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Danzig - Blood and tears lyrics

and tears Blood and tears Since you've been gone ... I hear you've been crying Blood and tears All alone In ... been crying You cry a thousand tears Darling don't despair

Bathory - Blood and iron lyrics

written son When all waters and land you see All around ... came to birth Man and beast was one And the gods ... of the earth Few free and innocent Man strolled paths

Buldok - Blood and soil lyrics

hear the calling of wind and fire, in the echoes of the ... are returning through and through, I am coming back to ... heart, shed rivers of blood, the spirit for which

Amanda Lear - Blood and honey lyrics

in the city and everyone's asleep See the ... tender lips Oh, she loves blood and honey She's got the ... devil in her eyes) She loves blood and honey They say nobody

Overkill - Blood and iron lyrics

for blood, take no prisoners Out for ... the kill, and looking for donors. As ... your life We drink your blood, a human sacrifice. Ahh! ... in the knife Uhh... For blood and iron Iron! Blood and

Abigor - Blood and soil lyrics

soil is dripping With the blood of angels I can almost touch ... Their hands through the ground My eyes ... filled with pride For this land of the dead Is the precious

Bloodthorn - Blood and iron lyrics

of the worthless Blood and iron Extinction of the ... hell No time to cry for the blood that is spill Striking ... earth, population deceased Blood and iron, our will to

Fancy - Blood and honey lyrics

in the city and everyone's asleep See the ... tender lips. Oh she loves blood and honey She's got the ... in her eyes.) She loves blood and honey. They say nobody

Mark Knopfler - Blood and water lyrics

and water bound to overflow Blood and water bound to overflow ... do nothing for you now And don’t go asking me They’ve ... gone - it’s all over here Blood and water bound to overflow Blood and water bound to overflow

Marshall Law - Blood and pain lyrics

outrage, in a war torn land Life slips away, in the ... desert sand Another martyr falls, in a ... t hide your shame You hope and you pray, for deliverance day

Sacred Steel - Blood and thunder lyrics

in hell and purified by pain high above ... Break the Spell of death by blood and thunder Blood is on my ... lay me to my grave In life and death - master of my fate

Forgotten Tomb - Blood and concrete lyrics

in the urban wastelands where no life dwells The ... useless days lays splattered and dead on a pale bleak city ... swim into your opened wounds and taste your poisoned human blood I'll use myself as a weapon

Crystal Viper - Blood and gasoline lyrics

with a spike in your memory and the marks of the nails ... Gold and silver shed a light that's ... blinding hot and cold you're bleeding, you ... re bleeding red and flowing like a wine for

Indigo Girls - Blood and fire lyrics

spent nights with matches and knives Leaning over ledges ... to hold Nothing left but blood and fire You have spent ... my burns Hoping I'd learn Blood and fire are too much for

Omnia - Blood and bone lyrics

Blood • Bone • Rout • Stone Tooth • Horn • Rock • Thorn * * * * * * * * * *...

Projecto - Blood and faith lyrics

step in the circle of time And so I get to the final trial ... it the end of my dreams? Blood and faith deep inside my ... heart Blood and faith burning in my eyes Blood and faith deep inside my soul

Bathory - Blood and soil lyrics

running wet cunts Flesh and sweat dancing bare limbs ... of clashing wet bodies and sighs Dry throats and ... warm blood the rite, the collecting of

Caldera - Blood and tears lyrics

was too weak to take control And so I hang my head in shame ... quench A needle filled with blood and tears An hour when your

Dropkick Murphys - Blood and whiskey lyrics

legend and American folklore, Tells of ... hooligan with a thirst for blood and a taste for booze This ... brave and daring brutal soul, he lived and fought by his own rules

Mastodon - Blood and thunder lyrics

to kill me Infecting my blood and destroying my mind No ... What remorseless emperor commands me I no longer govern my ... Split your lungs with blood and thunder When you see the

Kodaline lyricsKodaline - Blood and bones lyrics

someone shot a hole in me And left me out for the wolves to ... eat You're in my blood You're in my bones On my ... not the same Hey-hey-hey And I still drive by your old

Beholder - Blood and pain lyrics

a time of blood and pain There was a noble ... enemies Riding beyond lakes and forest Singing hymns of war ... Defend the crown of your land You are the chosen ones

Black Flag - Blood and ashes lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Cadaveria - Blood and confusion lyrics

confuse and create Equivocal thoughts ... the boundary, Inside and outside I am difficulty, ... itself, That gets torn and recomposes. I'm the result ... with fear, rage, Anguish and unspoken sensations

Ironsword - Blood and honor lyrics

I bore I've fed on wrath and on hate Their own bane

Equirhodont - Blood and punishment lyrics

on them ? I shout with anger and scare. I will find you and i ... ] „I laugh to your wail, Grandiose Magus ! I laugh, ... you find me, you will understand all ! The guilt falls on you

Saltillo - Blood and milk lyrics

My senses are very sharp, and above all my hearing is

Beneath The Sky - Blood and separation lyrics

I don't know where to begin and I don't if there ever will ... show?! So I close my eyes and Finally understand you've ... you're nothing that I want, and nothing that I need.

James Cheal - Blood and roses lyrics

before you take my heart And drag it through the thorns and roses Hold me one more time ... before I fall apart And smash like glass into a thousand pieces I don't wanna say

Nashville Cast - Share with you ft. lennon stella and maisy st.. lyrics

I like the way I walk I like to hear myself talk I like the sound, of the beat of my own drum. One is so much better when it's two I'd rather share with ...

Black Light Burns - So alive (originally by love and rockets) lyrics

baby But your hair is long and brown Your legs are strong, and you're so, so long And you ... head is full of magic, baby And I can share this with you

Nashville Cast - A life that's good ft. lennon stella and mais.. lyrics

me, heaven to ground me, and family that always calls me ... enough love to share, and a sweet, sweet, sweet song. ... come easy. I wanna look back and say, I did all that I could.

Nashville Cast - Joy parade ft. lennon stella and maisy stella lyrics

will bend and I will sway I will fight to ... stand up straight When troubled ... I won't break. I will hope and I will love. I will give ... My head's spinning around and round And the world keeps

Macabre - Blood bank lyrics

Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Yeah Blood Bank Blood ... Bank Blood Bank Blood Bank Yeah With His Combat ... Jeff Got A Job At The Local Bloodbank Milwaukee Blood And

Altessa - Blood lyrics

down your spine i make your blood run cold i want to ... interact and sink my teeth into your skin ... i want to taste your blood and rid myself of all my sin

Nerina Pallot - Blood is blood lyrics

ve learnt enough..... If blood is blood, then blood will ... shirt, your worried face, and let me lose your mind. I ... . So now I sleep most days and think of where this all might

Coheed And Cambria - Ten speed (of god's blood and burial) lyrics

can feel it in the way your blood and heart beats My body's ... cold and it thinks that I'm already ... written wrote me even chance And the choice to save you I

Oceans Red - Blood lyrics

there's no way out Try this and you will feel like you're God ... Would you escape your fears And your weakness? I know you ... I should hold my breath And follow everything They would

Arch Enemy - Blood on your hands lyrics

s keeper Why can I see blood and your hands? You became ... - For The Countless Dead Blood is on your hands - The wages ... s keeper Why can I see blood and your hands? Their

Blaze Bayley - Blood & belief lyrics

belief They take from me my blood and belief They take from me ... my blood He was once a wolf, ... Roamed and never cared, Never wished ... of life They could not stand to see A spirit roam so free

Meinhard - Blood + love lyrics

One time it's a devil's curse and One time it's divine Blood and love are brothers in arms ... Love and blood are sisters of mercy Blood and love drain my heart, bones and memories Love and blood tear

Nocturnal Rites - In a time of blood and fire lyrics

a time of blood and fire Before the break of ... were held to the sky In a land that rules by darkness Of ... evil and fire spawned Damnation now ... rose the winds In black blood they shall baptise And

Skrewdriver - Blood & honour lyrics

are unfurled Even if we stand alone we must never hide For ... of pride (chorus) For the blood and honour For the blood and ... for the pride For the blood and honour We must never let our

Abominant - Blood forever blood lyrics

all stand tall For we are together as ... one To believe in what we do and what we please For metal is ... in our blood and in our hearts And no one ... testament We will make a stand and we shall fight Together

Biotoxic Warfare - Baptized in blood and greed lyrics

This world will end in fire And blood, spilled from corrupted ... Cast down the sinful breed Bloodstained lies concealed ... Baptized in blood and greed Fight Back! Don't

Chumbawamba - Flesh and blood and feelings lyrics

selfmade men run everything and this is what they say Once ... we made the idea strong And before too long they could do ... what to do He made it plain and simple, red, white, and blue

Cryptic Wintermoon - Blood of the dragon lyrics

of the warriors, swords, blood and honour When tales of ... wizards and black magic became reality ... the night retired to the outlands Where love was known As

Drawn And Quartered - Blood of a million martyrs lyrics

are stained with ages Thousands have gone before you ... Outlawed and ostracized Hunted down like ... dogs Put to the strappado And mercilessly flogged Blood

Grip Inc. - Blood of saints lyrics

beauty, scorned for a thousands yaers Fever inside, ... dream Pray, bathing in the blood of saints [Chorus :] ... Learn the lesson, cold and bare From life's sharp razor

Nightcore - Through blood and dirt and bone (trivium) (ni.. lyrics

without a name As the blood empties from my veins ... Misery has gained control Hand in mouth; I start to pull the ... taking you with me Through blood and through dirt and bone

Roadrunner United - Blood & flames lyrics

what you do to me I stand --- no compromise --- I feel ... be denied when washed with blood and flames You thrust the ... you say you realize I stand --- no compromise --- I feel

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Blood red wine lyrics

trouble I,used to find And it was, in your mind...yeah ... I got red blood, and I got blood red wine Which I bring you, ... has been obsessed with you And I wanna prove an exception To

Sentenced - Blood & tears lyrics

us crawl back for more. Blood and tears upon the altar of ... our lives we shed. Blood and tears until the sweet release ... Yet go on.. we go on Blood and tears upon the altar of

Siebenbürgen - Of blood and magic lyrics

from the seven worlds And eclipse the midnight sun ... King Nozierra bound in blood Enchanted invocation ... Stillbron son of demon blood A pact of prophecies A

Skunk Anansie - It takes blood and guts to be this cool lyrics

of your dreams Build me up and strike me down please Sign ... sign my name It takes blood and guts to be this cool ... just a cliche It takes blood and guts to be this cool

Rigor Mortis - Blood bath lyrics

nation running high 20 thousand yearly forced to die America ... one deem insane Crave only blood and pain A twisted mind can ... t seem deranged Crave only blood and pain You're not save

Akercocke - Of menstrual blood and semen lyrics

of a thousand young Goat of mendes divine ... Curse the right of the altar and drink of the chalice of ... I drink deep of my sisiters blood Phallic benediction Purify

Bal-sagoth - Blood slakes the sand at the circus maximus lyrics

Redden the earth with Roman blood! I remember the carnage at ... down the Imperial Eagle, And the severed heads of ... gaping atop our spears. [Bloodshed and Battle: 61 AD (C.E.)]

Dashboard Confessional - Matters of blood and connection lyrics

in Cambridge, With daughters and sons of the privileged elite. ... Their fortunes from shipping and industry, Their futures in ... yacht clubs and tails. So why do you speak

Echoes Of Eternity - Memories of blood and gold lyrics

made of blood and gold Starting to unfold ... sacrifice Sail from the land of old, holding on to hope ... made of gold Dreaming and searching Finding and

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