keep seeing your face When my eyes are closed I ... how It used to go Overmedicated Nearly comatose Or going ... out of your head You're still on that road

Good Charlotte - Like its her birthday (la riots remix) lyrics

Tonight I kinda get the feeling, My girl is up to something, Something that ... is no good. She said she only had a meeting, ... for something, Something that is no good. Now I'm not saying that she's cheating, But

Rae Sremmurd - Up like trump lyrics

like Donald Trump, up, word? Now you done f***ed up Up like Donald Trump Chain swings like nunchucks She ... gon' chew you up, twerk like she from Russia Don't get me

Ja Rule - Race against time ii lyrics

yeah, uh huh Race against time, ha part two You ... know, haha, Uh, c'mon Yeah, yeah, yeah, haha Nothin like the future [Verse 1] ... Guess who's back to personify money, power, and bitches But when bitches

Eels - Climbing to the moon lyrics

I wrote it all in a letter but I don't know if ... it came the nurse she likes my writing so she keeps it ... just like me so that it won't get away I won

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Drop it like its hot lyrics

Lil Wayne] Drop, drop, drop, what ... what what After you back it up then stop What, what, wha, ... drop it like its hot After you back it up and stop ... What, what, wha, drop it like its hot Now drop it like it

Jonny Craig - Bottled up like smoke lyrics

can still feel her From distances and miles away Galaxies and dimensions and cosmic aspirations Are you ready? C'mon. ... So she wants to make me pay I am expected to lead the way Baby, I'm on the case

Tracy Lawrence - Up to him lyrics

m there at 8:00 not 8:01; and stay late to get it done and tolerate the bosses son ... their going to shut this factory down it'll kill this ... little town if it goes overseas You can hope for the best and plan for the worst if

Radiohead - Up on the ladder lyrics

m stuck in the tardis Trapped in hyperspace One ... minute snake charming The next in another place All the right moves and ... Earn the right percent Watch me dance like a puppet

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Like i done it before ft. ohb lyrics

Money Yeah Yeah Yeah... Like I done it before F*** on that bitch like I done it before ... F*** that lil bitch, you can have that lil hoe I pop a Xan with some Dussé and coke Like I done it before, she can’t talk cause this dick in her throat I’mma pour me four in the Fa

Armored Saint - Up yours lyrics

kiss new year's eve is a gesture of hope A kiss ... goodbye gives a lump in the throat One ... the other puts out fires A love for kissing feet makes ... him a weirod You kissing my ass makes you a big joke Not

Field Mob - Its over lyrics

[Singing] F.B.I. Hey man F.B.I. [2x] [Shawn Jay] ... Say dem field mob cats relentless Ashy to to classy's a classic But they back ... wit vengence The roota to the tooda If you sleepin

Liberty X - Its ok lyrics

day another letter When it don't rain outside it pours Yeah I ... feel ya And its kinda got ya thinkin' You ain't where ... you wanna be at all Oh no You hope and pray

Jadakiss - Its time i see you lyrics

Drag-On] Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! F*** y'all niggas talkin ... you...) Get it right, you faggot niggas heard Suge Knight ... Double R's the only niggas he respect and, y'all niggas

Banner David - Like a pimp lyrics

on the flo' on the flo' [4x] Like a Pimp real girls get down ... on the flo' on the flo' [2x] Like a pimp real girls get down ... the time I hit the door I saw hoes on the flo' Niggas

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - Like it's the last time lyrics

on your boots and your jeans With the worn out seams And your goin' out shirt Put ... shine on your truck Get it all cleaned up Just to kick it ... dirt You put it in drive, Start comin' alive You point

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Up'n'down lyrics

n' up n' down n' up n' down n' up n' down Down ... n' up n' down n' up n' down n' up n' down I ... got all tricked out and I came up to this thing Looking

Kelly Price - Like you do lyrics

Method Man] Hey love, hey love Hey ... Yo hey love you're the girl that I adore Every time I go on ... tour I want you more and more Ma I am yours, mi amor My ghetto Zsa Zsa Gabor

Catherine - Lets pretend like its 1910 lyrics

feel as if the ground is folding ... The playing field has never been on your side Blame them all for the pain you ... re inflicting Look at you, you're just along for

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Like you ain't even gone lyrics

still go riding around town With the windows ... down and your feet up on my dash Got your rays on and my hands back and we're feeling ... cool as cash The night is on, like you ain't even gone You go sliding

Icon For Hire - Up in flames lyrics

don't wanna say what I got on my mind, Cause ... nothing tonight wants to come out on time, The ... truth is I'd rather sit out and unwind, Let somebody else

Mims - Like this lyrics

You know what it is what it is When we do what we do ... Uh, Yea Look If good girls get ... floor Tell me how low will a bad girl go She probably ... pick it up drop it down real slow Look at that she's upside down on the pole That's

Can't Stop Won't Stop - Up and away lyrics

kick back, relax and grab yourself a beverage Or hop ... if you wanna just bounce to my lev-er-age ... The evidence, as they say, is in the pudding So show ... me the money like my name was Cuba Gooding It ain’t fools

Jurassic 5 - End up like this lyrics

with no funds, But we still had fun. Don't worry, be happy, ... that's what we was. We was family, caring for loved ones, ... Blood relatives; first and second cousins. Brothers all from the same mother. Now

Mindless Self Indulgence - Like shit lyrics

Welcome to my enterprise For all y'all just arrived Kiss my ... ass 2 times Y'all best recognize I'm the ... shit, guys Tried to compartmentalize But I didn't know

Lil' B - Like a martian lyrics

your boy lil b in this muhf***a, Hundred thousand Pretty ... boys, rich boys, stand up Lil b nigga, pretty boy in ... this bitch All ya'll muhf***in bitches, suck my

Common - Like they used to say lyrics

amp;quot;Like they used to say" *repeated in background* [Common] We dealin ... wit some very critical and crucial times Some of the ... most critical and crucial times I've ever seen I

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Up out my face (feat. mariah carey) lyrics

s not chipped, when I crack Oh we're shattered... Mariah ayyy ayyy.. Young ... Money ayyy ayyy.. Nicki Minaj ayyy ayyy.. You're such a ... Barbie Mariah, I was in the milion dolla meetins

R. City - Like this lyrics

you think you can, dis the international bad man, them straight outta ... Virgin Islands. We don't play no games with no kinda jokey ... boy. Ya done know how we walk and talk and kick up like

Ruslana - Like a hurricane lyrics

Hey, Come to me Heya Hey, Run to me Heya Hey, ... Sweep me off my feet again Heya hey, Come to me Heya ... hey, Come to me Heya hey, Run to me Heya hey, ... Lift me up like a hurricane Let our feet move to the

Charlotte Church - Like a fool lyrics

got worked up like a fool Now I need to wash ... myself with thoughts As pure as water I got worked up like a fool for you I don't need ... those flowers To make myself as pure as water

Reba Mcentire - Up and flying lyrics

I'm alone a lot. Mostly I guess you're ... not. Forgive me if I stop and stare. I was just alittle ... unprepared. So the world has fallen at your feet. Yeah

Bombay Bicycle Club - Curl up like a dead leaf and go where the win.. lyrics

back from the scene you started Got your head on the ... window slanted The thought of your skin ... it sets it off At the back of a red container I pray ... that a black hole take her Gone from sight and

Deep Dark Robot - No one wakes me up like you lyrics

there you're so brave, telling stories how you're ... too hot, you're so cool look at everything you can do I don ... t know which way your going I don't know

Jessie & The Toy Boys - Like you better lyrics

deux trois cat un deux trois- whatever... ... I'm a cherry bomb bomb knocking ... on your tongue tongue Gonna let me in - Gonna give me ... some I'm a cherry bomb bomb knocking

Babybird - Like them lyrics

will kill you said the five-year-old as he left his knives at the school gates So I took ... her home, locked all the doors I’ll teach you ... here about boys like that Please don’t go and turn

Gym Class Heroes - Like father, like son (papa's song) lyrics

Chorus] Papa was a rollin stone But I wanna be ... the cover of a rollin stone Only I know that I can't do it alone Only I ... know that I can't do it alone August 6 1981 I took

Julie Roberts - Nascar party lyrics

s a NASCAR party It's a NASCAR party I revved up, I can’t sleep I'm finally here ... it’s NASCAR week My man, he qualified He’s right ... there at the front of the line When

Andre Nickatina - Balla race lyrics

Race Chorus: 2x you in a balla race trying to get all in a ballas face workin your hips at a balla pace wanna see how ... sweet a balla taste you in a balla place -Andre Nickatina man ima semi automatic gotta get

Sam Hunt lyricsSam Hunt - Ex to see lyrics

there ain't enough smoke in my eyes ... To hide the kinda games you're trying to play ... Honey don't you act so surprised You know exactly what I'm bout to say You

Rory Gallagher - Race the breeze lyrics

that sounds like the night train, Blowin' its stack, ... Spreading its wings, All over the track, Arrived ... Won't be here for long, As fast as a shooting star,

The Higher - Its only natural lyrics

oh oh oh Come over here and Show me something good, ... You got me thinking about, thinking about How you ... look, ooh hot damn You must have wrote the book Oh, that

Ja Rule - Race against time lyrics

Chorus: repeat 2X] In my race against time I - can't stop ... if I'm gettin too high I'ma keep runnin through the red ... light - livin my life [Ja Rule:] God, why the hell am I here? Is it a blessin',

Saga - Climbing the ladder lyrics

his brow He managed to tear himself away The past few ... nights Had left him rather tired Returned his ... thoughts To a need he found overpowering ... He felt success Was now within his grasp. Climbing the ladder Three runs forward, two runs back Climbing

Ledisi - Shut up lyrics

in the middle, I can see where I’ve been My eyes ... are open and I know where I’m going So ... much is in the way There are people around being negative And they always got

Anna Kendrick - Climbing uphill lyrics

you come home to me I'll wear a sweeter smile And hope that, for a while, you'll... Okay, thank you I'm climbing uphill, Jamie Climbing uphill

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Climbing the walls lyrics

your eyes, make a wish That this could last forever If ... only you could stay with me now So tell me what ... it is That keeps us from each other now Yeah it's coming

Chester See - Climbing out of love lyrics

somehow I saw you in a different light than I used ... to in that kind of way that you can't ignore You know, ... I know it's foolish searching for love when your heart is already loved and

Naked And Famous - Hearts like ours lyrics

and horizon lines We’re alone but side by side We're ... yet to dream we're yet to dream Nothing here is what it ... seems Ah ah ha Ah ah ha There’s an animal inside

Andre Nickatina - Its 3 so what a.m. so what lyrics

can get real cold if you not standin' in ... the lobby Girl you Kamikaze cuz I know you work your ... body yeah You need to put me in your ... mind Hit you with some baby oil Yo everything shine

Infernal Torment - Race lyrics

know it is too late Too late to stop my hate My hate ... will terminate Terminate the human race Kill the race Smile on my face Kill the race Smile on my face Don't

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Its alright ma im only bleeding lyrics

at the break of noon Shadows even the silver spoon ... The handmade blade, the child's balloon ... Eclipses both the sun and moon To understand you ... in trying. Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn

Butch Walker - Race cars and goth rock lyrics

see him look at you and speak with such eloquence All I can do is rhyme eloquence with ... It's the only word I think about When your his and not ... .. (So unkind, so unkind) And it gets so annoying like a

Conflict - Climbing the stairs lyrics

alone in a mystery Standing alone in misery I'm standing alone; it's a mystery? The start of the war, it's the first ... So on my own, in not the place to be First, I see

Lazyboy - Its all about love lyrics

all about love No matter what race they are Be together – ... ever loves you – love ‘em back You know…love is like a ... big pothole – you can look at it but don’t fall in it L O

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